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Trump Suggests 'Red Flag' Laws Be Used to Take CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo's Guns Away After Viral 'Fredo' Outburst

Do we want Trump in charge of deciding who’s too crazy to own a gun?


President Donald Trump thinks that CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo is too dangerous to have guns and might need to be forcibly disarmed.

Yesterday, video surfaced which showed Cuomo—a frequent Trump critic and brother of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo—berating two men out in public who called him Fredo, a term he alleged was an anti-Italian slur akin to the n-word.

"I'll fuckin' ruin your shit. I'll fucking throw you down these stairs," Cuomo said at one point during the two-minute video, which was reportedly recorded this past Sunday.

This morning Trump seized on the outburst from one of his prominent media critics by tweeting out a suggestion that "red flag" laws might allow the seizure of Cuomo's guns.

These laws have been adopted in 17 states, most of which passed them after the 2018 Parkland shooting. The specifics of these laws vary, but they generally allow family and law enforcement to petition a court to order the temporary confiscation of a person's guns if they exhibit signs that they will hurt themselves or others.

Following the most recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R–S.C.) said he will introduce a bill that would award grants to states to help them set up their own red flag laws. Graham says Trump supports the bill.

Red flag laws are becoming an increasingly popular piece of legislation among both liberals and conservatives as a way of getting guns out of the hands of potential mass shooters.

As Reason's Jacob Sullum has argued, these laws often deprive lawful gun owners of meaningful due process rights.

Depending on the state, a wide number of people are able to petition to take someone's guns away. These petitions can often be decided in ex parte hearings where the person whose weapons might be seized isn't present. Even if they are present at one of these hearings, most states do not guarantee them legal representation.

In addition, the lack of truly objective standards for who might be a risk to themselves or others will lead judges to confiscate too many guns, writes Sullum, saying that "when standards are amorphous, judges are especially likely to err on the side of issuing orders, because they imagine that failing to do so could lead to terrible consequences."

Meanwhile, Trump's tweet highlights a different risk of red flag laws: that politicians or law enforcement will let their own petty feuds and emotions influence who they decide to disarm. Invoking red flag laws to disarm one's critics, as Trump has suggested, borders on tyrannical.

A good rule of thumb when evaluating a new law is whether you'd want your worst political enemy to be in charge of its enforcement. In the case of red flag laws, do we want Trump in charge of deciding who's too crazy to own a gun?

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  1. Britches doesn’t appreciate Trump trolling Lefties and using their proposed laws against them too to get them to back off pushing Lefty Narratives.

    1. Trump backs ‘red flag’ gun laws.

      “We must make sure that those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety do not have access to firearms and that if they do, those firearms can be taken through rapid due process,” Trump said in televised remarks from the White House on Monday morning. “That is why I have called for red flag laws, also known as extreme risk protection orders.”

      Trump’s lefty narrative.

      1. Yeah, that totally means he was serious here when talking about Cuomo. You called it.

        1. He was just trolling lefties because he is actually completely against red flag laws.

          1. I have no idea what he thinks about red flag laws. Might he mean it when he says he supports them? Maybe. But I really won’t care unless and until he actually signs such a law.

            Regardless, his actual support of red flag laws has nothing to do with this. He was screwing with Cuomo and CNN here.

            Why don’t you just post ORANGE MAN BAD and save yourself some time. It would be just as meaningful as what you just posted and would have the virtue of brevity.

            1. I think trolling Cuomo is just good fun. I encourage everyone here to go call the stupid turd ‘Fredo’ on Twitter and other social media. It would be fun to see him have another meltdown.

            2. Just like when Reagan said the bombing of Russia. The left doesn’t get nuance but they can hear dog whistles that no one is blowing

              1. If they’re hearing dog whistles, it’s because they’re the dogs.

      2. Yawn. Let me know when an unconstitutional “Red Flag” gun control law goes to Trump to sign and he signs it.

        1. The word is any such proposal is already DOA in congress.

      3. I think the point sailed right over your head, sweetie.

      4. #RedFlagFredo

      5. President Trump may never know just how much he has alienated me (although I emailed him) with his call for increased background checks and Red Flag laws. All someone that doesn’t like you has to do is tell the cops you’re mentally unstable and get an exparte (no due process) order. Because a citizen may not know a Red Flag order has been issued, the police may storm your house, confiscate your guns, and take you away where you will have to prove you are not mentally unstable. I read of a couple of cases where the homeowner thought the police were criminals and were shot trying to protect their own property. Don’t believe me? Google states that have these laws and see for yourself. Naturally, The People’s Republic of Kalafornia, Oregon, and New York have them. These laws fly in the face of the 2nd Amendment! An unarmed citizenry is an invitation for foreign invasion or take over by a strong man. Just study history. When a strong man wants to take over he first disarms the citizens. I cannot support anyone who wants to violate the Second Amendment. Last year, the RAND Corporation, a liberal group, conducted a survey of the relevant academic research and failed to find a single gun-control policy that has been proven to reduce mass shootings in the United States. “We found no qualifying studies,” its report concluded bluntly, “showing that any of the 13 policies we investigated decreased mass shootings.” Only law abiding citizen obey these laws. Criminals don’t. LET THE SHOOTER GO, ARREST HE GUN!

