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The Press Fans Overblown Fears About Diet Soda—Again

Plus: understanding consent in sex work, beyond "Medicare for All," and more...


"I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke," tweeted Donald Trump, himself a frequent consumer of diet soda, back in 2012. Besides being an amusing self-own, Trump's comment helps explain the trouble with most research on diet drinks—including a new study that's been making the media rounds this week. 

"It doesn't matter if it's sugary or diet: New study links all soda to an early death," reported The Washington Post on September 4. It was one of many similar headlines. The implication of all of them was clear: Zero-calorie cola is a big fat lie, and if you don't ditch it now you're staring down a premature grave.

But let's back up. Here's what the paper in JAMA Internal Medicine actually found about drinks containing artificial sweeteners: People who consumed two or more per day were slightly more likely than those who abstained from all soda to die from diseases related to circulatory problems. (Consuming one or more sugar-sweetened soda per day, meanwhile, was associated with increase risk of dying from liver, appendix, pancreas, and intestinal diseases.) Whether these circulatory problems are directly related to diet soda is unknown—and there are good reasons to suspect they are not.

"Researchers cautioned that elevated soft-drink consumption may be a marker for an overall unhealthy lifestyle," the Post points out. That is, people who consume sodas daily may also be more likely to eat out at restaurants, consume processed snacks, or engage in other dietary habits that up their disease risk.

Alternately, people who don't drink soda at all may be more likely to engage in some behaviors—drinking more water, say, or consuming other nutritious beverages—that accrue them disease-protective benefits.

And while all sorts of people drink diet soda, it tends to be especially popular among people actively trying to lose weight and/or to give up a non-diet soda habit. Which is to say that diet drink consumers could (as that Trump tweet suggests) be heavier to begin with, or could share some other quality (such as previously high consumption of sugary drinks) that sets them up for future health problems.

The scientist behind this study tried to account for some confounding factors, such as smoking and obesity. But accounting for all lifestyle differences is impossible. Here's what the lead researcher, Neil Murphy, told the Post:

We recognize that a possible explanation for the positive associations found for artificially sweetened soft drinks is that participants who were already at greater health risk (those who were overweight or obese; those with prediabetes) may have switched to artificially sweetened soft drinks to manage their calorie and sugar intake.

Even the notoriously pro-nanny-state Center for Science in the Public Interest urged caution about the latest research. "This new European study is somewhat inconsistent with earlier findings," the group's director of nutrition told the Post.

That's true: Several meta-analyses last year found no association between drinking diet soda and weight gain or increased body mass index. Those studies also found no association between aspartame (the most common artificial sweetener) and negative effects on heart-disease risk factors, fat levels, or metabolic issues.


Brothel lawyer fights for sex worker rights. "You can say, 'No sex without a condom.' You can say, 'No sex until we're married.' But you can't say, 'No sex until you pay me'? And that feels like it really undermines what consent means," Katherine Sears told the Des Moines TV station KCCI. 

"Sears is so passionate about the decriminalization of prostitution, she is willing to take prostitution cases on pro bono," reports KCCI in its profile of the lawyer, mother, and part-time Nevada brothel worker.

"Their bodies belong to them," Sears told the station, "and we have absolutely no reason to be telling them that you cannot condition your consent this way." 


Medicare for All—or something else? That's become a major question for 2020 presidential candidates. "Given the persistent political and policy challenges to passing and implementing a single-payer system along the lines envisioned by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I–Vt.) and other Medicare-for-All boosters," writes Peter Suderman, "the answer is probably going to be 'something else.'" So what does "something else" mean? 

The most likely answer is a "public plan" or "public option"—that is, a government-run health insurance plan that would exist alongside today's insurance options, supplementing employer coverage, Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid without fully displacing them. Indeed, should Democrats win both Congress and the White House, the proposal of a public option is, at this point, far more likely than a big push for Sanders-style Medicare for All….

A public option would probably be less radical, less disruptive, and, on paper, less expensive for the government than Sanders' Medicare for All proposal. Yet it would still pose real challenges in terms of cost and political viability.


