On the Last Day of Reason's Annual Webathon, Donate To Join Our Awesome Crew of Supporters and Friends

We're in the home stretch, and 1,100 of you have made this fundraiser a huge success!


Today is the last day of Reason's annual webathon and you guys have really come through for us. Nearly 1,200 donors have kicked in more than $345,000 so far, which is pretty mindblowing considering that we set our initial goal at $200,000. Many of you stepped up to participate in the three (3!) generous challenge grants that turned every new $1 into $2!

Thanks again to the old friends of Reason who sponsored those matches, to the new friends who chipped in for the first time, and everyone in between. As always, we accept your donations in every form, including wrinkled dollar bills and bitcoin.

For those who haven't clicked the donate link yet, check out some of the reasons folks told us they donated this year. If you recognize yourself or your experience with Reason in the notes below, consider joining the ranks of our supporters:

First, an old school donor with an accurate perception of the Reason staff writes:

Carry on, wayward sons.

Some support for our calm, non-partisan approach in a partisan moment:

The only thing worse than a republican, is a democrat. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for helping to contest the spread of emotion-driven falsehoods in mainstream media with facts and sound theory.

This person probably liked our debate issue:

Thank you for the work you all do. You have had a tremendous influence on my thinking. And thanks for also exploring the tensions and disagreements within libertarian thought (for example, on abortion; btw, I'm with Stephanie Slade). I sincerely appreciate you folks. Keep on fightin'.

Reason pal and Fox News star Kennedy sent us some cash with this on-brand note:

To luscious, hot freedom!

We are not above taking candy from babies:

Robby Soave. Elizabeth Nolan Brown. Nick Gillespie. Jacob Sullum. They are the reasons (Reason…see what I did there?) for the gift. My kids go hungry so you can publish. Don't eff it up.

Sometimes the babies even hand over the candy voluntarily:

I love Reason so so much! Y'all are the only libertarian journalists I can find. What y'all are doing is truly amazing! I wish I could donate more money but ima teenager and I don't make that much but I still am glad to contribute.

I just want to thank everyone at Reason for making such great content. I know it's not a lot (I'm a broke a** college student), but Reason gives me hope that good, independent journalism won't die, so thanks!

Your very thoughtful and engaging questions to the special webathon edition of the Reason Roundtable podcast were especially gratifying—plus some donors who name-checked it: "Love the Reason Roundtable podcast every week. Monday afternoon can't come fast enough!" You can see us answering a bunch of them here, and catch yesterday's podcast release to hear us answering a few more we didn't have time for in the bonus pod.

Every single day at Reason, this motley crew of weirdo journalists digs up stories no one else is paying attention to, puts a fresh spin on arguments about the importance of free minds and free markets, and shouts about the importance of individual liberty. These donations—and yours!—make that important work possible. We're a nonprofit, so donations are tax-deductible and robbing the taxman is even more reason to throw some cash our way here at the end of the year.

On that note, a little free market nonprofit humor to keep things light:

More like market-fail-athon. Am I right, people?

Plus this excellent point:

I've been a Reason fanatic for decades, and I blame Nick for my affliction. I'm smarter than he is, but he looks better in leather, so I call it a wash.

And counterpoint:

Please deport Nick Gillespie

Two people (quite rightly) complained about our discrimination against robot donors on the online form:

Having one check \I am not a robot\ is discriminatory against robots! 🙂

Why do I have to confirm that I'm not a robot? Don't you want contributions from robots? I really expected Reason to be more robot-inclusive.

And finally:

You go gurl

If you see yourself in any of the notes above, please donate on this, our final day of webathon 2019!