Beto O'Rourke

Beto Goes to Kent State, Argues Only the Government Can Be Trusted With Guns

Someone should tell Beto who did the killing at Kent State.


Of all the places to argue that only the government should be trusted with guns, Beto O'Rourke picked…Kent State University.

Kent State is, of course, the location of the infamous 1970 shooting that left four students dead and nine others injured. The shots were fired not by private citizens but by members of the Ohio National Guard, who shot at a crowd protesting America's involvement in the Vietnam War.

Invoking armed agents of the state gunning down unarmed civilians is an interesting way to argue that Americans would be better off if the government forcefully disarmed private citizens. But hey, I guess that's why we keep being told Beto's an "unconventional" candidate.

Since the mass shooting at a Walmart in his hometown of El Paso, Texas, former congressman O'Rourke has tried to jump-start his flailing presidential campaign by being the candidate who is most gung-ho about gun control. He made headlines at the most recent Democratic debate by promising, "Hell yes, we're going to take your AR-15." More specifically, he is proposing a ban on "the manufacturing, sale, and possession of military-style assault weapons"—that is, semiautomatic rifles with certain cosmetic characteristics.

"Americans who own AR-15s [or] AK-47s will have to sell them to the government," O'Rourke has explained. "We're not going to allow them to stay on our streets, to show up in our communities, to be used against us in our synagogues, our churches, our mosques, our Walmarts, our public places."

As J.D. Tuccille pointed out last month, there's scant evidence to suggest that such a policy could be implemented effectively, and it's pretty unclear how O'Rourke would get gun owners to comply with the law.

When New Jersey implemented a similar policy in the early 1990s, the state obtained a mere 18 guns of the estimated 100,000 to 300,000 firearms owned by Garden State residents—and only four were turned over voluntarily. Australia's much ballyhooed gun buyback program netted between 650,000 and 1 million firearms, about a quarter of the estimated number of guns owned by Australians at time. There are believed to be more than 350 million privately owned guns in the United States.

Taking the rest would require a massive mobilization of federal, state, and local law enforcement.

O'Rourke's plan to take guns out of private citizens' hands would not have prevented the Kent State massacre. But it would create lots of new opportunities for agents of the state to point guns at Americans who aren't a threat to anyone.

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  1. Score one for Boehm, finally.

    He is still at -126

    1. He's hoping to make the wild card.

    2. His IQ?

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  2. This post would have been great as just the headline.

    1. It could be a Babylon Bee headline.

      1. Has snopes fact checked it yet?

        1. When I saw this Friday I went to Twitter because it was just so unbelievably dense and I assumed it couldn't possibly be true.

          Beto's blue-checkmarked account made the tweet as pictured.

          1. Also, it's still live. You can literally click on the link in the tweet as displayed in the article to take you to the tweet on Twitter.

  3. No worries. Beto has zero chance to be nominated nor actually beat Trump.


    1. Honestly, I don't understand why Beto is even worth reporting on anymore. No one gives a shit outside of Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and El Paso. Last I checked that won't win you President especially since he lost to Ted Cruz, notably a guy that even Texans don't much care for.

      1. They dont give a shit there either.

        1. Can confirm. 😀

      2. But Ted has that weird pedo mouth thing going on. He can try to cover it up with a beard, but he still seems shifty to me. Beto is like, super cool. He played punk, rides a skateboard, and he apparently was a hacker in the 80's. He likes to drink and drive too! That's all gotta be worth something. Any truth to the rumor about him giving free SRS to trannies that turn in their guns? If not, please use the internet to spread that falsehood.

        1. Ted has a mouth like Buttplug, and Pedo Jeffy?

      3. Beto did a great job wasting the money of Democrats in a futile attempt to take out Ted Cruz. If that money had been spent instead in other Senate races that Democrats actually had a chance in, they might have a Senate majority right now.

      4. Beto is the left's designated Overton Window mover. He spews out all the wild, treasonous thing Democrats really want to do, but don't YET want to be seen advocating. They let him twist in the wind all by himself, while he softens up the audience for the Real Push two administrations from now.

    1. Apparently plenty folks in the audience love him.
      Well worth viewing.

      1. Ours was the only Libertarian yard sign in our Austin 'hood. Beto signs were everywhere before he lost. But this anarchist shooting bystanders at the WalMart in El Paso has made 2A so unpopular that Beto may have a chance to pull some serious spoiler votes for econazi socialism. All he has to do is point to the mayhem and say "right wing anarchist capitalists and republicans" and act like he's referring to the LP. With friends like anarchists, Beto is what floats to the top.

