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Trump Threatens Mass Immigration Action Next Week, Though No One's Sure What He Means

Plus: Amash's anti-surveillance measure is up for a vote, Facebook launches its own cryptocurrency, and more..


President Donald Trump is threatening a new round of action targeting undocumented immigrants, starting next week. "Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States," Trump tweeted Monday evening, promising that "they will be removed as fast as they come in."

A little over two weeks ago, the president insisted that Mexico was so willfully negligent at stopping illegal border crossings that the U.S. would impose escalating tariffs on all Mexican goods. Yesterday, however, Trump praised the work Mexico is doing at "stopping people long before they get to our Southern Border" and the progress being made by Guatemala.

But someone must be blamed for the manufactured crisis Trump has devoted his presidency to, and this week it is apparently congressional Democrats' turn. "The only ones who won't do anything are the Democrats in Congress," Trump tweeted last night. "They must vote to get rid of the loopholes, and fix asylum! If so, Border Crisis will end quickly!"

Some are taking this latest round of Trump tweets as a threat of massive new coordinated raids on immigrant homes or workplaces. And, yes, there are the inevitable Hitler analogies, including a lot of Kristallnacht references…

It's not clear just what Trump actually meant in his Monday tweets, as there has been no official statement from the White House or immigration officials yet and the president is prone to bluster via Twitter. But Washington Post reporter Nick Miroff suggested Trump is referring to a thwarted April enforcement operation targeting undocumented immigrants who had failed to show up for scheduled hearings. From the Post piece on that plan:

According to seven current and former Department of Homeland Security officials, the administration wanted to target the crush of families that had crossed the U.S.-Mexico border after the president's failed "zero tolerance" prosecution push in early 2018. … The sprawling operation included an effort to fast-track immigration court cases, allowing the government to obtain deportation orders against those who did not show for their hearings — officials said 90 percent of those targeted were found deportable in their absence. The subsequent arrests would have required coordinated raids against parents with children in their homes and neighborhoods.

However, "a U.S. official says deportations described by the president in this tweet aren't imminent," ABC's Meredith McGraw said on Tuesday morning.


FISA amendment vote coming up:

Here's the full amendment text. And here are Amash's statements about the bill, called the "Ending Mass Collection of Americans' Phone Records Act," upon its introduction in March.


Facebook wants you to trust it with your money. The site is launching its own cryptocurrency, called Libra. From The Verge:

The currency is designed not to be a speculative asset, like Bitcoin, but a form of digital money backed by a reserve of assets. You will one day be able to use Libra as payment for online and offline services, Facebook executives say. At the beginning, the company imagines Libra will be used mainly to transfer money between individuals in developing countries who lack access to traditional banks. Eventually, the goal is to create the first truly mainstream cryptocurrency: a decentralized global form of payment that is as stable as the dollar, can be used to buy almost anything, and can support an entire range of financial products — from banking to loans to credit.


  • If you saw this commercial as a child, it's not an entirely implausible take: