Spider-Man: Far From Home


In the latest Spider-Man movie, Far From Home, the web slinger travels to Europe and fights a ripped-from-the-headlines villain: fake news.

"I control the truth!" the villain shouts in an explain-your-motivations monologue. George Orwell is quoted warning that the "very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world." The movie opens with an intentionally cheesy segment of high school morning news produced by students. Later, one of the young protagonists suggests that the news media aren't always trustworthy.

And in the end, one of Spider-Man's old quasi-nemeses returns in the guise of an Alex Jones–like YouTube barker, spreading a mix of decontextualized truth and strategic disinformation. At times I had to remind myself that I was watching a Marvel movie, not paging through an issue of the Columbia Journalism Review.

Ultimately, Far From Home is a superhero picture—fun, frivolous, and forgettable—not a lecture on media ethics. That's probably for the best, at least for viewers who may not be completely sure what the word ombudsman means. Still, I found myself wondering whether a Marvel superhero movie would ever dare to offer an argument about the real world, the one outside its imaginary bounds.

Tellingly, the high school news segment that opens the film isn't actually about high school: It's a brief in-film recap of this year's earlier megablockbuster, Avengers: Endgame. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, super-news is the only news.

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  1. Still, I found myself wondering whether a Marvel superhero movie would ever dare to offer an argument about the real world, the one outside its imaginary bounds.

    The world has its own president, its own world-shattering events. However, if our reality ever catches up with the CU and its alien-battling flying aircraft carriers, we can look back at how prescient Captain America: Winter Soldier was.

    Also, Far from Home came out a while ago. It shouldn’t take this long to write a review.

    1. Yup. Done with Marvel MCU, Star Wars and Star Trek.

  2. Sorry, Suderman, but I’m pretty sure Endgame marked the end of my MCU viewing. The movie makers are so woke now they think their super power is to force feed their audience their dumb politics, but the actual effect will be to save me considerable money and time to do other stuff. They killed Black Widow, made Thor fat and pathetic, and made Hulk sensitive and nice. Now they plan to treat us to lady Thor and the A-Force (all female Avengers), and ReeRee Williams as Iron Heart (girl Iron Man) Thanks but no thanks. It was fun while it lasted.

    1. I’m gonna watch one more. Black Widow. I do like to see Scarlett. I could just watch her do dishes for an hour. #mewantto

      1. I agree about the lovely Scarlett, and I like that she made a public statement about how acting means being able to play anything, raising the ire of SJWs everywhere.

        I would like to go see the Black Widow film but I’m afraid of what they will do. SJWs do not approve of women actually being sexy. They want them to be perfect, unbeatable Mary Sues who don’t look too womanly, lest they bring on the male gaze.

        1. I watch them on prime or something. I like beer, food and pause for a break for my movies. Flat screens and surround sound are the way to go.

      2. Scarlett was nice, but hearing her talk in person on Jimmy Kimmel a few years ago, yikes. Stick to letting others write for you.

    2. I cringed watching Endgame, when they had Cap in a support group, and of course the guy sharing his story promotes a “diverse” viewpoint while adding nothing to the rest of the movie. Stopping paying for Disney movies a few years back. This is probably the last one I see. Spider Man had been disappointing in this incarnation, as he ended up being a ten version of iron Man. One of his core abilities had been his brain and science knowledge, now he’s just a Stark puppet.

      1. yeah, this Spidey-kid Iron Man sidekick was awful. Glad Sony pulled the plug.

    3. The MCU is Disney, so not as woke as a lot of them. They really want to make their princesses woke, but they don’t want to strangle the golden goose just yet.

      But the MCU is still dead — with Iron Man, Cap, and Black Widow bowing out, they have no one worthy to pick up the mantle of leadership. Spiderman would have been the obvious choice to take over, but he’s a punk kid and now Sony owns him again.

      1. The MCU is Disney, so not as woke as a lot of them. They really want to make their princesses woke, but they don’t want to strangle the golden goose just yet.

        Later films in the series should give you pause on that belief. Also, RE: Star Wars The Last Jedi and Admiral Holdo (Pink Hair Admiral Lady).

        Captain Marvel was a lesson in how the ‘woke’ version of a female protagonist is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Also a central character being a mary sue is a pretty big problem. It’s one of the reasons the Lost in Space reboot was unwatchable.

        Marvel films probably benefited from Stan Lee not being dead yet if what they managed to do with Star Wars is any indication.

      2. Well, to be fair, it was hard for them to take time from their pedophilia to give their wokeness the attention it really deserved

  3. And in the end, one of Spider-Man’s old quasi-nemeses returns in the guise of a Don Lemon type CNN anchor


  4. Wow it is so weird reading the hate for the MCU from the Edgelords and deliberate parodies of Edgelords here. Are they perfect movies? No. Are they good enough to be a million times better than anything I thought I’d ever see as a kid in the 80s? Absolutely. I feel so, so sorry for you people. It’s good enough to a Goddamned milestone in the history of film, Hell Art in general.

    Far from Home was a great epilogue to the first decade. Are they eventually going to screw up and go down the toilet trying to be Woke? Eh, eventually they have to decline, but people have been forecasting the demise of the MCU since its inception and don’t think they aren’t going to get 3 or 4 more chances to actually make a good Captain Marvel movie. And the Chinese don’t really care about that social justice crap so they can’t really do too much.

  5. I love this movie very much and I love the character Spider Man fictional characters and a wonderful story with the emergence of many new characters

    1. So do I. The best movie I have ever seen!

    2. but iron man the one i know before another marvel heroes..

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