Brickbat: China Calls


In the United Kingdom, the Independent Office for Police Conduct has found that London police arrested a Chinese dissident under pressure from the Chinese government. Cops arrested Shao Jiang, a Tiananmen Square survivor, for a public order offense after he held up pieces of paper reading "End Autocracy" and "Democracy Now" outside the home of London's mayor during a state visit by President Xi Jinping. After arresting Shao, police searched his home and seized his computers, which Shao believes were turned over to Chinese officials before being returned to him.

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  1. Free Tommy Robinson!

    1. Who?

    2. Free Tibet?

      1. Dude. No. It’s 7/11. Free Slurpee.

    3. Wrongthink + No free speech or journalism protection = 9 months in the Old Bailey.

      1. Punch and pie!

  2. Garbage island complicit in crimes against humanity of brutal communist regime in China.

    1. Socialists gotta stick together when we have Orange Man ruining it for Socialism.

  3. I mean, I suppose at first someone from China would find the United Kingdom a bastion of free speech, but nope.

    1. They learned a valuable lesson.

      1. It would be funny if Trump gave a buttload of visas to Hong Kong residents who want to work hard in the USA while deporting millions of illegals from Mexico and Central and South America.

        The Lefties would flip out because they knew that a good portion of the Hong Kongers ™ would be resistant to Socialism.

        1. That is one fine idea LC; I rather like it. Win win all around.

        2. Actually, HK politics is weird. Right-wing beliefs are correlated with support for political integration with China, and left-wing beliefs are correlated with opposition to it. There are the “localist” parties, which may be sort of libertarian, but they’re not as popular.

          1. Evidently “Conservativism” in Hong Kong is what you are describing as “Right-Wing” politics.

            The Communists of China are the extreme Left-Wing of the political spectrum so being for Democracy under Liberalism is right of those Communists.

            The Communists of Mainland China are not Conservative in any political sense of the word. The Communists came to power via revolution and are as far from a Monarchy (Extreme political spectrum Right-Wing) as possible.

            I would say that most Hong Kongers are closer to Libertarians if they don’t want Socialism and don’t want a monarch to rule them (not that China would let them). Libertarianism goes hand-in-hand with Individualism, Freedom, self-rule, and Liberty.

  4. When a country starts going socialist, socialist activity takes place – – – –

  5. It takes a global village…

    1. Hillary likes this.

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