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Justin Trudeau Apologizes for Brownface Photo

Plus: A former judge loses a coaching job, Mayor Pete proposes "Medicare for All Who Want It," and more...


Justin Trudeau issued an apology after a photo of him in brownface at a 2001 costume party surfaced Wednesday. The Canadian prime minister is currently campaigning for re-election, and this scandal could damage both his chances of winning and his reputation as a woke progressive.

The photo depicts a 29-year-old Trudeau dressed as Aladdin at an "Arabian Nights" costume party hosted by the private school where he worked as a teacher. As part of the costume, Trudeau darkened his skin.

"This is something I shouldn't have done many years ago," said Trudeau, according to The New York Times. "It was something that I didn't think was racist at the time, but now I recognize it was something racist to do, and I am deeply sorry. I'm going to be asking Canadians to forgive me."

The controversy has drawn immediate comparisons to the incident involving Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, who refused to resign he was accused of appearing in an offensive yearbook photo dressed as either a member of the KKK or a black person. (It wasn't clear which person in the photo was supposed to be Northam.) Northam's photo, though, was from 1984. The stigma around blackface and brownface was certainly much greater in 2001.

Trudeau does seem to have a thing for costumes. As the Times notes,

on a disastrous state trip to India this year, Mr. Trudeau attracted ridicule for wearing flashy silk and gold-embroidered outfits and pointed, red silk shoes. Though intended as a gesture of respect for Indian culture, it was widely seen in Canada as a cringe-inducing game of dress-up.

On Wednesday night, while repeatedly apologizing for the brownface makeup and the hurt it can cause people who have faced discrimination, Mr. Trudeau said that he had "always been more enthusiastic about costumes than sometimes is appropriate."

Mr. Trudeau said that he also wore blackface in high school while performing "Day-O," the Jamaican folk song.

Canada's election is October 21.


Remember Judge Aaron Persky, who was successfully recalled from office after a law professor mounted a campaign to punish him for supposedly showing leniency to Stanford rapist Brock Turner? He's still facing a witch hunt, and he recently lost his job as a high school tennis coach as well. The College Fix reports:

Persky confirmed the Sept. 11 firing in a statement to NBC Bay Area, saying that Superintendent Polly Bove "explained that she was motivated by a desire to protect the players from the potentially intrusive media attention related to my hiring." He called it a "privilege to coach the team, if only for a short time."

The cowardly school and district refused to even admit that it fired Persky, saying his employment "has ended" and that parting ways is "in the best interest of our students and school community."

The Times editorial board was outraged by the school district's response, denouncing the "spineless school bureaucrats" for treating Persky as "the attacker himself" and ignoring that his sentence "comported with the law as it existed" and the probation department recommendation.

Firing him as tennis coach is "ridiculously gratuitous, cowardly and off-base," the editorial continued: "The action helps turn the quest for justice into mob rule, the law into a popularity contest and the independent judiciary into an endangered species."

As I explained at the time of the recall vote, while Turner's sentence was indeed lenient, it was the one recommended by the probation department. Turner will also face lifetime sex offender status, which is a much harsher punishment than people realize.


Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has debuted his "Medicare for All Who Want It" policy proposal in a Washington Post op-ed. He emphasizes the differences between his plan and the approach favored by Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.), which would outlaw private insurance entirely:

I've always said that anyone who lets the words "Medicare-for-all" escape their lips should tell us just as plainly how they plan to get there. The only way we'll rally Americans behind a reform that affects so much of our lives and our economy is if we're honest and straightforward about the details. So I'll be upfront: My plan will cost about $1.5 trillion over a decade, paid for by cost savings and corporate tax reform to ensure big corporations pay their fair share.

The plan "reflects the leftward shift of the Democratic mainstream," notes Vox:

The plan is more modest than what the most progressive candidates and voters support, which would be a single-payer system similar to Canada and Taiwan. But the Buttigieg plan is still ambitious and reflects the leftward shift of the Democratic mainstream: the more moderate candidates aren't willing to scrap private coverage entirely, but they are still pushing for a much larger government role in providing health care to Americans.


  • President Trump has chosen Robert C. O'Brien, the State Department's chief hostage negotiator, to be his new national security advisor. The man is likely to recommend a hawkish course of action against Iran.
  • Teen activist Greta Thunberg testified before Congress yesterday, urging action on climate change.
  • The authors of a new book on Brett Kavanaugh say the Supreme Court justice had agreed to be interviewed, but only if they wrote that they did not speak with him.
  • Jacobin says The Great British Bake Off promotes socialist values.
  • Are college campuses eroding free speech? At a recent debate sponsored by the McCain Institute, FIRE's Samantha Harris and I argued yes, while Georgetown Free Speech Project director Sanford Ungar and Wesleyan University President Michael Roth argued no. Read The USA Spectator's write up here.

NEXT: Does This War Memorial Violate the First Amendment? 

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    1. For the good of the country, he simply must resign immediately. Also, the Caucasian and Asian women doing cultural appropriation must also resign from whatever they’re doing now.