  • More evidence that the "vaping linked illness" has naught to do with vaping per se. Instead it appears to be tied to black market cannabis vape pens containing high levels of Vitamin E
  • Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, and South Carolina "will cancel their 2020 GOP presidential primaries and caucuses…in a move which will make it much more difficult for Donald Trump's Republican critics to challenge him," reports The Daily Beast
  • Protecting and serving: 

  • Twenty-two women are suing the folks behind "Girls Do Porn" for allegedly deceptive and fraudulent practices.
  • "BangBros has emerged as the folk hero of the porn industry with its most recent acquisition: PornWikiLeaks," reports AV Club. "The adult-themed production company bought out the doxxing site, which housed over 15,000 porn stars' personal information," and set the servers on fire.
  • "Mortality from deaths of despair far surpasses anything seen in America since the dawn of the 20th century," according to the Senate's Joint Economic Committee. However:

At the same time, a long-term perspective reveals that while drug-related deaths have been rising since the late 1950s, the current increase in suicide and alcohol-related deaths began only around 2000, as the opioid crisis ramped up. Suicide and alcohol-related mortality trends track each other well over the past 45 years, and after accounting for the changing age distribution of the US, combined deaths from the two causes were as common in the mid-1970s as today.

  • A Handmaid's Tale sequel is coming to Hulu.
  • Women can legally go topless now in Colorado Springs, just like men.
  • In case you're into this sort of thing:

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  1. A Handmaid’s Tale sequel is coming to Hulu.

    sigh, now what color dress do i have to buy to protest trump?

    1. Blue is the new red

    2. It’s going to look pretty silly if he doesn’t win reelection.

  2. Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, and South Carolina “will cancel their 2020 GOP presidential primaries and caucuses…in a move which will make it much more difficult for Donald Trump’s Republican critics to challenge him,” reports The Daily Beast.

    all’s weld that ends weld, i suppose

    1. Is that some sort of euphemism?

  3. “No one else writes like that on a map with a black Sharpie,” the official said of the map…

    a new junk forensic science to add to balko’s collection

    1. Why the media is irrelevant. The mystery continues

  4. Women can legally go topless now in Colorado Springs, just like men.

    Not so fast there, Elizabeth. The linked article says City officials say the ban is expected to be removed Sept. 17. So CS ain’t *quite* ready for nipple tourism.

    1. …followed soon by the complaint “Why are you looking at my tits?!?!”

      Well, because they’re THERE.

      1. “Why are you looking at my tits?!?!”

        Why wouldn’t I be looking at your tits?

  5. Brothel lawyer fights for sex worker rights.

    God bless her heart. Having grown up in Des Moines I know this will be shocking to the locals. Not quite as much as when people in Wisconsin learned Suzy Favor Hamilton had a second job – that was amazing on multiple levels.

    1. She works pro boner

  6. Well over 3 years of a Deep and Wide attempted Coup and seems blithely unaware and happy to write articles about Diet Coke.

    1. And forensic examination of sharpie marks on a map. You know, the important things.

      Notice they did not say a single word about the CNN Climate crazy off. Somehow the entire Democratic field embracing a totalitarian state in the name of Mother Earth isn’t newsworthy or something

      1. REASON’s fall is stunning. I feel I am not long for this place, as much as I have enjoyed the contributions of the Commentariat.

      2. There’s an article on it yesterday. I think at this point they consider every democrat candidate a joke, like the rest of us, but can’t quite bring themselves to say so because their beltway friends won’t like that.

      3. Wait a minute are you Albero Gonzalez? A govt attorney who advocates for torture.

        1. It took me a second to get that but that is funny. Bravo

      4. It is more they Dems cannot actually mean that, or implement it if they do, so nothing important to see here.

      5. In their defense, Gillespie wrote one piece on it.

        It’s not IMPORTANT, like Trump being mean tho.

        1. Right. ONE piece on a subject that points directly to how the DNC animus and are modern day alchemists.

  7. “It doesn’t matter if it’s sugary or diet: New study links all soda to an early death,”

    who paid for this? big cleanser? stop cleaning things with baking soda, rubes.

  8. That lawyer’s husband – wow, an actual cuck.

  9. Is it sex links Friday now?? Not complaining…

  10. Here’s what the paper in JAMA Internal Medicine actually found about drinks containing artificial sweeteners: People who consumed two or more per day were slightly more likely than those who abstained from all soda to die from diseases related to circulatory problems.

    These diet soda studies never factor in weight and healthiness of the participants of the studies. Maybe only unhealthy people drink diet sodas because regular sodas are empty calories. These people are dying a bit later in life because they are drinking diet sodas instead of sweetened sodas.

    Sodas used to be a rare treat. People used to drink mostly water, alcohol, and coffee.

    1. “People used to drink mostly water, alcohol, and coffee”

      Some still do. Cheers.

