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Today's censors are using tech policy and social-media outrage to attack your right to think and say what you believe.


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Your money will help support our efforts to defend and protect free speech, which is under unprecedented attack by politicians, activists, and intellectuals from all over the ideological spectrum. The new threats traffic in the language of arcane tech policy, espouse empathy for the feelings of individuals in marginalized groups, and stoke outrage at social media. Consider the following:

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) is openly campaigning for president on a pledge of regulating explicitly political speech, a blatant attack on the First Amendment.

  • President Donald Trump, who has talked about "opening up libel laws" so that it would be easier for him to sue people and pulling FCC licenses from media companies that he doesn't like, has threatened legal action against CNN on the grounds that it has attacked him and falsely bills itself as a "news organization." Presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D–Hawaii) has sued Google, claiming the search-engine company throttled interest in her campaign.
  • Reason Magazine, October 2019 cover imageSens. Ted Cruz (R–Texas) and Josh Hawley (R–Mo.) have called for regulating Facebook and other social media companies as public utilities. When they were running for president, Sen. Kamala Harris (D–Calif.) demanded that Twitter ban Donald Trump and former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (R–Texas) pledged that he would strip any religious organization of its tax-exempt status if it opposes marriage equality.
  • Politicians across the political spectrum are seeking to roll back or revoke Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which has been called "the internet's First Amendment" and the "26 words that created the internet." By shielding ISPs and most website operators (including Reason) from liability for what third-party users do, Section 230 has allowed online services from Amazon to Yelp to flourish.
  • In an attempt to please both would-be censors and aggrieved users, social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook have purged controversial users ranging from Rev. Louis Farrakhan to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. The NBA and Blizzard Entertainment, a leading online video game company, have stifled free speech to avoid angering the Chinese government. While private companies have the right to set their own rules, they are increasingly doing so in arbitrary and oppressive ways that diminish the exercise of free speech.
  • An ever-growing list of public figures, celebrities, and private individuals face the ire of "cancel culture" for off-color comments or old statements and jokes. Comedian Kevin Hart was fired from hosting the Oscars because of years-old tweets. A 24-year-old security guard in Iowa who raised $1 million for a children's hospital faced professional ruin after a newspaper discovered he had posted two racist jokes to Twitter as a 16-year-old.
  • It's increasingly common to equate speech with violence in all sorts of situations, such as using the wrong pronouns or name when addressing a trans person. Whatever the intentions of such reactions, the clear effect is to chill speech and reduce dialogue.
  • There's also a revival of calls to ban pornography as unprotected speech. New York Times columnist Ross Douthat has claimed that porn is "something made and distributed and sold, and therefore subject to regulation and restriction if we so desire," while writers at The Daily Caller, USA Spectator, and elsewhere are using outmoded social science and arguments to claim that pornography increases crime and social dysfunction. 

Today's attacks on free speech are aimed at eroding not just longstanding legal protections for free expression but a broader culture of free expression that is a prerequisite for full exercise of speech rights. The attacks seem to be working: Research from Pew has found that support for unfettered free speech is dying among younger Americans, with fully 40 percent of millennials agreeing that the government should have the right to censor offensive statements about minorities. (Just 24 percent of baby boomers believe that.)

Traditional allies on the right and the left have mostly abdicated their commitments to free speech, leaving libertarians as the last stalwart defenders of First Amendment values. Reason is nearly alone among media platforms in fighting against new legal, technological, and cultural restrictions that seek to shut down alternative points of view and destroy a robust culture of open and honest debate and discussion. Our efforts to preserve and enlarge free expression over the past year include:

If you care about the right to think and say what you believe, please support Reason with a tax-deductible donation that will be matched up to a total of $25,000 today. Go here now to give. The thought you save may be your own!

And take a moment to watch (and share!) the Reason video series "Free Speech Rules," produced in collaboration with UCLA law professor and Volokh Conspiracy creator Eugene Volokh. Hosted at this website, The Volokh Conspiracy is another outspoken champion of the First Amendment in a time when fewer and fewer people are standing firm.

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  1. If you want to preserve truth, logic and reason as virtues to emulate, then do not give a dime to Reason. These are the same people who employ intellectual luminaries like Brown, Binion and Dalmia.

    1. If you think their writers are bad, you should get a load of the commentariat they attract. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy this side of Washington, DC.

      1. Gillespie shot first!

      2. True, there are some obvious trolls here. But for every troll, there’s a serious, principled libertarian like Palin’s Buttplug.


        1. He’s a lot better than you who likes to get his rocks off laughing at the cruelty of the federal government’s immigration policies.

    2. What is your alternative suggestion?

      1. Why does he need one?

    3. Shikha Dalmia is literally the best libertarian writer working today.


      1. I guess the rest had Friday off.

  2. For an alternate perspective on free speech, I recommend Reason contributor Noah Berlatsky’s piece Is the First Amendment too broad? The case for regulating hate speech in America.

    1. Take that horseshit article and shove it up your pathetic bitch ass after you get done fisting yourself to the idea of speech regulation. Regulating who can say what and where means my first goal will be preventing you from spewing your Fucking Bullshit on this website,. That has to be one of the most racist articles I’ve read on a long time. No consideration of white people and how speech affects them. , who are apparently this free speech monster that “disenfranchised” minorities must fear. Oh and they want us to be like Germany France Sweden-islamic slumholes. Canada-well fine you for telling non approved jokes Netherlands -who fucking cares. Seriously go kill yourself and never come back.

  3. Free speech … except, per Gillespie, the strong libertarian case that Trump should be impeached for his mean tweets.


    Seems consistent enough.

    1. Look, free speech clearly doesn’t apply to hate speech. And it’s un-American and an attack on our constitutional and social norms (which we normally don’t care about), when the President exercises his 1A rights. I think all fellow wokatarians can agree with that.

      Reason loves them some censorship as long as the right people are being censored. Even better they like it when the government can use a private proxy to do its dirty work.

      For the children.

      1. You can never go wrong with, but think of the children…
        You can justify anything. Literally.

  4. Well, I guess reason will make their $200k donation drive.

    Cosmo parties are pretty expensive, so that $200k will be gone quickly.

  5. This message board is proof that free speech is still alive and awake in America, despite the far right and far left attempts to wipe free speech out and regulate it. Many of you on these message boards are very crass, vindictive, and troll like. Thank you.
    In any case, I did enjoy Blizzard video games for quite some time in my life, and was appalled when they screwed over a contest winner for making an innocuous comment supporting democracy in Hong Kong, in their lust to placate the big fat cash cow also known as mainland China. I was glad to see that brought up again in this article. It is not just governments that we need to watch, it is corporations that will happily squelch free speech in order to potentially make a buck. And that kind of greedy behavior is something that we should not support, though I have played Starcraft 2 free to play a lot lately, which probably makes me a hypocrite. Oh well.

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