Justin Amash: Impeachment Manager? Dems Want Former Republican Rep to Help Prosecute Trump

Plus: Judiciary releases impeachment report, sanity on Title IX, Hallmark's lesbian ad kerfuffle, and more...


A group of Democrats in the House of Representatives reportedly wants libertarian-leaning legislator Justin Amash to be one of three impeachment managers. The Michigan congressmanwho switched his party allegiance from Republican to independent back in Julyhas been a vocal supporter of impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump while invoking nonpartisan and high-minded reasons for this support.

Now, "a group of 30 freshman Democrats, led by Rep. Dean Phillips (D–Minn.), has asked House leaders to consider [Amash] for the small group tasked with arguing its case for removing Trump in the upper chamber," reports The Washington Post, which based its account on talks with "several Democratic officials." More:

The thinking, according to these people, is that Amash would reach conservative voters in a way Democrats can't, potentially bolstering their case to the public. He also would provide Democrats cover from GOP accusations that they're pursuing a partisan impeachment; Amash is one of the most conservative members of the House and a vocal Trump critic.

"To the extent that this can be bipartisan, it should, and I think including Representative Amash amongst the impeachment managers is a smart move both for the country, for the substance and for the optics," Phillips said, adding that Amash brings an array of qualifications: He's an attorney, a constitutionalist and "the first and only member of the Republican conference, when he was a Republican, to show courage," Phillips added.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) would ultimately make the call and is expected to announce managers early this week, multiple Democrats said. Amash did not respond to a request for comment about whether he would accept such a position. But Phillips, who is in touch with Amash about the idea, said the lawmaker has agreed to consider it if asked.

The three impeachment managers picked by Pelosi "will effectively serve as prosecutors making the case to the Senate that Trump deserves to be removed from office over his alleged misconduct centering on the Ukraine scandal," explains Politico.

Amash has not been directly involved in the House impeachment inquiry proceedings thus far.

Last week, the House Judiciary Committee officially approved articles of impeachment accusing Trump of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Today, the committee released its full report, saying Trump "has realized the Framers' worst nightmare" and "abused his power in soliciting and pressuring a vulnerable foreign nation to corrupt the next United States Presidential election by sabotaging a political opponent."

The full House is expected to vote on the articles of impeachment on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, depending on how much time is taken up by debate.


A new ruling on Title IX, the law governing sex discrimination in public education, bodes well for rolling back government overreach. From Inside Higher Ed:

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that Michigan State University and one of its senior administrators cannot be held liable for student victims' emotional distress after seeing their alleged perpetrators on campus because the interactions did not lead to further sexual harassment or assault, according to an opinion issued Thursday.

Legal experts said the decision is a narrow interpretation of the protections for victims of sexual misconduct under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits sex discrimination, including sexual assault, on college campuses.

More from Inside Higher Ed here. Decision here.


The Hallmark Channel ran a commercial for the wedding company Zola which featured two women getting married and kissing. It then pulled the commercial amid complaints. It has now reinstated the commercial amid more complaints. (File under: The market works better than E.U.–style advertising standards boards at sorting this stuff out.)


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  1. If Amash agrees to this, he will rival AOC as the best Congressional ally we Koch / Reason libertarians have.


    1. Hello.

      I smell a sitcom about middle managers in the bureaucracy.

    2. Justin Amash: Impeachment Manager? Dems Want Former Republican Rep to Help Prosecute Trump

      Birds of a feather….

      1. And does Amash dye his eyebrows black? Seriously, they look like falsies out of a bad movie.

    3. What did you do with Fist?!

      1. Once again it’s time for your annual Day without Fist of Etiquette, that time of year when you learn what a world would look like without me. And zinc.

        1. Even Batman takes a day off now and then.

        2. Ah KFM. I can see the bounce in my minds eye…

        3. Zinc, come back! Come back, Zinc!

        4. “Your husband’s pacemaker…”

    4. he already was

    5. “The thinking, according to these people, is that Amash would reach conservative voters in a way Democrats can’t, potentially bolstering their case to the public.”


      Betrayal reaches people in a way that open opposition does not.

      Amash can join the Neocons and Reason as the latest Globalist Faux Right Dancing Monkey.

  2. More fanboyism for Amash. Pathetic.

    The “libertarian” openly helping condone the IC efforts even after the Horowitz report. The “libertarian” condoning the weakest impeachment effort in history to undo an election.

    1. Kind of suspicious that you don’t trust Amash but you trust WaPo reporting on what “several Democratic officials” said. Very un-Trumpish of you.

      *narrows gaze*

      1. Which WaPo lie did I buy into? I rarely even bother with their site anymore. I do go to their fact checking site to get a heads up on the rationalization Pod and Jeff will use for any issue.

        1. Hey Jesse. I hope you had a good weekend.

          1. Is this the the acceptance stage of grief?

        2. poor Jerryskids doesn’t know how Propaganda for something and propaganda against Trump works.

          By going to a CPUSA meeting, you can hear some actual truthful talk about seizing power from those people, since they think they among friends of the cause.

    2. I don’t know why this needs to be pointed out so often, but impeachment doesn’t undo elections. If he is impeached and removed from office, Trump still won the 2016 election and has been president for nearly 3 years.

      1. The majority of states elected Trump to serve at least 4 years.

        1. There you have it, any attempt to remove any elected official before their term is up is undoing an election.

          1. Cry more,

          2. On political grounds it is .

            1. Is or is not impeachment listed as a right and duty of congress in the constitution? Oh, it is? Then what are you crying about?

              News flash: most unpopular president in history, who won an electoral victory with the biggest popular vote loss, who has been found to defraud charities, defraud the draft board, defraud students, etc… gets impeached for abusing his office.

              This is shocking to you if you are a moron, or a member of the cult of bad faith.

              1. Such bullshit. You should really kill yourself in the most painful way possible. You deserve to suffer.

                1. You really are a sad, pathetic, broken wretch of a person. You think that someone who sends messages like yours should offer up analysis on politics, or really any other topic? Fix yourself.

                  Too much of a pussy to actually send a death threat. You walk your own PC line by suggesting suicide. Afraid of getting banned?

                  1. Cwy more widdle baby

                  2. Angry jeff is back. Less entertaining. Kirkland does it better.

                    1. Watch out guys.

                      He’s a ninja/jedi/X-man

                  3. Pussy? I can guarantee you would never have the guts to set foot in the same room with me even if you were armed. The only bravery a punk bitch like you has is if he’s hiding behind the skirts of cops.

                    Since I don’t know precisely where you live, a death threat would b illogical. Besides, you’re worthless trash anyway, and not worth the time or time Spenser to travel to Toronto.

                    At the end of the day, you’re just a weak, stupid lying, Pedo Jeffy. Who would never have the guts to do the one honorable thing in your miserable life, by ending it. Certainly no one could ever love a creature like you.

                    And at last my analysis isn’t bullshit sophistry, delivered in cowardly fashion by a multitude of sock puppets.

              2. I’m sorry. Where does it say impeachment for weak political payback shit for brains? You could do yourself a favor and read the discussions at founding around impeachment.

              3. Poor hihn doesn’t realize that the US Constitution also sets up the duty of the House to remove of its own members, the US Senate to remove its members, and Congress to impeach every single Judicial Branch and Executive branch official.

                Have fun Congress.

          3. Other sparky logic..

            Hey the military didnt perform a coup, he was just removed from office.

      2. Your pointing out sophistry. Most namely yours.

        Trumps voted on agenda had been hampered for 3 years. He has had to deal with attack after attack. Now they seek to impeach to disqualify him from 2020.

        You’re being dishonest.

      3. Let me ask you zeb…

        When iran and china disqualify candidates from participating in future elections, do you cheer those too?

      4. so it’s not like NCAA titles then?

  3. Hallmark channel discovered more people like girl on girl action than previously thought. I look forward to further offerings of the same.

    1. Doesn’t matter, the actual programming is awful. The channel should be called Skidmark.

      1. Is this another case of a group that doesn’t buy a product threatening a boycott?

      2. Trying watching a LMN original film. The dialogue is cringeworthy, at a minimum. Hey do have some hot chicks in their casts though.

        I think I could stomach the dialogue better if they went for some aggressive soft core porn sex scenes. Some hot girl on girl would definitely be a plus. Even dry hump scissoring would be acceptable.

    2. Will there be wedding night coverage?
      (Asking for several friends here – – – – )

    3. that commercial is a lie in itself, its well documented that over 80% of lesbians are overweight. i don’t think you could find a pair of skinny lesbians. fat lesbians should be calling for equal time.