        1. I've still seen no explanation how there was not a single legal carrier in a Texas WalMart to resist that fool. That's like finding a showing of Wizard of Oz where there's not a single gay in the audience.

      2. Loved by thousands, hated by millions!

  4. I think Beta might be autistic.

    1. Why insult the autistic?

    2. Why would that be relevant here?

      1. I think you might be autistic.

    3. He should choose Greta as his running mate.

      "Beta and Greta, the autistic ticket! Make America Greta Again"

      1. Make America Re-gret.

      2. Are you looking to prematurely breed the Antichrist?

    4. I think you are thinking of Tourette's.

      1. I’ll go with both then.

  5. In other gun news: Good person with gun stops bad guy:

    Florida man paralyzed after alleged murder plot to kill wife backfires

    A Florida man was paralyzed when his elaborate plot to kill his estranged wife backfired and the woman’s daughter shot him, authorities said.

    1. wow, she shot him after he hit her over the head with a wrench

      1. Wench over wrench!

  6. Jesus Haploid Christ, what a stupid fucking cunt. Just how much crack has that boy smoked in his life?


    1. Haploid Christ? Do you believe the immaculate conception was a result of parthenogenesis?

      1. I'm no Catholic, but I believe the Immaculate Conception is for Mary's birth. Also parthenogenesis usually results in diploid offspring.

      2. Immaculate conception refers to the doctrine that *Mary* was born free from original sin.

  7. He'd probably be the one asking, "So, anyway, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"

  8. Next stops on the Beto tour: Concord and Lexington!

    1. Where 73 law enforcement officials were killed in 1775...

      1. I guess the terrorists did win

        1. Brain-dead response, no surprise.

      2. Killed attempting to execute a red flag order.

  9. Beta has now reached Leland Ye status on the gun-grabber leaderboard.
    Or at least 2nd place.

    1. The end is near for ol beto unless he wants to move to the coast.

  10. You know who else was a leader for the '20's?

    1. Mussolini?


    2. John Quincy Adams?

    3. Chief Tecumseh?

    4. Gaius Caligula?

  11. it's pretty unclear how O'Rourke would get gun owners to comply with the law.

    The second amendment is law. Any gun-grabbing measure from the likes of Bobby the Burglar isn't law, and can't be law in these United States. Gun owners are complying with the law. Gun grabbers are attempting to break the law.


    1. The 4th Amendement is law, too, but that's hasn't stopped the Uniparty or the Neo-Stasi. I'll bet the Interstate Commerce Clause still has plenty of elasticity left.

      1. You cannot kill someone with your 4th amendment right.

        1. No, but there are those who would argue that the Fourth Amendment can protect murderers from the investigation and prosecution of their crimes.

          1. It does, as designed.

            To limit general warrants. Thanks to the US Constitution, some Americans can afford to be ignorant of what a "general warrant" even is.

    2. I would be even more specific. Gun grabbers are attempting to pass laws in violation of an enumerated natural right.

      This shit is evil being promoted as the greater good.

      1. Evil is always promoted as the "greater good"

    3. Justice Scalia´s opinion in Heller permits regulation of dangerous and unusual weapons. Multiple U.S. Courts of Appeals have upheld the validity of assault weapons against Second Amendment attack.

      Do some homework before commenting.

      1. The disconnect between these statements is that there are enough "assault weapons" out there that they're immunized against being considered "unusual", even if they ARE "dangerous", as all functioning firearms are. (That being their purpose, after all.)

        But the lower courts will play when the Supreme Court is away, and the Supreme court has been avoiding this particular topic despite a wealth of worthy test cases, ever since McDonald was decided 9 years ago.

      2. Do you really think most people here don't know about Heller?

        What exactly do you believe makes "assault weapons" particularly dangerous? How can they be "unusual" given that there are an estimated sixteen million of them out there? If they are so dangerous, why are they responsible for so few deaths relative to firearms in general?

      3. Scalia was wrong to add in a loophole for any Arms regulation.

        The 2A does not allow for any infringing of the right of the People to keep and bear Arms.

      4. Rehnquist (the one in diapers on the cover of Reason) voted against Roe v Wade even though 14A recognizes in "All persons born" a private place faith-addled goons cannot send thugs or threaten to kill doctors. Beto is addled by a different faith and attacking a different part of the Constitution so his thugs can search your home. How else could looters convince voters they're different?

