School Choice Could Have Stopped Battle Over Holocaust-Denial at a Florida High School

We wouldn’t have to squabble over control of shared institutions if we were free to pick the right schools for our kids.


It took a year and a half for public school officials in Palm Beach County, Florida, to remove a high school principal who wouldn't commit to saying that the Holocaust is a documented fact. It would have saved a lot of time and aggravation if parents horrified by the administrator's indifference to history had been freer to just pick a better school, managed by better people.

Beyond arguments about teaching philosophy, quality of instructors, and test results, endless battles over curricula make it clear that governments are lousy stewards of education. Conflict is baked into the concept of letting government officials exercise near-monopoly power over schools.

The controversy over former Principal William Latson began with a parent contacting Spanish River High School in April 2018 to inquire as to how the Holocaust was taught to the heavily Jewish student population. Latson responded that the Holocaust was taught, but not emphasized, because not all families have the same beliefs about its occurrence. He doubled down in a second email, writing:

Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened and you have your thoughts but we are a public school and not all of our parents have the same beliefs so they will react differently, my thoughts or beliefs have nothing to do with this because I am a public servant. I have the role to be politically neutral but support all groups in the school… I can't say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee.

And so began a running battle that culminated, just days ago, in Latson's reassignment to a school district position that allows the professional educator to apply his slippery grasp of history and eccentric punctuation in a less public way.

The debate over what to teach kids at Spanish River High School echoes similar controversies around the country over lessons about events past and present. It varies from other such incidents primarily in that it represents a mushy failure to take any position rather than the triumph of one ideological approach or interpretation over another.

"Americans are diverseethnically, religiously, ideologicallybut all must pay for public schools. The intention is good: to bring people together and foster social harmony," the Cato Institute notes on its Public Schooling Battle Map, which tracks education disagreements nationwide. "But rather than build bridges, public schooling often forces people into wrenching conflict."

In Michigan over the past year, conservatives and liberals squabbled over whether the U.S. is a "republic" or a "democracy"—and that's just where the disagreement begins. Lessons over the Alamo, the causes of the Civil War, and states rights set off similar fights in Texas.

Curriculum battles have been common in government-run schools, since they offer an opportunity for victors to "correctly" teach children while suppressing the alleged errors of the opposition. But modern curriculum battles occur in a country where intolerance of disagreement is widespread and on the rise (82 percent of polled likely voters said last year that they think Americans are less tolerant of each other's opinions). Education doesn't help, either: Better educated people are less understanding of opponents' beliefs. That makes conflicts more intractable than ever.

How do public school administrators and teachers keep their "customers" happy when tweaking lesson plans to please one faction means alienating another? Almost certainly, they can't.

In this environment, William Latson very likely tried and failed to walk an unwalkable line by refusing to commit to fundamental historical facts so he wouldn't anger anybody. And Latson didn't confine his bureaucratic slipperiness to this one issue—it seems to be his guiding philosophy.

"I do the same with information about slavery," Latson told the mother in an email. "I don't take a position but allow for the information to be presented and parents to be parents and educate their students accordingly."

"The mother, who asked not to be named to protect her child's identity, said in an interview that she did not believe Latson was anti-Semitic but worried that he feared confronting parents who deny the Holocaust's reality," reported The Palm Beach Post.

Ultimately, refusing to take a position in a futile bid at inoffensiveness bred as big a controversy as the sort of curriculum battle Latson hoped to avoid.

Ironically, Florida is actually pretty good when it comes to educational choice, offering charter schools, scholarships, relatively easy homeschooling, and virtual schools. But traditional public schools remain the default choice for most students. Certainly, the families that currently use Spanish River High School should more thoroughly consider their education options and look for something better; voting with your feet now must be an improvement over waiting a year-plus for a bad administrator to be replaced. At the very least, they might consider charters, which have a good track record in Florida, don't charge tuition, and offer a variety of educational approaches.

Improving access to education options and encouraging people to choose schools that work for them would replace curriculum battles with self-selection toward people's preferred offerings. In doing so, it could enhance the "social harmony" that public schools try and fail to generate. Graduating adults might even get along better if more families chose their kids' educations.

"Greater exposure to private schooling is not associated with any more or less political tolerance" than sending kids to public schools, wrote Albert Cheng of the University of Arkansas's Department of Education Reform in a 2014 paper published in the Journal of School Choice. Even more interesting, "students with greater exposure to homeschooling tend to be more politically tolerant—a finding contrary to the claims of many political theorists."

That makes sense, given that the public schools that are supposed to bring Americans together have done so only in the sense that the Colosseum brought together Christians and lions. Sure, it's a shared experience—but not necessarily a positive one.

Ultimately, curriculum battles are inevitable in schools that people are forced to fund with their taxes and which many children have to attend because of government restrictions on alternatives, including regulation of private education. Even for families with means, that can leave little from which to choose.

So, we can continue our endless battles over what our kids are taught, or we could enhance social harmony by replacing struggles for control of shared institutions with choices that prevent conflicts from occurring. There are choices to be made either way; either we make them for ourselves, or they'll be made for us.

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  1. He should have been fired for that run-on sentence.

    1. Yet more proof that public “education” is worth less than a piece of dried up dog shit. This coward OBVIOUSLY believes the Holocaust was a hoax, but he just doesn’t have the balls to say it. He should be immediately strung up by his tiny balls as a reminder of why the Holocaust happened: that is no one cared.

  2. “But rather than build bridges, public schooling often forces people into wrenching conflict.”

    Will school choice give children as potent object lessons in mindless bureaucracy as a public school system? I think not.

  3. “It took a year and a half for public school officials in Palm Beach County, Florida, to remove a high school principal who wouldn’t commit to saying that the Holocaust is a documented fact.”

    Is this a school choice problem, or a union control of public employees problem?

    “I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee.”

    Bad news, chump. As a school district employee, you are in a position where you are required to state facts are facts.

    1. No. As a school district employee he is required to teach the curriculum. The curriculum is decided by other people, and those other people should include (but these days seldom does) local parents.

      Your position is one that has been (among other things) been fostered by the way people are informed about the Dayton Monkey Trial of 1925. I find that most people are surprised to learn that Scopes LOST, and that his appeal also lost. In fact, the law was simple; Scopes was an employee. He had no more right to teach a curriculum differing from what he was told to teach than a house painter has to paint your house any color other than the one you directed.

      Furthermore, Scopes legal team KNEW he was guilty, expected to lose, and came to the trial TO LOSE. The point was to hold the State of Tennessee up to general ridicule. They had an absolute right to ban the teaching of evolution from their schools, and the rest of the country had an absolute right to laugh at them for it.

      Teachers are hirelings. Modern Progressivism has tried to get us to forget this, and tried to remove as much local control as they could get away with. Given the number of mouth-breathing ninnies in the teachers’ unions, this needs to stop.

      1. Are you asserting that Holocaust denial is part of the curriculum in that district? If so, your analysis of the principal’s action would be correct. But that seems … unlikely.

        1. Well, it’s possible that it’s part pf the curriculum. The obdurate idiocy of the Educational Establishment ceased to surprise me some years ago. However I think it’s a lot likelier that political deference to the teachers’ unions has made it hard to tell a teacher “Look, you were hired to teach a curriculum. We’re not asking you to believe it, but we are telling you to bloody well TEACH it. Or seek employment opportunities elsewhere.”.

          Control needs to be returned to locally elected school boards. Will this result in a great deal of bushwa being taught in some schools? Certainly. But it will, at least, be a broader variety of bushwa than the bushwa that is being taught now.

      2. They had an absolute right to ban the teaching of evolution from their schools,

        Nope. They didn’t even have the right to run the schools.

        1. Its was part of Tennessee law. Now it was a dumb law, but it was their state, their law, and the Federal Government had not then started to intrude in State decisions to anything like the degree we tolerate now.

          Look, even Scopes’ defense team understood that he was guilty, was going to get convicted, and that the Supreme Court would not take up the case. This is documented by the reports of H. L. Mencken, who was on the scene and spoke with Darrow.