    2. Yeah, fbck that guy, this is awesome

    3. Jesus Christ, Reason. Get a sense of humor.

      1. TDS makes that impossible.

  2. Chris “Fredo” Cuomo threatened to throw this guy down stairs.

    I am sure New York authorities will get right on charging Fredo with Terrorist Threats.

    1. I bet CNN wont punish Fredo either.

      The bright side is Lefties like Fredo as so upset about their Lefty agendas getting rolled back and more Americans ignoring the MSM Propagandists, they put their personal assets at risk for lawsuits.

      1. I bet Chris Cuomo gets call Fredo more often.

        1. Vic…Oh, that is just a given. Chris ‘The Lesser’ will never, ever live this down. He will be called ‘Fredo’ for eternity.

          1. “”He will be called ‘Fredo’ for eternity.”‘

            Next up, CNN will ask viewers to quit sending fan mail to Fredo.

            1. #FredoForever

          2. Chris Cuomo once referred to himself as ‘Fredo’ in radio interview

            Cuomo was interviewed by Curtis Sliwa on his AM 970 radio show in January 2010 about whether his brother Andrew might seek the Democratic nomination for governor.

            Sliwa said he dubbed the Cuomo family “la Cuomo Nostra.”
            “There is a group of people — politicos — who always hint they might run, but not necessarily plunge all the way, and they are members of la Cuomo.”
            “Who am I, then, Fredo?” Cuomo asked in response.

    2. “I am sure New York authorities will get right on charging Fredo with Terrorist Threats.”

      Cuomo lost his shit in front of his 9 year-old daughter too. So, throw in a CPS report to evaluate his anger management skills and assess violence in the home. Fredo needs to stay out of his home, until this all gets sorted, as a safety plan.

      1. +100

      2. I think some restraining orders are in order here. Fredo should also be involuntarily committed to a mental health facility for at least 72 hours.

    3. Forget Fredo, he’s acting more like Sonny.

      1. Fredo, but with Sonny’s temperament.

    4. The guy he threatened was so hoping Cuomo would try and do it. I know I would. It would be a badge of honor to kick the living shit out of an entitled progtard like him all nice and legal.

      I would make him cry like a little girl, and beg for mercy. And that would just be me holding him down and reading Hihn’s comment out loud. Which would probably be punishment enough.

      1. I seriously doubt you’re capable of holding a small child down. Your overcompensation is patently obvious.

        1. Care to come visit me and test that theory? I would enjoy that.

        2. Still haven’t heard back from you bitch.

  3. I don’t care if it is 4D chess, this is a bad look for Trump.

    1. It’s “n”th D Chess.

      1. More like 36DD chest.

        Trump ain’t no genius.

    2. The only 4D chess master is Boris Johnson. Trump is just pure id.

    3. This isn’t 4D chess. It’s a very very simple false flag operation. Show just how extreme red flag laws are. Despite the facts, this actually isn’t that extreme. The relative of a prominent politician has a video of him threatening violence against people for no good reasons.

      Since there is an active threat of violence, disarming the person involved is actually supportable. This is far supportable than most red-flag cases, which often involve nebulous accusations of being a violent person.

      Despite these very simple facts, you have the fact that a prominent politician is making an active threat against another prominent politician’s family. This can happen to anyone at anytime for the flimsiest of excuses.

  4. These petitions can often be decided in ex parte hearings where the person whose weapons might be seized isn’t present. Even if they are present at one of these hearings, most states do not guarantee them legal representation.

    “That’s crazy! Take away those states’ weapons!”

    1. Purely anecdotal but I know a person who had a handgun stolen during a home burglary. A few years later, a LEO in a different state contacted the gun owner to say they’d recovered it and needed contact information to return it to them. Info was given, the person still lives in the same house and…it’s been years and yet they’ve never received the pistol. This is a law-abiding, non-violent person.
      I’m sure the police will just be falling all over themselves to return a “dangerous” person’s property once the red flag order wears off.