  12. Only the Government Can Be Trusted With Guns

    The Second Amendment was written in contravention of that very idea (see Federalist 29), and makes it as unnecessary as it is unwise for the government to arm its agents on US soil. Only as citizens should anyone be allowed to keep and bear arms inside the borders. If an agent of the government wants to carry arms, let them do so with the knowledge that they will be held individually responsible for their actions while so armed.

  13. Is this the way in which usurpers stride to dominion over a numerous and enlightened nation? Do they begin by exciting the detestation of the very instruments of their intended usurpations? Do they usually commence their career by wanton and disgustful acts of power, calculated to answer no end, but to draw upon themselves universal hatred and execration? Are suppositions of this sort the sober admonitions of discerning patriots to a discerning people? Or are they the inflammatory ravings of incendiaries or distempered enthusiasts? If we were even to suppose the national rulers actuated by the most ungovernable ambition, it is impossible to believe that they would employ such preposterous means to accomplish their designs. -Alexander Hamilton

    Beto, dude, your position is so preposterous that Hamilton thought it was impossible that anyone aspiring to national office could ever advocate it.

    1. This is why teachers in government schools work so hard to extinguish the enlightenment that starts to burn within teens.

  14. NO BODY can be trusted.

    Only the truth demonstrated by logic and science can be.

    1. "Only the truth demonstrated by logic and science can be."

      It's the jooze, right Misek?

      1. When the evidence of logic and science is censored, only a dipshit would be satisfied with that.

        1. "When the evidence of logic and science is censored, only a dipshit would be satisfied with that."

          It’s the jooze, right Misek?

        2. Science, Misek? Like when your good friend Josef Mengele conducted his ‘experiments’ on the Joooooosssss?

          1. Misek, the ignoramus, fantasizes he has some acquaintance with "logic and science".
            He has issues since kids who were Jewish laughed at his attempts to, oh, conjugate a verb, or perhaps solve a single-variable algebra problem. Misek has been a loser, forever looking for someone else to blame.
            It's never that Misek is a fucking ignoramus and bigot, it's always someone else who makes him a loser like that fucking hag.
            Poor loser Misek.
            Fuck off, scumbag.

    2. You can always blame the Jews, right?

  15. This guy is so dumb it’s not funny

  16. Look, with the layoffs in NYC, folks are scared of guns. Do you know how much money a gun owner in NYC can save by not having buy groceries for a dozen guys who follow you around in case you need them to do something with their bare hands? Speaking of automation and labor, I am unpacking my apartment a bit each day. Today I unpacked an electronic device and had to ask my straight friend if the electric device was mine or the one I had bought him one of those times his baby-mama had broken up with him.

    1. Is this one of those chatterbot posts that's trying to pass the Turing test? Cause if so, I'm impressed, that hangs right on the edge of almost making some sense.

      1. How dare you question sharmota!
        I, for one, quite enjoy his stories


  18. My time is limited, but I am tempted to start showing up to these types of rallies with lit vigil candles until someone gets the reference and demands that we ban fire.

  19. “ Kent State is, of course, the location of the infamous 1970 shooting that left four students dead and nine others injured. The shots were fired not by private citizens but by members of the Ohio National Guard, who shot at a crowd protesting America's involvement in the Vietnam War.”

    Is this an example of the “well regulated militia” that I hear so much about?

    1. Yes, they didn’t have high capacity magazines, so it was ok.

      1. You know who else had that shoulder thing that goes up?

        1. Quasimodo?

          1. It's pronounced Eye-Gore.

        2. The Flying Wallendas?

    2. No militiamen provide their own weapons.

      1. They are holding a commeration at Sycamore Shoals for the Overmountain Men, the Watauga Association militia who mustered with their own guns, marched off to win the Battle of Kings Mountain in 1780.

        They were required by militia regulation to own personal military arms and have on hand enough military ammunition to fight a battle.

        They also had at home firearms for traditional lawful uses as hunting, personal defense and recreational use. The regulations requiring possession of military arms suitable for militia muster did not in any way, shape or form ban or prohibit possession of other types of arms for such traditional lawful use.

      2. That's a lie. Par for the course.

  20. Beto is obviously a moron.

    So is Boehm, despite getting a fact right for a change.

  21. "...Someone should tell Beto who did the killing at Kent State..."

    And who paid absolutely nothing as a result.