  4. From what the guy’s saying, I think the problem is deeper than some sort of Holocaust denialism. It’s a denial of fundamental reality, a belief that all truth is subjective. And that’s a widespread belief. When “lived experience” trumps facts and data and when we have to listen to some fabulist make up shit about a Supreme Court nominee raping her in high school and dare not criticize because this is “her truth”, when the number of sexes is a matter of sociology rather than biology, when words are literal violence and punching somebody in the face is free speech, how far are we from insisting that 2+2 equals whatever you feel it to equal and little Billy’s parents are filing a lawsuit because little Billy’s teacher marked him down for believing 2+2 equaled 5, Elvis Presley was our first President, London is the capital of France and Alfred Einstein invented the airplane?

    1. “…2+2 equals whatever you feel it to equal…”

      That’s OK by me, as long as you keep math and algebra totally out of schools! Separation of church and state, ya know! I am an algebra and math worshipper, and I have hooted and hollered about this! Letters to Congressslimes and editors and yada-yada! My religion should NOT be taught in schools!!!

      But no one ever listens to poor little ol’ me… And they NEVER even give me a coherent answer as to WHY!!!

      1. “Because you’re a bunch of useless bloody loonies!”

        “Oh, yes! That’s it! That was the reason!”

        The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy; original radio play.

    2. “It’s a denial of fundamental reality”

      I think the guy is worried about stepping on toes and losing his job. That seems more likely than being a victim of some widely held delusion. I don’t see any connection here with gender studies of supreme court confirmations.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I thought it sounded like too. He probably ran afoul of some other nutcases and thought he’d learned his lesson by coming up with a “we don’t take a position on that” type of answer.

        Of course, the guy is an idiot. Palm Beach County is pretty far left to begin with, and pretty heavily Jewish. But Boca Raton? That’s NY City south. Probably the highest concentration of Jewish people outside of New York City. Any slight perception of softness on Holocaust denial is going to be met with (completely understandable) furor. I’m not sure what pushed him down that path, but it was certainly predictable what was going to happen in the end.

  5. Vouchers, vouchers, vouchers, vouchers, vouchers…

  6. “Better educated people are less understanding of opponents’ beliefs.”

    I would change that to, “Better educated people are less tolerant of opponents’ beliefs.”

    We fully understand the beliefs; but simply are incredulous that any rational human being could hold such beliefs.

    Additionally, educated people know you can’t argue against an irrational belief.

    1. And so many supposedly well educated people are chock full of irrational beliefs.

    2. Actually, there have been a number of scientific studies on this point recently and based on those findings, you are incorrect, apedad. Statistically, those with more formal education have lower actual understanding of the beliefs of their political opponents.

      There was also, however, strong evidence of the Dunning-Kruger effect in action. In addition to the demonstrated ignorance of the opposition’s beliefs, they expressed high confidence in their wrong opinions.

    3. You seem confused between beliefs and facts… typical from you.

    4. Ooh, ooh, now do Thanksgiving next.

      Kids today are taught by the Rev Kirklands of the world that Thanksgiving was about thanking the Indians for saving them from starvation, before they turned around and screwed them – instead of thanking God for the bounty the new colony produced, after their disastrous experiment with Communism almost killed them.

    5. Yes, many of you are incredulous that the settled Science of Man Made Climate Change has been proven wrong for 30 years straight, and that opposition to bearded men with penises showering with 12 year old girls isn’t “hate”, and pushback to figures like Ilhan Omar is based on anything other than racism, sexism, and islamophobia, or that people can actually think chopping up babies is wrong.

  7. I am not sure whether this guy is a Holocaust denialist or a merely a scared bureaucrat trying to steer a middle path on an ideologically touchy subject and managing to offend everyone doing so in his refusal to commit. What he was reacting to from the parent’s inquiry is not clear, and he likely was hoping they would just go away.

    Of course, all the other staff of thy generation school, including the teachers are as l as o government officials which leads to the implication that the school has no opinion on whether any part of its curriculum is true.

    1. He may be scared of the bureaucracy but more likely scared of his students who don’t like to be contradicted and yes the bureaucracy that no longer allows adults to be affirmative in response. that said how would this person of color, other articles show him to be a person of color, feel if others suddenly decide he was no longer a black man.

  8. Latson responded that the Holocaust was taught, but not emphasized, because not all families have the same beliefs about its occurrence.

    I heard he said the same thing about the Pythagorean Theorem.