      1. The key here is that it was a different state. Once the cop realized shipping to an FFL was required, this moved to the bottom of his to-do list.

        Likely would have been a different story if your friend could have driven to the police station and picked it up.

  5. Invoking red flag laws to disarm one’s critics … borders on tyrannical.

    “Well, it depends on what the meaning of ‘critic’ is.”

    1. Christian is so triggered he doesnt understand trump is mocking both Cuomo and the proposed regulations.

      1. The regulations he proposed?

        1. He hasnt proposed anything as no regulation is yet written. He made a single speech. He changes his mind often.

          1. Trump Defense Force GO!

            1. If what JesseAz is saying is true, why would you think it’s in defense of Trump opposed to defense of the truth?

            2. Link the regulation he proposed. You seem to be pretty fucking stupid about politics. They are often contradictory based on audience or after emotional events. They are human.

              So what does a rational person do? They analyze actions of a politician as that is where energy is being spent.

              You’ve gone full retard today.

              1. Link the regulation he proposed.

                I gave you links to him proposing (“calling for”) red flag laws. Does he have to formally submit legislation to congress for you to consider it proposing? Move those goalposts out of the stadium.

                If the left doesn’t like that tough shit, they are demanding red flag laws.

                So was Trump, but we’re not supposed to believe him.

                1. You gave me links to nothing dumbass. A red flag law could be anything from only anyone who has ever been committed to everyone who seen a psychiatrist. He has proposed nothing. What the fuck is wrong with some of you.

                  Link to the regulation proposed or stop lying. You’ve linked to trump asking for ideas on a regulation at best. That is not enactment nor a definition of scope.

                  It’s like arguing with children on here.

                2. Well, it would not be the first time a politician has pretended to supported something that he or she actually opposed (or pretended to oppose something that they actually supported) just for the optics. Knowing that Measure X will pass in Congress even without his/her vote or signature, they can safely campaign on opposing it–“Hey, I tried.” Knowing that Measure Y will never see the light of day in Congress, they can act like they really want it to pass and can point to their “support”.

                  Not saying that Trump is doing this in this case.

                  Also, there’s a difference between saying something like “We should consider red-flag laws” (even if such consideration is like James Comey’s consideration of maybe recommending charges against Sec. Clinton) and saying “I think this is a good idea and needs to be implemented.”

                3. Also, when he spoke on red-flag laws, he said he would push for “rapid due process.”

                  Rapid due process is pretty much the antithesis of ERPOs.

                  Maybe Trump was talking out both sides of his mouth? It’s hard to say, because idiocy and 12th dimensional chess look a lot alike while it’s going on. We’ll have to wait for the end-game.

            3. Don’t get me wrong. Trump has said he supports them. But Trump also knows many of the people he needs to get reelected does not. Like any other politician, Trump wants it both ways.

              Pointing out Chris Cuomo should have any firearms he owns, if he does, removed due to a verbal threat is fair game about how red flag may work. If the left doesn’t like that tough shit, they are demanding red flag laws.

              1. “Pointing out Chris Cuomo should have any firearms he owns, if he does, removed due to a verbal threat is fair game about how red flag may work. If the left doesn’t like that tough shit, they are demanding red flag laws.”

                Ding-ding. Call DFACS too, since he went unhinged in front of his child.

          2. He hasnt proposed anything

            When someone says, “That is why I have called for red-flag laws, also known as extreme risk protection orders,” they are not proposing anything. They’re “calling for” something. Totally different.

            1. Pick a politician and I’ll point to contradictory or unfilled promises. Why is it so fucking hard for some of you to look at actions instead of small excerpts of words?

              1. Because to some words = action.
                Isn’t that part of the lefty philosophy we are seeing on campus regarding the those who want to ban or interfere with speakers not properly woke?

                1. And to other idiots, words are violence (while their violence to them should be treated like words).

              2. That’s your defense of Trump here? He was just joshin? Guess he’s not serious about the wall or trade deficits or anything else. In fact, we should just ignore anything he ever says.

                1. When talking about lawmakers and the president, proposed often means legislation submitted. But even if you don’t go with that, do you think Trump tells the truth? Means what he says? I can get that a Trump fan might think he proposed something but for people that think Trump is a habitual liar, then it wasn’t a proposal, it was just Trump lying.

                  “”In fact, we should just ignore anything he ever says.”

                  So do you really think it was a proposal?

                2. I don’t think Trump was “joshin”.

                  Trump absolutely meant to say whatever it took to piss off a CNN Propagandist like Chris “Fredo” Cuomo.