    1. In his eyes, that's a feature, not a bug.

    1. The song was banned from AM radio. Neil Young wrote it after seeing a magazine article. I saw once in a museum a napkin where he had written the lyrics. They recorded it within a few days.

  22. WOW!! Just WOW!! How do people buy that nonsense?

  23. What a good idea. But first, this nitwit might want to explain how gun confiscation worked out for the Jews in 1930s Germany! Or for the protestors in Tiananmen Square in 1989.

  24. Kent State? That wasn't the gubmint, that was the regulated militia!

    Today I learned that Beto was born in 1972. Damn, I'm old.

  25. "Someone should tell Beto who did the killing at Kent State."

    Republicans, mostly.

    1. “Someone should tell Beto who did the killing at Kent State.”
      "Republicans, mostly."

      Yeah, that Republican Johnson managed to jam the Gulf of Tonkin through Congress, right, you fucking asshole bigot?
      Oh, and I've compiled a short list of 'our betters' who have been pushing us to utopia, and 'winning' according to you:

      Partial List of ‘Elites’ Supporting Mass Murderers
      1) Lincoln Stephens
      2) Walter Duranty
      3) Joseph Davies
      4) Julian Huxley
      5) Upton Sinclair
      6) John Dewey
      7) Jean Paul Sarte
      8) Henry Wallace
      9) Alger Hiss
      10) Malcom Cowley
      11) Edmund Wilson
      12) G. B. Shaw
      13) Lillian Hellman
      14) C. Wright Mills
      15-20)Donald MacLean, Kim Philby, and the remainder of the Cambridge useful idiots
      21) Harold Lasky
      22) Jacques Derrida
      23) Harrison Salisbury
      24) Norman Mailer
      25) Graham Greene
      26) Harry Bridges

      I'm sure you can add some, asshole. You've made a study of the issue, right?

    2. Arthur L. Hicklib upset that his commie buddies got "the full Kent State."

    3. Fuck off, ignorant slaver.

    4. You should use an AR-15 and blow your brains out, you retarded turd.

  26. O'Rourke is only in this to keep up fundraising and keep his name alive because he is going to run against John Cornyn next year. Which is an election he might win but we'll see.

    But he is horribly stupid in saying only the government should be armed. I hope Texans understand what kind of idiot the man is.

    1. Beta is horribly stupid. Period. He is the Disco Man, and understand, Disco Man is headed for the garbage can.

    2. Beat-off isn't going to defeat Cornyn after this stupid gun-grabbing stunt; even after El Paso, even blue-collar Hispanics are going to tell him to fuck off with that exceptional bullshit. He's still in the race because his massive war chest that he got from Hollywood celebrity money during his Senate campaign hasn't run out yet.

      He can't even run as a "moderate" like he did against Cruz because he went scorched-earth to appeal to white urban liberal sensibilities.

  27. Beto O'Rourke: super-douche.

  28. Black squirrels.

    A gardener at Kent State brought in black squirrels from Canada.

    So in NE Ohio we got those now. They are nice squirrels and mix with the others.

    Oh right that thing at the university. It excels in teaching and design, also podiatry.

    So Beto from far away Texas. Stay there.

  29. molṑn labé Beto.

    We'll turn in our bullets first. One at at time.

    1. Why do you think using a slogan from a society based on slavery, pedophilia, and forced enlistment is a good idea?

      1. Our ancestors did some terrible things by our 21st Century standards, so by your reasoning, they have nothing to teach us; like defiance, bravery or loyalty.

        The US had slavery and forced enlistment too. But we learned from our mistakes. Though the liberals pretend that nothing’s changed in the past 150 years.

      2. Did somebody say Allahu Akbar?

  30. LOL! Funny story bro, you think Beto doesn't know who did the killing at Kent State? Sounds more like a veiled threat of what to expect if everyone doesn't kowtow to his specific desires.

    1. Beto's veil is more like Saran Wrap.

  31. Next up, a quick stop in Lexington, Massachusetts to tell them about his gun buyback plan.

    1. He's expected to have a speech by a bridge.

  32. Talk about tone deaf.

    1. No Democrat has ever been chastised for having a tin ear.

  33. Hmmmm... just like when the Houston coppers, now indicted for THEIR crimes, lied to get a warrant, broke into a retired couples' home and first shot their dog then them....

    Or how's about the murders perpetrated at Ruby Ridge by government sniper Ron Horiuchi?

    Let's not mention the "incident" at Waco Texas where government officials had used some of their fun toys against a group of devount religious people which included quite a few children.