  9. School choice aside,

    It would have saved a lot of time and aggravation if parents horrified by the administrator’s indifference to history had been freer to just pick a better school, managed by better people run this fool out of town on a rail.

    1. exactly. we don’t have time for fools

      1. “exactly. we don’t have time for fools” he said, posting in the Reason comments section.


  10. I am not shocked that government employees are stupid, even when they want to teach.

  11. I disagree. Public schools are a necessary place where the community must come together and hash out differences. In a privatized system holocaust deniers can all congregate in their own school and it looks seemingly happy, but wait! Holocaust deniers get their own school! WTF! Now suppose you send your kid to a private school and find out the principal is a holocaust denier and all your friends support the principal. What do you do? You yank the kid and pout them in another school. But that is very disruptive. So while a year and a half seems excessive, so does having to move your kid to a different school. So does allowing moral degenrates run schools because they find other moral degenerates to enroll their kids there.

    1. It’s a good thing there aren’t any moral degenerates in the regular public schools.

  12. The “victims” have been paid for their testimonies and the only confession at Nuremberg came after torture.

    This principal has shown yet again that rational discussion about the science and history, not the narrative, gets you fired in the US.

    Most people who are brainwashed with the holocaust narrative have never researched it.

    Their post truth emotions to visceral to do so, the brainwashing so complete.

    Zyklon b was used in properly constructed according to the manufacturers instructions delousing structures complete with specific heating systems, required to activate zyklon b, extensive air circulation fans and especially air evacuation systems required for the safety of the workers inserting and removing the previously lice filled clothing and bedding.

    These chambers still exist but are not on any tours because they don’t fit the narrative.

    The Red Cross regularly visited and kep extensive records at every prison camp.

    Not one reference to support the narrative.

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Everything I’ve said and so much more is properly researched and referenced in Kollerstr

    Do a little research before commenting please.

    Read this, then comment.

    1. Kollerstroms book.

    2. Not one reference to support the narrative, eh? Thanks for outing yourself, it will make things much easier from now on

      1. Killer storm has done the research and specifically tallied every available Red Cross report.

        Deaths were recorded with typhus by far the biggest cause, from lice.

        Ooh, was the Red Cross a part of the “Nazi conspiracy” dipshit?

        1. Kollerstrom

          1. Kollerstrom is a fucking joke. Among his other theories are that Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a double:
            “The Life and Death of Paul McCartney 1942–1966: A Very English Mystery”
            He also believes 9/11 and the 7/7 bombings were false flag operations.

            1. And the lesser-known “great toilet flooding of 2013”, which caused quite a mess in a train station in Leeds. Also, a false-flag conspiracy.

        2. So they rounded up all the Jews into camps from which they were not allowed to escape, and during this period of internment it was in fact typhus that killed so many, and not the gas chambers. That the causes of death tended to be so “natural” makes it…ok?

          1. The Red Cross regularly visited all prison camps and reported only 271000 deaths in all. Only 5% of the 6000000 claim.

            Zyklon b was used by Germany to save lives, from typhus, not take them.

            People die in war. That’s not ok.

            The holocaust narrative which is used to pay Jews to this day and is to exempt Israel from terrorism in Palestine is bull shit.

      2. Misek appeared on Reason shortly after Stormfront went defunct. I’m not saying anything, I’m just saying.

        1. You and all the brainwashed dipshits have never researched the facts because you’re afraid to.

          You’re terrified that recognition of the truth will brand you a heretic and you’ll be subject to persecution as one.

          You’re sheeple. Following the doctrine of the day with unquestioning zeal.

          Science is heresy to you, and you are comforted by your embrace of your false narrative.

          Open a book at your own peril.

          1. This from a guy who wants to gut the First Amendment to exclude lying. It wouldn’t be me in prison, Herr Misek.

            1. Right, you’ll be on the science is heresy side.

    3. Kollerstroms book.

      His other book was better.

      1. That amazon blurb touts him as the leading expert on London’s 7/7 bombings, which he “exposed as a hoax”.

        54 people killed in public places by bombs that were covered pretty much live…. a hoax.

        This guy makes Alex Jones and his Sandy Hook nonsense seem well-centered and sane.

        But that should be your clue. If your “expert” gloms onto every crazy conspiracy theory going – maybe you don’t have an expert on your hands. Maybe you have a huckster who doesn’t believe a word he’s peddling to you. Or just a straight up nutcase.