    2. They could make me the person who decides when to red-flag a person. I know insanity when I see it.

  6. If anyone but Trump had tweeted this, I would have assumed that it was sarcasm. I would also like to assume that it is hyperbole. But, given that Trump seems to support “red flag” laws, that seems, perhaps, unlikely.

    1. Or he finally realizes the slippery slope of subjective regulations.

    2. Serious question. Does Trump understand sarcasm? Are there any obvious instances of Trump using sarcasm?

      1. I was pondering that question, as well. Since I don’t “watch” politicians, and rely on transcripts of what they say, and never watched Trump’s television show, I can’t honestly say that I have ever seen him utilize sarcasm. But then, some folks took Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” seriously, too.

      2. Is your first sentence the sarcasm?

        1. No, actually, it was not so-intended. That is one problem with sarcasm: it works much better when delivered verbally rather than in written form.

      3. Serious question, do you even know what sarcasm is? I know you have a low IQ and are overly earnest, but you don’t have to be that smart to understand what is going on here. Do you?

        1. John’s typical standby: ur stupit!

          You need some new material.

          1. No, we need fewer stupid people. Why don’t we start with you. It would raise the average IQ of the board by at least 10 points.

          2. But Sparky, you are stupid.

        2. Please, please, excuse me for posting. I am so sorry to have perplexed you to such an extent. (note: THIS is sarcasm)

  7. #MAGA

    Stand up to the Lefties Trump!

  8. “anchor”

  9. In the case of red flag laws, do we want Trump in charge of deciding who’s too crazy to own a gun?

    LOL – I’ll bet you think that’s a rhetorical question. You haven’t been paying attention to the commentariat if you don’t realize that there’s a fair number here who worship Donald J Trump as their Lord and Savior and would ecstatically welcome Trump making every single last little decision in their lives.

    1. Looks like Trump resides in someone’s head alright, but it isn’t his supporters. Jerry you should work on being a little less nuts.

    2. Name one jerry

    3. Don’t we have enough OBL-esque commentary? Did you reall yneed to join in Jerry?

    4. I think that should be left up to the “gang of 4” who aren’t the least bit off kilter themselves.

    5. Exactly! There’s a cringe-worthy video where dewy-eyed people sing about how much they love their dear leader and want him to order them around…wait, that wasn’t trump, was it?

  10. hilarious trolling. Fredo is unstable.

    1. It was pretty damned funny. “I thought that was your name.”

  11. A news anchor threatens to throw someone down a flight of stairs and use their power to ruin the person’s life and the problem is Trump saying red flag laws would prevent said anchor from getting a gun.

    1. It seems as though this is PRECISELY the situation the left would classify as an obvious time to use the Red Flag laws…if the guy posting the video were any color other than the color he happens to be, and Cuomo weren’t a registered voter for the party he happens to be…

      1. Yeah, if this were not well-connected lefty but random dude, the left would be calling for this type of incident to be exactly the proof that you shouldn’t have a weapon of any kind.

        And if this was some right-wing guy like Hannity (who often talks about carrying) – zero chance they aren’t all over CNN calling for NY to pull his carry permit.

        I really can’t believe this many people are missing all these layers of this situation and are going with “Trump is Hitler”.

        1. If Cuomo was wearing a red hat, that’s all you would need to know to take his guns away.

    2. Throwing some guy down stairs who questions the teaching of the Lefty Narrative, is Ends Justify the Means- pure and simple.

  12. Well, boys and girls (and anything else currently supported by lefties), we need to keep in mind that as head of the DOJ, Trump is in fact an officer of the court, and will have red flag rights under all current and proposed legislation.
    Deal with it.

    1. No he wouldn’t. These laws are worse, they give such power to judges.

      1. Nothing says liberty like giving additional powers to the unelected.

        Of course, leftists have been just fine with this for over a century. And, with Clinton as POTUS, the conversion to Leviathan would have been mostly complete. Which largely explains their rage at Trump, who is now doing his best to turn that tide.

        1. +100

  13. Oh Fredo. I thought he was mad because the guy called him Frodo. You know because he’s only 3 feet tall…Coumo I mean. 🙂

    1. What would be funny is if people started calling him Frodo, and he gets all uppity because they don’t get Fredo right.

      1. Call him Frito Bugger, the character from Bored Of The Rings.

        1. We if we are going with that fine work of literature, let’s just go with Dildo.

  14. “”Do we want Trump in charge of deciding who’s too crazy to own a gun? “”

    No. But who gets to decide is a good question for those who support red flag.

    1. In some jurisdictions, such proceedings can be initiated by almost anyone. And, also in many jurisdictions, you don’t even have the right to be present at the initial hearing, and therefore, cannot counter the arguments. So, the answer, in those situations, of who gets to decide is: People who never met you, and have never spoken to you, and based solely on the testimony of people who may not like you very much. Great stuff, eh?