      1. *Slowly raised hand

        1. Another caucasian, Gary.

      2. If you ordered that by quantity from most to least, it would be alcohol, coffee, and water.

    2. I know a couple people that drink well over 2 diet cokes per day. They are both obese. But they also eat a bunch of junk, and get no exercise.

      1. I remember years ago a friend’s obese (though not morbidly so) sister ordered a 10-scoop ice cream sundae and a diet coke. It was a running joke of ours for years.

        1. I worked at a movie theater in college, and we’d always laugh at the landwhales that would come in and buy a giant popcorn loaded with “butter,” and a small diet coke to wash it down.

          It happened so consistently we’d keep a tally during busy shifts.

  11. She was 15 and the person taking photos was a sheriff’s deputy/dispatcher.

    Hopefully the dispatcher was still answering the phones and not telling people who were calling in and drowning in their car and screaming for help to “shut up” and tell them this is their own fault while they died.

  12. More bad economic news.

    Only 8 of the top 10 richest people on the planet have seen their wealth increase this year.

    I guarantee that under a Hillary Clinton Presidency, that number would be 10 out of 10. As we all know, Koch / Reason libertarianism’s primary objective is to make billionaires richer. And in this terrible Drumpf economy, that just isn’t happening to the extent it should be.


  13. The press is the most scientifically illiterate people out there except for soft science activists.

  14. In its sixth year, Expat Insider, one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive surveys on life abroad, has set yet another record: 20,259 participants from around the globe shared their experiences in 2019.

    The US ranked only 47th out of 64 countries as the best place to live in the world for the second consecutive year.

    That’s according to the major benchmark Expat Insider 2019 report which surveyed 20,259 expats, representing 182 nationalities and living in 187 countries or territories.

    An expat is defined as an employee sent abroad on a corporate assignment or classed as a new international hire. The survey ran from 7 to 28 March. Respondents were asked to score 48 different factors — which fall into 17 subcategories — related to living abroad. Those 17 subcategories are then put into five pillars —Quality of Life, Ease of Settling In, Working Abroad, Family Life, and Personal Finance.

    Top 10
    1. Taiwan
    2. Vietnam

    7. Bahrain
    8. Ecuador

    Haha. Vietnam #2. Hilarious! Vietnam beat America. Haha

    1. Usually, expat surveys are directed at Americans and Europeans who want to live abroad. Especially for Americans, that’s often about retiring–where relatively wealthy Americans can afford to live on social security. You often see countries like Colombia, Ecuador, and Portugal near the top of those lists just because the cost of living is low, but it’s also based on factors like how hard it is to get a visa.

      That survey is asking expats in the United States how the U.S. ranks, so you’re not getting a sense of how it would be for Americans living abroad vs. Americans living in the USA. You’re getting an idea of how foreigners living in the USA view their experience–and it may be highly impacted by considerations like the difficulty in getting a visa.

      From the travel ban to other immigration restrictions, it wouldn’t surprise me to see expats in the USA (from other countries) start to rank the US worse for that reason alone–other things being equal. “Ease of Settling In”, “Working Abroad”, and “Family Life” may all be impacted by the difficulty of getting a work visa for your spouse or getting visas to bring extended family to the U.S.

      1. The last time I paid attention to a list of cities based on quality of life, I think five of them were in Switzerland. None of them typically appear on lists of great places for expats because visa requirements are so difficult and the cost of living is so high. The U.S. tends to fare poorly on a lot of lists too because violent crime in certain areas is so bad. Other countries don’t have suburbs like we do, and it’s hard to communicate to people that just because you live in the Greater Memphis Statistical Area, that doesn’t mean the suburbs are subject to the same crime rate as inner city Memphis.

      2. I think that they are using the “expat” word incorrectly. I always thought it meant ex-nationals who moved permanently to another nation for whatever reason.

        This survey’s main demographic are workers who went overseas for work or were sent overseas by their employer. Slightly different target than those that just retire to another nation.

    2. Actually they beat us once before.

      1. If you call losing 1,000,000+ men/women and having the USA leave after you violated an international peace treaty “beating the USA”. If you consider a tie “beating” someone.

        Communist Vietnam definitely won that war. They conquered all of Vietnam.

        The Vietnamese had more work to “beat the USA”.

        The Afghanistanis didnt “beat the Russians”. The Russians left.

        America beat the Imperial Japanese and Nazi Germany. The Allied powers controlled those countries for over a decade after WWII.