      1. I wish he would resign but not because of some costume party where he appeared in BLACKface,no way that’s brown.

      2. I wish he would resign but not because of some high school costume party where he appeared as a blackface Moor.

      3. You don’t understand, it’s only wrong if conservatives do it.

    2. Trudeau is both a tool and a hypocrite, as well as a national embarrassment [if such a thing exists in Canada]. But in all likelihood he’ll get a pass because he is on the right side of history, or means well, or something.

    3. Don lemon said last night that justin was so much better than trump for having apologized of doing blackface multiple times. This was more courageous and correct than never having done blackface.

      1. Don: “Yeah, he lynched a few uppity negroes, but he said he was sorry. Has TRUMP ever apologized for lynching uppity negroes?!? NO! Trump is totes racist!!!”

        1. Well writ,dami.

    4. Hello.

      Fuck him. He and his ilk contributed to this toxic atmosphere we find ourselves in North America (and no Robby this is not a comment for a snowflake. It’s a fact).

      That being said, he has nothing to apologize for. Thanks for making people like me who loathe this dick-douche with a passion defend him.

      He has done far worse. From his anti-free speech laws (and he continues to hammer at it) in the form of Anti-Islamohobia to Gender pronouns. To his lavish living on our dime to his peddling of climate change hysteria to the the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Not to mention the endless stream of gaffes and arrogant posturing in Parliament and having gender neutralized our anthem.

      He’s a faux-SJW clown and his party reflects it.

      1. So, you donated to his campaign and this is buyer’s remorse?


    5. The first time ever he blacked his face.

      1. He does think the Sun rises out of his ass. I’m not sure about the moon and the stars being the gift he gave to the darkies, though.

    6. I saw that he gave a speech to reporters a few hours ago. I was hoping he would double down and show up in blackface and threaten to do it daily if they don’t all stop acting like babies. When you remove yourself from the situation and look down at it you realize how stupid it is and to claim it’s harmful means that he wields immense power every time he does it. If that was true then who wouldn’t wear blackface everyday?

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  1. Trump touts newly constructed border wall sections in exclusive ‘Fox & Friends’ interview

    MSM doesn’t cover this story anymore because Mexico has paid for some of the US Border wall after all. Illegals pay more in US taxes than they receive and US taxpayer money is being used to build wall.

    reason staff hardest hit!

    1. If they don’t report it, it’s like it never happened.

      1. You don’t understand, the purpose of modern journalism is to smother stories that reflect badly on the Democrats. Not report things.

    2. I watched Trump touting his “unclimbable” “wall”. First, it’s a fence, and second, give me 5 minutes with a rock tied to a piece of string, a 60-foot rope, and a couple of buddies and I’ll show you how you get over a 30-foot fence. If those “expert climbers” Trump claimed couldn’t get over the wall aren’t familiar with rappelling, they ain’t expert climbers. If you think Mexican rapists can’t figure out how to throw a rope over a fence, reach through the fence to grab the rope and pull somebody up to the top of fence and then rappel down the other side, you might be dumber than a Mexican rapist.

      Of course, if you can’t figure out that the reason FOX has never before shown film of Trump’s big, beautiful wall going up is because there never was any wall going up before to show, that’s more evidence that you might be dumber than a Mexican rapist.

      But I did get a good laugh over Trump calling up that Border Patrol guy to explain how a wall you can see through is better than a wall you can’t see through because you can see through a wall you can see through and you can’t see through a wall you can’t see through.

      1. “”give me 5 minutes with a rock tied to a piece of string, a 60-foot rope, and a couple of buddies and I’ll show you how you get over a 30-foot fence.”‘

        No kidding.

        I do believe people should come in legally. But I’m not a fan of walls either.

        Walls can work if you put guard posts and armed guards that will shoot every 200 meters or so. We are not going to do that so why half ass it.

        1. People still get thru the most heavily guarded wall in the World- The DMZ.

      2. Cry some more. It’s amusing.

      3. Or just a ladder. It is about the same height as a utility pole.

        I think they have ladders in Mexico.

    3. Illegals pay more in US taxes than they receive . . .

      And you want to stop this for some reason?

      Is your justification for building the wall now racism and not the ‘drain’ illegal immigrants cause on the country’s finances?

    4. Illegals pay more in US taxes than they receive

      Wait. I’ve been assured for years by the anti-immigrant people that this is not true.

      1. You were assured correctly.

        1. But then LC would be wrong that Mexico is paying for the wall.

  2. “The authors of a new book on Brett Kavanaugh say the Supreme Court justice had agreed to be interviewed, but only if they wrote that they did not speak with him.”

    So what?

    1. It proved he raped at least 100 women.

      This is similar to their guilty conscience article from yesterday.

      1. Haha. That is totally the angle they are taking on that.

        Lefties are fucking crazy.

      2. Well, obviously he must have. He has a rapey-looking face.

        1. To be fair, his name is Brett. How many people named Brett did you know in college who weren’t just as big a douchebag as anybody named Chip or Trevor?

          1. Well that’s something that can be corroborated. Unlike the other accusations.

    2. Falsa in uno, falsa in omnibus.

      1. Because he’s willing to help them fact check something, doesn’t mean he’s willing to provide them with a slew of new commentary to misconstrue or print out of context–and his unwillingness to subject himself to that is in no way indicative of any dishonesty.