      1. “”Great stuff, eh?”‘

        And to think, some people call it common sense.

        1. Well, “common” it is. Sensible? Not so much.

        2. Hand your political opponents; who vilify you at every turn as demented, retarded, idiotic, demonic, and everything else bad; the ability to have you arrested merely for ‘attesting’ to you character in such a manner without repercussion to them?

          I fail to see sense, let alone anything common about it.

          1. I am not sure what to what you are replying. More than a few people support these kinds of laws, which makes them “common.” I think I already stated that they lack sense, based on there being no statistical or scientific indication of any kind that they have any net positive results at all. In case I didn’t make myself clear enough: I oppose the concept “prior restraint.”

    2. who gets to decide is a good question for those who support red flag

      Specific use of the language “shall not be infringed” instead of “Congress shall pass no law” means that people once thought that not even a President or Justice should get to decide. Ratification of the 14th should have incorporated the exclusion of governors and local judges from the process.

      the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed

      Red flag laws mean some shitstain cop with an IQ of 85 gets to opine to a judge about my state of mind? Might as well move to Hong Kong.

      1. Preaching to the choir.

        “”Red flag laws mean some shitstain cop with an IQ of 85 gets to opine to a judge about my state of mind? “‘

        Or perhaps they will rubberstamp some person’s complaint because they don’t want to look responsible if something bad happens.

  15. Statists have a horrible idea.

    Trump says he’s open to that horrible idea.

    Trump demonstrates why it’s a horrible idea.

    Easter worshipper Britschgi doesn’t quite get it.

    1. And sure enough nothing will ever come of Red Flag laws but no one can ever accuse Trump of not trying to be reasonable about them.

      He does this over and over again, yet our geniuses in the media and politics never seem to understand what is going on.

      1. You know, I’d be with you IF he hadn’t unilaterally banned bumpstocks…it’s the one thing that makes me wary about this type of talk on this specific topic…I can’t trust that it’s just a ploy.

        1. Bump stocks are not banned.

          All gun control is unconstitutional.

          1. I agree with your second statement, however, when someone like Janet Reno can just sic someone like Lon Horiuchi on me for violating their unconstitutional ban on plastic, the constitutionality isn’t, particularly, FUNCTIONALLY important…at least not to my life or status as a man outside of prison…

            1. Yeah, “constitutional” and “what is” are not necessarily the same thing.

    2. Tommy wins the thread.

  16. “I’ll fuckin’ ruin your shit. I’ll fucking throw you down these stairs,” Cuomo said at one point during the two-minute video, which was reportedly recorded this past Sunday.

    Sounds more like Sonny than Fredo.

    1. Sonny said it because he meant it.

      Cuomo gets called Fredo because everyone knows he’s not a Sonny.

        1. +100

        2. Seems like Chris, now and forever known as “Fredo” has some big brother and daddy issues. Triggers of macro aggressions

          1. His rant was a big own goal, proving the comparison correct.

  17. A good rule of thumb when evaluating a new law is whether you’d want your worst political enemy to be in charge of its enforcement.


    In the case of red flag laws, do we want Trump in charge of deciding who’s too crazy to own a gun?

    Do we want ANYONE deciding? NO!!

  18. If Trump can exercise arbitrary un-checked power, people should be upset not about his ideology but that any government figure has such power. But I suspect most partisans cannot think (like this).

    1. If there is justification for red flag laws, doesn’t Cruomo’s reaction veer dangerously close to crossing that line? Asking for a friend.

      1. Making threats to throw total strangers downstairs? What about such behavior indicates he’d dangerous, after all he was probably joking.

  19. Time to go fishing, Fredo.

    1. If only he’d said a Hail Mary, we wouldn’t be laughing at him! Haha

  20. More like Gollum without the good looks or good judgment.

    Oh, you said *Fredo,” not Frodo.

  21. President Trump just made my point. Because the Red Flag ERPO is a major nationwide issue, the Supreme Court should expedite a hearing and issue its ruling quickly. Many peaceable, lawful U.S. citizens are being persecuted by our own government, based on complaints from mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, neighbors, judges, police officers, boyfriends, girlfriends, classmates, teachers, faculty, employers, co-workers and everyone except those actually qualified to judge mental competence.

    None of these new laws allow for psychiatric examinations and professional recommendations to a court. Clearly, due process demands written reports from two psychiatrists, one from each side. Currently, due process is absent and about 30 percent are being denied by unqualified judges. On the other hand, one accused person, Gary Willis, has already been killed by law enforcement. In the Willis incident, an immediately subsequent opinion stated that the complaint by an aunt was unjustified.

