War on Drugs

South Dakota's Anti-Meth Marketing Slogan Is Going Viral

"Meth. We're On It."


South Dakota has employed a very unique advertising strategy to combat meth use in the state. The slogan for the state's new anti-drug campaign is "Meth. We're on it." 

In announcing the campaign, Gov. Kristi Noem (R) wrote that last year, 13 South Dakotans lost their lives because of methamphetamines and 3,366 were arrested on related offenses. To curb usage, Noem announced on Monday the state's "largest and most aggressive" campaign yet. 

As with many aspects of our seemingly endless drug war, South Dakota's campaign has good intentions. But it's not the intention that has people talking.

"Meth. We're on it," reads the campaign's logo in big, bold lettering that are plastered over an outline of the state. If that wasn't enough to grab attention, the campaign and its logo can be viewed at the website onmeth.com.

A company called Broadhead LLC received $448,914 to design the campaign. The state is now running ads and posters featuring a diverse group of South Dakotans saying, "I'm on meth."

Whether the state succeeds in reducing meth use and helping people who want to quit do so, they've already succeeded in "raising awareness."


The new slogan is even trademarked to thwart any copycats.

According to Facebook, this campaign is a refresh of the state's "Meth Changes Everything" marketing strategy. 

The new campaign directs people to a tipline where residents can report suspected drug activity to the state attorney general. It also includes classroom resources reminiscent of a certain other anti-drug campaign aimed at young people. 

But lest this seem only like a hilarious way to lock more people up, the campaign also includes funding for substance abuse treatment facilities and a confidential locator for connecting with those facilities. South Dakotans can also receive financial assistance for treatment. 

Reason has reached out to the South Dakota Department of Social Services for comment on the campaign, the treatment facilities, and literally anything about this campaign other than the insane slogan that is currently breaking the internet. The story will be updated with comment.

UPDATE: A representative from Broadhead responded to Reason's request for comment. According to the company, "The campaign was selected through a Request for Proposal process. A team of representatives from various state agencies as well as representatives from the Governor's Office participated in the selection process."