        Either way, denying the holocaust is stupid. But at least it was 3/4 of a century ago. This other stuff was on live TV in front of everyone, making it a much tougher sell.

    4. Kollerstrom is a hack astrologist and I don’t think you Holocaust deniers realize that you’ve been peddling the same debunked propaganda for almost a century now. Go ahead and tell me again how zyklon B wasn’t used to gas people when there’s lethal concentrations in the gas chambers and non lethal concentrations in the delousing chambers.

      People like this are why there aren’t more Libertarians. Anyone would want to be an authoritarian to stop people from peddling garbage Holocaust denial theories.

    5. apparently your “work” has not made you free of idiocy.

      I’ve been to Dachau. Please stop consuming oxygen.

  13. Eliminate all public schools. It’s the only way to be sure.

    1. No, the only way to be sure is to nuke them from orbit. Everyone knows that…

  14. “because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee.”

    And that’s why this SJW nonsense needs to go away. We’re so concerned about feelings that we’re actually accommodating people with sincere disagreements about matters of fact. I don’t care if you feel offended upon being told the Holocaust happened. It did and stop being a useful idiot for Stormfront.

    1. Have you actually read any scientific research on the subject or just the usual rhetorical crap.

      Paid witnesses and forced confessions have no credibility.

      1. Scientific research? What the hell are you on about?

        It isn’t some natural phenomenon. It is a historical event. People who were actually there are still alive, for crying out loud. Millions of people saw with their own eyes. Thousands of American soldiers were there when the camps were liberated.

        I mean, I get the desire for conspiracy theories. They are great fun. Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy… fun! Because you can get there with only a handful of people in the know.

        Moon landing? Kooky and kind of funny. But ultimately stupid when you find out how many thousands of people worked on the project.

        In the case of the Holocaust, you have tens of millions of co-conspirators. It makes absolutely no sense at all. You have to be a special kind of insane to spend even a moment entertaining that nonsense.

        1. You have to be a special kind of insane

          Or a raging anti-semite.

          1. I don’t think anti-semite gets you there. Hatred is one thing, but stupid crazy is another thing altogether.

            I mean, I know a lot of people who hate the Dookies, but you don’t hear too many of them running with the theory that Kryzewski is an actual rat-human hybrid created by the devil. I mean, sure, it makes sense when you stay at the surface level of his soul-less rat-like physical manifestation on this plane…. But dig any deeper and you’ll realize that the Dookies are just a bunch of ordinary douchebags. No need to invoke the supernatural.

            1. Oh, I forgot to include the link to my scientific research. Here ya go!

              1. Like I said, dipshits like you spout the same rhetorical crap and have never reviewed the real science.

                Prove me wrong, read kollerstroms book, you can even download it.

                If you ever find the balls to, you’ll realize how stupid you sound.

                Until then, you have no clue.

                1. Coming up with a conclusion and working backwards isn’t science.

                  1. That’s how most science is done dipshit.

                    Theories are proven with facts.

                    Facts that you’re too much of a dipshit to even read about.

                    1. No, that is the opposite of how science is done.

                      You come up with a hypothesis. Then you design an experiment to test that hypothesis. By “test”, they mean “disprove”.

                      Pseudoscience is done in exactly the manner you describe. You come up with a pet theory. Then you cast about looking for things to support your theory.

                      So you come up with 5, 10 or even 50 things that support your theory. Confirmation bias is in effect! You’ve proven (to yourself) that you are right!

                      Meanwhile, any scientist worth his salt would have designed one simple test that would *disprove* the theory.

                      In the case of Holocaust denial there are millions of facts that disprove your pet theory. Ignoring them in favor of the 37 factoids that you think support your pet theory isn’t science. It is a textbook example of how conspiratorial thinking works.

                      In fact, it is a well known feature of conspiracy theory psychology that confrontation with facts that invalidate the theory only serve to strengthen the resolve of the conspiracy-minded.

                      So no…. your conspiracy theory guru is not a scientist. His theories are not scientifically grounded. In fact, it is entirely predictable that your response will be that of the reverent faithful when their faith is challenged… simply doubling down on blind belief.