        Do you believe that taking the Fifth necessarily implies guilt? I can imagine all sorts of situations in which an innocent person might plead the Fifth–especially if we’re talking about answering the charges of partisan crusaders on a witch hunt.

        1. What I was getting at was, anything those authors say is now presumptively a lie. I have no issue with Justice Kav.

  3. Trump Thinks San Francisco Homelessness Is Polluting the Ocean, Threatens EPA Action

    The 500 millions straws polluting the ocean is certainly incorrect but 500 million turds might be more correct than Lefties want to admit.

    1. This might be the best thing I’ve seen in a while.

      Their “experts” claim that their drains prevent needles from reaching the ocean.

      …but they apparently cannot stop straws.

      I’m not buying it.

      1. Their “experts” claim that their drains prevent needles from reaching the ocean.

        It’s true, but not because of good planning – quite the opposite.

        SF infrastructure does not separate sanitary sewers from storm drains, so all runoff gets treated as sewage (which these days is a damned good thing).

        The downside is that in big rainstorms that overwhelm the storm system, raw sewage backs up into the streets.

        1. …then why would they vote to ban straws that cannot make it to the ocean in the first place?

          1. Busy bodies gotta be busy.

          2. It’s not about straws, it’s about inconveniencing people you disagree with. On that front the straw ban has been a rousing success.

        2. How would anyone be able to tell that from the raw sewage that is normally on the streets?

  4. Warren shows signs of broadening her base

    Everyone on team Blue is 1/1025 sure.

    1. “Warren shows signs of broadening her base”

      Translation: Ass is getting big.

      1. Is it really all about the bass?

  5. Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Trial Ends With Acquittals of 3 Executives

    In other news, Dolphin and Whale were convicted of everything and sentenced to death.

    1. The accident at the Daiichi plant was the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in 1986. It effectively ended the use of nuclear power in Japan and created a worldwide backlash against the energy source.

      The NYT can go fuck themselves. They have been railing against nuclear power for over 50 years. The backlash against the 100% carbon-free power source comes from the aging hippies that the NYT still cater to more than any other demographic and their fear of nukes.

      Hey, dipshits, we remember all the unscientific bullshit you peddled in the wake of the earthquake. You had idiots on the West Coast buying iodine pills like there wasn’t 70 million square miles of ocean to dilute the modest amount of contaminated water that escaped. Maybe you could lie some more and continue to call escaped radon gas ‘nuclear fallout’?

      which forced more than 160,000 people in northeastern Japan to evacuate their homes to escape nuclear fallout

      Oh, nevermind, you already did. How many people did the radon and contaminated water kill?

      None of the deaths were attributed to radiation-related illnesses.

      Here’s a new motto for ya –
      ‘The New York Times: we were fake news before it was fashionable.’

      1. “All the news to wipe your shit”

      2. You really think Germany, with their proximity to the ocean and likelihood of getting hit by a tsunami, was too quick to abandon nuclear power after Fukushima? No way.

        1. They have coal.

    1. “The Washington Post first reported the complaint on Tuesday. Citing two former U.S. officials with knowledge of the matter, the newspaper said an anonymous intelligence official reported a conversation between the president and a foreign leader that included a troubling “promise.””

      He might have offered increased flexibility towards Russia after he wins re-election. That would be quite the scandal.

      1. Things that raise concerns about veracity – –
        it’s the Washington Post
        citing two former officials (who have no names?)
        citing yet another anonymous official; or maybe the first two anonymous sources are citing yet a third source?

        I call total bullshit on that one statement alone.
        Cite two or more named, reliable, verifiable, sources, or stick to the comic pages.

  6. Teen activist Greta Thunberg testified before Congress yesterday, urging action on climate change.

    We are coming out of an ice age from 10,000 years ago. Does she want to reverse that and go back to an ice age? Or does she just want the earth’s thermostat stuck at 72 degrees?

    1. One grunt for Yes, Two grunts for No.

    2. But, Pippi Longstocking is a climate scientist, right?

    3. If the pixie Greta really wants to walk her talk, she should move to Houston, and demonstrate a lifestyle of no air conditioning, walking everywhere, and STFU.

    4. Let me get this straight… The US Congress solicited testimony from an autistic child from Sweden, with no degree, no scientific training whatsoever, about taking action on a global level to effect change in the world’s climate?

      Will called it.

      Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
      That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
      And then is heard no more: it is a tale
      Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
      Signifying nothing.

      1. Well, when compared to AOC, she’s more qualified…

        1. So is my dog.

  7. Major bombshell reporting from Newsweek.

    Donald Trump stole pancakes and forgot a relative was dead while visiting family, cousin claims

    Stole. Pancakes.

    And people think I’m a “troll” or “parody” when I compare him to Hitler?


    1. Stealing pancakes; that’s practically genocide!

    2. I will need to know more about these pancakes before I get upset. Were these just regular buttermilk pancakes? Were fruit toppings involved? A la mode? The people deserve answers!

      1. Correct. Were they made with Bisquick or Krusteaz? Fake HFCS maple syrup, or the real thing? Regular flour or whole wheat?