    Just a few stellar examples of how government, when trusted with guns, leaves the PEOPLE feeling OH SO SAFE AND PROTECTED.

    1. Lon Horiuchi.

    2. "...Just a few stellar examples of how government, when trusted with guns, leaves the PEOPLE feeling OH SO SAFE AND PROTECTED."

      ^+ many

      1. Let's not forget Jeff Epstein. Snug as a bug rolled up in a rug.

  34. Beto cites NAZI firing squads as reason for private gun ban.

    "KENT, OH—While speaking at Kent State University, Beto O'Rourke---who is allegedly running for president---cited Nazi firing squads as grounds for taking guns away from private citizens.

    "These Nazis used guns to shoot their victims, so it's clear that we need to ban private citizens from owning guns," Beto said in a speech. "Only Nazi sympathizers see the need for private gun ownership."

    O'Rourke pointed out that Nazis used guns, just like citizens who have guns for self-defense or hunting. In an impassioned speech, he hammered home all the similarities between guns American citizens use and guns Nazis used. "They both fire bullets. They both have one of those trigger pully things. And they both shout 'White Supremacy!' when fired."

    Beto then held up a Venn diagram showing a circle of Nazis on one side and a circle of American gun owners on the other side. Both overlapped in an area marked "GUNS." The sign appeared to be drawn in crayons by Beto himself.

    "While some may think it's evil people that cause violence, especially evil governments, these people are bigots," he concluded. "We must disarm the populace and give guns to the government to avoid being like the fascists.""

    1. No outrage when Beto marks nonsense on a board but when Trump holds a board with a possible trajectory of Hurricane Dorian, the MSM loses their collective shit?

      1. Check the link again. It's satire.

      2. The bee is the best satire site out there.

      3. The crazy think is, Trump gets NOAA to admit that they actually HAD predicted Dorian might hit Alabama at one point, and the media treats it as a scandal itself.

  35. I know the temptation to do so, what with Beto the idiot making this speech where he did, is almost irresistible, but I wish you hadn't gone for the 'the Kent State dead were innocents gunned down by a fascist government' meme.

    The 'protesters' at Kent State had, the day before the Guard was sent in, set fire to the ROTC building and then interfered with firefighters on the scene. Now, I'm not saying that they hadn't the right to protest presence of ROTC on campus. I think doing so was moronic, but c itizens have the natural right to be fools. But a building sized fire is more than a symbol; it is a serious danger. And interfering with firefighters attempting to put out that danger is inexcusable. By committing arson, the 'protesters' had introduced the element of potentially deadly force to the situation, and gone well beyond the right to peaceably assemble. That protest had to be shut down before some moron came up with a 'symbolic' action that would get a lot of people killed.

    Now, obviously, the National Guard was a less than ideal answer. But the alternatives might have been worse. The local police were already clearly overmatched. The Ohio State Police of that era were a bunch of blue-collar bruisers with scant patience for 'little pinkos', who might well have racked up a lot more than four deaths, albeit with nightsticks instead of rifles. It's my belief that the authorities, faced with a range of bad choices, sent in the National Guard in the hope that the sight of the Guard uniforms would serve as a wake up call that playtime was over. Sadly the idiot children who were wrecking the campus failed to understand that signal.

    The myth that the 'protesters' at Kent State were innocently exercising their right to criticize the government, and that the authorities had no call to send in the National Guard, is pernicious bullshit. The truth is more complicated, if no less tragic.

    1. Of course, two of the students killed weren't involved in the protests at all, and were just walking between classes, but I guess a little collateral damage is acceptable to you, if the peace is kept.

      1. Two points;

        1) The kids 'uninvolved in the protests' cannot have been 'walking between classes' since classes had been suspended by that point. While they weren't directly involved they have the same degree of 'innocence' one might assign to the idiots who took their carriages to see the battles in the initial days of the civil war; not combatants, but imbeciles.

        2) Would it have been better if the authorities had called in the Ohio State Cops and more than four students died of head trauma?

        Kent State was tragic. But the impetus of the tragedy was a bunch of young idiots who were literally playing with fire. We tolerate far too much in the way of fire-related shenanigans under the rubric of 'protest'.

        I have NEVER favored a 'Flag Burning' amendment. I think we should arrest anyone 'protesting' by burning a full sized flag (of ANY KIND) for having an un-permited fire in a public place, and arguably for reckless endangerment. In fact, let's start before some bystander gets wrapped in several square yards of flaming petrochemical cloth.