                      You are like the poor Duke fan who thinks that stomping on fallen players or punching opposing players when you are getting beaten is “classy”. You’ll gleefully cheer the injury of opposing players, never suspecting that maybe you are not the good guys. In fact, you’ll be quite certain that you are a member of a victim class, set upon by an unfair world.

                      But it won’t change the reality that your hero is a rat-boy who bragged about ordering the code red.

                    2. So when the Red Cross reported a total of 271000 total deaths from all prison camps, they were part of a Nazi conspiracy?

                      5,729,000 is a pretty big miscalculation.

                      The fact is that you have never reviewed the scientifically gathered facts that refute the bullshit holocaust narrative.

                      You just repeat the same old rhetoric as though it meant anything.

                      Read Kollerstroms work and dispute the evidence he has prepared. Until you do, you’re a brainwashed hack.

                    3. You see… that is precisely the confirmation bias at work.

                      Finding one “fact” that supports your argument isn’t scientific.

                      We actually know the names of the people who were killed in the camps. Germans kept really good records. Those that weren’t destroyed tell a completely different story. (which isn’t surprising. Did you really think that a government that was systematically exterminating undesirables would invite the Red Cross to monitor the process?)

                      Here’s just one such list… a detailed log from Auschwitz. This single log alone has nearly 70k names.


                    4. Here’s another list – with 2.7 million entries compiled from 190 sources.


                      That alone is enough to completely disprove your pet theory.

                      It doesn’t matter if you have a million oblique observations that don’t disprove it. One is all it takes. And they have millions on their side, each of which disproves your pet theory.

                      Saying “but the red cross only reported a quarter million deaths in prison camps” is not at all inconsistent with the final tally. In fact, you’d think that people would have sounded a clarion call much louder based on a huge number like that, since one would expect that they only showed their best case scenario to the Red Cross.

                    5. But you see, I’m not a hack, or an expert, or a proponent of anything.

                      I’m just some dude who was old enough to have been around when people who were there told their stories. I heard my grandfather tell of his time in Europe during WWI. And my uncle and his friends were there for WWII, as were others I encountered over the years. Some were there when the camps were discovered. Most who saw that sight still spoke with bitterness and horror, and most thought the Germans got off way too light, given what they had seen.

                      I’ve also met a large number of people who talked about their Aunt, or Grandmother, or parents who were in one of the camps. Even a couple here and there who were in the camps themselves as kids.

                      I’m not Jewish, so it certainly isn’t central to my life, or even a part of my identity at all. But denying the holocaust because some nutjob conspiracy theory author told you that the Red Cross says only a quarter million people died is really dumb. Like, even dumber than denying that Africans were brought to America and held in slavery. At least in that case there isn’t “living memory” available. Or at least, there hasn’t been for many decades. But just like the holocaust there are written documents, buildings, artifacts and the descendants around to tell the tale.

                    6. The Red Cross listed a total of 52000 deaths at Aushwitz.

                      The list you provided from the US Jewish holocaust society, talk about confirmation bias, listed 68000.

                      That’s a far cry from 6000000 considering there were only 3 so called death camps.

                      It does prove that the Red Cross regularly visited aushwitz though.

                      Yet you believe that the Red Cross missed 5729000 people.

                      That they only recorded 5% of all deaths and saw no evidence of the rest.

                      You do so from the testimony of paid survivors alone. Who the fuck survived when more that the total number of Jews in German occupied Europe were supposedly killed?

                      That’s the kind of bullshit that permeates the holocaust narrative when the facts are reviewed.

                    7. Yeah, you are right… someone from the Jewish Illuminati paid my uncle to tell me about his experience in the war. And they paid his VFW buddies too. I mean, that Jewish conspiracy has far reaching tentacles. They got all the way out to Obion County Tennessee and found a bunch of hick farmer boys who went off to war and paid them to spin a tail of horror. Because people who get paid to tell a lie like that keep telling the same story for the next 70 years. That’s how it works.

                      I mean, they didn’t actually get paid enough to quit being dirt poor hicks from the sticks. But it was clearly enough to buy them off… not just their silence, but their continuing obesience to a tale of woe that does them no good, brings them no glory or praise and furthers no cause of any relevance to them.