        Or, on a more sinister note, were they latkes and Trump stole them because he secretly hates Jews?

        So many questions. Speaker Pelosi needs to act now to save our democracy!

        1. Were they made with Bisquick or Krusteaz

          They should be proper pancakes. Flour, baking powder, and high quality beer. Its just as fast as a pre-made mix, less sugar, and better taste.

      2. Yeah, those yummy pancakes were basically asking to be stolen.

    3. You know who else stole pancakes?

      1. Yogi Bear?

        1. Yes. A real enemy of humanity.

      2. Ho Chi Min?
        Ooops; wrong name beginning in “H”.

      3. St. Alphonzo?

        1. They were so nice fluffy white, he would have raised a fortune by the night.

    4. Did he steal the pancakes, or was it a contract dispute? Was he refusing to pay the chef because the stack was short?

    5. OK, that was funny.

    6. Trump’s a monster. Everybody knows when you’re told to leggo my eggo, you leggo the eggo.

    7. So that is why he always seems to be reaching in his jacket pockets.

      He keeps pancakes in there.

      1. With Kennedy, it was a cigarette.

  8. Iran warns of ‘all-out war’ if US retaliates in wake of Saudi oil facility bombings

    In Persia-Land, self-defense is always claimed even after you attack ships, other countries, and get caught with your hand in a proxy war.

    1. they claim self-defense because their useful idiots always believe it

    2. Fun fact; an all out war with Iran would take about 45 minutes, including flight times.

    1. “Ow, my balls!”

  9. Trump has chosen Robert C. O’Brien, the State Department’s chief hostage negotiator, to be his new national security advisor.

    Here we go again. Trump should have an advisor advisor to help with these appointments.

    1. Unsafer sex: Asia Argento is back on social media and ready to cause more men to commit suicide.

    2. Unsafe sex: Argentina crisis deflates condom sales as costs rise

      After my rant the other day about dying metaphors, I have to say, this headline evokes quite a mental picture. They could have also gone with ‘Amid Crisis, Condom Sales Limp Along’

      FTA: Amid a biting recession, a sharp currency devaluation and painful inflation, sales of condoms and birth control pills have tumbled

      Lucila Sigal is the writer. I lost it at ‘painful inflation’…

      “The devaluation of the peso is killing me,” actor and comic Guillermo Aquino jests in one viral video, in which a young man apologizes to a potential partner, saying he has only one condom left until the end of the year.

      Male equivalent to ‘spongeworthy’.

  10. Boris Johnson ‘glad’ about new father’s NHS confrontation

    WAIT…wait…Wait, I have been informed that national healthcare is Utopia.

    1. Mr. Salem should understand that when you give a sector of the economy over to the government shortages and disorganization are the expected results. Anything else is fantasy.

      1. Or he could go back to where he came from


  11. Are college campuses eroding free speech?

    Do bears shit in the woods?

    1. To be fair they arent eroding it. They are claiming it never existed.

    2. “Do bears shit in the woods?”

      No, Bears shit on Twinks.

  12. “The controversy has drawn immediate comparisons to the incident involving Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam”

    Did Ralph Northam run a campaign putting himself forward as the king of the woke-ass hipsters? If not, then that’s where the comparison breaks down.

    It’s like going after a candidates kids. That’s generally unacceptable–unless the candidate uses his kids in the campaign. If the candidate is effectively saying, “Your should vote for me because I’m a great parent”, then pointing out that the candidates kids are all fucked up–and that may be evidence of bad parenting may be appropriate even if it’s still in bad form. That’s only the case, however, because the candidate himself made his kids an issue by his own choice.

    Did Justin Trudeau make himself out to be the woke alternative?

    The correct answer is “yes”.

    Live by the sword, and you die by the sword.

    If he didn’t want to have his political future decided by a crusade by woke fanatics against him, then he shouldn’t have contributed to the crusade of woke fanatics. Meanwhile, the Canadian people are free to put a stop to the struggle sessions and the Cultural Revolution whenever they want.

    1. P.S.

      How full of shit are Canada’s climate change warriors if they can’t see past a stupid act from 20 years ago–not even to save the planet by electing a climate change warrior over a skeptic?

      If climate change isn’t more important than an idiotic act caught on camera from 20 years ago, then how it can be important enough to soak your fellow Canadians with taxes?

      1. Keep in mind these are the Canadians Trudeau was apologizing to – the lily white SJWs who don’t see anything at all condescending in presuming to be outraged on behalf of all the little colored people who aren’t woke enough to be outraged on their own. It’s not the ignorance, the hypocrisy, the sense of entitlement and superiority, it’s the fucking smug condescension.

    2. Did Ralph Northam run a campaign putting himself forward as the king of the woke-ass hipsters? If not, then that’s where the comparison breaks down.

      Governor Coonman called his opponent a racist and ran on being the enlightened alternative to the evil racist GOP. Both Governor Coonman and Prime Minister Sinbad deserve everything they get.

      1. Well, there you go then!

        He got what he deserved.

        1. Only when they’re out of office will they have gotten what they deserve.

          1. Coonman will likely be succeeded by someone even worse now that Virginia is becoming the new California. But sine the other top dems here have their own issues, maybe it will be Trudeau.