    1. All gun control, so the SCOTUS just needs to issue a sua sponte opinion that all gun control is unconstitutional.

      “All state and federal gun control laws are hereby void on their face.

      All federal and state prisoners with only weapons charges and convictions shall be released in 24 hours.”

    2. Considering the terrible batting average of parole boards I doubt that it’s even possible to determine how dangerous an individual is.

      One thing you never hear after some mass shooting where the perpetrator supposedly engaged in “obviously” dangerous and threatening activities is how many other people engaged in the exact same behavior and never harmed anyone.

      What percentage of these people actually commit crimes? 95%? 5%? No one seems to know.

      1. Gotta be way less than 1%

  22. “Do we want Trump in charge of deciding who’s too crazy to own a gun?”

    This is a stupid question.
    Of course not.
    We want only the secret police, the armed forces and the local constabulary, and the body guards of our ruling elitist turds to own guns.
    This way our obvious betters can further suppress us in our beloved socialist slave state.
    Then we’ll all live happily ever after.

    1. At least you recognize your betters will continue to be calling the shots.

  23. Trump is having some fun and its hilarious, as he realizes that the global crony left will never take security or guns away from one of their own. Shit, they are running Biden, a guy who gropes and feels up the flat chests of dozens of seven to ten year old girls on camera! Now lets get back to important issues like expanding medicaid, snap and public housing to green card and visa holders.

  24. This was an instructive episode.

    A clinger insulted Chris Cuomo. Cuomo responded by challenging, schooling, belittling ,and dominating the clinger, turning that all-talk clinger into a submissive, whimpering loser.

    Donald Trump came to the defense of the slack-jaw with an illiterate, hypocritical tweet mischaracterizing Cuomo’s conduct –because obsolete bigots need to stick together as they approach replacement in modern America.

    Cuomo turned the clinger into a humiliated poser and will likely be a journalist at CNN long after the Trumpers are replaced by their betters and Trump is sacked by the liberal-libertarian mainstream.

    Carry on, clingers. In all of your all-talk, getting-stomped-in-the-culture-war (but claiming victory) glory.

    1. Cuomo responded by challenging, schooling, belittling ,and dominating the clinger, turning that all-talk clinger into a submissive, whimpering loser.

      LOL, please. That greasy guinea, that dumb dago, wasn’t doing shit except blowing hot air.

      Just like Arthur L. Hicklib when he’s ducking his head as the bullets fly.

      1. He gave the whimpering slack-jaw every chance to defend his insult or to show how tough a clinger can be. Turned out the the big-mouth was an all-talk pussy who barely would make eye contact when challenged. Lots of mumbling, much like the typical right-wing malcontent.

        1. Fag, he told Fredo to bring it on after Fredo threatened him. Fredo backed down like the progtard pussy he is. Fredo is just like the rest of you.

        2. The video shows Fredo backing off after one of them took off his glasses on the assumption that the dumb dago was going to start throwing blows. You stupid slack-jawed hicklib.

        3. Your betters are waiting to pop the champagne corks when they find out you’ve finally shoved a .45 up your ass and pulled the trigger. They’ll be lining up to piss on your corpse.

    2. Clearly Reverend, satire is lost upon you.

      1. I could explain it to him, but I could not understand it for him.

    3. “”A clinger insulted Chris Cuomo. Cuomo responded by challenging, schooling, belittling ,and dominating the clinger, turning that all-talk clinger into a submissive, whimpering loser.””

      Funny how you purposefully omit the violence Cuomo was suggesting. You are definitely not anyone’s better.

      Keep clinging to the hate and violence.

      1. The clinger insulted Cuomo. Cuomo sensibly was aware that the clinger might be a threat rather than a whimpering, all-talk right-wing pussy. He explained to the clinger what would happen if the clinger followed the aggression of the insult with any further aggression. Fortunately, the clinger was a whimpering, all-talk right-wing coward. Cuomo was entitled to stand his ground. Humiliating the clinger was just a welcome public service.

        1. Your betters don’t make excuses for violence.

        2. Still haven’t killed yourself, turd?

    4. “Fredo” is an insult directed specifically to Chris Cuomo, in that like Fredo Corleone, he is weak willed man whose family name is the only thing about him worthy of notice. What you characterize as “challenging, schooling, belittling ,and dominating” was, in actuality, a profanity laced empty threat, which is, ironically, how Kirkland normally characterizes anything Trump says.