                      Heck, I don’t think there was a single Jew within 100 miles of that VFW hall throughout my entire childhood and adolescence.

                      Too bad we can’t ask them to retell it… them all being dead now. But I can guarantee you wouldn’t have said it to their face back in the 70’s when I met them… and they were all in their 60’s. (tough bunch. Woulda been a tough bunch even if they hadn’t spent their formative years killing Germans or Japanese and watching their buddies get killed by the same. )

                      I don’t know why you want to believe the stuff that you believe, but it is dumber than believing in the tooth fairy. “Paid” survivors. Sheesh… what a stupid idea.

                    8. Oh, and the information isn’t from the US Jewish Holocaust Society…. the website is hosting a copy of the “death books” – actual German records that list the deaths and cause of death. The editor is also not the US Jewish Holocaust Society… that comes from (copy/paste) EDITED BY STATE MUSEUM OF AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU

                      Aushwitz is famous, but it is far from the largest internment camp run by the Germans. We just happen to have really good records and they have kept the site around for historic memorial purposes. So that’s how we know about the numbers of dead there. Pretending that the German’s own records *overstate* the number of dead is just a little silly, don’t you think?

                    9. Perfect.

                      You post a link to some healthy prisoners standing behind a fence and start rattling off your brainwashed rhetoric.

                      People died during WW2.

                      There is no proof of anyone being exterminates in German prison camps.

      2. Yeah man those poor ass Jews who were all forced into ghettos and had their wealth confiscated from them paid tens of millions of people who hate them to corroborate the greatest conspiracy in history while also being sealed away in said ghettos with no means of communication.

        1. Lots of people suffered in WW2 and they aren’t being paid for their convenient testimonies.

      3. “Scientific research”

        You’re hilarious.

        1. That is a typical brainwashed response to science.

          Only after you’ve read some of that research will you be qualified to comment.

          Have you?

      4. Nice to hear from a local Nazi Rob. My husband’s father helped the camp survivors.

        1. What exactly did your husbands father say he saw?

          He showed up only after months of allied bombing destroyed all infrastructure around the camps and the Germans had long left.

          Did he see the starving survivors who waited so long for anyone to bring aid while others left after the Germans did to seek their fortunes.

          Did he librate aushwitz or just another camp? If he had, he might have photographed the supposed gas chamber equipment that miraculously heated The zyklon b and fed the gas through shower heads that minutes before carried water, the fans in the showers to circulate the gas in the crowded shower rooms with windows and the extensive gas evacuation equipment to enable removal of the bodies without also killing the workers.

          Because apparently nobody thought to photograph that even though it had been reported by the allied propaganda department for years.

          That’s what I’d like to ask your husbands father.

        2. No point in arguing with an antisemite Lester.

          Look my wife is the child of survivors. I am not going to say any more about it.

          1. He thinks your in-laws are paid to say that they are survivors. ‘Cause reasons. And with money from places. Probably something about Jew gold. I dunno…. I can’t make much sense of it.

          2. That’s your only card, accusations of bigotry, when I present the truth that you don’t want to hear. Do you chant the kol Nidre too?

            Fuck you. I’m not anti Arab, as Arabs make up 75% of Semitic people’s. There you go. Caught with stolen property again.

            If the truth is actually anti Jewish, you’re fucked.

  15. So parents should be allowed to select schools for their children based on what they teach?

    So you’ll have some schools that teach Creationism? Flat Earth? Cigarettes are good for you?

    1. Yes. That is precisely the point.

      And that is exactly why the left is so apoplectic over the notion that poor people might be able to choose how their children are educated. Because they might choose to teach their kids traditional christian values.

      They have a plan…. change the hearts and minds by educating the next generation with your vision. Can’t do that if people who disagree with your vision get a say in the matter.

      So yeah, Flat Earth, etc. But really it is all about teaching communist/socialist ideals to the next generation.

      1. The point of local control for public schools is to have some sort of basic educational curriculum, approved by local (school committee level) government for people in that community. If you don’t like what the local public school teaches, move to Georgia or Alabama or any other red state. Any deep red town won’t have socialism promoted in their history class and they all have bible clubs. Or run for school committee. The places that slant too liberal for your taste have elected school committee members who push the policies that way.