        1. Okay. So shooting anyone near what you consider unlawful activity is all right, because, even if they're not breaking the law, they should have better sense than to be where to police, National Guard, etc. might be shooting at folks who aren't an immediate threat to anyone.

          BTW, I can find no reference to fires being lit on May 4th. Was the shooting punishment for the fires of May 2nd?

          1. It wasn't a case of punishment. It was a matter of picking what available force to use to disperse a riot that had already set a building-sized fire. And all the options sucked.

            Do you let the riot continue until they manage to set a fire that jumps to an inhabited building, and somebody roasts?

            Do you call for the Ohio State Cops and live with a half dozen or more protesters getting their skulls staved in?

            Or do you send for the National Guard and hope that the sight of olive green uniforms and rifles will get through to the rioters that playtime is OVER.

            I may be wrong on the timing of the fire. I AM sure that it predated the sending for the Guard. I was introduced to it by Michener's book on Kent State, which is (I believe) the standard foundational reference on the subject.

            I'm not saying "Those little Commies deserved to get it" (which, BTW, was the initial public reaction). I'm saying the 'Protest' had mutated into a riot that was a threat to life and limb. Under those circumstances, four dead was getting off lightly. Yes, the authorities failed on several levels. But the Protesters also failed to keep their actions reasonable and non-life threatening.

            A building sized fire is not under anyone's control.

          2. I live near Kent State, and clearly remember there were riots in the streets, and burning of local businesses a few nights before Rhodes sent in the Guard. The poor Guardsmen were not trained for that duty and panicked. While they should not have been shooting, they did not have crowd control tools or training. There is plenty of blame to go around, and Rhodes and the Guard command were the primary villains. Many students were guilty as well, but not all.

            An avoidable tragedy.

        2. The campus was open and regular classes were held that day.

          Learn your history before spouting off.

        3. "The kids ‘uninvolved in the protests’ cannot have been ‘walking between classes’ since classes had been suspended by that point."

          The wikipedia article disagrees:
          "Two of the four students killed, Allison Krause and Jeffrey Miller, had participated in the protest. The other two, Sandra Scheuer and William Knox Schroeder, had been walking from one class to the next at the time of their deaths. Schroeder was also a member of the campus ROTC battalion."

          The Brittanica article agrees eith Wikipedia:
          "... many students were unaware of it when classes resumed on Monday, May 4. ... Two of those killed, Jeffrey Miller and Allison Krause (who fell about 265 feet [81 metres] and 343 feet [105 metres] away from the Guard, respectively), had been actively involved in the demonstration, but the other two fatalities, William Schroeder and Sandra Scheuer (both shot at a distance of about 390 feet [119 metres]), were bystanders on their way to class."

        4. Wait, you believe that a fire *always* needs a permit?

          We would have to implement that in law throughout most of the country where setting a small fire isn't something that requires permission.

          And all, aparently, so someone can legally hammer flag burners?

    2. Government should not be shooting unarmed Americans.

      With that being said, I have been assured that Lefties are at war with the squares.

      War is Hell and innocents die in war. Lesson: don't start a war if you're not willing to die.

      1. I won't go that for. I won't even say that the First Amendment only protects PEACEABLE assembly; there clearly needs to be a lot of leeway there. But protests that involve intentionally blocking traffic, threatening behavior like rocking cars, widespread property damage, and un-permitted fires with little or no safety provision should be shut down.

        Don't initiate deadly force against the government unless you are prepared for the consequences. And setting fire to a building is only non-deadly by CHANCE.

        1. Setting fire to a building two days before the shootings? And just shooting anyone around, with no idea whether they're even involved?

          So if the police purposefully shot you, or someone you care about, who just happened to walk onto a crime in progress, you'd be all right with that, I suppose.

          1. The National Guard fired into a crowd of people who were throwing rocks at them. Not the best disciplined decision, but not 'just shooting everyone around with no idea if they were involved'. The fire could have been two days before, or an hour before. Its significance was that it showed that there were individuals in the mass of the protesters who either did not recognize that setting a building sized fire risked lives, or didn't care.

            The 'Protest' had to be shut down.

            But you show every sign of having drunk the cool-aid. You've been told all your life about those innocent children who were killed at Kent State. You haven't looked at the damage to the town, the risk that a building -sized fire represents, the human (and tragic, always tragic) reaction of a Guard until to having rocks thrown at them. You like you fables simple.