            1. Coonman has provided me with the endless pleasure of asking every Virginia prog I know how things are going with Governor Coonman. The guy is such an embarrassment even the most brain dead prog can’t defend him. That entire state could drop into the Atlantic ocean for all I care. What a backwards shithole.

              1. speaking of brain dead. yesterday Gov Newsom said California policies were solving the homeless problem. He’s like clueless Bob from Iraq

                1. Meanwhile typhus and every other medieval disease except the plague is returning to California.

                2. “speaking of brain dead. yesterday Gov Newsom said California policies were solving the homeless problem.”

                  He also declared Uber drivers to be employees.

                  1. The drivers can no longer afford an apartment, but for reporting purposes the State can now consider them to be living in employer provided housing. Problem solved!

              2. Coonman is so bad people forget how terrible the Lt Gov is.

                Virginia is why we need to spread out the federal government as far as possible.

                1. Virginia is why we need to spread out the federal government as far as possible.

                  Better be careful. The result might just be turning more places into Virginia.

              3. What a backwards shithole.

                And yet, they still haven’t quite caught up to Maryland.

                1. With their barbaric traffic laws and corrupt governors they left Maryland in the rear view mirror a long time ago. People make fun of Baltimore but that is only because people drive by it and see it. If they ever drove by the Tidewater, they would think Baltimore was Las Vegas.

                  1. Tidewater is quite pretty, except in the summer when it is a hot mosquito-infested shithole. Anyways, the folks living there are much nicer than the NoVa progtards I’m surrounded by. A lot of problems would be solved if Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax counties were made part of the new DC state, along with Montgomery and PG counties in Maryland

              4. Don’t think they care who the governor is so long as there is a D after his/her/xi name. Besides, Coonman supports infanticide, what’s not to love?

            2. Well, all my friends are Indians
              (All my friends are brown and red) – coonman

            3. Virginia is becoming the new California

              Maybe the southern half of the state can secede from… wait, nevermind.

    3. It is just so unfair to make Trudeau live by own rules for other people.

    4. Live by the sword, and you die by the sword.

      Good call. I doubt Trudeau knows what ‘hoist with his own petard’ means.

  13. More bad economic news.

    Charles Koch is still stuck below $60 billion.

    I wouldn’t mind if Reason ran a dozen articles every day detailing the ruin caused by Drumpf’s tariffs. When things are so bad that a self-made economic wizard like Mr. Koch can’t find a way to prosper, what hope is there for the rest of us?


    1. One ham sandwich policy.

      1. The state reserves are the concentration camps they’ve got the Uighurs in. It’s long pork.

        1. Soylent Red?

  14. Fed ups its GDP forecast for 2019 slightly to 2.2%

    Lefties release collective sigh that US economy has NOT IMPLODED like Boehm said it would.

    More signs point to second term for Donald J. Trump!

    1. Look, I trust economic experts like Paul Krugman, AOC, and Palin’s Buttplug. Krugman foretold “a global recession, with no end in sight.” AOC explained why a low unemployment rate is actually bad. And Mr. Buttplug regularly posts reliable indicators of stagnation, like Sam’s Club closing stores.

      Face it — incumbent Presidents simply don’t win reelection when the economy is this terrible.

      1. What about Boehm?

        1. La Boehm? Still Classy.

    2. More signs? All signs point to Trump’s re-election. The fact that the Dems are resigned to running a pack of bat-shit insane retards against Trump is about all the sign you need that the Democrats have given up any hope for 2020. Much the same as the GOP running Bob Dole in ’96, they’re just going through the motions. Trump’s more popular now than he was in 2016 and they’re going to run a worse candidate than Hillary? Yeah, they’re not serious.

      1. Perhaps the only dem who stands a chance of beating Trump is Andrew Yang or maybe Booker. The rest are hopeless. If they nominate Warren, it could be as bad as it was for Mondale or Dukakis.

  15. The conservative-leaning Competitive Enterprise Institute has put together a lengthy compilation of apocalyptic predictions dating back decades that did not come to pass, timed as Democratic presidential candidates and climate activists refocus attention on the issue.

    The dire predictions, often repeated in the media, warned of a variety of impending disasters – famine, drought, an ice age, and even disappearing nations – if the world failed to act on climate change.

    An Associated Press headline from 1989 read “Rising seas could obliterate nations: U.N. officials.” The article detailed a U.N. environmental official warning that entire nations would be eliminated if the world failed to reverse warming by 2000.

    Then there were the fears that the world would experience a never-ending “cooling trend in the Northern Hemisphere.” That claim came from an “international team of specialists” cited by The New York Times in 1978.

    1. You missed the money quote

      1967 — Stanford University expert Paul Erlich predicted “time of famines” in 1975.
      1971 — A top NASA expert predicted an “ice age” by 2021.
      1988 — It was predicted that the Maldives would be under water by last year.
      2008 — Gore said the Arctic would be free of ice by 2013.
      2009 — Charles said there was just 96 months left to save the world.

      1. 1971 — A top NASA expert predicted an “ice age” by 2021.

        To be fair, that one could still come true.

