Thank You to Every Single Person Who Donated to Reason's 2019 Webathon!

We raised over $370,000 from more than 1,300 donors. Incredible.


Whew! That was one heckuva webathon. We originally set our goal at $200,000. When we met that goal before the halfway mark, we knew it was going to be a good year. But you surprised us again and on the final day, we blew past $370,000 for an incredible finish. Thank you for your support of our work!

Last year, your webathon donations made possible stories like these top hits:

…and much more!

Please check in at Reason.com, sign up for our newsletters, read the print magazine, sign up for our podcasts, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the most out of your generous donation. And if you didn't quite get around to donating before the deadline—well, give as soon as you see this post and we might even sneak you some of that sweet, sweet swag if you ask nicely—but your donations are tax-deductible year-round.

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  1. If we only had the “other” numbers relating to this Webathon.

  2. Thank You to Every Single Person…

    Except for you.

  3. No, thank you for being there. I don’t think anybody’s giving you anything they don’t think you’ve earned, it’s how things work.

    Reason may not be perfect, but it beats the hell out of the alternatives. And isn’t that what we claim to believe about liberty, individualism, free will, capitalism, the free market, various political figures and the world such as it is in general? (And when I say “we”, I am excluding certain trolls in the commentariat, of course.)

  4. “Incredible” : Impossible to believe.

    I feel the same way.

  5. Meh. No money from me.

    It’s clear reason is not a Libertarian centric publication. Which is fine, I just wont let you get away with saying that you are when you are not.

    If all the TDS were not enough to prove my point, just wait until Trump is not removed from office and win reelection by an even bigger margin than election 2016. The absurd articles from Shikha, Sullum, Boehm, Gillespie… will really fly off the server shelves.

    1. I just wont let you get away with saying that you are when you are not.

      That’s a relief.

    2. Poor $parkY. He wants to be a concern troll for reason like Special Mikey.

      1. Poor TDS1789. Afraid to use the “Reply” button because it would taint his superb comment with the offal he is replying to.

      2. Poor alphabet troll.

        Its coder needs the bot to work correctly and that only happens when reply is activated on a troll account.

        1. Poor troll1789. I’ve just found its unlinked comment and contaminated it! How sad.

        2. Haha. Merry Christmas Alphabet troll.

          I gave you some website traffic today for Jesus’ Birthday.

    3. Poor lovescontroll69 must be so sad being the only libertarian.

    4. Poor $parkY. He doesnt Libertarians…


      1. “We”? But you are the only true libertarian!

        1. Maybe he should conscript some more. Being a libertarian and all.

      2. trolls hate Libertarianism, as you can see.

        I gave bignose and alphabet troll some bridge cheese from Christmas.

    5. Poor lovescontroll69 believes not only that he’s a true libertarian but that there are enough other true libertarians like him that they will soon take over the entire US government.

    6. Poor $parkY thinks it take more than a few thousand Patriots to topple any Socialist House of Cards.

  6. Reason has gone where the money is, their fundraising reflects it.

    1. Yup. We can expect more Lefties to poor money into reason.

      Meanwhile people who actually like Libertarians are stuck with a glitchy reason platform, Lefty advertisement popups, and reason staff sock trolling to boost web traffic.

      1. You could always found your own online forum. But that would take more work than merely typing a few disassociated comments.

      2. Even better, you two could found a forum together. One would write an article, the other would create several sock puppets to replay and praise it. Then switch off for the next.

      3. Poor Alphabet troll. so needy

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  8. So now that you’ve got your loot, how about getting rid of that annoying popup on every page?

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