      1. That would violate the ‘no fat chicks’ policy of TV.

    4. Don’t look at me…

      The Hallmark Channel hasn’t gone girl on girl…
      It’s just that one commercial….and it’s not that kind of girl on girl that guys like watching…. It’s that boring, fully clothed, presented in a wholesome way kind of junk….
      You know, like this….”I love you, Betty” “I love you too, Judy” (peck)

      1. so sort of like the rest of their movies

        1. You’ll see it on Lifetime first. Not anytime soon though. As they are devoted to movies about psycho husbands, ex’s, teens, mothers, nanny’s, etc..

      2. Actually out of 6 commercials they produced 4 were single sex….because everyone knows 2/3 of all marriages in the USA are single sex.

  4. Obama has decided to go full woke. Apparently a 65 million dollar gig isn’t enough for him.

    “I’m absolutely confident that for two years if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything … living standards and outcomes,” Obama.

    This is the man people said was the most intelligent president ever.

    1. …significant improvement across the board on sammiches.


    2. I smell a sitcom about a faux-intellectual former President seeking relevance again in a world that has passed him by.

      There’s a stench of Jack Handy every time he chimes in with a take.

      And shows how woke he is. Women are out. Transgenders are in.

      1. It’s amazing what a little free time and alot of money will do to help your pondering.

      2. Grifters always working on their next grift.

    3. How about if every nation on earth was run by trans-women?

    4. He’s absolutely convinced, huh?

      Why didn’t he step down? Why put Biden on the ticket?

      Seems that maybe he’s being more than just a little bit disingenuous.

      1. HE EVOLVED. Once he got his.

      2. He should have conceded to Hillary if he thinks she would have done better than him.

        1. Fair point…. why not drop out of that race?

    5. “I’m absolutely confident that for two years if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything … living standards and outcomes,”

      Maybe if they were all Margaret Thatcher clones. Otherwise, we’ve seen the female leaders you Dems like and we wholeheartedly pass.

    6. Europe is run by pussies and it’s not going so well for them.

    7. Notice Obama doesn’t say EVERY COUNTRY RUN BY THE PEOPLE.

    8. How about people stop trying to run countries and leave people the fuck alone? I don’t think that’s a strong point of women or men.
      If every country were run by ostriches, we might get somewhere.

      1. Our head in a hole?

    9. Like Greta?

    10. Maybe he’ll come out as a transwoman. Then he can run for the presidency again.

    11. Except for Germany.

    12. He should demand that Democrats all step aside for Tulsi, the only woman of color left running for the Democrats.

    13. I’ll go one better. If every nation on earth were run by a dog like some small towns, you would see significant improvement across the board on just about everything.

  5. “I’m certainly willing to admit that the inspector general found serious abuses of FISA that I was unaware of,” – Schiff to Chris Wallace

    Nunes conveniently had a letter waiting for Schiff on his return explaining to Schiff that the information in the IG report is exactly what Nunes said it was 2 years ago. The dishonesty on display is palatable.

    1. Hey, you know, eggs, mayonnaise……….

    2. It was awesome how Chris Wallace called him on that one! I mean, since he is the same Chris Wallace who covered the Nunes letter and all of the histrionics that followed condemning it as a fantasy…. it was really easy for him to simply ask him about that right on the spot.

      It is rare that someone gets caught out in such an easily disprovable lie about something as nebulous as “what did you know and when did you know it”. Yup, good thing Chris Wallace brought his A game to that interview!

      1. Chris Wallace has been pretty bad this year. He gave that speech at the Newseum over the weekend talking about press freedoms under attack from Trump… Chris is more worried about tweets than he was Obama spying on Journalists. It has been pretty bad.

        1. He’s a huge disaster, the shitbag needs to hang it up.

  6. “We are truly sorry for the hurt and disappointment this has caused,” said Mike Perry President & CEO, Hallmark Cards Inc.

    “From now on we will air only commercials using CGI abstract human beings.”

    1. “But we are not sorry at all for the hurt and disappointment this reversal is causing.”

      1. Hallmark like the rest are more worried about the violence from the 1% of population than the other 75% who will quit watching their show. signaling is costly

        1. Progtards are weak and capable of,little violent output. The rest of us need to get off our asses and start beating them up when they get mouthy. Like in the old days.

          Virtue signal to them via beatings.

  7. Schumer wants fair and equal process in the Senate (which is code word for only allow for witnesses he wants) despite the buffoonery in the House.

    Schumer actually requests that only his witnesses be called, and not any of the witnesses the GOP has threatened to call.

    Schumer’s letter describes calling Mulvaney and Bolton, and then only the witnesses with direct knowledge of the Ukraine which would eliminate the Bidens, the whistleblower, and Schiff.


    1. I like that the press is treating his “Open Letter” as an attempt at reaching a fair and bipartisan process.

      Look, here’s your clue…. if someone releases their letter to a political opponent to the press at the same time that they send it to their opponent, they are neither interested in being fair nor bipartisan.

      1. I just find it hilarious that Schumer thinks he can dictate who relevant witnesses are and demand witnesses after Schiff, Nancy, and Nadler refused any GOP witnesses in the House.

        1. Checks and balances are not Democrats favorite points of the US Constitution.

    2. “Elections have consequences”

  8. More bad economic news.

    There are now 9 people on this planet with more money than Charles Koch.

    It is simply unacceptable that our billionaire benefactor is struggling during his twilight years. And it’s all because of Drumpf’s high-tariff / low-immigration policies.


  9. Charter schools are being destroyed from within as “woke” board members slowly destroy the ethos of intellectual pursuit in support of “diversity” and “social justice”. This despite the fact that many charter schools are over represented.


    1. You prefer campuses controlled by conservatives, you half-educated bigot? Liberty over Yale? Grove City over Berkeley? Regent over Michigan? Superstition over reason? Dogma over science? Censorship over academic freedom?

      1. OBL does this much better than you.

      2. The Reverend is a well educated bigot.

        1. I wouldn’t say he’s “well educated”…

      3. Yes. I prefer campuses that teach facts and classic liberalism, not modern day campuses.

      4. By the way… hilarious you day dogma over science when I can point to dozens of ivy league papers about the whiteness of math and science including papers by doctoral students on current science being false truths to push white supremacy.

        Then again Arthur… we already know you never made it out of your trailer park.

      5. You are so very boring.

      6. I don’t know that I’d choose any of those over another. What would be nice would be if there were more schools that weren’t either explicitly religious institutions or completely dominated by the left. Seems like something else should be possible.

      7. Liberty over Yale?

        Indeed. Fewer pretentious people.

        1. Two groups with a high degree of faith. But only one who are tested by doubt.

    2. The Marxist Long March Through Institutions is Robert Conquest’s 2nd Law of Politics in action.

      Robert Conquest’s Laws of Politics
      1) Everyone is conservative about what he knows best.
      2) Any organization not explicitly right-wing sooner or later becomes left-wing.
      3) The simplest way to explain the behavior of any bureaucratic organization is to assume that it is controlled by a cabal of its enemies

  10. “He told me to ‘kill it’ in a serious monotone voice,” the woman alleged in a lawsuit. “I asked ‘What? What did you just say?’ He looked at me and repeated in a deliberate manner ‘kill it.'”

    Of course, by “it” he obviously meant “any concern over the health of your unborn baby”.

  11. CNN has now officially spent 5 days on the Trump as Thanos meme… this is CNN.

    1. The Afghan Papers are the Pentagon Papers of the 21st Century. If they had come out in 2007 and could have been blamed on Bush, they would be the story of the decade. Since they came out now and implicate Obama, they will be ignored until enough time has passed for the media to be able to convince the faithful that they implicate Trump.

      The original Pentagon Papers were an indictment of Johnson not Nixon. Yet, the media was able to ensure they are remembered as an indictment of Nixon.

      1. The whole Nixon/Vietnam thing has never made sense to me. A Kennedy initiative, carried forward and expanded by Johnson, and finally brought to a close by Nixon…. is an indictment of the Evil Nixon?

        I was of the right age that I was just becoming aware of world events as Vietnam came to a close… and the “Nixon’s war in Vietnam” ethos was pervasive. Perhaps it was only a fleeting thing and since I was too young for what came before, I simply missed it.

        But I was quite surprised to learn the origins of the war when reading about it years later.

        1. Vietnam was the Democrats’ war. It split the Democratic party in ways that still affect it to this day. The fact that Nixon won the war and got everything that the US wanted out of the war in the 1973 Peace Accords just caused the Democrats to hate him more. They were responsible for the war but then their most hated rival ended up winning it for them. That is why the first thing the 1974 Watergate Congress did was cut off all aid to South Vietnam. South Vietnam had to die so that the Democratic lie that Vietnam was unwinnable and Nixon a criminal for trying to win it could live.