        1. Maybe he meant the movie.

    2. Nice. I’d probably give some money to an organization whose mission is to compile lists of failed predictions of doom of all sorts.

  16. Looks like Trudeau is angling to run for governor of Virginia after he leaves office. Governor Coonman hardest hit.

    1. Any hypocrisy is okay to prevent conservatives from assuming office.

  17. “Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has debuted his “Medicare for All Who Want It” policy proposal in a Washington Post op-ed.”

    Too bad he didnt debut his no storing 2000 baby parts plan. He covered and supported that sick fuck abortionist and even helped that sick fuck shut down a pro pregnancy birthing center in his city.

    1. It’s harder since he was a relative.

      1. I think this is her second husband not her brother.

      2. The job or his cock at the thought of fucking his sister?

    2. You gotta stick it in crazy, at least once in your life.

      My grandfather was a minister. He wanted me to be a minister, too, so he’d take me to go on all his visitations to dying people when I was like 14. I talked to dozens of dying old-men. They’d give me advice like they were talking to a younger version of themselves. You know what none of them ever said to me?

      “I’m so glad I never stuck it in crazy”.

      1. That is because they all had and had lived to regret it.

        1. The ones who did it didn’t regret it after laying in their death bed and thinking back over their lives–that’s why they never said it.

          The ones who didn’t stick it in crazy gave me an awful lot of advice that sounded like–stick it in the crazy hay while the sun shines.

          1. My father is in his last years and he keeps bragging about the crazy scanks he used to bang and other stories. If it weren’t for his failing health I’d punch him because he was married to my mother during this period.

            1. A life well lived.

            2. In fairness, I can’t think of a single time I ever got laid that I regret.

              1. It just isn’t something you regret.

                When you watch the Jerry Springer show and see some guy get busted for cheating, there’s always this moment when he turns to the girl he cheated on and says he’s sorry–and he is sorry!

                He’s sorry for all the damage he’s caused.
                He’s sorry for hurting her feelings.
                He’s sorry for . . . all sorts of things.

                The woman always looks him in the eye, and what she wants to hear him say–like he really means it–is that he’s sorry he stuck it in the crazy. But you can’t be sorry for that!

                It’s like . . .

                A kid steals cookies out of the cookie jar. His mother confronts him, with crumbs all over his mouth, and he blames it on the cookie monster. He denies everything. It must have been somebody else! When it’s all over, he apologizes, of course. He’s sorry he stole the cookies. He’s sorry he lied about it. He’s sorry he lied to his mother that way. He’s sorry if he hurt her.

                But he’s not sorry that he likes chocolate chip cookies! He’s not sorry that those chocolate chip cookies were delicious! How can he pretend he’s sorry that the cookies he stole were delicious?

                The last ten or twenty years of your life can be pretty dull and painful and degrading. They say youth is wasted on the young, but that’s not true if . . . if old people would do whatever it is you’re doing if they were young like you. I see so many young guys pass on girls that they could be having a blast with for no good reason.
                Women usually upgrade whenever they get the chance.

                No doubt, when you’re with the crazy, sometimes the crazy gets so bad, you’ll wish you’d never been born. Looking back, you won’t regret it. If you end up on your deathbed looking back on your life, you’ll probably regret all the missed opportunities, and all the mistakes you made won’t seem like such a big deal anymore. We don’t regret those kinds of mistakes–you may regret certain things happening, but not the taste of chocolate chip cookies.

                Meanwhile, being without a woman in your life is a sad and lonely existence. I don’t know how gay guys do it.


    In amazing coincidence, airline mechanic accused of sabotaging plane had ISIS video on his phone. We will likely never know his true motives here.

    1. Harvard will offer him a scholarship.

      1. He is a dreamer Jesse. Probably valedictorian of his class at Bin Ladin high.

    2. Minnesota voters deserve to know about Omar’s actions that relate to her duties as an elected official.

      Likely wouldn’t matter even if they knew the truth. This is the same district that re-elected Keith Ellison multiple times. It will take her going to jail to get her out of that seat.

      The local media deserves to be eviscerated for suppressing this story. They know the truth, but they carry water for her instead. This is a clown show. This writer from New York has more balls than all of them put together.

      1. Sorry John, that response was for the above

        1. Damn threaded comments!!

    3. “Cool clock, Ahmed.”

    4. “In amazing coincidence, airline mechanic accused of sabotaging plane had ISIS video on his phone. We will likely never know his true motives here.”

      I’ll assume it was Jordan Peterson.

  19. I’ll wait for an article from Robby to somehow equivocate how the Scheer and the conservatives are just as bad for….something.


    Bolton remains a clown. He is now claiming it was “disrespectful” to the country for Trump to want to negotiate with the Taliban. The is a perfect example of how our foreign policy establishment refuses to see the world as it is. We have three choices in Afghanistan; invade Pakistan and spend years hunting down and killing every member of the Taliban, not invade Pakistan and spend the next several decades playing whack a mole with them in Afghanistan, or negotiate a settlement with them and go home.

    If Bolton wants one of the first two options, then he should be honest and say that. Instead, he lives in this fantasy world where we can somehow end the war in Afghanistan without invading Pakistan and destroying the Taliban or negotiating with the Taliban if we don’t.

