Brickbat: Drink Up


A Berkeley, California, law will require restaurants to charge customers 25 cents for a single-use cup starting in January. A similar law will take effect in Palo Alto in 2021, and San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin has introduced a bill that would require restaurants to charge for disposable cups. Supporters say these laws will reduce waste, but advocates for the disabled say those with limited movement or sensation in their hands may find it hard to lift glass or ceramic cups. Berkeley is trying to find a way to exempt the disabled from having to pay for paper cups. But so far, hasn't found an answer. "You don't want a customer to have to say, 'Hi, I'm disabled, give me a free cup,'" said Sophie Hahn, the council member who introduced the law. "By the same token, you don't want a worker to have to say, 'Well, what kind of disability do you have and how do you prove it?'"

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  1. Won’t this make fast food places a ton of money? What does a cup cost them 5 cents?

      1. Actually it is closer to 5 cents

        1. 5 cents is probably high.

    1. This is a new thing in California. After all, we invented the whole “ban plastic bags then force grocers to charge for paper bags”. It’s fucking bullshit.

      It’s not even a tax, it’s a mandatory charge. The fee collected don’t have to be sent to the city or state. It’s a mandatory fee but not a tax. Only in California.

      The grocers don’t like it either. I know one place (won’t name them less the Nazis raid them) that does not charge at all. They just say, “oh hey, is this your bag?” as they grab a paper bag for you. Love those guys.

      1. Restauarnts will do like my local grocer they will figure the number of cups each month and pay that bill its far easier than trying to count each sale

  2. But what if you identify as disabled?

    1. I am handicapped. I’m psychotic.

      1. I’m only partially handicapped, I’m only psychotic about people not giving me disposable cups when I want them.

        (Not really, I’m psychotic about a lot of things people do that annoy me. It’s not that I’m OCD, it’s just that there’s a right way to do things and you’re doing it wrong.)

        1. If Jeff didn’t want to be punched, he wouldn’t have been wrong!

        2. I am compelled to point out that you should identify as CDO, not OCD.
          You must maintain alphabetical order.

      2. Fargin icehole.

      3. Psychotic is a very mild handicap compared to most of these Lefties.

        Lefty brains have melted away since birth.

  3. Berkeley is trying to find a way to exempt the disabled from having to pay for paper cups.

    Daunting task.

    1. Isn’t everyone who lives in Berkley disabled?

      1. You would think so, but no. Berkeley is like an onion. The further away you get from the University the less crazy it gets. By the time you get to the hills it feels somewhat conservative. Crazy but true. Unfortunately the city council rules over the whole. The center of the onion includes all those crazy students, professors, and administrators at the university, who all get to vote.

    2. I don’t get it. Why can’t the disabled carry a cup in their mess kit like all us other serfs?

  4. I wish the article had posted a link to the full study on the carbon footprint of a non-disposable container from the use of raw materiel through manufacture in a factory and transportation, multiple washings in hot water and (bio-degradable?) soap and the disinfectant rinse chemicals, the treatment of the waste water, and the final sweep up and landfill disposal when it eventually breaks.
    And Berkeley should just forget the disabled; the sooner they starve and decompose the better. They are taking up valuable resources needed by illegal aliens.

    1. Restaurants hereabouts are forbidden from putting a glass of water on the table unless the customer asks for it. Apparently “the amount of water that is wasted washing the glass is far beyond the amount of water used to fill the glass”, or some such BS….. this started a long, long time ago.

      What the greenies need to come clean with is the basic fact that what they really want is the end of H. sap. That way, the foxes and the bunny wabbits can all go back to living peacefully underneath blue skies that are warm, but not too hot, etc. etc. etc.

  5. “You don’t want a customer to have to say, ‘Hi, I’m disabled, give me a free cup,'” said Sophie Hahn, the council member who introduced the law. “By the same token, you don’t want a worker to have to say, ‘Well, what kind of disability do you have and how do you prove it?'”

    But most of all, you never want a customer to say, “May I have a cup?” and have a worker say, “Sure, here you go.” All the glaciers will melt.

    1. Here’s your cup. It comes with a life jacket.

    2. Intersectionality at its finest.

  6. This is ridiculous. Since it’s not a tax, but a mandatory charge by the restaurant, restaurants that use disposable cups will simply cut the price of the drink by $.25, and the net charge remains the same. Except it means they have to charge for water.

    1. Or, allow customers to bring in their own reusable containers, which present low grade health concerns. Or implement a new work stream to include reusable cups and the storage, breakage, loss control, and cleaning issues related.

      1. Oh, sure. Because I love carrying a cup around all the time like I’m on a backpacking trip. Should I start carrying my tent and sleeping bag, too, so you can save me from the environmental excesses of having to wash hotel room sheets?

        The only alternative you’re offering is to go back to the old-fashioned way of every vendor having reusable cups that have to be managed, maintained, returned, cleaned etc – a process that sellers and customers both moved away from for very good reasons. I occasionally like having my drink somewhere other than in the restaurant. And no, I don’t want to have to carry my cup everywhere (unless I actually am on a backpacking trip).

        So yeah, let’s just ignore all the history and economics that led to the invention of paper cups in the first place because it feels good to “do something”.

        1. You must be one of those crazies that think this country stands for individual freedom, and for choices.
          Go back to where you came from.

    2. Exactly. Would simply posting a sign that reads “All prices for drinks include a 25-cent charge for the cup” be sufficient?

      As for charging for cups of water, I expect restaurants will be glad to have a socially acceptable reason to do exactly that.

  7. advocates for the disabled say those with limited movement or sensation in their hands may find it hard to lift glass or ceramic cups.

    Obviously the solution is glass- or ceramic-cup lifting robots for *everyone*.

    1. And it already exists, for a small large price: JACO Robot Arm

    2. since they can’t use straws anymore they will need lifting assistants everywhere. I wonder how much teh country will susidize that job

  8. easy peasy: just outlaw drinks all together…

    1. When they outlaw drinks, only drunks will be outlaws… Wait, not sure if that is right sentiment.

  9. Cup two hands for large,
    Cup one hand for medium.
    Drink from the tap for small.

  10. Life has always been easy in California. IMO, life has simply gotten too easy for too many people there. They now have to inflate trivial issues (or just invent problems) to satisfy their needs for problems to solve–and to satisfy the needs of politicians to claim they can solve problems for us.

    But if the Luddite wing of the Progressive Party gets to implement their policies, people will have plenty to do just to stay alive, like growing food, finding water uncontaminated with poop, and avoiding evil spells from the neighbors.

  11. It should be easy to identify people with disabilities… just barcode their necks. Not like it isn’t coming.

    1. The forehead, dude. it has to be the forehead, or the hand.
      And use three groups of six digits.

  12. ‘Well, what kind of disability do you have and how do you prove it?’

    LOL. Women asserting rape have to be believed but the handicapped have to prove it!

    In Women we trust, the handicapped must bring data.

    1. How about we just beat the damn fool with our canes?
      Or run over him with our wheelchairs?
      Or swing our oxygen generators on the strap and whomp him up side the head?

  13. Chris Rock unavailable for comment?

  14. My disability is Tourettes. Give me a fucking cup for free you bunch of c**ts.

  15. Aw, c’mon…you drop the f-bomb but “cunts” gets edited?

    1. God damn fucking report button. It really needs to open a prompt to confirm the report, if nothing else.

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