          1. “Nixon won the war”


            1. Yes Zeb he did. Read the history of the Paris Peace Accords sometime. The US got everything it wanted and the war ended. There were really three Vietnam wars; the first one which saw the French kicked out, the second which is the one the US fought, and the third and final one which began in April of 1975 where the North invaded and conquered the South.

              The war the US was involved in ended in 1973. Peace reigned in Vietnam from 1973 until early 1975 when North Vietnam invaded after Ford said the US would never return under any circumstances.

              So, yes, Nixon won the Vietnam war.

          2. +100

            Its another reason Lefties don’t want Trump to pull troops out of all thee hotspots that Lefty politicians and their Neocon allies got the USA into.


    Trump reaching out to black voters is “voter suppression”. How dare he try to get them to leave their proper home on the Progressive plantation.

    1. This is just like the Democrats saying it is not a democracy since Trump won. The liberals in Britain are even saying that since Johnson won. To democrats, only votes that back their power are legitimate. The same ethos Saddam Hussein preached.

      1. The Left in Britain was protesting Johnson the day after the election. Nothing short of complete submission will ever satisfy them.

  13. As a strategic move, adding Amash to the impeachment team is brilliant. I doubt he will go for it, despite his obvious and loudly stated personal distaste for Trump and anyone who will tolerate Trump.

    It has been extremely important to the Republicans to hold the line and make this into a purely partisan fight. At the same time it is extremely important to the Democrats to find at least one or two Republicans to put in their camp so that they can claim that they have not been on a partisan “sour grapes” mission to impeach Trump since the day after the election.

    As such, there will be a tremendous amount of pressure brought to bear on those who are seen as susceptible to breaking ranks with their party. I think they already suspect that they are going to lose a few Democrats in the Senate, so bringing Amash on board is absolutely a master stroke.

    1. It would be brilliant if Amish had not left the Republican Party. Since he did and is an independent, it doesn’t make the process bipartisan. This is especially true since Amish left the party because he hates Trump. His being added doesn’t change the dynamic of it being the TDS infected versus everyone else.

      1. Here’s the key phrase: The thinking, according to these people, is that Amash would reach conservative voters in a way Democrats can’t, potentially bolstering their case to the public.

        How, exactly, would Amash “reach” these voters in a way that would change their minds? He left the party, and is opposing a President that has well over 90 percent support from that same party–support that has actually hardened during the course of this clown show.

        There’s nothing that Amash could say at this point that would sway anyone. It’s basically an effort to try and get him to join the Dems, now that the Dems are about to lose Jeff Van Drew.

        1. People hate apostates even more than atheists. Democrats should know: look at the anger and hatred they heap upon anybody who dares to leave the left.

      2. Why should Amash stick with the GOP? They were going to remove his funding in favor of a rank-and-file Pro Trump candidate or gerrymander his seat out of existence.

        GOP is a diseased party just like the Democrats. Fuck them both.

        Amash has integrity unlike the GOP and Democrats. As such I don’t think he’ll choose to be a Democratic Party tool.

        1. Amash is a pompous ass who is hiding his ineffectiveness behind claiming adherence to nebulous principles.

    2. I agree with your premise, but think he will do it. He’s an anti-Trump Republican. This is his wheelhouse.

      1. I think he will do it. His political career is over. At this point he is angling for a job after he leaves office. And the left will get him that if he goes along with what they want.

        1. The left will use him and then drop him.

          Maybe he can get a job as a Reason contributor.

      2. It certainly would be hard to pass up a spot on that stage. I would absolutely make your political career…. unless you were neither fish nor fowl. He’s only mostly done in conservative circles… .but could be rehabilitated post-Trump when it becomes less team-oriented to have to support Trump.

        He’s never going to be accepted in Democrat circles, no matter what he does. So that leaves him no space to maneuver. Leading the prosecution to gain the notoriety cuts all ties with any movement on the right – beyond any repair. He doesn’t even get the lobbying or high-profile politician bonus on his way back to private life if he takes that route.

        The only way this would work for him is if Trump actually was being impeached for something that everyone agreed merited tossing him out of office. They don’t, and with this set of charges, they won’t.

        1. He’s never going to be accepted in Democrat circles, no matter what he does. So that leaves him no space to maneuver. Leading the prosecution to gain the notoriety cuts all ties with any movement on the right – beyond any repair. He doesn’t even get the lobbying or high-profile politician bonus on his way back to private life if he takes that route.

          That describes the entire Never Trump Right. The GOP rank and file are never going to forgive them for not accepting Trump. Right now they are accepted by the left but only because they are useful to attack Trump. As bad as things are for them right now, it will only get worse when Trump leaves public life in either 2021 or 2025. Then they still will have no home in the GOP but will no longer be of use to the left. People like Amash have no political future.

          1. There aren’t enough Trump fans — half-educated bigots, superstitious slack-jaws, disaffected clingers, gun nuts, culture war casualties — to maintain an effective national electoral coalition.

            Trumpers need reasoning, establishment Republicans more than the mainstream conservatives need Trumpers.

            They appear to have little to no chance to reverse the tide of the culture war, though, so in the end the issue of how two camps of clingers get along shouldn’t matter much.

            1. Your anger isnt as genuine when you cut and paste the same insults. Try harder dear.

            2. Trump has the support of 90% of the GOP rank and file you half wit. And no one gives a shit about the culture war except for keeping Transvestites from showering and with and molesting little girls. And your side isn’t going to get that no matter how badly your diseased minds want it.

              1. That Republican “support” is split between the drooling, drawling, enthusiastic Trump supporters and the traditional Republicans who are willing to tolerate Trump as (1) better than a Democrat, (2) a route to clinger judges, and (3) temporary.

                Plenty of Trump voters recognize that he is a reckless, cartoonish boor and voted for him more as an appeasement than as an endorsement.

                1. I like when you pretend to know about people you admit you shun and refuse to interact with, but it’s the least effective kind of trolling you do lololo

                  “NO I SWEAR I KNOW THINGS!!!” – Rev. Fredo

                2. I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening. Can you repeat yourself? Again?

                3. Well, and those Trump voters (I’m planning on joining them this year) realize that people like you are even worse than the Jesus freaks and old farts with sticks up their asses that you hate so much.

            3. Meanwhile, Kirk, your little Cult of the Jackass is so fucking dead that they’ve resorted to fraudulent impeachment proceedings because they can’t even win elections they rig.

        2. It be great if he used the spotlight to pull a Mark Antony funeral* speech and blasts the IC more during the proceeding. For Schiff is an honorable man.

          *although I doubt he could pull off the Trump was my friend parts.

    3. Amash will go for it. He will see it as a way to raise his visibility for a run next year. Amash is about himself. He wraps his conceit in a veneer of libertarianism, but his actions don’t really support it.

    4. ” . . . make this into a purely partisan fight . . . ”

      Uh, it has been a purely partisan fight since the 2016 election.
      The only trace of bi-partisanship has been the democrats voting against impeachment.

      1. The only trace of bi-partisanship has been the democrats voting against impeachment.

        Or, you know, the ones actually leaving the Democratic party over this.

  14. This is the song that never ends…

    Now ENB is just gaslighting us.

  15. Discredited #TrumpRussia denialist Glenn Greenwald continues to embarrass himself.

    The virtual merger between the two anti-Trump cable networks and the security state agencies is a grave danger to press freedom and an informed citizenry. MSNBC and CNN are severely eroding if not destroying journalism by handing over the news to the agencies designed to lie

    He actually thinks it’s a bad thing that former intelligence operatives have prominent voices on cable news. What’s next? Is he going to tell us it’s bad for ESPN to have former baseball players analyzing MLB games? Like duuuuuuuuh, that’s exactly who you want in that position!


  16. I’m sure Hallmark didn’t literally tell Chik-fil-A, “Hold my beer”, but it’s old news that they’re wanting to test the “get woke, go broke” theory.

    1. The whole controversy smells manufactured. “Look, here’s this ad of lipstick lesbians kissing! Oh, wait, we’re pulling the ad due to ‘backlash.’ Just kidding, we’re putting this back on the air.”

      I’m sure it was nothing more than cynical fishing for Good Girl points from the Hollywood press to try and increase ratings for their formulaic Christmas specials.

      1. If it was the fags making out in the fridays commercial sure…. But Im not buying this one either.

    2. Hallmark carries reruns of my favorite TV detective show of all time, Colombo. Only time I ever watch it.

      Yeah girls kissing is such a problem. Heh.

