Brickbat: Taking A Dump


In Philadelphia, people in a sanitation truck with a city logo were caught on video dumping demolition debris on a city street. The office of Mayor Jim Kenney, who has made cracking down on illegal dumping a major priority, says it is investigating the matter. Officials say they are trying to find out of the truck was a city truck and who was operating it at the time.

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  1. Ok… I did it again. I went over to Jezebel to see what they are on about these days. Yeah… I should know better.

    Today it was the act of christian motivated forgiveness in a Dallas courtroom that merited their top story.

    The Perverse Spectacle of Black Forgiveness

    Holy crap, they aren’t just profoundly sexist and misandrous – they are amazingly racist too!

    Apparently America is obsessed with black people expressing forgiveness… which is a bad thing, because it negates the trauma that black people experience too often, allowing it to continue apace. Also, it is impossible to imagine a white victim forgiving a black man accused of murder.

    Yeah…. Should have known better than to go there. The comments, as always, are even worse.

    1. Hugging up is almost as bad as punching down.

    2. Thanks for the OT post! I glanced at it… A VERY tough topic actually!

      One out-take of one comment that I liked is imported below…

      Nobody should ever feel required to forgive. They may move on, they may decide not to dwell on it because it’s not healthy for them, but there is never a point where the abuser gets to decide, “I have done enough to expect forgiveness from you.”

    3. The problem is right there.

      Ashley Reese
      Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

      Monsters. That’s almost as unforgivable as hating on dark chocolate.

      1. I knew a black guy who was kinda strange, in a good sense, but some of his friends called him a “mint Oreo” — black on the outside, Martian on the inside.

        Maybe Ashley hates mint Oreos for not being black enough. You know, Uncle Toms.

    4. Thanks. Interesting article.

      I suspected the murderer would get a lighter sentence than most defendants and she did.

  2. It’s Philadelphia – dumping construction debris on the street counts as urban renewal.

  3. All of Filthadelphia is a veritable garbage heap so can you blame them for being confused where they were?

  4. Investigating?
    Either they know what their employees are up to, who was signed in to work that truck, and all that, or they are a corrupt city full of union thug politicians.

    1. “C’mon folks, we have to trash harder if we want to beat Baltimore.”

    2. Yes to both.

  5. It was Trump, no doubt.

    1. Trump is innocent for once! I personally ***SAW*** Trump NOT do it!

  6. “Taking A Dump”? On the road, or by the road?

    In days of old,
    When knights were bold,
    And toilets weren’t invented,
    We stopped by the road,
    And dropped our load,
    And walked away contented!

    In India, you know, many Indians still think it to be more healthy to take a dump outdoors. Maybe the truck driver was a recent immigrant from India. We need to be more TOLERANT here, people!

    1. Maybe the truck driver was a recent arrival from San Francisco. I hear public defecation is viewed as performance art over there. Even Tony Bennett is thinking of redoing his famous song as “I left my shart in San Francisco.”

  7. Malicious act — payback to someone living on that block? Or the driver just wanted to go home early and falsely clock the time for the trip to the dump?

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