        You can also lobby your state government to have completely opened up school vouchers so that religious schools (Christian or Muslim or the school of Wiccan or whatever) can get public money with no oversight as to what the school teaches. Good luck with that.

        1. That was kinda the whole point…

          The reason they so rabidly oppose school choice or vouchers is because they don’t want people to be able to educate their own kids the way they see fit. They want them indoctrinated in a particular belief system.

          This explains the panic when anyone suggests the possibility of allowing poor families to send their kids to the school of their choice with a voucher in hand.

          1. Should have added any parochial or private school.

        2. Sure and you can always supplement education even if you send your kids to public school. Churches have Sunday school, summer bible camp, youth groups, all that.

          One thing you run into though if you are a parochial school is if you take government money they start to dictate curriculum.

          With things like holocaust education of course it needs to be included and should be taught at an older age in the context of WW2 history. It was a sentinel event in human history.

  16. Today its the Holocaust.. add it to the list. For the past 20 or 30 years it’s been the denial of mass murder by communists. Now we have an entire political party infiltrated by communists and a nazi sympathizer, Omar.

    1. I don’t think we have much room to point fingers. It appears HnR has been infiltrated as well.

      (yeah, I know they ditched that name…. but I don’t have a nickname for “latest” commenters. Lateratie? Latestians? Late-wa-zillas? Latanistas? Latestese? None of those seem to work.)

  17. “Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened … I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event”

    Not everyone believes in teacher tenure either. Can we pretend that doesn’t exist either?

    1. Ha ha, very funny, heretic.

  18. I recall Milton Friedman saying that the more decisions government makes, the more social divisiveness we will have. Don’t know the source

  19. The guys position is just idiotic and that is enough reason to get rid of him. His answer to everything is “I don’t know”

    “ I don’t know if Hydrogen has one electron”
    “ I don’t know if the earth is flat or not”
    “ I don’t know if Pearl Harbor was bombed on December 7, 1941“

    Well you are an educator. You are supposed to know. Your whole job is to transmit knowledge. The guy is a pinhead.

    As far as the school choice debate. Sure I am all for it. Don’t know if it will solve the problem of fools like this guy.

    This was in Boca Raton with a large Jewish population. They have Jewish Schools and most Jews at least send their kids to Hebrew school up to age 13 to teach them the basics. They want a supplemental education that the public schools can’t provide. That problem is solved.

  20. I have a couple of friends who work in the Palm Beach County school system.

    They had the same opinion that I did – that it sounded like he had run afoul of taking positions on controversial topics before and was trying to skate by without taking a stand. Combine that with being a bit of an idiot and, well, there ya go!

    So the root problem (beyond hiring idiots) is the knee-jerk reaction to any offending remarks. Can’t be for or against abortion. Can’t be for gay marriage, but damn sure better not be against it. And don’t fail to support the LGBTQAI community! But be culturally sensitive to the black community. And the latin community. Well, except there isn’t just 1 of those. You have Brazilians and Columbians and Puerto Ricans and Cubans… well, you get the picture. And you’d better be sensitive to all of their cultural needs.

    And sex education! It had better include gay and lesbian stuff! And transgender…. can’t forget about that. And gender fluidity. And polyamory. But you have to be on top of contraception and disease prevention. But whatever you do, don’t make it sound like any of those practices might be risky. And don’t teach abstinence, because that doesn’t work. But be sensitive to parents who don’t want their kids to be active sexually in the 5th grade.

    Yeah…. when the administration pretends that posing with a toy gun on facebook is a serious offense that must be dealt with seriously… I mean, really…. I think you might be able to understand where an average-at-best talent might get a little confused about where he is allowed to make a stand.

  21. I don’t think “school choice” is the issue here. Other countries have great public education because the people prioritize it. Teachers are paid well and all schools are required to teach facts in history and science. In Australia, you can send your child to a religious school and they will get the national curriculum plus an education in the faith. However, the private school doesn’t get to teach that evolution did not happen.

    I am not against school choice. If people are very religious and want to send their children to a school that will teach their faith, then do that. If people have the time and want to home school, that is fine. However, most people don’t have the time and money to afford private school tuition nor to stay home and teach their children. So for the benefit of society we need high quality public schools.

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