    3. “Of the network’s record 24 original holiday movies this season, four of them have black leads, according to Bill Abbott, who serves as CEO of Hallmark parent Crown Media Family Networks. And that’s down from last year, when five of its 21 original holiday movies had black leads”

      That’s 16% and 19%, both higher than the 13% of blacks in the US. What do these people want?

  17. Pelosi’s task for Amash is to represent himself, a libertarian independent, as an anti-Trump partisan.

    Amash is at a crossroads. If he believes in the possibility that a libertarian-principled party, or a majority of non-partisan politicians with libertarian principles, can be elected to reduce the burden of government on Americans, he should not get involved.

    If he thinks obstruction and self-defeat are the best route to federal irrelevance, he should get involved.

    Unfortunately, he is going to look at this through a narrow lens of outcomes, rather than how it represents Americans’ movement toward liberty, and he is a Trump critic. I think he’s going to take this task and become a pawn for it.

    1. Amash isn’t at a cross roads, he is done. Neither Democrats nor Republicans are going to trust him. He can’t even pretend to be a libertarian.

  18. “Justin Amash: Impeachment Manager? Dems Want Former Republican Rep to Help Prosecute Trump”

    There is one primary explanation for this maneuver: the House Democrats are forcing the 30 Democrats who are running in districts that voted for Trump in 2016 to commit political suicide by holding a vote on impeaching Trump, and they want Justin Amash to give the appearance of bipartisanship to give those 30 House members some bipartisan cover.

    New Jersey House Democrat Jeff Van Drew’s decision to switch parties and become a Republican rather than vote for impeachment is just the tip of the iceberg–the part of the problem we can see. When the other 30 House Democrats running districts that voted for Trump go on the record for impeachment, they will enrage all those pro-Trump voters to vote against them. That isn’t the only danger, however. The other danger is that if they vote against impeaching President Trump, they’ll enrage Democrat voters–who will decide to stay home rather than vote in November. Either way, it’s a lose/lose for them if they have to go on the record with a vote.

    If the Democrats can pretend that the impeachment is bipartisan by using Amash as their poster-boy, it may help. I’m not sure Amash has much of a political career to salvage at this point, but hopefully he has some self-esteem. If he allows himself to be used as a pawn this way, not only should Republicans everywhere condemn him for it, he’ll also spend the rest of his life knowing that he let the Democrats use what was left of his reputation as toilet paper. It’ll be the most embarrassing self-squandering of one’s own reputation since Colin Powell showed us photos of mobile WMD labs that never existed.

    For goodness’ sake, Mr. Amash, don’t go out like a chump.

    1. The problem is Amash isn’t a Republican anymore. And he hates Trump. I don’t think Amash buying in is going to save any Democrat from a pro Trump district.

      1. They want all the cover they can get.

        This is why they’re going after Amash.

        Having to impeach the President–especially all of Trump’s victories and the shellacking of Corbyn last week–is a painful, frightening, losing maneuver for them, and they know it. That’s why they want Amash to give them any cover they can get. It will play in the media as a bipartisan thing–because Amash is front of the cameras–regardless of whether it’s actually bipartisan and regardless of whether Amash is actually a Republican. And that’s why the Democrats want him. The Democrats know this impeachment vote is a stupid and self-destructive move, they’re caught in the open, and they’re looking for any cover they can find.

        1. You are right that Amash is the best they can do and they will take what they can get. The problem is that he really isn’t any cover. The Tory victory in the UK last week is a very bad portent for the Democrats in the US. US and UK elections have a habit of mirroring one another.

          1. They don’t want to take this vote!

            Pelsoi held it for fear that when Trump wins in 2020, the deep blue district contingent, led perhaps by AoC and her Merry Band of Shitheads, will blame her for not impeaching him. In the end, however, the moderate Democrats may vote to remover her as Speaker because she pushed for impeachment and lost them control of the House.

            And, yeah, the Democrats in House can expect to be treated like the voters in the UK treated Labour PMs who were running on the success of Corbyn, who ran a campaign quite similar to that being run by Sander and Warren. If they keep abandoning the white, blue collar, middle class like Labour did in the last election, Trump is going to win by the widest majority we’ve seen since Ronald Reagan beat Mondale in 1984. And they’re supposed to vote to impeach him on Wednesday!

            That guy that switched parties over the weekend was the smartest guy in the House! I’m still not 100% sure they have the votes! I bet they do, but I also bet there will be plenty of abstentions.

            1. Future breaking news – CDC investigating an outbreak of ‘stomach flu’ affecting 30 freshmen congressmen on Wednesday. Investigators looking into potential link to kool-aid packets in the ‘welcome to congress’ gift baskets sent by Pelosi’s office.

          2. Wake me up when they make A-mash the chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

    2. The whole rush to have this vote this week is to try to shield those 30 democrats from next year on the theory of short term voter memory.

      1. All those “enraged Trump voters” should have been paying attention in the 2018 elections. If they had, the country wouldn’t be going through all this nonsense now. Why do off-year congressional elections only matter to those who lost the previous election?
        Why aren’t the winners even more energized to support the guy they put in the White House?

        1. A lot of the off cycle victories were a product of ballot harvesting.

        2. I did a statistical analysis at the time. It’s almost always the same in a president’s first midterm. It’s a reaction to the things he changes with his initial mandate. So the Democrats got control of one half of one third of the government, big deal! That just gave them enough rope to hang themselves with. If they don’t do better in 2022 and 2024, we may see the Democrats fall to some other third party. They thrive on demonizing the voters they need to win. It’s a maladaptation.

          It can also signify an adaptation that, whilst reasonable at the time, has become less and less suitable and more of a problem or hindrance in its own right, as time goes on. This is because it is possible for an adaptation to be poorly selected or become less appropriate or even become on balance more of a dysfunction than a positive adaptation, over time.

          This happened before in the 1970s. Reagan took power 1980, and the Democrats didn’t get a shot at the White House again until 1992. If Clinton hadn’t put them more on the straight and narrow, they might never have come back and been relevant again.

          The Democrats have raised an entire generation of people to believe that hating the white, blue collar, middle class is the whole purpose of politics. Their unifying purpose is to hate the people they need to win and force them to sacrifice their standard of living for the environment. That is not a long term winning strategy. That’s a losing strategy.

      2. That is absolutely correct.

        I’m even thinking about the backlash against late night talk shows–who’s watching Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel? People are about to start thinking they’re ridiculous for all the wrong reasons. That shit works on cable because you can get a small audience on cable and still be considered a success. They’re on ABC and CBS! That’s not a fully mature targeted advertising platform–not yet–and both networks are undergoing reorganizations when those shows are still relying on old fashions, throw it up against the wall and see if something sticks, mass advertising. They might make higher ratings with reruns of The Big Bang Theory. At some point, The Social Justice Comedy Hour will be cancelled. The question is whether it will be during season 8 or season 10.

      3. Is weed even legal in those half-Republican districts?

        1. Weed is not 100% legal in any states.

    3. Mr. Amash, don’t go out like a chump.

      Too late.

      1. He went down because he couldn’t see past his TDS to principles, but this would be taking it to a whole ‘nother level.

        Jane Fonda can apologize and claim to have been duped into posing on top of North Vietnamese antiaircraft battery, but once she started calling tortured POWs liars, there was no way home.

        1. +100

    4. “For goodness’ sake, Mr. Amash, don’t go out like a chump”

      That ship already sailed. He is a chump.

  19. “Justin Amash: Impeachment Manager? Dems Want Former Republican Rep to Help Prosecute Trump”

    Yep, they’re looking for someone whose neutrality on the issue is unquestioned, right?

  20. Amash isn’t the only member of congress fed up with his party: moderate democrat representative Jeff Van Drew from New Jersey has decided to switch parties thanks to the absurd impeachment farce.

    Reason won’t mention this of course. If they think about it, too much enraged spittle will go flying around D.C. headquarters.

    1. Also, Labor getting destroyed in Britain seems of no interest to reason. God forbid reason ever consider the possibility that open borders might not be the greatest thing ever!!

      1. Too local.

    2. Perhaps, Reason expects, correctly, that we are all capable of finding news sources other than Reason — and, furthermore, knows that, because we are all capable of finding other news sources, that Reason has no power to suppress anything.

      Reason is not a newspaper.

      1. Neutral mike is still going with his local news story schtick?

        1. If reason doesn’t have sock troll supporters for their garbage articles then they dont have supporters at all.

      2. Everyone here knows that you’re a sock handle for one of the regular staffers “Mike Laursen”.

    1. Well, fortunately for Britain then that it doesn’t. It already saved their asses in the 1930’s from going full fascist.

  21. Pelosi: “Good, your hate has made you powerful, now fulfill your destiny and take your place at my side, young Amash!”

