Cancel Culture

Watch Dave Chappelle Eviscerate Cancel Culture

The comedian's new Netflix special deftly skewers woke scolds.


I don't expect cancel culture to die off anytime soon, but if it does, it will be because Dave Chappelle shot it to death with the 12-gauge shotgun he was apparently saving for heroin-addicted white people trespassing on his property.

In his new Netflix special, aptly titled "Sticks and Stones," Chappelle takes aim at the woke scolds, and he's firing buckshot because birdshot, well "that won't kill a man." Here's one of his first jokes:

Chappelle humorously critiques school mass shooting drills, Jussie Smollett, the excesses of the #MeToo movement, and LGBTQ activists—or "the alphabet people" as he calls them—for thinking they should be immune from mockery.

"Everybody loves me, and I love everybody," Chappelle assures the audience. "I got friends who are Ls, who are Bs, and I got friends who are Gs. But the Ts hate my fucking guts."

As if proving his point, the usual suspects in the media are already denouncing Chappelle. Vice accuses him of "tarnishing his own legacy." The Ringer contrasted Chappelle with Aziz Ansari: The latter is "circumspect and performatively torn" in his latest comedy routines, while the former is regrettably "openly combative." That Ansari is required to beg for forgiveness after being publicly smeared by clickbait-driven hacks—and to remain grateful for this second chance—is exactly the kind of insanity Chappelle is deftly skewering.

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  1. Vice accuses him of “tarnishing his own legacy.”

    This is hilarious. Chapelle’s legacy is to find humor in things that make us uncomfortable.

    Black white power activist? check
    Crackhead? check
    Racial draft? check

    Vice is smoking the lefty weed and failing again.

    1. I remember when Vice was edgy. Now it’s a shit wannabe woke media outlet that Reason can only aspire to.

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    2. Vice is garbage.

    3. Imagine their reaction to “Blazing Saddles”, or even something as recent as “In Living Color” being produced today.

  2. As if proving his point, the usual suspects in the media are already denouncing Chapelle.

    Chapelle seems to be one of those figures who can “get away with” this kind of thing. The scolds might want to check where they truly are in the food chain.

    1. I think the key is that Chapelle doesn’t apologize for being who he is. A lot of people could learn from that.

      1. +10

      2. Doesn’t hurt to be a minority to start with.

        1. Being black is a huge head start . . . in the minds of insecure, grievance-consumed, shambling white clingers.

          1. Hi, gecko!

            1. Gordon or geico?

              1. I just like to point out that for all his “clinger” crap, Kirkland sticks to this place like a gecko walking on Saran Wrap.

                1. I was thinking more like shit on a shoe.

                  1. I’m going with a lizard sized brain.

                2. His Mom threw him out and he’s got nowhere to go.

                3. I’m to,d he s,there’d in when Reason started hosting Prof. Volokh.

          2. Hi Klinger! Still wearing a dress and trying to get out on a Section 8?

          3. ..Being black is a huge head start . . . in the minds of insecure, grievance-consumed, shambling white clingers….

            But, what if he gets called a black white racist?…shudder.

          4. And it is ignoramuses like you who make sure they have that head start because deep down you think they need it & cannot make it without it!

          5. Shove a .45 up your ass and pull the trigger.

    2. Dave Chappelle has enough money to do what he wants when he wants and he knows some real thugs, so woke pussies cannot control him.

    3. He’s got fuck you money now. He D. N. G. A. F.

  3. Dave Chappelle ain’t a Trump support….yet.

    1. Because there are only two tribes. Trump and not Trump. No one is allowed to exist outside these categories. Not even comedians. Especially not comedians.

      Don’t like Bernie? You MUST be a Trumpista! Don’t like Trump, you MUST be a fucking socialist. There are no other options. It has been decided for you.

      1. Don’t like Trump, you MUST be a fucking socialist.

        The LC1789 Doctrine.

        1. Haha. You guys are good at…nothing.

          Coming from the dipshits who protect trolls and other goobers like yourself.

          I think its hilarious that you cannot tell the difference between a Socialist and someone who is not.