            1. Rhodes should have not called the guards.

              They were poorly trained and led. No experience in riot control.

              Nobody needed to die that day.

              1. Tell that to the protesters who thought it was a great idea to throw rocks at people armed with guns.

                1. It was a long time ago.

                  The protesters were poorly trained and led.

                  That day they were unarmed and retreating.

                  Since then Ohio police are much better. No need to bring in the military. They have kept the peace in the RNC, Gay Olympics, Cavs and Indians finals games, even Bengals and Browns.

                  1. Should be fun to watch you stoned to death by "unarmed protesters"

                    1. The guards should have never been put in that position.

                      They were on their own, teenagers and young adults with M-1 garand rifles and bayonets.

                      When you deploy a military force in a civilian uprising you get a military response.

                    2. Echo is correct.

                    3. "When you deploy a military force in a civilian uprising you get a military response."
                      No, not if they are properly lead. See Manchester, "The Glory and the Dream" pp 799---, Little Rock, 1957. The 101st Airborne shot no one, but did bruise the heads of some bigots.
                      Halberstam ("The Fifties"), can't be bothered with such honesty; gets in the way of the narrative.

                2. Like the colonists at "The Boston Massacre"?

            2. ""You haven’t looked at the damage to the town, the risk that a building -sized fire represents, the human (and tragic, always tragic) reaction of a Guard until to having rocks thrown at them. ""
              Did they shoot the people that started the fire? The people throwing rocks? Or people in a crowd where some people in the
              crowd were throwing rocks?

              You can't shoot person Y because person X did something bad.

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  37. When we’re computing mass shooting stats, do we count Kent State?

    1. I don't see how it qualifies. Now, in stats of misapplication of law enforcement force? There it can be said to fit. OTOH, as I've been arguing, once the 'protesters' had set one building on fire, the authorities had to assume they were dumb enough to do it again.

      1. You seem to be convicting a group of people based on the actions of a few.

    2. Call it training for murdering civvies in 'Nam.

  38. Self awareness level: Zero.

  39. How about this for a revised headline;

    Beto goes to Kent State; jams head up backside!

  40. Where’s the part where Beto “Argues only the Government Can Be Trusted With Guns?” I don’t like Beto, but he didn’t say that. I expect better from Reason.

    1. What these looters do is block all solutions except one. In 1980 an anarchist claiming to speak for libertarians frankly admitted favoring surrender to soviet socialism. But all the other looters simply disparaged every other alternative (as climate Cassandras do today). Like the union goon in Atlas Shrugged they say "I didn't say we'd forbid it. I haven't said anything about forbidding." But what they MEANT was exactly that.

  41. your title kinda made me agree with him, but when I read the whole page realized it's total bullshit
    تجهیزات شبکه

  42. Beto's position makes sense when you recall that Nixon's cowardly ABM treaty ran smack into the Second Amendment in 1992. A Libertarian argument backed by attorneys made it clear that arms limitation treaties violate the Second Amendment--to the horror of woke totalitarians. So this isn't even about the El Paso anarchist collectivist. Search the internet and you will probably not find translations of Nazi Gun laws unless you include American Rifleman in the search. Even then Google has put the Wikipeeyourleg article right underneath, labeling any such translations problematic thoughtcrime.

  43. "Someone should tell Beto who did the killing at Kent State."

    Or perhaps hand him a copy of the Constitution for night-time reading.
    A-2, asshole.

  44. Personally I would love to see Beto get elected. It would finally end the political divide in this country. We would either be a warm and fuzzy Democratic Socialist country that still claims to be a Constitutional Republic or we may actually return to a Constitutional Republic. Either way I am willing to bet we would probably have about 10 million less citizens and a whole lot less lying corrupt politicians. Either way it would be interesting and needed.

  45. 2nd Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    Fuck off Beto!

  46. O'Rourke is a rather stupid and comments such as these illustrate his ineptitude. I look at his comments as comedy for the reason that he has no more chance of becoming president than my dog has a chance of playing in the NBA. That being said, it should be of continuing interest to everyone that college students appear to support someone this vapid for president. The real take away from this story should be the issue of how to repair the damage that our universities are doing to their students?

  47. He had to have been trolling the audience. I get it that he’s too young to remember Kent State and he probably is unfamiliar with the song, too. (“Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, Four dead in O-hi-o.”) But surely a campaign advisor briefed him on what made that campus famous. There is no way you propose that —to keep protestors safe— only government should have guns THERE of all places, unless you’re totally being sarcastic. I mean, he can’t be that totally stupid and tone deaf, can he?