  22. 7 Aides Resign Over Rep. Van Drew’s Plan to Switch to Republican Party

    Haha. Even all the Democrat politicians are not behind an impeachment.

  23. The Hallmark Channel ran a commercial for the wedding company Zola which featured two women getting married and kissing.


    1. I find it strange that Hallmark condescended to us with good looking lesbians and not bull dyke lesbians in this commercial. NOT WOKE ENOUGH.

      1. Butch Lives Matter

      2. Softball players are too small a niche.

      3. Why not men in leather?

    2. Let me know if they scissor.

  24. Allies and former enemy Germany mark 75th anniversary of Battle of the Bulge

    Americans kicked the asses of Socialists that ran Nazi Germany. Now all we have to do is kick the Socialist asses here in the USA and get Liberty back on track here in America.

    1. Irrelevant.

      Charles Koch’s net worth continues to stagnate in the $58,000,000,000 to $62,000,000,000 range. That’s all a Koch / Reason libertarian needs to know to conclude the economy is terrible.


      1. Furthermore, the low unemployment rate proves everyone needs 2 or 3 jobs to survive.


        1. 66 healthcare plans is too complicated for AOC. This is the problem with strong markets.

          Imagine the choices with 2 jobs… yikes

      2. That’s great news because the inequality gap doesn’t seem to be growing!

  25. Justin Amash: Impeachment Manager? Dems Want Former Republican Rep to Help Prosecute Trump

    Why wouldn’t the Party of slavery want Amash to be their tool?

  26. Jeremy Corbyn is claiming Labour actually won the election and is calling for the leftists in Britain to “resist” the BoJo government. Liberals can’t seem to find a fair election anywhere these days.

    1. Trump could win 55% of the vote and 45 states in 20 and the left will be saying the same thing. They don’t care about democracy or the rule of law or anything. All they care about is power and the public submitting to them.

    2. The brits are learning well from America’s left anticts

    3. False consciousness. It is all false consciousness.

      Though it is a weird thing that Labour got took up the Remainer position when they and Corbyn had previously been temperamentally Leave, as the EU is seen by them as a crony capitalist institution. Labour gotten hammered by both Corbyn’s grotesqueness and people fed up with the Remainers shenanigans over the past year.

  27. Bolstering impeachment case, Dems say Trump betrayed nation

    Funny. Much of the USA considers Democrats to be traitors to this Constitutional Democratic Republic.

    1. Constitutional Democratic Republic of America will be the name of the socialist part of the country after the civil split ala DPRK

      1. Those moron Socialists would have starved by they agree to a name.

        Blow all the bridges and set up road blocks outside all major cities and watch those idiot Lefties leave the cities with white flags to give up after 1 week. Thats how long it would take for Millennials to realize that they cannot order food, their cell phones dont work anymore, and all stocks of non-perishable food are gone.

  28. U.S. Secretly Expelled Chinese Officials Suspected of Spying After Breach of Military Base

    Yeah, I wonder why China is being more aggressive lately with spying on the USA rather than working with the USA?

    1. More aggressive?

      Where’s this “More” idea coming from?

      1. The article says Chinese espionage in the USA was fairly passive until about 10 years ago.

        “But that changed about 10 years ago,” he added. “Chinese intelligence became more sophisticated and more aggressive, both in human and electronic forms.”

        1. Hmmmmm…. 10 years ago…..

          What happened 10 years ago??

  29. The Executive Summary of the Inspector General report was sufficiently damning of the FBI’s actions in using the Steele dossier to obtain a warrant to wiretap a presidential campaign that I didn’t initially bother reading much beyond that. Since then, I’ve heard some tings quoted, and so I ended up reading more of the IG’s assessment of what the FBI knew and when they knew it–and it’s far worse in the details than it is in the Executive Summary.

    The FBI’s interview with Steele’s Primary Subsource in January 2017, shortly after the FBI filed the Carter Page FISA Renewal Application No. 1 and months prior to Renewal Application No. 2, raised doubts about the reliability of Steele’s descriptions of information in his election reports. During the FBI’s January interview, at which Case Agent 1, the Supervisory Intel Analyst, and representatives of NSD were present, the Primary Sub-source told the FBI that he/she had not seen Steele’s reports until they became public that month, and that he/she made statements indicating that Steele misstated or exaggerated the Primary Sub-source’s statements in multiple sections of the reporting.

    For example, the Primary Sub-source told the FBI that, while Report 80 stated that Trump’s alleged sexual activities at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Moscow had been “confirmed” by a senior, western staff member at the hotel, the Primary Sub-source explained that he/she reported to Steele that Trump’s alleged unorthodox sexual activity at the Ritz Carlton hotel was “rumor and speculation” and that he/she had not been able to confirm the story. A second example provided by the Primary Sub-source was Report 134’s description of a meeting allegedly held between Carter Page and Igor Sechin, the President of Rosneft, a Russian energy conglomerate. Report 134 stated that, according to a “close associate” of Sechin, Sechin offered “PAGE/ TRUMP’s associates the brokerage of up to a 19 percent (privatized) stake in Rosneft” in return for the lifting of sanctions against the company. The Primary Sub-source told the FBI that one of his/her subsources furnished information for that part of Report 134 through a text message, but said that the sub-source never stated that Sechin had offered a brokerage interest to Page. We reviewed the texts and did not find any discussion of a bribe, whether as an interest in Rosneft itself or a “brokerage. “

    . . . .

    The Primary Sub-source was questioned again by the FBI beginning in March 2017 about the election reporting and his/her communications with Steele. The Washington Field Office agent (WFO Agent 1) who conducted that interview and others after it told the OIG that the Primary Sub-source felt that the tenor of
    Steele’s reports was far more “conclusive” than was justified. The Primary Subsource also stated that he/she never expected Steele to put the Primary Subsource’s statements in reports or present them as facts. According to WFO Agent 1, the Primary Sub-source said he/she made it clear to Steele that he/she had no proof to support the statements from his/her sub-sources and that “it was just talk.” WFO Agent 1 said that the Primary Sub-source explained that his/her information came from “word of mouth and hearsay;” “conversation that [he/she] had with friends over beers;” and that some of the information, such as allegations about Trump’s sexual activities, were statements he/she heard made in “jest.”

    “Review of Four FISA Applications and Other Aspects of the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane Investigation”

    1. Three things:

      1) FBI Supervisors knew that Steel’s sources had disavowed the the Steele Dossier.

      2) They submitted the same information to the FISA court three more times–and attested to its accuracy on each occasion.

      3) According the Executive Summary, the supervision of the three teams’ working on the FISA court warrant applications went all the way to the top of the FBI, to Comey, because of its sensitive nature in a high profile investigation.

      Where is the independent counsel to investigate the FBI and its leadership?

      1. I believe Durham is doing what an independent counsel would. I am increasingly optimistic Durham is going to get indictments against some very important people in the Obama Administration.

        Remember too that Halper and Steele were CIA assets. The CIA is really screwing the FBI on this. It was the CIA that fed the FBI the information and has left the FBI holding the bag. I don’t think the FBI is going to go down alone in this and will end up taking Brennen and the CIA with them.

        1. I have less faith in that than you do, but I hope you’re right.

          The rot certainly went all the way to the top.

          I remember when Comey felt like he needed to reopen the Hillary email investigation for fear that there was a mutiny afoot–and the lower rung people in the FBI might go to the media if he didn’t. I am sure there are good people at the FBI who are doing their best to do what’s right by this country, but between that lying sack of Constitution shredding shit James Clapper and Comey, there’s some rot at the top of our intelligence services, and if Comey isn’t at least investigated over this, this problem only get worse. The pressure to use intelligence to sway the public one way or the other during presidential elections with intelligence of varying quality will always be there–as will the desire to acquire it through bogus warrant applications–and the reasons to bust those who step over the line at the FBI or anywhere else are the same as they are to bust interstate bank robbers.

          Someone should give serious consideration to whether the FBI should have been transformed into a force combating international terrorism during the War on Terror, too. If they want to concentrate on international terrorists operating in the United States, that’s one thing, but we don’t need both the CIA and the FBI doing clandestine operations with the Russians any more than we needed both the Customs Department and the INS patrolling the border. The FBI’s culture and expertise was in domestic law enforcement, and trying to transition to become a mirror of the CIA may be the root cause of a lot of this keystone cop routine.

          I appreciate that the CIA may have fed them this information. If the FBI had tried to feel the CIA this information, they may not have fallen for it–because they’re competent, too. In fact, Steele was on the payroll of the FBI, was paid close to $100,000, and he may not have been able to get away with what he did with the FBI if he tried it with the CIA. Regardless, if the CIA can be played by the FBI like that, then that’s another reason why the FBI shouldn’t be involved in intelligence gathering with the Russians.