    3. The top 10 countries are mostly nations where the cost of living is extremely low for a foreigner from a relatively wealthy nation.

      What a surprise.

  15. California dive boat owners file lawsuit to avoid liability after deadly fire

    Of course, your dive company deserves to remain in business after some 30+ burned up in their sleep.

  16. Air Force jet accidentally fires rocket into Arizona desert

    “Take that cactus”!

    Pilots gotta get their rockets off too, ya know!

    1. Trump bombed America! OBL and Maddow were right!

    2. Is cactus a dog whistle for immigrant now?

      1. Is it an illegal or legal cactus?

    3. Well, NBC “news”, so – – – – – –
      Maybe the firing mechanism was made in China?
      Either way, Trump’s fault, or global climate warming change; maybe both.

  17. China Injects $126 Billion Into Its Slowing Economy

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Americans bought Chinese debt and they have our debt?

    Let’s see what hack writer Boehm does with this news.

  18. Women can legally go topless now in Colorado Springs, just like men.

    Correction: Fort Collins, not Colorado Springs. All those white cities must look the same to you.

    1. ╔════╗───────────────╔═══╦═══╦═══╦═══╗─╔╗╔╗╔╗

  19. God bless pat Sajack.

    Sajak tweeted: “I, like so many others, truly dislike ketchup on hotdogs, and I prefer not to be around anyone who uses ketchup on hotdogs. I call upon all hotdog stands to post a list of those who ask for ketchup on their hotdogs.”

    And many more great tweets.

    1. I woke up feeling virtuous this morning. I think I’ll find something to boycott and then tweet about it. Never let it be said I’m not doing my part. #LookAtMe
      — Pat Sajak (@patsajak) August 17, 2019

      Haha. He is kind of funny for a wheel spinner.

  20. So my brother-in-law is currently in the hospital on oxygen and a diuretic and he’s doing better, his heart function is back up to around 40%.

    He’s a Vietnam vet on 90% disability, had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery about 6 years ago but his health has never been that good. A couple weeks ago he noticed his legs and feet were swelling up so he called the VA and got an appointment to see a doctor, the doctor was once again convinced that this was a symptom of diabetes even though they had already run a bunch of tests that showed he had absolutely no trace of diabetes. After his daughter got involved, they reluctantly agreed to schedule an appointment with the VA cardiologist on the whacky theory that this might have something to do with his heart and the fact that he had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery and is taking a shitload of heart medication. His appointment is for next Wednesday.

    In the meantime, his daughter became concerned enough about how bad he looked that she called the VA on Tuesday afternoon and demanded they approve a visit to a private cardiologist, which they did and the private cardiologist scheduled him for Wednesday morning. The guy took one look at my brother-in-law and said you need to get this guy to the emergency room right now, I’ll call over there and tell them you’re on the way.

    Congestive heart failure, possible liver and kidney damage. Which the VA had diagnosed as diabetes. And only reluctantly had agreed to look at as a possible heart problem next week. Just about the same time as the funeral would have been.

    There’s your government-run single-payer health care at work, folks. Agitating for this shit ought to be treated as a crime, it’s gross negligence and willful disregard and you need to be punished for your stupidity.

    1. Best wishes for brother in law. Glad someone was able to help him.

    2. As a disabled vet, I can tell you that is more common than any American wants to admit.

      The VA is better than it used to be but not for lack of trying to fuck it up. The VA is full of typical bureaucrats who dont give a shit about you, government employees who cannot get a better job somewhere else (for some sketchy reason), good-hearted and caring Americans who want to help veterans, and run by politicians who largely use-and-abuse veterans.

      With that being said, some vets are like some Americans and don’t take care of themselves after military service and then the VA has to cover more than just injuries from military service.

  21. Are you guys familiar with One America News (OAN)? They’re a paid cable news network. You might describe them as an MSNBC for social conservatives–but they may be further to the social conservative right than MSNBC is to the social justice left.

    I have little use for OAN, and that isn’t just because my interest in the right is mostly about capitalism rather than social conservatism. It’s also because, whether through bias or by design, One America News often gets it wrong–especially in their opinion shows. I’m not about to defend social conservatives for that any quicker than I am to defend the likes of Rachel Maddow. On the other hand, if Maddow were unfairly abused by the likes of Donald Trump, I’d defend her if it came down to it–and I’l do the same for the opinionated personalities on One American News.