    How did idiots like this ever get into positions of such great authority?

    1. The Neocons like to drape themselves in the flag. Everything they do to send our young men and women to potentially die is noble. Anyone that doesn’t buy that is unpatriotic, or some such nonsense.

      1. They seem to see war as an end in itself. Max Boot admitted as much a while back when he claimed the US should invade Syria even though it has no realistic way of stabilizing the country. He really sees fighting a war there as an end in itself. Bolton seems to be no different. It is not just that he offers no realistic path to winning in Afghanistan, it is that he doesn’t even see a need to offer one. Going and fighting there is enough in his view.

        1. They do not seem to able to accept that some things you cannot change by military means, but that is the only tool they see available. So you must keep applying that tool until it does the job, somehow.

          1. When you’re a Patriot Missile, everything looks like a _________.

            1. …female sports reporter?

        2. For me, if something cannot justify us sending 500,000 troops minimum to resolve…then it should not be done. Stop trying to pussyfoot with this “Well, we will have 20,000 troops there until the situation improves” because it never will.

          1. Thank you! If it is the right thing to do, get it done and GTFO. We are not French (Vietnam, Iraq, etc.).

  21. “Mayor Pete proposes “Medicare for All Who Want It,””

    Well, that should cut the costs by eliminating all those folks who don’t want free shit.

    1. Are the people who want it the ones who are going to pay the costs for it? That at least might be something.

    2. How many vets aside from Mayor Pete want government health care for all?

    3. The plan is completely stupid to begin with. Medicare and Medicaid Services cost the US nearly $1.5 trillion just last year. And this fruit loop is claiming that he can cover the remaining, what, 200 million people for an additional $150 billion?

    4. Gotta appreciate his honesty. He comes right out and says how he’ll pay for it: “My plan will cost about $1.5 trillion over a decade, paid for by cost savings and corporate tax reform to ensure big corporations pay their fair share.”

      You just can’t get more straightforward than that.

  22. Just a reminder. Hillary Clinton, President Obama, The DNC, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, and vast numbers of high ranking Federal officials of the DOJ, Intelligence, and State Department conspired with foreign governments and agents (as well as vast factions of the Press) to: first, illegally and fraudulently induce an unfair 2016 POTUS election, and, second, attempted a literal coup to nullify the legally elected POTUS.

    Just a reminder.

    1. this should be repeated daily everywhere

    2. But they had good intentions.

      1. It was her turn.

  23. Teen activist Greta Thunberg testified before Congress yesterday, urging action on climate change.

    Isn’t part or her spiel that Congress should listen to scientists? Does she think she is some kind of honorary scientist?

    1. She only means some scientists. like Dr. Mann. Who constantly on Twitter proves he doesnt know science.

      1. Michael Mann lost the lawsuit he filed against climatologist Tim Ball.

      2. People that say the science is settled obviously don’t know the basics of science.

        1. If you want to have an easy time with a climate alarmist, start by asking them whether the science is settled. After they say yes, you’re free to run wild.

          1. Flat earth people are just people who think the science is settled.

    2. “Isn’t part or her spiel that Congress should listen to scientists?”

      She called Congress “a bunch of retards”.

      1. Ok, so she is right about something anyway.

  24. What is brownface?

    Are we becoming too PC that blackface is no longer ok?

    1. Is orangeface ok?

    2. I’m no artist but I think Brown and Black are two different colors.

      1. Me neither and I agree. But in that photo, it looks darker than brown.

        1. Cocoa-face?

          1. Pseudo-Sambo

            1. Shit-faced? That can’t be right.

    3. How long until sun tans are officially cultural appropriation? And evidence of past efforts by any Whitey to take the edge off a Minnesota-white palor is grounds for impeachment?

        1. For the black women who are able to embrace their dark chocolate skin, the black women who had to fight to assert and celebrate the beauty of their skin in a global society that often tells them that it’s ugly, seeing a tanning spray called “Dark Chocolate” may feel like a mockery of their struggle.

          Because that is the lesson of The Ugly Duckling. Bottle up all that struggle and force-feed it to the ducks in a blaze of passive-aggressive rage once you realize you are a swan and so much better than they are.

    4. By tomorrow, it will be “excessive fake tan”

  25. paid for by cost savings

    Someone should tell Mayor Pete (also please tell my wife) that cost savings isn’t the same as revenue.

    1. Name a government run anything that experienced any cost savings.

    2. He should also discuss these cost savings now, even if he isn’t elected and his plan isn’t put into place.

      1. The plan for cost savings is to force providers to accept Medicare, and then lowball them, shifting the costs to the private sector.

  26. Some animals are more equal than others.

  27. “Teen activist Greta Thunberg testified before Congress yesterday, urging action on climate change.”

    Yet one more reason not to lower the voting age.

    1. This whole thing has gotten out of hand.

      That child is on the spectrum and the way they’re exploiting her anxiety is disgusting and parents who let their kids jump on this grotesque circus are no better.

      The progressive left are evil.