      There is clearly not a human intelligence behind the Kirkland personae. I am going to stick with my theory of a jar filled with the gall bladders of failed dictators that has somehow gained sentience.

      Fun fact: the most recent gall bladder added to the jar was none other than that of Muammar al-Qaddafi which was purchased for $75 at an open air market in Jordan from a suspicious vendor whose stall disappeared the very next day.

      1. I did not perceive it as an empty threat. I expect that if the clinger had been anything more than an all-talk right-wing slack-jaw, Mr. Cuomo would made good on his statement and defended himself by thrashing that girl.

        The clinger apparently did not wish to be thrashed, so he turned tail submissively. Almost surely a good call.

        1. If there is ever a Reason convention, you should come. I will certainly be there if you are coming. We can test some of your theories face to face

        2. We don’t perceive you as anything other than a piece of human garbage who should be thrown in front of a truck.

        3. Haha. The rev has been waiting sooooo long to latch on to any wailing prog who is faking toughness. Ganging up on a 5’2 “ gay Asian man is much more in the the revs wheelhouse.

          It’s a shame you’re so unhappy, rev.


  25. C’mon Reason. You guys are gonna stop getting invited on Fox News with this garbage. He’s trolling the lefties by showing how red flag laws COULD be abused. A major news anchor and brother of NY state governor goes on a hate-filled rant saying he’ll throw a person down a flight of stairs but somehow you made this about Trump? You’re worse than CNN.

  26. Boy, I can’t figure Trump’s tweet out. Half of it seems to be trolling a leftist position on gun control but then goes on with what looks like sincere support for it only to finish with maybe a troll against a gun control cheerleader.

  27. Trump is the best troll of all time. Watch and learn wanna be trolls…

    1. +10

  28. “Fredo” isn’t even a recognized Italian slur.
    “Guido”, “Guinea”, “Wop”, “Dago”, I’ll even allow “Eye-tie”, but “Fredo”? Is this more of the old Cuomo “any name that ends in a vowel” shtick?

    1. Any name that ends in a vowel is Italian, according to Cuomo?

      Akira Kurasawa, Yoko Ono, Bela Lugosi, Gyorgi Ligetti are four off the top of my head. And let’s not forget first names like Otto, Dmitri, and Anya. Sounds like Cuomo is a little stupido.

    2. Not a slur. He invented that because he sits on a throne of lies on CNN. So he figures he can just make shit up.

      Cuomo just assured himself of a lifetime of being called Fredo.

      Ma verramente che vergogna Chris e Andrew.

  29. Take offense to being called Fredo and threaten to throw a guy down the stairs.

    What a mook.

    1. You seem to identify with the all-talk right-wing pussy.

      I do not wonder why.

      Carry on, clingers.

      1. You seem to identify will leftist shills and arrogant imbeciles who grossly overestimate their own intellect and self worth.
        We all know why

        1. And distinctly lacking in a sense of humor, apparently.

  30. Fredo almost looked like his associate Acosta. Frankly, the author is right, but only partly. No, Trump shouldn’t decide who’s too crazy to own a gun, but I haven’t really found anyone who should. If you’re too crazy to own a gun, you’re also too crazy to be left to your own devices.

  31. “Do we want Trump in charge of deciding who’s too crazy to own a gun?”

    As opposed to, say, Chuck Schumer or Diane Feinstein?

    Shirley you jest.

  32. I’ve read Tolkien, saw the Ralph Bakshi animation and the Peter Jackson films — all multiple times. I know Frodo and you, Mr Cuomo, you’re no Frodo.

    That said, your 2A rights are rights. A rant doesn’t justify taking them away.

  33. Not bad. Trump argues for red flag laws and then points out the main argument against them.

  34. If Chris Cuomo actually owns firearms in New York City, it’d be interesting to see what reason he had that was so valid they’d give him a permit.

    1. Permits in NYC were always reserved for big shots. Serial rapist Bill Cosby had one but John Stossel was denied a permit despite numerous threats to his life. Mafiosi carried without official permits, basically the cops looked the other way. I don’t ever remember some wiseguy getting picked up by the cops and charged with illegal possession of a handgun.

    2. He is a rich Democrat, his brother is Governor and on TV. That is all that is needed. He is part of wealthy elite who get whatever they wish while the rest of us are supposed to tacitly accept whatever they decide we need.

  35. Red flag laws do not seem to go far enough.

    * Any licenses to practice law or medicine should be suspended.
    * Any form of intimate contact or relationship should be prohibited.
    * Wearing a distinctive badge on the left sleeve while out in public should be required.

  36. It’s a joke. Cmon

    Is it retard recess night ?