          1. The irony is that’s it’s always guys like him that are calling anyone a ‘Trumpista’ if they support anything Trump does.

          2. It’s even more hilarious how completely you manage to miss the point at every occasion.

  4. Who?

    1. You may know him better as Tony.

    2. One of them “niggers” voting Democratic for two hundred years.

      Just ask LBJ.

  5. I don’t know he just came off as preachy like late Carlin. I don’t care for my degenerate comedians to be preachy I’ll go to catholic church for that.

    1. Its not preachy.

      Chappelle takes current events and puts his spin on them. Gangster comedian style.

      1. Agreed. I watched this last night and loved it (might even say the modern Pryor). Ansari’s stuff was okay, but still an apologetic and capitulating screed. With all the woke-ass, so-called comics hitting the stage these days and Idle Hands finds this preachy?

    2. +1 church snacks

    3. Richard Prior used to do a routine about LBJs’ staff trying to teach him NOT to say “nigger”.
      “C’mon Lyndon, it’s “KNEE-grow”. Try it.”
      “N…nig…grao. Nigge-row?”
      “Please, Mr. President, it’s not that hard!”
      “Can’t I just avoid it completely?”
      “You know you can’t. Again: neeeee-grooooow.”
      “Nig…ah, dammit!”

    4. Carlin was inventive and funny in his earlier years, but he stopped being even remotely funny as he got older and started taking not only himself, but some of his fans’ belief that he was enlightened and wise seriously. He just got angry and, yes…preachy. Chapelle is still funny, even when pissed off.

  6. Lol great.

  7. “The Alphabet People.”

    Love it.

    1. It will go down as a classic Chapelle bit.

  8. If Vice and The Ringer hate it, you know its hilarious and worth a watch.

    1. +100

      Dave Chappelle is one of the few comics left who just refuses to cave to woke assholes.

    2. Didnt bill Simmons start the ringer site? Wasnt he funny in his columns at one point? Did his friendship with Jamelle Hill ruin him?

      1. Like Jimmy Kimmel he’s been desperately trying to white wash and bury why anybody cared or liked him.

      2. Simmons went from being a bright, well-informed sports fan to a self-important scold “journalist”.

        I remember watching his podcast not long before he got fired and he went on and on and on (and on and on) about how he could “prove” ESPN lied to him about something. And it really wasn’t anything anyone would really give a shit about. And then, when his shrieks of betrayal and outrage were met with a corporate-style word salad about how they “regret our failure to clearly communicate blahdeblah,…” he went completely ballistic, his supersonic whining causing dogs to bark in MY neighborhood.

        I stopped following him before ESPN announced that if he wanted to go in a more independent direction, he was getting the chance. If he’s gone political, I bet it’s a real cringefest, just coz of the kind of mouthy guy he was. That stuff worked on sports, pretty funny and perceptive, can’t imagine it being amusing or entertaining applied to politics.

        1. I got tired of Simmons about the time he moved out to L.A. and started bragging about all the celebrities he was hanging out with, and how some other douchebag “moderated” the “beef” between him and Isaiah Thomas. Isaiah Thomas was an incompetent, sexual harassing scumbag, and Bill Simmons is a star-fucker who thinks he should be as much of a celebrity as the athletes.

          That he still hasn’t figured out why he’s wrong after getting fired by ESPN and flaming out at HBO just goes to show that ESPN was right,

        2. His shtick got tiresome….fast. Same with Le Batard and his stupid Trump rants. I really don’t respect these personalities who are told by their bosses to shut up about politics claim they’re being fricken silenced. No dipshits. It’s their platform you’re using and they get to decide how their business operates. Le Batard ignored ESPN’s new direction of not getting political and was rightfully called out for it.

          Take it like a man Dan.

          As for Simmons again, he thinks Rapinoe is a good role model for his daughter.

          Says a lot about him if you ask me.

  9. “But…but…he’s black! That means we own him! How dare he have his own opinions!”

    1. Clayton Bigsby disagrees.

      1. +100

  10. I wish Dave the best of luck in his new career. We’ll miss him.

  11. “I got friends who are Ls, who are Bs, and I got friends who are Gs. But the Ts hate my fucking guts.”