          1. Here is what gives me faith and changed my mind. I have long thought that it would result in nothing. But when both Barr and Durham both came out and disputed the findings of the IG, I concluded they are serious. The IG report was written to give cover to anyone wanting to write the whole thing off to the usual “systematic failures” and “mistakes were made” whitewash. If Durham and Barr were not serious, they could have praised the IG report and used it as it was intended to justify white washing the entire thing. The fact that they didn’t do that and publicly disagreed with it, tells me that they are serious and some very important people are going to go to jail. Otherwise, why do that?

            1. I hope you’re right.

            2. Someone here mentioned starting an independent counsel criminal investigation at the FBI and CIA and start at the bottom. Offer immunity for any information of criminal wrongdoing of peers and superiors.

              1. They already have one case going against an FBI agent who altered an email in connection with the warrant application.

                The first written language is widely considered to be Sumerian, as we see on an innumerable supply of clay tablets that have survived the thousands of years since and been dug up in the fertile crescent. They mostly seem to consist of records being kept by bureaucrats for who paid what in taxes, where their money was spent, what they did, and how they did it, and why.

                All this is to say that written language may have been invented for the primary purpose of bureaucrats writing CYA memos. Benjamin Franklin supposedly said, “There is nothing sure but death and taxes”. He might have added “government bureaucrats writing CYA memos”. It is unlikely that underling altered an email being used in connection to a high profile warrant to tap a presidential candidate of his own accord–just because. He was probably ordered to do so, and if that is the case, there is probably the modern equivalent of a CYA memo floating around in the FBI’s email system somewhere.

                Where’s that Assange weirdo when we need him?

                1. Assange? He went off the deep end and started sucking Maduro’s dictatorial cock so Chomsky would be his friend.

        2. Great it’ll be good precedent for when Democrats indict Trump administration officials.

          1. Damn. Ready back to the anger stage.

          2. That you can only see the world through partisan goggles was something we already knew.

      2. There is more….

        They represented to the court that they had indeed interviewed the primary source and found that source to be a credible witness.

        What they left out was that they found the witness credible in debunking the dossier.

        Which isn’t an “oops” moment. It is a lie.

        The best face you can put on it is that it was a Clinton-esque lie – all hinging on the meaning of actual words, tightly construed and limited in scope.

        1. Worse than that, it is a clearly material lie. Clinton’s best defense was that his sleeping with Monica Lewinsky wasn’t material to the Jones case and therefore his lying about it was not a material lie and not perjury. I don’t agree with that but it is at least a somewhat reasonable claim. Here, there is no reasonable way to claim the lie to the court wasn’t material. They didn’t mess up a date or misspell a name. They lied about the credibility of their evidence. That is perjury. It is no different than what the cop in Houston who lied about having a source to get the warrant that resulted in the couple’s death did.

  30. ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ Movement Grows in Virginia as Democrats Ready Gun Control Measures

    Maybe NoVA and Richmond does not actually control the State of Virginia.

    1. If a couple of backwater Virginia sheriffs want to go “the full LaVoy,” it could be an instructive exercise.

      1. That doesn’t even make sense.

        1. Kirkland has not made sense since he came over from Volkoh. I’m pretty sure regular commenters over there would say he never made sense.

        2. If a few clingers with badges want to emulate LaVoy Finnicum with a lawless display of right-wing futility . . . be my guest.

          1. Only if you emulate a Kent State student, hicklib.

          2. Lawless display of Constitutionally protected rights.

  31. Greta Thunberg apologizes for “against the wall” comment

    Why apologize if it was a simple language barrier?

    Because put someone against a wall means much of the same thing now that Socialists actually put tens of thousands against walls and murdered them and even more in death camps.

    1. There goes her Nobel Peace Prize!

      1. Why would that follow?

        1. You’re right. She could join such notables as Obo the Warmonger, and Arafat the Terrorist.

    2. Che Guevara ordered people up against the wall.

      The newly-empowered government carried out executions, punctuated by cries from the crowds of “¡al paredón!” ([to the] wall!),[116] which biographer Jorge Castañeda describes as “without respect for due process”.[130]

      “Although accounts vary, it is estimated that several hundred people were executed nationwide during this time, with Guevara’s jurisdictional death total at La Cabaña ranging from 55 to 105.[132] Conflicting views exist of Guevara’s attitude towards the executions at La Cabaña. Some exiled opposition biographers report that he relished the rituals of the firing squad, and organized them with gusto, while others relate that Guevara pardoned as many prisoners as he could.[130] All sides acknowledge that Guevara had become a “hardened” man who had no qualms about the death penalty or about summary and collective trials. If the only way to “defend the revolution was to execute its enemies, he would not be swayed by humanitarian or political arguments”.[130] In a 5 February 1959, letter to Luis Paredes López in Buenos Aires Guevara states unequivocally: “The executions by firing squads are not only a necessity for the people of Cuba, but also an imposition of the people.”[133]

      Hey, if you’re gonna make an omelet, . . . amirite?

      If Bernie Sanders were in charge, it would be different–because he cares about people. Socialists care so much about them, they’ll throw them in prison if they resist their “reforms”. What’s the point of voting a socialist into office who isn’t willing to get things done?

      They’re trying to save the planet from global warming, you know.

    3. Greta so got caught pretending to ride trains on the floor in support of the green economy instead of the first class carriage she was actually riding in.

    4. “was singing Floyd, guys geez.”

    5. European Socialists were murdering altruism-deniers to make the world safe for blonde altruists. It was one of those eugenics things they are so fond of enforcing.

  32. Europe calls on NASA for help as Mars mission runs into serious trouble

    Just say no. Europeans and their Socialist governments dont like American freedom that leads to innovation, so fuck them.

  33. “The Atlantic profiles .. Tucker Carlson”

    Heh… “profile”… Nice.

    Tucker Carlson does not think he is an “especially” good person. He knows he can “get mad” and “make a mistake,” that he can “overstate” things as a result of getting “caught up” in his own rhetoric. He also knows he can sometimes get “self-righteous,”

    That is the lede. Yup… this is going to be a fair profile…

    This is in large part how a wealthy Washingtonian like Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson—with his prep-school education and summer home in Maine—convinces millions of viewers, weeknight after weeknight, that he is one of them. It’s not just that Carlson purports to have empathy where he believes others—such as the Stanford Law professor Pamela Karlan, who testified in favor of President Donald Trump’s impeachment and whom Carlson calls a “drooling moron”—lack it.

    Ok, that’s from the second paragraph.

    But the Tucker Carlson Tonight studio also pulses with a kind of frenetic energy, one that perhaps comes only when your show’s basic message is a gleeful fuck you.

    Ok then… Yeah.. I suppose you could call that a “profile”.

    1. A gleeful fuck you to whom? If it is too his audience, they seem to not see that. If it is too the rest of the media and the establishment, I think that is what makes him popular.

      Odd the profile doesn’t answer that question.

      1. If you read the profile, they make it clear that Tucker could have rewritten the conservative movement, bringing the right along to seeing the anti-corporation light and sweeping the nation into a new socialist future. But instead he chose to use his powers for evil, and didn’t lead susceptible and weak minded republicans into progressive right-think.

  34. Box Office Bust: Clint Eastwood’s ‘Richard Jewell’ Derailed by Apathy, Not Controversy

    Haha. Look at the Lefty Propagandists trying to attack Clint’s movie.

    Most movies dont make any money at the movie theaters anymore. The money (if any) is made on home viewing options, like redbox, DVD sales, and streaming.

    The MSM is so sad trying to imply that Eastwood’s movie is unpopular because of opening weekend movie theater sales.

    1. I’m surprised it didn’t do better than that. The trailer looks fantastic.

      But then again… the subject matter is extremely niche. It is a human interest story about a loser who gets run over by the FBI and the press. Not exactly date night material, and definitely not aimed at the teens-and-twenties audience that gets the big box office.

      1. Movies about the media never make money. Contrary to what journalists all think, most people don’t find journalists and journalism very interesting. I can’t remember the last time a media based movie made any money. All The President’s Men did. But that made money because it was about Watergate more than it being about the media.

        1. Spotlight was profitable and has the Best Picture award.

          Conservatives overlook that one, though, because they hated when the good guys won.

          1. So the best you have is one profitable movie that was barely that in 40 years. My God you are a fucking moron.

          2. “Best Picture”

            Who fucking cares?

            And I’m not sure what point you think you’re making about Cons; plenty of Dem Catholics, and lots of them are all too eager to look the other way when Pope Che plays Hide-the-Pedo.

