Today in Supreme Court History

Today in Supreme Court History: December 7, 1941

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12/7/1941: Pearl Harbor is attacked.



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  1. Didn’t know the Justices were there. Picked the wrong location for a winter retreat I guess.

    1. Yeah, I don’t see how this is Supreme Court history except in the butterfly-flapping-its-wings, everything-is-connected sense.

      1. Gotta sell those books.

  2. Constructive criticism given in good faith:
    With respect, I feel like the narration, especially Josh’s, is a bit wooden. I think the body superimposed over a bright, white, plain background makes it seem even more detached. I think a more relaxing, or at least visually interesting, setting for the filmed narration would help. And paid voice professionals, like audiobook readers, would really help. But that may not be necessary, as I’ve heard Josh in interviews where he seemed more relaxed and conversational. So maybe it was the unnatural setting that made it harder to get a flow going. (I would never be able to do this, as I sound as flat as a paved road when I give a recorded talk, so I give you props for the effort.)

    I imagine it’s not practical to reshoot the videos (at least for several years). But if they offer audiobook versions of the expensive con-law textbook, I think a professional audiobook reader may be a good investment. (Do they offer audiobook versions of textbooks now, or is it like in Seinfeld where you have to be blind to get one?)

  3. Seriously though . . . by using Pearl Harbor as the basis for a discussion of Korematsu, Prof. Blackman is implicitly endorsing the Government’s position.

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