    And judging by the high suicide rates, Ts hate themselves more than they hate Dave Chappelle.

    1. But if we spend 30-50k a pop we can save them by not reducing those suicide rates. It is almost like it is a mental issue and not actual reality. To test this out we should put anorexics on diets and let ableist force doctors to cut off body parts.

      1. And preparing to cut off those body parts is happening to more & more young kids! Kids as young as 6 years old are given puberty blockers & hormones, even though studies show the overwhelming majority will outgrow the feeling they are the wrong gender!

        1. Progressives really are inhuman monsters. And people think I’m too extreme in wanting to force them out of this country.

        2. Somehow, I don’t think the current project to, purportedly, ensure no individual has a more difficult or more unhappy life than any other, is not going to prove to be the best use of resources. Not of “maximum utility to society” as Bentham might have said. In that snooty, 18-century British accent.

          In fact, given the methods used in this effort, one might almost wager that we’ll achieve a perfectly negative utility, in terms of mental health and human happiness. So far, feminist reform of male/female relationships has not been a boon to society.

          Or am I missing something? Male/female relationships used to be FUN. It was kind of common knowledge. Now…well that appears to have been effectively deconstructed.

      2. We could let three-year-olds determine which puberty-suppressant or gender-altering drugs they wanted today, or if they just liked the pink shirt.

  12. Imagining a Tyrone sketch where he studies postmodernism and plays woke to advance his career solely for the purpose of financing his crack habit.

    1. David Sedaris has a very funny anecdote about that in one of his books. (not about Tyrone obviously, but about his postmodernist student artist phase and a drug addiction) I can’t remember which book

      1. In my head it would be just like the real estate skit. The ‘oh you’ type ending where everyone laughs about something genuinely horrible (selling someone’s home without their consent for crack) would be the perfect critique of a culture that values immutable characteristics (Tyrone’s blackness) and not the morality of one’s actions. Also, the willful obliviousness to his selling out of their woke ideals and choosing to ignore the fraud that they are is kino af.

  13. love Chappelle.

  14. That clip really does paint the whole picture. The wokeables think that any critique by a comedian must be about Trump. Chappelle turns it right around it and says it is You Moutherfuckers. And the wokeables, without a moment of self-reflection, laugh away because the funny guy said Motherfucker.

  15. His audience yelled “Trump” at that joke? They yelled “Trump”?!! That is the worst audience in the world.

    1. The woke people so live in a bubble they expect all their Team’s comedians to toe the line and have TDS like they do.

      The look on some of the audience’s faces was priceless.

    2. cute how they don’t understand they’re the representatives of “everyone” he’s yelling at

      1. If you watch the whole thing, he specifically says that he blames them.

        1. sweet i will do this.

  16. That Ansari is required to beg for forgiveness after being publicly smeared by clickbait-driven hacks—and to remain grateful for this second chance—is exactly the kind of insanity Chappelle is deftly skewering.

    The lesson is clear but bears repeating constantly: Don’t apologize, don’t back down, don’t be contrite.

    1. +100

    2. Sad but true. If you say “Fuck off”, the furor dies quickly. When you apologize, your career is fucked.

      All Ansari should’ve said was “The girl sucked my dick so, yeah, I thought she might down for sex and she didn’t ever say no. I take ‘my dick in your mouth’ as unspoken consent”

      1. A girl sucking your dick is the most affirmative oral consent she can give.

        1. It certainly should give one the oral authority to proceed.

    3. make the rubble bounce

  17. The Vice article is exactly what’s wrong with wokeness. They’re approaching jokes with no sense of humor, taking them seriously, then breaking them down and psycho-analyzing them. How tedious.

    1. These people are no fun at parties, either. I briefly dated an ultra progressive. The Christmas party was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. They waited for her Christian mom to leave before playing cards against humanity (they were worried she might get offended), then one lady yelled “shame!” at me during the game when one of my in-game jokes poked fun at women over 40.