      2. The other thing about that movie is that it is a really depressing story. Richard Jewell got totally screwed and none of the people responsible for it were ever held accountable. All he got was a payoff using other people’s money. And when he did all too young, he died having lost a large chunk of his short life to a living hell over actions that should have made him a hero.

        Jewell is not exactly the kind of movie you want to see to cheer you up for the holidays. I think that is hurting it as well.

        1. Exactly John, its a movie that can be watched on any tv at any other time of year when nothing else is on. Its a depressing story and i rarely watch depressing stories and in todays political climate people want fun escapism not reality

        2. I plan on paying to watch it at home.

          Remember, Eastwood used union workers for his movie and that costs more money. Evidently the production cost is $45 million.

          Then the media attacks Eastwood movie for not immediately making a profit.

          Scorsese complains that Superhero movies are NOT film while the Propagandists spread that like gospel. The Irishman only made $940,000 its first 10 days. The Irishman only had 26 million viewers its first week on Netflix (16% of all Netflix viewers) and cost $159 million to make (evidently the CGI to make the stars look younger was very costly).

          MSM are whores who have no principles.

          1. The Irishman is a great movie. It is a better movie in many ways that Casino and Goodfellas. That movie is a masterpiece. People didn’t go see it in the theater because they knew it was coming on Netflix shortly after and there was no point in paying to see it.

            1. I still wait for movies to get to Redbox and/or streaming.

              I am just not interested in paying $15 for a crappy movie baring some social event.

              Now add in alcohol and reclining chairs and some Cinephile friends for a rare great movie and I might drop more money.

          2. 26 million views would have generated a quarter-billion at the box office. No telling how much revenue it will produce in the Netflix subscription world.

            1. Your math fell off.

            2. “no telling how much”

              Very little. Because it isn’t the kind of thing people are going to sign up en masse for Netflix over. Idiot.

    2. They’d rather attack it from an ideological perspective conveniently overlooking that overarching fact that Jewell was a victim.

      Such compassionate people these leftists eh?

      1. Whose fault is it that conservatives can’t make good movies, be competent at comedy, operate strong schools, build modern and successful communities, make good music, etc.?

        1. Careers in comedy, music, teaching, or community building are what people are reduced to if they lack better options.

        2. Whose fault is it that Regressive Leftists convinced themselves they make good movies, are funny, haven’t completely fucked schools and modern society, and make shitty hippy music despite the fact that nobody fucking buys what they sell which is why they so frequently have to depend on subsidies and tax breaks to even come close to breaking even?

      2. …and more and more people are ignoring and not paying for traditional media hacks.

        It drives those ideologues crazy.

    3. Going to theaters is for big budget movies with lots of special effects. I can’t fit a screen that size in my house.

      I’ll catch it on Vudu.

      1. Vudu? Is that an off-brand Netflix?

        1. Netflix? Is that an off-brand Hulu?

          1. Hulu? Is that some off-brand blu ray releasing company?

        2. Vudu is an app you can use to rent movies. I have it on Roku.

          I believe it’s owned by WalMart.

          Once Amazon started offering original programming, their app became competition to the content creators whose media they were selling before. Why should Universal, Sony, Warner, or the others sell their content on Amazon, when Amazon is now a competitor with their own original programming? Moreover, why should they offer their content on each other’s services or Netflix?

          Walmart and Vudu don’t do original content, so no one is unwilling to make their content available on Vudu. Thus, they have more content available to rent, buy, or watch for free with commercials of any service anywhere. All the content providers are willing to make their content available on Vudu. And all three options are often available for films and TV shows. You can rent it, you can buy it, or you watch it for free with commercials.

          What’s more, most movies become available on Vudu before they become available anywhere else.

          Just as an example, Ad Astra came out in the theaters on September 20, 2019. I believe it’s still in the theaters in some places. It’s already available for sale on Vudu. Why sit in the theater with a bunch of talking shitheads when I can wait a matter of weeks and watch it from home?

      2. “Going to theaters is for big budget movies with lots of special effects.”

        With the tiny little screens, and digitized projection they have these days it’s just not worth it. I remember seeing Ran on an old, full sized film projector screen back in 1986. It was glorious.

  35. Not just impeachment: Democrats plan year-end legislative blitz

    Let us see if reason covers this little gem of news that makes their Buttboyz in the Party of slavery look bad.

  36. Weak 15: Thousands of Empty Seats Going into the Home Stretch

    You mean shitting on your paying customers might lead to less paying customers?

    1. Does the NFL make their money from ticket sales?

      1. An NFL team gets a quarter-billion dollars from television. Licensing income, naming rights, and other sponsorships are next. Ticket sales may contribute 10 percent to an average NFL team’s revenue. Some league sources expect gaming revenue alone to approximate ticket sale revenue within a decade.

        The NFL expects its revenues — currently $15 billion — to reach $25 billion in 2027. It historically has underestimated revenue growth.

      2. How The NFL Makes Money

        In 2015, in response to mounting criticism for its quickly growing revenue, the NFL gave up the tax-exempt status it had held since 1947. The league now exists as a trade association made up of and financed by its 32 member teams. 31 of these teams are owned individually, only the Green Bay Packers retains its non-profit status. The NFL earns the lion’s share of its money with TV deals. According to Statista, more than 50% of the league’s revenue came from TV deals in 2015, a year when the league made about $12 billion. Other revenue streams include ticket sales, merchandising, and licensing rights and corporate sponsorships.

        According to the Green Bay Packers’ 2018 annual report, the NFL earned over $8.1 billion in national revenue last year, meaning each team received about $255 million in national revenue from the league.

        Local revenue, which consists of ticket sales, concessions, and corporate sponsors, is earned by the teams themselves. In 2018, the Packers earned $196 million in local revenue, 43% of their total revenue that year, which was $455 million.

        However, the costs of running a professional football team are high. In 2018, the Packers spent $420 million on expenses. $213 million went to players, while $208 million went to stadium upkeep, marketing, and team and administrative costs. This leaves the team an operating income of $38.5 million.

        1. Those costs are a big reason why working-class, blue-collar workers largely can’t afford to go to a game anymore. A lot of those season tickets are owned by the white collar corporate class.

          This has even seeped into baseball and basketball, which have FAR more games than football. If you want a seat in the lower section of an NBA game, you’re going to be paying at least $150 a ticket. That doesn’t even take the cost of concessions and parking into account.

          1. Get a job. Quit whining.

            1. So you’re saying you’re unemployed?

            2. Get some new material. Quit drinking tard cum.

        2. The equity in that business is big, though.

          If you put the Green Bay Packers up for sale, you’d get a lot more than whatever multiple of their NOI.

          Forbes is saying that the value of the Packers is $2.85 billion.

          $38.5 million divided by $2.85 billion would give them a p/e ratio of 74, which is astronomical. The cap rate is about 1.4%.

          People are willing to pay a premium to be the owner of a football team, but it isn’t all about that. You may not be renting out an empty room in your house, but your house is going up in value–even if there isn’t any positive cash flow.

          1. The Green Bay Packers are already up for sale. They have shareholders.

    2. The no hoper teams cannot draw a crowd in December, how entirely not surprising. Do they really expect people to spend money and time going to see a bad product in person. Especially when it is available on TV?

      Does being on Twitter rot the brain?

  37. Trump slams debate commission, raising questions about his participation

    While Trump skipped a GOP primary debate in the 2016 race, he participated in all three debates in the general election against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

    Trump skipped a Primary debate and still kicked ass against the RINOs. Hahaha

  38. On the supposed “white power” signs being flashed by cadets…. why is this being covered as if it is not only real, but that the “military is investigating”? This is completely dishonest.

    The press began asking academy officials (and anyone else they could find, apparently) about it after it cropped up on social media as a “grass roots” effort to blunt the rousing cheers Trump received at the game. The officials they asked gave the perfectly evenhanded non-answer of “we treat this sort of thing very seriously and we will investigate”.

    The press two-step becomes a screaming headline at the NYT: “Military investigates cadets flashing white power symbols”

    Ok, that’s entirely dishonest. First, no rational human believes that this is what was going on. And you could have just asked any one of the cadets – who are clearly friends with some very dark skinned white supremacists. I think the answer you’d get is “circle game”. And somehow I doubt that the NYT news room was entirely lacking in anyone capable of making that connection.

    I suspect that there has never been a single instance of an actual white supremacist using the OK symbol as a symbol of white power. As far as I know, they use that raised fist thing. Or if they are of the Nazi sort, they use that Hitler salute thing. But OK? That’s a pretty ubiquitous hand signal to use as your super secret “hey, we are all white supremacists here” signal.

