Brickbat: The Last Stop


In Greensboro, N.C., Brittany Copeland and Arnold Johnson say a school bus driver forced  their 6-year-old daughter Laylah to get off the bus at the wrong stop even though the girl told the driver she didn't see her home or parents. The girl spotted a security guard who'd just gotten off work and told the guard what had happened. The guard drove her back to her elementary school. In a statement, Guilford County Schools apologized for the situation and said the driver had been removed from the bus pending an investigation.

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  1. The parents hail the security guard, who wants to remain anonymous, as a hero.

    Wise choice on the guard’s part.

  2. What we need is common sense bus driver control.
    Or maybe end busing.
    Or maybe end public schools.

    1. Nobody needs high capacity assault buses.

  3. The LAST, last bus stop is where all remaining kids are forced off, and into the ICE concentration camp’s barbed-wire cages, where they are given access to “drinking water” in toilet bowls. Later, often MUCH later, they will be inspected to see if any of them might be illegal sub-humans, using creative “persuasive interrogation” techniques.

    But not to worry; Der TrumpfenFuhrer will score some more points from His base!

    1. See your doctor. Your meds need changing.

  4. Johnson said she was smart enough to only go up to someone in uniform. But still, anything could’ve happened.

    Poor Laylah. Stupid Laylah’s parents. Pure luck she found a security guard rather than a cop – there’s a 50/50 chance that had she found a cop you’d have CPS in your living room right now and Laylah would be in custody.

  5. The same thing happened to me on my first day of school when I was 5, in 1965. That is something few people want to admit (or maybe even think about); irresponsible (and often dangerous) behavior by government employees has always happened. The difference is that now, the government has a much greater reach and more ways to impact the average citizen.

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