Brickbat: Cat House


A Murray, Utah, animal control officer cited Kate Anderson for "animal at large" and "not having a license attached," both misdemeanors, because Anderson's cat was lying on her front yard. Anderson says someone took a photo of the cat resting and reported her to cops. A city ordinance defines an animal as at large even if it is in the owner's yard unless it is on a leash or physically confined to the property. When contacted by local media, the city attorney said that though it was illegal for the cat to be on the front lawn, the city will drop the charges.

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  1. Murray is a crime ridden, meth filled dump that you would be well advised to not leave your car unattended in. On the other hand it probably isn’t safe for a cat anyway considering.

    1. The mice, chipmunks and bunnies of Murray, Utah have filed complaints. Cat crime is rampant in Murray, Utah!

  2. What is the mentality of the asshole who called the cops!

    1. Extremely afraid of an improper border crossing?

    2. Socialist.
      Everyone needs the cops called on them.

    3. What is the mentality of the city attorney who affirmed it was a crime? He chose not to pursue the matter, but he still called it a crime.

      Was this like first cat in Murray or something? Does that town not understand the concept of cats?

  3. A cat house in Utah? Failed business model.

    1. Don’t be so sure. Check the business clusters on the Nevada and Wyoming borders.

  4. If you have a bird feeder, you’re responsible for the untethered birds that use it.

  5. So when a K-9 handler tuns his dog loose to chase a suspect, does the partner have to arrest the K-9, the handler, or what?

  6. “…someone took a photo of the cat resting and reported her to cops.”

    I think the more we live in close proximity to other humans, the bigger the douche bags become.

    1. I think they were always big. Now they’re just closer.

    2. It’s because we choose to put up with their bullshit. Douche bag neighbors who complain about your pets have existed all throughout history.

      But somewhere around the 80s or 90s that all changed. To the point that cops in 2019 act on a douchebag’s complaint about a cat being in the cat’s own yard. Before that time we would have told the douchbag neighbor to SHUT THE FUCK UP! And that douchebag neighbor would have gotten and shocked and outrage and stormed back indoors and pick up the phone to gossip to her other douchebag friends. And that would have been it.

      I weep for our civilization.

  7. Just accidentally flagged someone for review. Would be nice if there were a way to back that out.

    1. As a Libertarian site, Reason will never allow rewriting history – – – – –

  8. The city and the complainant are assholes, but so are cats.

  9. Leash laws are the clowniest of all clown moves to come out of the nanny state clown car.

  10. At least the cops didn’t shoot the cat.

    1. Cats are quick. Cops are slow. Best to stick to dogs.

      1. Additionally, cats on average are smaller than dogs and cops on average are lousy shots.

  11. Cat House: a new TV series about a veterinary diagnostician.

    1. You win the Internet

  12. Cats outdoors kill lots of wild birds. It is a good idea
    to keep your cat indoors.

    1. The cats provide a service as natural predators, culling the slower, less responsive members of the species. They’ve been hunting for a couple million years and we don’t seem to be running out of birds.

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