  37. Holy crap, did everyone just become stupid in 2016?

    That goes extra for you, Christian. You actually have a semi-responsible position and one would suppose you put some thought into it before writing an article.

    First, Trump is clearly giving Cuomo the beans about all his gun control nonsense. It is a simple game of Tu Quoque. That should be evident to anyone who is a human being. That one ain’t complicated.

    Second, this tweet puts Trump on the libertarian side of “red flag” laws, if anything. Because he isn’t really advocating for any such thing… he’s pointing out that people manipulate stuff like this for political reasons.

    Third, it shows that he probably had no intention of actually enacting any red flag anything. He’s just pandering to the moment. (of course, with Trump you can never be sure what is going to happen. It sure looks like he gets trapped in his “last guy who talked to him” positions all the time.)

    And last, no, it does not demonstrate that Trump is a tyrant, dictator, or literally worse than Hitler. He caught a political opponent being a complete hypocrite and pointed it out on social media. The worst you can say about that is that he’s acting like some millennial.

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  39. Trump who indicated support of Red Flag laws has effectively shown why they should never exist. One verbal outburst and you lose your 2nd Amendment rights.

  40. Confiscating his guns would accomplish nothing. The only way to keep this crazy Fredo from throwing people down stairs en masse would be to confiscate his HANDS! RED FLAG!!!!

  41. Barack Obama, May 2009 commencement speech at Arizona State University in which he said “I really thought this was much ado about nothing, but I do think we all learned an important lesson. I learned never again to pick another team over the Sun Devils in my NCAA brackets. . . . President [Michael] Crowe and the Board of Regents will soon learn all about being audited by the IRS.”

    Obama was joking, not really seriously recommending any such audit. Trump was joking, not seriously recommending any such action.

    Fortunately both stupid jokes make us consider the rationale of putting that sort of power into bureaucrats hands. Secret lists of people who are not allowed to fly, secret lists of who cannot buy guns; secret lists of organizations to turn the IRS weapons against (Obama’s IRS joke was particularly telling, given the IRS targeting scandal that would erupt a few years later).

    How does someone get on these lists, how does someone get their rights taken away? By secret processes that could amount to as little as a President’s say-so or some malicious bureaucrat who has a grudge against his neighbor. In the case of red-flag laws…well, we’ve seen ex-wives who falsely accused their husbands of child molestation to win custody, so let’s say I doubt that some would rush to falsely file red-flag claims too.

  42. Also, Fredo is not an ethnic slur. It is an individual character slur. Cuomo’s weak attempts at trying to make “Fredo” equivalent to the N-word is just stupid, and something Fredo would do!

    When people use Fredo, they are not referring to his Italian ethnicity, they are referring to his weak, cowardly little brother status. A weak, cowardly little brother who thinks nothing of betraying his own kin.

    If I say to someone something like “Hey, there’s no need to go all Gordon Ramsey on me!” I’m not referring to the chef’s nationality or ethnicity, I’m referring to his profanity-laced rants at underlings.

    1. Go back to where you came from.

  43. Good grief. He was being sarcastic! Maybe a sense of humor would help?

  44. The Presidents point is Cuomo is someone always pushing for others to be disarmed yet the moment someone says something he does not like, immediately starts threatening them with violence. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

  45. I would view Cuomo as more Carlo than Fredo, but would view his reaction to this nonsense as more “Analyze This” than “The Godfather.”

  46. Cuomo’s childish reaction only ensures in public he will be called Fredo more than any other name. A smart person would have laughed, flipped the guy off, responded with own remark aimed at the guy or just walked away. Cuomo thinks he is a badass but actually just a buffoon

  47. Dudes talking shit each other. News at 11.

  48. Do we want Trump in charge of deciding who’s too crazy to own a gun?

    Do we want Reason writers in charge of comedy? This was an obvious troll of Fredo Cuomo linking to Cuomos support of such (illegal/unconstitutional) gun control measures.

    But yea on the “red flag” proposal. Passing this would be Trump’s undoing. He better know better. I am under the impression (and hoping…) that he has floated support for the idea just to keep certain people distracted and busy. It wouldn’t be the first time.

  49. The real question is do we want politicians in charge of anything? What have they ever got right that didn’t need fixing again and again down the road? More laws and more laws are created while individual responsibly has been virtually outlawed.

  50. Reason you have outdone yourself on a level never seen before. You made a clear 100% uncut case for NRA, 2nd Amendment supporters about being a tyrannical move. Then we’re actually honest and saying, only out guy, not your guy. So your pro 2A when it’s a Republican but total confiscation without due process when its a Democrat president. Woooooooooooow! I’m keeping my eyes on you Unreason!

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