    Well guess what? The host of OAN’s big opinion show, Liz Wheeler, was blocked from posting questions to Alexandria Occasio-Cortez’s Twitter feed under what appears to be bogus pretenses. You can hear all about it here:

    As much as you may hate Liz Wheeler’s uncool earrings, demeanor, and opinions, I suspect I hate feeling compelled to defend her by linking to Google’s disgusting YouTube service even more. And yet it seems like Alexandria Occasio-Cortez’s behavior often compels me to do things I’d rather not do otherwise.

    I don’t want to defend the right of One America News to fact check AOC on Twitter, but, as far as I can tell, the fact is that Liz Wheeler hasn’t only been respectful in her fact checks of AOC’s tweets, she’s actually defended AOC against language like “bitch and slut” being used against her. I didn’t want to defend Trump including what amounted to fungible wall money in the bill that allocated funds to alleviate the suffering of all those overcrowded migrant children, but when AOC voted against that funding, making it clear that she cares more about criticizing Trump for the suffering of those children than she does about alleviating that suffering, it became necessary to criticize her for that. She sure as hell doesn’t oppose building the wall out of a sense of fiscal conservatism.

    Last but not least, I don’t want to vote for Donald Trump, mostly because I oppose his trade policies as being insufficiently capitalist. I’d rather vote for a Libertarian candidate or just stick with principled non-voting instead. Unfortunately, all the leading Democratic candidates have embraced Alexandria-Occasio Cortez’s Green New Deal, which is both authoritarian and socialist–compelling me to come off the sidelines and vote for Donald Trump. Because of Alexandria-Occasio Cortez, I think it’s necessary for the Democrats to lose–despite Trump’s flaws–because of the authoritarian and socialist Green New Deal.

    Notice the common factor in all these things?

    The issue is no longer that Trump is building a wall or anti-trade with China. The issue is AOC’s lies and authoritarian socialism.

    The issue isn’t that I support OAN, Liz Wheeler, or the government supervision of social media. The issue is AOC’s lies and total contempt for the First Amendment.

    The issue is AOC. If the Democratic Party or the people of New York don’t resolve that situation, I’d expect her behavior to provoke swing voters to continue to swing to the right–probably even more so once Trump leaves office. She makes Antonio Brown look reasonable by way of comparison. She’s not just a cancer in the locker room. She’s a plague on the league.

    1. As someone who hates the idea of abortion but respects the right to be sovereign over your body, let me just say this is disgusting and indefensible. Full stop.

      1. It is horrific. And I have a very nuanced view of abortion. But the truth is PP is in the business of killing and dismembering unborn children and selling their body parts for profit. I don’t understand how anyone could not be repulsed by that

        1. They’ve convinced themselves a genetically unique human is just a bunch of cells. Very similar to how germany dehumanized a certain race/religion.

        2. “I don’t understand how anyone could not be repulsed by that”
          Then clearly you are a racist, sexist, homophobic person not fit to live.

    2. LOL — The Federalist isn’t a legitimate source.


      1. Is the federal court in San Francisco not a legitimate source?

        1. Hell no!

    3. After Fowler, Doe 7 took the stand, a non-physician who performed surgical abortions for Planned Parenthood Northern California.”

      Wow I thought the whole purpose of PP was to have real surgeons doing surgery to keep women out of harm from back alley surgery, so they even lie about that to save money

      1. They maim women all the time.

      2. It might be that there are few competent surgeons who want to do abortions all the time. Perhsps only the dregs of the profession or a few deological fanatics are game for it.

      3. The whole purpose of PP is to make money hand over fist to support the lifestyles of it executives.

    4. The worst part of that opening day was the NAF president claiming she had no clue baby parts were sold despite the companies being at her conferences for years.

    5. This new information doesn’t mesh with my preexisting biases, so I know it can’t be true.

    6. Evil.

      It made me pro-life ‘in case’. According to Nick, this makes me ‘right-wing’.

      The other side is just to ghoulish and amoral for my taste.

      But I’m sure Reason will find a way to defend these degenerates.

    7. Aren’t Lefties against people freely selling their organs because like desire to smoke, TOP MEN know best?

  22. I can’t remember the last time I opposed the government privatizing something, and it may never happen again–but I oppose the Trump administration privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

    Before the financial crisis of 2008, libertarians, pretty much universally opposed Fannie and Freddie because we said that there was an implicit guarantee that the government would bail private investors out if things went bad–and that created a moral hazard.

