An Interactive Web Site To Explore the 100 Supreme Court Cases Everyone Should Know

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Randy Barnett and I are pleased to launch We built this interactive site as a a supplement to our new book, An Introduction to Constitutional Law: 100 Supreme Court Cases Everyone Should Know. We built four innovative new features to teach about constitutional law.

100 Supreme Court Cases

First, we developed an interface to display our 100 cases both chronologically, and by topic. This feature allows students to quickly scroll through two centuries of Supreme Court decisions, or to study the leading cases within each of the 15 topics in the book.

The Justices

We developed a graphical interface to view all of the Justices. They are sorted by the appointing President.

Annotated Constitution

This feature allows students to quickly read the entire Constitution, and see what cases are associated with a particular clause.

Constitutional Places

Constitutional Places allows students to see what cases arose in a particular state. They can also check what Justices called that state home. Here, we localize constitutional law.

We will have more exciting features to announce shortly.


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  1. I think the website’s a brilliant idea . . . something not possible before the internet (ie, easily-accessible and immediate links).

    My only first-impression suggestion: Do NOT allow public comments. . . we all have seen what will happen as any civility vanishes in a nanosecond.

    This is the sort of resource I wish I (a person with zero lawyers as family friends or even acquaintances before law school) had had before beginning the actual first year. I hope it’s a raging success.

  2. This is amazing! Like 811 above, I salute you (plural) and hope this is an amazing success. You have greatly contributed to public civic education (sorely needed right NOW).

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