Support Reason While Doing Your Amazon Holiday Shopping

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It's that time of the year again. You've retreated to your old bedroom, safely hidden from your family's Thanksgiving weekend guests, and you're wondering how you can support Reason and complete your Amazon Christmas shopping in this quiet moment.

We have the solution! When you head to Amazon, whether for gifts or for everyday needs, please consider starting right here. Thanks to the Amazon Smile program, your favorite libertarian magazine can enjoy a nice little kickback. And you don't have to worry about showing up to Christmas empty-handed.

Thinking of using Amazon after the holidays? No worries. You can use this handy link year-round.

Wondering about your privacy? Don't worry: We can't see any reader's individual purchases, and we wouldn't judge you even if we could. But we can see what you and your fellow Reasoners have purchased as a group. In fact, we've used those recommendations for this handy gift guide.


The presidential election is in full swing. Show off your support for orb queen Marianne Williamson by donning your very own set of wizard robes, created with the help of these sewing patterns. The Yang Gang can cop this extra-long, microfibre tieand then promptly throw it away because no one has time for neck shackles! Speaking of cops, maybe you're part of the #KHive. (For you folks without Twitter: That's Kamala Harris' supporters.) In that case, here's a traditional-style California jailbird costume. OK ladies, now let's incarceration!


With all that's going on in international politics, why not take the time to read up on the history of the People's Republic of China? Try Mao's Great Famine: The History of China's Most Devastating Catastrophe, 1958–1962. Or perhaps you want to stay closer to home. Luckily for you, Reason's own Robby Soave released Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump earlier this year. Want to travel back in time? Check out this book on magic, conspiracy theories, and of course anarchism.

Reading government abuse stories on Reason certainly works up an appetite and y'all surely love some soup. A lot of soup. So much soup. Here are some lozenges, since you're clearly sick. Don't forget food safety! Mrs. Meyers has you covered on freshly-scented hand soap.


Do you believe people should be able to voluntarily sell their kidneys? Make your point by sticking these fake gory human body parts all over the place. The pieces are pre-cut, but don't let that deter you from purchasing this saw wheel.

And then there's this vibrating cock ring, a sensible second purchase following last year's fleshlight.

Of course, you shouldn't look over the greatest gift of all, a Reason subscription! Year-end tax-deductible charitable donations are also welcome.

While you're watching Black Friday fights from the comfort of your old bedroom, thank your lucky stars that your own Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, complete with a little donation to Reason, is one simple click away.

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  1. We can’t see any reader’s individual purchases, and we wouldn’t judge you even if we could.

    KMW, if you’ve ever read the comments, you already know how messed up we are.

    1. All right, who bought the fake gory human body parts AND the cock ring?

      1. cockring … cockring …

        That’s where the chickens fight, right?

  2. The name Thanksgiving should be changed to Halloween 2.

    1. *Ahem*………John Carpenter might want o have a word with you.

  3. “Thanks to the Amazon Smile program, your favorite libertarian magazine can enjoy a nice little kickback.”

    Wow, do I feel stupid. This whole time, it never occurred to me that my Amazon Smile donations could go to Reason. Instead I’ve been sending them to some charity that helps children with cancer or something.

    That changes today! Fighting cancer is important, but fighting alt-right white nationalists is even more important. From now on my donations will go to the leading journal of billionaire-funded open borders advocacy — Reason Magazine.

    1. IMO, one of your best.

  4. Do you believe people should be able to voluntarily sell their kidneys?

    I really enjoy it when people assume everyone has two kidneys. That’s totally not ableist at all.

  5. Only if you banhammer the Hihnster.

    1. Hihn is a troll/spammerand reason refuses to ban trolls/spammers.

      It helps with web traffic anyways and that is all reason is about now.

      1. We should all petition the state of Idaho to involuntarily commit Michael Hihn to a mental institution for his own safety.

  6. So I’m expected to only virtually beat some stranger over the head for a cheap electronic gizmo? Where’s the fun in that?

  7. Reason on the Brett Kavanaugh witch hunt –

    “This is a political process, due process don’t apply”

    I still like many things about this place, but their almost willful blindness to tech and social media bias and obvious coup attempt from the hard left is too much to ignore.

    1. Yeah. I like this place less and less every day. In recent roundtable podcasts it almost seems like Gillespie’s immune system might actually be winning the fight against his TDS sometimes, which has irked Welchie Boy no end. It seems pretty cold between those two. Matt’s frustration at not having moved on to a job at Slate or The Atlantic by now is really starting to show.

  8. Subscription? I read for free?!

  9. What is the best way to hurt reason and spurn this coup that is all the rage here at reason?

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  13. I would never give money to fund this leftist apologist drivel masquerading as libertarianism.

    Get back to me when you shed your TDS. Otherwise, live on the scraps your corporate master gives to you.

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  15. I used to think Reason was the greatest, but you staffers have turned it into your personal soap box with out any regard to Liberty.
    I will not send extra support and if you do not stop with the constant barrage of leftist articles I might as well not subscribe.
    I get Mother Jones and In these Times for my leftist points of view, I do not need Reason to promote leftist crap like you have been doing lately.
    What happened??? When did you all get too arrogant, famous and insensitive to Liberty??

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