  28. Jacobin says The Great British Bake Off promotes socialist values.

    Great. Now I’ve got a concussion from the most powerful turbofacepalm possible.

    1. In other words, the cheap ass producers of the show got the contestants to work themselves to death for free, happily.

      That is the distillation of socialist values, for sure.

    2. I assumed that was a critique of the appalling quality of the food in both cases.


    Student leaders at Notre Dame, “if we can’t get laid, getting laid is abnormal and no one can”.

    1. Finally something that the incel wing of the Libertarian Party can get behind.

      And by wing, I mean 90% of course.

    2. LGBTQ club co-vice president Taz Bashir

      Someone isn’t hallal.

  30. “Teen activist Greta Thunberg testified before Congress yesterday, urging action on climate change.”

    Is she gonna sail over to China next? I mean, if she’s worried about carbon emissions she can hardly skip China and India.

  31. Teen activist Greta Thunberg testified before Congress yesterday, urging action on climate change.

    The level of air warming in that room should have been enough to send her running.

  32. Ye know what day this be?

    It be Talk like a Pirate Day, ye bilge rats!

    Remember, the correct usage is “arrrr,” not “arrrgh.”

    1. ‘No, its Aarrgh. Back of the throat.’

    2. Unless you are a southern pirate then I believe it could be y’arrrgh.

      There is also a Welsh variant gyarrrrgh or kyarrrgh.

  33. What if Trudeau had used BLUE face, in homage to the genie in the Aladdin cartoon? Or would that be disrespectful of argyria sufferers and libertarian candidates?

    1. I like to show my BLEW face. It’s similar to the OH face, but eyes are looking more downward.

    2. Will Smith is not Arabian, should have played a Djinn is the live action version?

      Oh, I see it now. This is a white-guy thing.

  34. “brownface”?

    Reason is now carrying water for Trudeau.

    It was BLACKFACE. Sorry if it has unpleasant racist connotations, but it seems the left has major problems avoiding this.

    White supremacists are only marginally more racist than the modern Progressive movement.

  35. “The authors of a new book on Brett Kavanaugh say the Supreme Court justice had agreed to be interviewed, but only if they wrote that they did not speak with him.”

    Forgive me if I doubt literally anything they claim about literally anything.

    1. Shocker…they lied about what he said.

      They have NOW claimed that they tried to negotiate an OTR interview and one of his aides (not him) told them to put down that “he declined to comment” in their book if he even offered an OTR interview.

      …now we shouldn’t ask them “Why would he do an OTR interview to tell his side and demand you say that he did not comment?”

    2. What I find outright hilarious is some liberals in my facebook feed are calling Kavanaugh a liar because of this. Yet, pretty much everything they heard about Mueller’s report before it came out was from people interviewed who only did so because they would not write that they spoke to them.

  36. Trudeau does seem to have a thing for costumes. As the Times notes,


    Mr. Trudeau said that he also wore blackface in high school while performing “Day-O,” the Jamaican folk song.

    It’s important to remember that Trudeau is a first a thespian, second a prime minister.

    1. I don’t get why all these progs claim “I didn’t know blackface was offensive. I do now”

      Fuck, I knew that when I was five damned years old. And I’m older than blackfaced Justin. Weren’t his parents uber-progressive as well?

      Why do Republicans — remember, the “racist” party — seem to know that blackface is a bad idea and have known for a while. Megyn Kelly lost her job for saying she didn’t see why blackface was so bad. The GOVERNOR OF VIRGINIA didn’t lose his FOR WEARING THE SHIT.

      1. Fuck, I knew that when I was five damned years old.

        I certainly knew it as a kid in 1982 when the Sambo’s restaurant chain failed spectacularly. 2001 is way late to have done that shit.

        The Proggies have a hard time with it because the playbook insists they classify everyone by the color of their skin. It would never even occur to them that you could sing Day-o without portraying yourself as a caricature of a black person.

        I bet he sang it in a horrible Jamaican accent as well, which is what they should really castigate him for. Doing the accent is inevitably what makes an impression super-racist.

      2. Especially considering the kerfuffle with Ted Danson wearing blackface in 1993 it would certainly be difficult to defend in 2001.

        1. Nice touch…Trudeau basically called out the media for covering for him.

          He appreciated them calling it makeup, but it was blackface.

          God the media is so shit. Their demise cannot come soon enough. Learn to code, fuckers.

          1. I believe the media has been ratcheting the rhetoric down and are calling it ‘darkening’. Iowahawk suggested that by the time the New York Times gets it, it’ll be “bronze”.

        2. Dude, you slipped ‘kerfuffle’ into a conversation. Bravo!

          Ted Danson was dating Whoopi Goldberg at the time, and she was the one who wrote the routine he got raked over. There are always 25 people waiting in the wings to be offended on behalf of every member of a minority that isn’t.

  37. Teen activist Greta Thunberg testified before Congress yesterday, urging action on climate change.

    Here’s Reason contributor Brendan O’Niell on Greta Thunberg.

  38. He does think the Sun rises out of his ass. I’m not sure about the moon and the stars being the gift he gave to the darkies, though.

  39. It’s humorous that Trudeau is getting eaten by his own but this whole blackface outrage is as dumb as fuck

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