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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance


A darkness hangs over The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Netflix's prequel to the wonderfully weird 1982 Jim Henson film.

The original movie still stands as a technical masterpiece amid Muppet master Henson's goofier, more well-known productions. The new series is even more remarkable. It uses more than 100 puppets and an impressive voice cast to tell a sprawling story that deepens the lush, creepy fantasy world invented by Henson and artist Brian Froud.

At the center of the story are the terrifying half-bird, half-lizard Skeksis, who rule the planet of Thra. They control the titular crystal, which possesses a life-giving force they've corrupted for nefarious purposes. A group of Gelflings—think half-hobbit, half-elf—revolt against Skeksis' rule.

The Gelflings' world is as beautiful as it is doomed. The heroes of the original film were two survivors of a holocaust brought on by the Skeksis. Ruins and prophecies were the only connection they had to a once-vibrant Gelfling culture.

The rebellion is led by Rian (voice: Taron Egerton; puppeteer: Neil Sterenberg), a Skeksis castle guard who flees his post after discovering the depth of his masters' evil plans; Deet (Nathalie Emmanuel; Beccy Henderson), who is literally pushed into the story by the living spirit of Thra; and Brea (Anya Taylor-Joy; Alice Dinnean), a princess who gets woke about the unfairness and cronyism at the heart of—wait for it—the Skeksis' tax system.

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  1. Can’t you trip like I do?

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  4. I would give it a shot.

    BTW watched the first episode of The Mandalorian last night on Disney+ . Loved it. I am a big fan of westerns and that is what it is so far but in the Star Wars universe. The bounty hunter is Clint Eastwood in the classic westerns. He seldom talks, his movements are deliberate and lethal, like the man with no name the mask gives him no expression. It has been said that Eastwood had two expressions, with a hat or without a hat.

    Anyway this looks like fun.

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