  48. O'Rourke has a special kind of tone deafness.

  49. Hey Beto,

    Imagine a world in which Donald Trump is President and cops are racist.

    Now imagine a world in which Donald Trump is President, cops are racist, and the American public is unarmed.

    If DJT is “the most dangerous President in history”, is this really the time to disarming the American public?

    1. A person that argues that the government should be the sole entity that determines who gets to have a gun and who does not, is also a person who argues that DONALD TRUMP should be the person who determines who gets to have a gun and who does not.

      The fact that the Democratic Party continues to actively seek an expansion in the scope and power of the Federal Government while Trump is in office just underscores their insanity. A SANE Democratic Party would have had a Come to Jesus Moment and realized that concentrating power in the hands of the executive is a profoundly stupid idea. Sane Democrats should be principled federalists.

  50. Baito obviously hasn't thought about this but the term "mandatory buyback" is oxymoronic. Buying and selling are the two parts of a free market. Free enterprise requires a willing buyer and a willing seller. Thus, without a willing seller, mandatory buying translates into theft. Seems he knows no more about the Kent State tragedy than he does about free enterprise.

    Let's face facts. First, baito doesn't know the difference between an "assault weapon" and a semi-automatic sporting rifle, e.g., AR-15. Secondly, he cannot define "assault weapon" as a term or even describe how its function is different from any other semi-automatic sporting rifle.

    He's never seen an assault weapon "in our streets" because they've been severely restricted since 1934. He's never even seen a semi-automatic sporting rifle "in our streets" because the infinitesimal few that are used in crimes are never revealed until the crime occurs. And peaceable, lawful owners keep them in their homes.

    Seems he’s just another party liar reading his lines. He's completely oblivious to the fact that gun control is working precisely as planned. Democrat intimidation has dissuaded peaceable, lawful owners from carrying firearms. The result is adult on-site reprisal never changes -- NOBODY RETURNS FIRE!!

    And democrat reaction never changes -- GRAB THE GUNS, GRAB THE GUNS!! We all should ask, WHAT GUNS?!! Nobody there had any. I'd also ask whom they hope to disarm. The victims invariably were rendered defenseless by their own elected misanthropic morons like baito.

    He wants you to believe making the U.S. safer for criminals will make it safer for their victims. Ask yourself, do you believe being disarmed makes you safer? What kind of political leader would disarm his people while howling about the peril they face?

    Baito majored in English literature and fled from a DUI but was detained by a news reporter. He burglarized a college. Worked as a manny. Failed as a musician. Sweats a lot. Fidgets. Skateboards. Talks to strangers while using a public urinal. Uses vile language in public but doesn't seem able to read even one constitutional amendment. He’s a democrat and wants to be president anyway. At least we know he’s ambitious.

  51. Beto is an embarrassment to Texas.
    I am intrigued by the newspeak of the Left. Looks like the most recent of which is "buyback" program. 1. You can't buy BACK what was never yours in the first place... 2. A mandatory law that gives people a fraction of their guns worth is not a buyback, its stealing. 3. SHALL NOT BE MF'ING INFRINGED!

  52. As a Texan and on behalf of Texas, I want to apologize for Beto. We all thought after he lost the Senate race he would go away but we were wrong. He has said so many ignorant things because like Biden he just says whatever pops into his head. Sadly, not many intelligent thoughts pop into his head. When he made the stupid declaration to confiscate ARs, I knew it was inevitable some idiot or group of idiots would show up at a rally to make a point. I am just sad they did it at Kent State but it was hilarious that Bobby Frank made such a moronic comment.m

  53. We all thought after he lost the Senate race he would go away but we were wrong. good morning hd pic

  54. Here you have a jack-ass that believes the government stands over the people by who's consent the government even exists in the first place. Time to water the tree of liberty!

  55. There's no way we get through this next election cycle without the outbreak of the next revolutionary war. This time, the tyrants don't just get to surrender and go back where they came from. Every last one gets put to a guillotine, wherever in the world they might be hiding.

  56. Sure, we can trust the government to use guns...against us.

  57. Beto Goes to Kent State, Argues Only the Government Can Be Trusted With Guns

    Beto, tell that to the African community! The killing of Africans by police are done by government. State government to be sure but still government and this government is closest to the voters. Or, Beto, are you saying the only government should be the federal government with only federal administrators, appointed, as the state and local government?

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