Brickbat: Special Delivery


Former Winona, Minn., postmaster Sherri Jo Genkinger has been sentenced to two years probation and 80 hours of community service for destroying mail. Last year, a retired police officer decided to look into complaints by Winona State University students that their mail was being stolen. He mailed a card containing a lottery ticket that won $5 to his brother. The card never arrived. Genkinger cashed the ticket. Investigators found 1,300 pieces of undelivered mail in her office as well as a bag of what appeared to be shredded greeting cards. Genkinger admitted opening cards and taking cash out of them.

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  1. Meanwhile, for us non-government citizens “If you are charged with mail theft, you could face up to five years in federal prison and fines of up to $250,000.”

    1. But you see, she only destroyed mail, she did not steal it. She only stole the money.

      1. And you aren’t supposed to send cash in the mail, so they really had it coming.

    2. After her sentencing, John Masters, special agent in charge of the western area field office for the Postal Service’s Inspector General’s Office, issued a statement saying mail theft by a Postal Service employee is “a very serious matter.”

      So serious that a civil servant was actually kind of punished.

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  2. This is how terrible things have gotten under Trump – loyal, patriotic, hard-working government employees have been reduced to scrounging through the trash for spare change. Sad!

    1. Sure sound a lot like OBLT here…

  3. Winona, Wis.?
    Wikipedia has a two sentence for East Winona, but nothing for Winona.
    As cool Hand Luke explained; “well, you know. a small town, not much to do in the evenings . . .”

    1. Winona State University, and the city of Winona, are in Minnesota. Not far from the Wisconsin border, but definitely not in Wisconsin.

    2. Worse – a small town with an inferiority complex. They lost out on the chance to be mentioned in a song and the chance to be the biggest Winona in the surrounding area. No wonder they are reduced to pilfering cash that comes thru their post office.

    3. Its where the beaver is.

  4. …has been sentenced to two years probation and 80 hours of community service

    They wanted to send a really strong message.

    1. Wouldn’t it be something if the community service was sorting mail? “Well, it was the only unfilled job we had.”

  5. She admitted that she had opened mail “less than a dozen times”

    Right. The other thousand times she let her dog open it.

  6. So qualified immunity for more brave civil servants in blue?

    1. I think QI doesn’t apply because there is no enumerated right to your mail. It doesn’t count as a taking because some yoke basically gave it away and if it gets misdelivered to the wrong place the recipient isn’t required to send it back. Besides, how could the postmaster have known it wasn’t intended for her and merely marked with the wrong address?

  7. When he matriculated at the University of Mississippi [Ole Miss] in Oxford, MS, William Faulkner got a job at the University post office. He only last a couple of days as he was rather surely, threw out what he deemed to be “junk mail,” etc. When asked about it later he simply stated that he “did not want to be a the beck and call of every son of a bitch with two cents for a stamp.”

    1. Then why the fuck did the moron take a job at the post office?

      1. excellent qualifications, being a son of a bitch with 2 cents and a moron in the bargain

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