    When they went bust in 2008, in no small part because of the moral hazard, the government did exactly what we predicted. They bailed out the private investors and took them over with taxpayer money. The only good thing to come out of that was an end to their moral hazard inspired behavior. Publicly owned companies don’t take advantage of implicit guarantees of a government bailout in the same way. They should have just let Fannie and Freddie crater, but the plan has been to give the government time to unwind all those bad assets the government assumed–and then let Fannie and Freddie die a natural death once all their assets are gone.

    If and when the Trump administration privatizes Fannie and Freddie with the same implicit guarantee of a government bailout again, it will result in the same moral hazard behavior again, and that will catch up with again eventually–in the same way as before and for all the same reasons. Not even a Congressional approved law to prevent bailouts of Freddie and Fannie in the future is good enough. If the Congress will approve a bailout of Wall Street investors and investment banks to the tune of almost a $700 billion in taxpayer money in the midst of a crisis, putting a rider on the bill to override an existing law that prohibits such bailouts isn’t a barrier at all.

    The mere existence of these entities implies a government bailout. Fannie and Freddie should just die and stay dead.

    1. Just when you think things can’t get any stupider, here comes another government plan to make things even stupider. How’s the plans for the government subsidizing the sale of Boeing’s growing stockpile of 737 MAX’s coming along?

    2. ” Publicly owned companies don’t take advantage of implicit guarantees of a government bailout in the same way.”

      The only sense in which this statement is true is that government owned companies get explicit rather than implicit guarantees against financial failure. The moral hazard is still there and entirely unchanged. The only way to

      1. The only way to eliminate the moral hazard is to sell them entirely back to private investors with an explicit warning that they will not be bailed out again.

        1. I already pointed out why that’s bullshit.

          1. “Not even a Congressional approved law to prevent bailouts of Freddie and Fannie in the future is good enough. If the Congress will approve a bailout of Wall Street investors and investment banks to the tune of almost a $700 billion in taxpayer money in the midst of a crisis, putting a rider on the bill to override an existing law that prohibits such bailouts isn’t a barrier at all.”

            —-Ken Shultz

      2. Private investors don’t pile money into a public entity that issues as much securitized debt as possible at below market rates because the risk of default is mitigated by an implicit bailout guarantee–and executives aren’t as incentivized to float as much debt as possible when they aren’t privately owned and the profits are distributed to private investors.

        To whatever extent private parties wish to buy home loans and securitize them, they should be free to do so–but GSEs have no good reason to exist.

    3. Uh Ken. Be careful of WSJ and WaPo links because they charge to view.

      I will never pay them for their articles.

  23. “They” have been wrong about diet soda since cyclamate.

    Cyclamate is approved as a sweetener in at least 130 countries.
    In the late 1960s cyclamate was banned in the United Kingdom but was approved after being re-evaluated by the European Union in 1996.
    In the Philippines, cyclamate was banned until the Philippine Food and Drug Administration lifted the ban in 2013, declaring it safe for consumption.
    Cyclamate remains banned in the United States.

    1. Butter was bad for us until its good for us again.

      Bureaucrats just cannot say, “I don’t know for sure”.

  24. “You can say, ‘No sex without a condom.’ You can say, ‘No sex until we’re married.’ But you can’t say, ‘No sex until you pay me’? And that feels like it really undermines what consent means,”

    But this is the leftist view about anything. You don’t “consent” to an action if doing it or not doing it carries a consequence. Hence idiotic terms like “wage slavery.”

  25. Real root beer has been banned since 1962. Safrole, the cause of the ban, is a natural component of other food items including nutmeg that have not been banned.

  26. Women can legally go topless now in Colorado Springs, just like men.

    Still can’t pee effectively standing up.

    1. They don’t call it Golden SHOWER for nothing.

  27. You correctly identify issues with the diet soda story then simplify and make the same error you corrected in the diet soda story in the short take re vaping and vitamin E… ????‍♂️

    The FDA also stressed this point. “No one substance, including Vitamin E acetate, has been identified in all of the samples tested,” the agency said in a news release. “Importantly, identifying any compounds that are present in the samples will be one piece of the puzzle but will not necessarily answer questions about causality.”

  28. If you ordered that by quantity from most to least, it would be alcohol, coffee, and water.

  29. As someone who hates the idea of abortion but respects the right to be sovereign over your body, let me just say this is disgusting and indefensible. Full stop.

  30. Drinking, smoking, vaping an overall unhealthy lifestyle. But nobody cares.

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