      I laughed in her face. Needless to say that relationship didn’t make it past 72 hours after Christmas. The guy dating the shame girl was the saddest excuse of a man I’ve ever seen. Literally works on rockets, never seen such a smart person so terrified to have an opinion. He also had small body posture- slumped shoulders, kept his arms and hands inward towards his torso, kept his knees touching at all times, looked at the floor a lot, spoke too softly to be heard.

      1. Cards Against Humanity is a surefire way to sort the woke from the rest of us.

        1. What blows my mind is that we waited for her mom to leave because they were worried she’d get offended, then they got offended themselves! It was horseshoe theory in action. Hardcore leftists share so much in common with religious puritans.

          1. Jimmy Swaggert was less of a hypocrite than these people. At least Jimmy didn’t have too much pride to go on national TV and admit he fucked up.

          2. It more likely that they used the mom as an excuse when really they didn’t want the mom to know how stupid they are.

            An older women likely had life experiences that do not necessarily put them on the side of the woke. Its why even with all the Propaganda coming from the Left, millions of women still support Trump.

          3. “Hardcore leftists share so much in common with religious puritans.”

            They are religious puritans.

        2. “”Cards Against Humanity”‘

          Band name?

        3. And it’s odd that the makers of CAH are so fucking woke. Even after one of the creators was tied up in a laughable rape claim.

    2. – “The Vice article is exactly what’s wrong with wokeness.”

      I’s say it’s the mere tip of the iceberg of what’s wrong with wokeness. But I agree with your point.

  18. But then he said all of Michael Jackson’s accusers were liars, which is pretty sick IMHO. Blind hero worship like that is how Jackson got away with it for so many years.

    1. And blind belief of accusers will get us what, exactly?

    2. Watch the two accusers in the Michael Jackson show.

      If you believe the two men accusing Michael Jackson, then their parents knew that Michael Jackson was fucking kids. The statements that I saw by the men and their parents forever link that everyone knew Michael Jackson was fucking boys or these people took financial advantage of Michael Jackson’s unusual regressive and eccentric lifestyle.

  19. My wife and I watched this last night and laughed our assess off. Chappelle’s timing and delivery is probably as good as any comedian of any era.

    1. +100

    2. I’m going to have to go watch it. It’s seemed to me that comedy is a dying art-less because people can’t recognize what’s funny, and more because nobody knows how to deliver their jokes.

      1. Rickles died. black hole.

  20. Robby I’m waiting for the real scoop on this “at least I know my dad” rich white college kid tennis player clickbait that’s pinging around the outrage sphere, popping up at all the usual spots right now. A friend of mine just went radio silent after I told him I’d wait for the dust to settle before I make any guesses as to what actually happened. Again I’m a “racist” for approaching anything the lefty blogs put out with just a teensy bit of healthy suspicion before all the facts are in. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, I’m just one of the few people honest enough to say “I don’t know”.

    1. Oh my bad that’s from JANUARY

    2. ” before all the facts are in”

      Facts are a social construct of the white supremacist cisheteropartiarchy used to oppress marginalized peoples.

      You’re obviously racist.

  21. Hopefully Mr. Chappelle’s comments and jokes were approved by the Ministry of Truth, has a license for such work and does not own a firearm.
    Otherwise our loving and understanding Thought Police will be knocking on his door soon.

    1. “Oye! You ‘ave a loiscence for those jokes, ya’ cheeky wanker?!”

      Oh, sorry…wrong country.

  22. Don’t let the Vice snowflakes see ‘Clayton Bigsby’.

  23. Watched this last night and thought it was brilliant.

    Just as long as both sides of this thing realize that jokes are not the same as opinions or admonitions.

    1. His bit on Abortion was a perfect example of what satire and humor can do.

      He does a screed about only women getting to have a say in abortion… then comes the first turn: But if I don’t get a say, then I don’t have to pay. It is only fair….

      And then, the coup de grace…. One final turn:

      Or, maybe we’re both wrong about this one..

      And there you have it! Everyone’s Ox gets gored. That’s what an actual talented humorist can do. No sacred cows left.

      Well done, Dave, well done!