    Someone put together a collage of prominent black people flashing the White Power (OK) sign… from Lebron James to Oprah Winfrey to Barak Obama….. it was a pretty effective counter that should have left the NYT and all the other idiots who are trying this hoax on for size hanging their heads in shame.

    1. In case you did not notice, the NYT has no shame.

    2. And let me be clear… I say “I suspect” because I am not sure I have actually met any real white supremacists in the last 30 years. I’ve met some stridently racist progressives, and some black nationalists.. but not any white supremacists.

      Heck, I actually met a flat-earther yesterday. An actual, no-fooling flat earther. And that’s gotta be pretty rare.

      Yet I met him, and not a white supremacist. Maybe you have to flash that OK sign before they will open up?

      1. How can the media be so stupid that they are constantly trolled by a bunch of clowns on 4chan? I am amazed by how consistently stupid they are and how they refuse to ever learn from their mistakes.

        1. Think of every journalist major you met in college. Now realize the rigor of college is half what it was 20 years ago.

      2. Same here. While I’ve encountered prejudice and even racist remarks (including directed at me….but according to the narrative it doesn’t count because ‘white privilege’) over the years, the intellectual variety almost exclusively came from progressives. I’ve had progressives lecture about ‘tolerance’ and in the same breath make derogatory quips about certain classes of people.

        The other day I was at a concert and Jake Clemons was performing. He just had to chime in with a ‘I’m so glad to be in Canada’ indirect attack on Trump. He talked about ‘being one’ and all the usual platitudes leftists love to speak about but don’t act on. Let’s be one but first imma gonna shit on half the country who voted for Trump.

        I fucken hate with a passion musicians who go political. I pay for MUSIC. Not your fucken political opinion no matter how self-righteous you feel about your ‘enlightened’ position.

        Plus it was a Christmas show with proceeds going to sick children.

        Progressives don’t know the line of common etiquette anymore. They’re so fricken arrogant they believe it to be their duty to scold.

        No wonder people like Obama would ask their ‘cult followers’ to argue over stupid things like Obamacare over Thanksgiving.

        Family unity and happiness is secondary to the demands of the state.

        Got two words for you and people who think this way: Fuck. You.

        1. “all the usual platitudes leftists love to speak about but don’t act on”

          Leftists, Reason ‘libertarians,’ at some point, what difference does it make?

      3. If they oppose affirmative action and support building a wall, then your friends are white supremacists–and they’re xenophobes, too!

        Don’t you know anything about social justice?

    3. dafuq is white power and how is there a sign?

      1. Basically, the entire Progressive Grievance Industry got taken in by a 4chan prank.

      2. It’s the international symbol for sphincter. And if anything characterizes whiteness it has to be sphincter control.

    4. My understanding is that the “okay” sign means you’re calling someone an “asshole” in Brazil.

      1. And Greece.

  39. “File under: The market works better than E.U.–style advertising standards boards at sorting this stuff out.”

    This had nothing to do with “The Market”. This is just terrible management. The people complaining about the ads being pulled don’t watch The Hallmark Channel.

  40. Justin will flip because you guys will love it and give it play and you guys will love it and give it play because Justin will flip.

  41. Other big news of the weekend is that the signatories of the Paris Treaty failed in their attempt to come up with an exchange system or an agreement to cut emissions. Yes, this is the Paris treaty Trump is pulling us out of–and we will be formally out of in a month or so.

    If you see coverage in the media, it will blame the failure of the countries of the Paris Treaty to come to agreement on the lack of participation by the United States. The signing countries are certainly blaming it on our lack of participation. That, of course, is bullshit. Because the United States isn’t involved is no reason why the European Union, China, and India can’t come to agreement among themselves. The real reason they couldn’t come to an agreement was probably because of this:

    SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China raised its coal-fired power capacity by 42.9 gigawatts (GW), or about 4.5%, in the 18 months to June, connecting new projects to the grid at a time when capacity in the rest of the world shrank, according to a study published on Wednesday.

    China also has another 121.3 GW of coal-fired power plants under construction, U.S.-based research network Global Energy Monitor said in its report, nearly enough to power the whole of France.

    The increase followed a 2014-2016 “permitting surge” by local governments aiming to boost growth while formerly suspended projects have also been restarted, Global Energy Monitor said. In the rest of the world, coal-fired power capacity fell 8.1 GW over the same period.

    To cut pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, China has promised an “energy revolution” aimed at dramatically reducing its reliance on coal. It cut coal’s share of the country’s total energy from 68% in 2012 to 59% last year, and researchers predict it will fall to 55.3% by 2020.

    Absolute coal consumption, however, has continued to increase in line with a rise in overall Chinese energy demand.


    November 19, 2019

    China and India want the EU and the USA to agree to slash carbon output and use alternative energy sources (much of it through the use of Chinese manufactured products), even while they continue to roll out new coal fired electric plants and open new coal mines. If China has enough coal fired plants–currently under construction–to power the entire nation of France, why should the people of France sacrifice their standard of living for clean energy?

    There isn’t a sufficiently good reason, not sufficient enough for European politicians to sell their voters, and their inability to come to terms with China and India on carbon emissions is for that reason. And it’s the same reason Trump pulled out of the treaty. Neither China nor India have any intention of delaying or altering their plans to fill their countries with coal plants, and they want the United States and the EU to sacrifice their standard of living.

    1. +1000

      1. America first.

        1. It’s not even that; it’s the world first.
          What those scumbags propose has been shown to deliver abject poverty and mass murder.
          You can make a case that the environment is changing and that some folks will get the stinky end of the stick. More importantly, you can make the case that the alternative is ALL of us get the stinky end of the stick.

    2. That “accord” was a joke from the very beginning. Any climate agreement that classifies China and India–third world countries that have had first world economies for decades–as “developing nations,” isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

      1. Yeah, you can agree to anything you want, but this is straight-up economics. Until there is something better, we’ll keep using fossil fuels.

        And the second that something better comes along, that will be the end of fossil fuel use.

        All of these targets and agreements are nonsense. Because energy is a huge part of making and selling stuff. And if you double or triple the cost of energy to reach some agreed upon goal, you will simply push production into an area that does not have those agreed upon goals. In this case, China, India and all other “third world” countries.

        Which is, of course, why these accords are so popular in these places. For the tiny, poor nation, it is a chance to extract some cash from the bigger, more technologically advanced countries. But mostly, it is teir-2 economies giving themselves an advantage.

        1. You can extract cash, but what good is it if the cash is worthless because the currencies it’s denominated in aren’t backed by functioning economies anymore?

          1. Pretty sure there is serious hope that those Jackson and Franklin trees really deliver this year!

  42. Supreme Court ruling pulls rug out from under article of impeachment

    President Trump has asserted that the executive branch, of which he is the head, need not comply with congressional subpoenas requiring the production of privileged executive material, unless there is a final court order compelling such production. He has argued, appropriately, that the judicial branch is the ultimate arbiter of conflicts between the legislative and executive branches.

    Trump is so playing “N”th D Chess while Lefties are playing Tick-Tack-Toe.

  43. The Framers’ worst nightmare wasn’t some future President negotiating with Ukraine to investigate American business corruption there. It was Alexander Hamilton on horseback at the head of the Army, declaring himself Emperor for Life.

    1. Greenwald punched out a slap-happy religious conservative on Brazilian teevee. (

  44. SO the Dems want an unfrocked antichoice Republican mystical bigot to parade around while they point and holler “Libertarian! Libertarian!” loud enough for every woman voter in the country to hear. Republicans meanwhile have pointed at us since 1973 shrieking “Anarchists! commie atheist Anarchists!” Them kleptocrats shore know how to circle their wagons when the enemy of coercion’s vote share is increasing 80% per year!

  45. This makes no tactical sense whatsoever. The FISA abuse revelation gave team Trump all the momentum. The Ukraine affair is technically unrelated, but given the level of intentional deceit on the part of the investigating unit, the American people have no reason to believe the impeachment process was EVER fair.

    The republicans in the senate will now vote against impeachment triumphantly rather than sheepishly voting along party lines saying “Trump made bad decisions but they weren’t impeachable”. The democrats basically declared their intention to fight but gave the republicans grounds of their own choosing.

    What are the democrats going to say when the GOP crush their efforts in the senate? They sold out to corrupt Trump? That’ll sound tone deaf to anyone outside of the far left. The only verifiable corruption came from their ranks.

    They should have moved onto censure or something similar. They went all in. It’s like they never learned from the Obamacare fiasco. Why give the other side bulletin board when they already have the momentum?

  46. But Phillips … said [Amash] has agreed to consider it if asked.

    “I will consider it!” —Bearded Spock’s last line (i think) in “Mirror, Mirror”

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