Brickbat: Droit du Seigneur


The Chinese government is forcing Uyghur women whose husbands are being held in internment camps to share their beds with male Communist Party officials. It's part of the government's "Pair Up and Become Family" program that sends Communist Party and government officials, most of them men and members of the Han ethnic majority, to stay in the homes of Muslim families in the Xinjiang region.

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  1. China could use a 3rd Amendment.

    Tom Friedman is swooning once more over the Chinese government’s ability to get things done.

    1. They could also use a 2nd amendment. This exact type of situation is why the founders, who had very recent experience with oppressive government—including the Quartering Act (looks it up)—wrote the 2nd Amendment into a Bill or Rights that was entirely about limiting what government is permitted to do.

    2. And Justin Trudeau who admires them to be able to change things on a dime.

      Fucken idiots.

  2. Taking cues from Gilgamesh?

    1. More like David and Bathsheba.

      1. You’re absolutely right. Good call.

      2. Pretty close, but King David’s lust for Bathsheba compelled him to murder her husband, Uriah the Hittite, and steal his estate. David had peeped at Bathsheba when she was bathing. He quickly took her to his bed and impregnated her. Then came the murder, and the scolding David received from Nathan the Prophet. Followed by David’s punishment and repentance.
        Will the Chinese repent their mass incarceration of Islamic Chinese and the theft their wives? So far the PRC declare the prisons dorm rooms with wonderful creature comforts.

        1. No one fucking cares Bible weirdo.

          1. Philistine!

  3. I don’t know what Hong Kong is complaining about. Apparently it could be worse.

    1. In 30 years it will be worse for Hong Kong too. I think that’s why the protest is continuing even after the extradition bill was pulled; the young people realize they will still be around when Hong Kong is fully integrated into mainland China

    2. Better to stop it before it gets to this point. I would rather it stop at “violating rights and treaties” and not wait until it gets to “mass imprisonment, rape, and genocide”.

  4. Thank you for finally giving some more coverage to the ongoing systematic genocide of the Uyghurs. It’s like Tibet all over again, or the Falun Gong and organ harvesting. It’s true I don’t like government, but the Chinese government goes well beyond the norm. It’s like they’re trying for Stalin/Hitler levels of depraved authoritarianism.

    1. Stalin killed about 8-9 million Soviet civilians and another 10-12 million Ukrainians during Holodomor.
      Hitler killed about 10-12 million civilians.
      Mao killed between 30-70 (most likely around 45) million civilians.
      Stalin and Hitler were amateurs compared to the Chi-coms.

      1. They’re not communist anymore, but the mass murders continue. It isn’t the particular flavor of dogma that matters, but the unbridled government power – and that’s a tradition in China dating back to the Legalists in the 4th Century BC.

  5. Let me see if I have this right.

    A communist government imprisons upwards of a million ethnic Uighurs, but the UN has absolutely nothing to say about it. Evidently, neither does POTUS Trump – yet.

    This same communist government now sponsors rape of the wives whose husbands are imprisoned, but the UN has absolutely nothing to say about this, either. Evidently, neither does POTUS Trump – yet.

    And this same communist government is currently violently suppressing Hong Kong, in contravention of agreements they signed, but the UN has nothing to say about this either. And neither does POTUS Trump – yet.

    But we want to negotiate and make nice with this communist government, extend them MFN, allow them to serially lie, serially cheat, and serially steal our IP.

    Where is the UN? What the hell are these people thinking (our own State Department included)? Are you kidding me?

    This is a totalitarian government that must be opposed with every means at our disposal.

    1. ‘ . . . every menas as our disposal . . . ‘
      Well, except for boycotting the companies that are getting rich there, and the companies that advertise for them.
      Or accepting the minor inconvenience of not using the latest cell phones or TV that are made with stolen technology.
      Or not watching the NBA.
      Or maybe the ‘woke’ tech employees should refuse to work for Chinese totalitarian censorship, and should work for the US military.
      Or here’s a wild thought; the US president could implement financial sanctions that will hurt the Chinese enough to change their policies but no enough to start a war. Trump has said and done plenty as far as your first three points, but the inevitable ‘everybody’ whines because it adds costs to products from China. Rather than use non-Chinese products, they just whine, mostly because it’s Trump. On your fourth point, Trump is actively trying to reverse those actions taken by prior administrations. I would not characterize our current economic positions as “making nice”. Like Japan in the 1930’s, the alternative to tariffs is bullets.

      1. It’s not like China is South Africa. When your foe is relatively small and powerless, you can sanction and condemn the shit out of them and they will eventually cry “uncle” and allow you to prevail and claim all the virtue you want; however when they are big and powerful and totally enmeshed into your standard of living…

        Uyghurs? What the hell are those? That’s not related to our national security!

    2. Or, we could just shrug, walk away, and leave them to fall apart on their own. But we gotta stop buying cheap crap from them, and quit providing them with cyber know-how to keep their population under surveillance.

    3. the U.N. looks at China with envy and wonders how they could do that also

    4. A communist government imprisons upwards of a million ethnic Uighurs, but the UN has absolutely nothing to say about it. Evidently, neither does POTUS Trump – yet.

      This same communist government now sponsors rape of the wives whose husbands are imprisoned, but the UN has absolutely nothing to say about this, either. Evidently, neither does POTUS Trump – yet.


  6. So they are just hearing the lamentations of the women?

  7. Like Edward Longshanks and his nobles in BRAVEHEART, breed Islam out of them, huh? How many babies so far?

    1. Braveheart was not exactly accurate from an actual history perspective.

      1. Wait 600 years and people will be saying that movies are unfair to Xi as well.

    2. No more than one, right?
      Oh, wait. They changed that.

  8. Something, something, “six-thousand year old country” (*), something, something.

    (* Actually, a 70 year old country, with about 100x that long practicing how to keep people in line)

    1. Not for nothin, but I wonder if they’re a six-thousand year old country because they were able to keep their people in line.

      1. They were the first country to construct a bureaucracy effective enough to let the king control his people as tightly as most kings wanted to. That dynasty was overthrown about 2300 years ago, but the bureaucracy survived – and still does, even after Mongols, Manchurians, warlords, Communists, and whatever in heck they have now.

  9. The last time the US intervened against communists on behalf of Muslims, how’d that work out for us?

    I seem to remember two really tall buildings in New York…..

    Lotta screeching from Reason about ‘intervention’–screeching that’s still pulled out and used when needed.

    But it’s not needed now because horrors. Right?

    The Uyghurs are at war with China and they’re losing. They’re at war because they’ve taken up the call of the Dar Al-Islam.

    And they’re losing.

    The Western world does not need to help the Dar Al-Islam change that.

    1. You can find systemic rape and genocide to be horrific without feeling that military intervention is the correct course of action. Note the above article doesn’t recommend that at any point.

  10. I’m wondering how this works in practice. They gotta remove all the knives and scissors from the houses before they go to sleep, right?

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