      1. I agree, but you left out the last punchline…

        “If you can kill it, then I can abandon it”

  24. Always been a fan of Chapelle. Watched the first half of the show last night and will finish it up tonight.

    People gonna criticize him, he just looks at that as new material.

    I recall another great comedian. Don Rickles who was always over the top and not afraid of anything. Most of his stuff was pure ad lib. He had the gift of doing that and at the same time his inner warmth came through.

    Here he is roasting Sammy Davis jr.

    1. Rickles and Newhart are my faves from the generation.

      1. Yeah, Dangerfield gets no respect. No respect I tell ya!

        Just the other day I pulled up to my house and some guy was jogging naked as a jay bird. I said hey buddy why are you doing that? He said because you came home early.

      2. Anyone got a cigarette? I left mine in the machine.

        1. lol. +1 Easy Money

        2. My wife and I decided to quit smoking.
          We only smoke after sex.
          I haven’t had a cigarette in 6 months.
          She’s up to 2 packs a day.

      3. Good job mentioning Newhart, as his style is not one people view as “memorable”, but he was certified genius. His ability to carry both ends of a phone conversation, one unheard, was simply amazing, and unprecedented.

    2. I met Rickles a few years before he died. He was at a local restaurant where I live having dinner with friends who live in the area. I happened to be a few tables away, and several of us recognized him. He got up and talked to everyone. Even going so far as to do about ten minutes of his stuff right here. I can say it is an honor to be zinged by Don Rickles. He truly was the gold standard of insult comics, and also very nice and generous with his time.

      1. A mensch. The greats are.

        I brought up Sammy Davis Jr. got to meet him once when I was a kid 12 yo. He was like that. One of my heroes.

        Thanks guys for bringing up Dangerfield. The king of one liners. You can still find his old stuff. He did some Johnny Carson shows and Carson cannot even speak.

  25. We need a lot more of this. It’s the only way to defeat the busybodies.

  26. eviscerate is a bit strong

    1. Agreed. Even taken metaphorically, he didn’t really disembowel them. It was more of a bitch slap.

  27. The alphabet people

    1. That was good shit. I’ve never heard a more clear and succinct explanation/metaphor for what goes on among the communities.

  28. Just watched Sticks and Stones. Someone needs to be doing this, and he’s clearly the man for the job.

    Juicy Smollet’.

  29. We have missed his voice. Chapelle and Chris Rock are the only two guys something to say and with the juice and the chops to get away with it in the SJW Woke-verse we are living in. And both of them went away for most of the last decade when we really needed them.

    Here’s hoping that this new world has ignited a fire under Chapelle’s butt that will keep him skewering our over-inflated egos for the next few years.

  30. Okay, I’m just going to say it, I love me some Chapelle! Damn Dave, you go!

  31. Dave Chappelle is the best comedian of all time
    تجهیزات شبکه

  32. I saw the clip. I laughed. What’s the big deal? Vice played right into his hands and literally just proved Chapelle’s point.
    We need another draft so men can remember what it’s like to truly struggle and experience actual pain. This outrage crap is the result of a society where life is too easy and too soft.

  33. Dave Chapelle is a talented and funny black man, and VICE is trying to oppress him. VICE is obviously staffed by a bunch of white nationalists.

  34. Also watch Dave Chappelle eviscerate white America on their hypocrisy about opioid addiction vs the crack epidemic…

  35. Vice says Chapelle is tarnishing his own legacy? Uh, Vice you’re black. Also, that legacy you speak of? Yeah, you’d probably shit on Chapelle’s Show today too because he hasn’t changed one bit and we love him for it. He’s unapologetic and real.

  36. Definitely threw the rock at the pig pen with this one. I think the whole transracial/transgender dig was exceptionally brutal, one need only conflate a generally depressed state for “racial dysphoria” and we could have widespread cultural and societal support in defense of people mimicking a racial stereotype. Just like how they mimic a gender stereotype now. Truth hurts. On point with the heroin epidemic too. It was all a scathing indictment of the lack of self awareness the woke culture has. They say they’re aware of their privilege but they really aren’t.

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