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A spokesman for Massey University, a public university in New Zealand, has apologized after some staff members removed posters supporting protests in Hong Kong from its Palmerston North Campus. "We acknowledge that staff mistakenly removed posters from an area within the purview of the Massey University Students Association and we apologize to MUSA for that and recognize they have authority over those spaces," said James Gardiner. Gardiner did not say why staff removed the posters.

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  1. In my student days (late 80s/early 90s), I saw lots of posters about freeing Tibet, even though that country had already been subjugated a couple of decades before. What I never saw was people supporting China’s suppression of the Tibetans.

    What the fuck is wrong with people these days? Surely they can’t ALL be taking a paycheck from the Chinese government. And for those that are, how low is their price to defend blatant tyranny? Sheesh

    1. I did hear that in the case of the NBA players, several lost 7 figure appearance fees during that trip to China and the kerfuffle that resulted from a single tweet.

      Easy to talk smack when someone isn’t yanking a million dollar check for a 30 minute meet and greet. That’s money you’ll never see again – and nobody else makes that kind of money for that little work, not even the Clintons.

      1. Nor for that level of ethical compromise.

      2. Please, like its a one time deal? Yeah its a lot of money, but every moment they aren’t either playing a game or practicing they have those 30 minute meet and greets, or commercials or similar big money payouts. Cry me a river for the assholes who have one of the best jobs in the world

  2. It is great to see how New Zealand Universities are independent. SPSS Data Analysis Services

  3. I didn’t even know New Zealand had any NBA teams.

  4. Gardiner did not say why staff removed the posters.

    Directive from Beijing?

    1. University administrations are not known for their communist leanings… there must be another explanation.

      1. Just all around statists; those uppity kids in Hong Kong might get other people to thinking something like, “hey, we can push back too!”

      2. Considering New Zealand used to be outright socialist, in both deed and name, I would say the New Zealand university administrators are indeed ideological brothers with Communist China.

    2. It’s doubtful the Massey’s administrators needed a directive. They’d already know what their masters would desire.

      A while back they banned on “security” grounds a speech from the former governor of the Reserve Bank of NZ to the Students Association as he was going to be saying some things they disagreed with. They quoted an email that was so threatening they had to cancel, but not threatening enough to go to the police with.

  5. >we apologize to MUSA for that and recognize they have authority over those spaces

    China generally yields to student groups, so totes.

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