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Shock Poll: Amash Down 16 Points in Republican Primary

First survey since the libertarian’s impeachment comments shows big lead for pro-Trump challenger


When asked during a town hall meeting last month whether he fears his pro-impeachment comments could leave him vulnerable to a primary challenge by Michigan State Rep. Jim Lower, Rep. Justin Amash (R–Grand Rapids) smiled and said, "I am not concerned about it."

It may be time to dial up the concern-o-meter.

In a June 5-9 Practical Political Consulting (PPC) and MIRS survey of just 360 likely GOP voters announced Tuesday (though not yet available online), Lower thumped Amash in a head-to-head matchup, 49 percent to 33 percent. According to MIRS News, the poll also found that if President Donald Trump campaigned in the district for Lower, "the challenger's margin actually goes down 43 [percent] to 32 [percent]."

The poll did not include former Army National Guardsman Tom Norton, who has also filed to run. As Hot Air's Allahpundit notes, "That's Amash's best hope for a victory — draw more pro-Trump, anti-Amash candidates into the race, hope that the majority of Republican voters splinter among them, and win the nomination with a plurality."

The news comes amid fresh reporting by Politico that Trump is considering a rare early intervention into a GOP primary against a Republican incumbent. "Trump has raised the primary challenge idea with Vice President Mike Pence and North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, a close Trump ally who co-founded the conservative House Freedom Caucus with Amash," Politico reported. "Trump has also addressed the subject with Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, a former Michigan GOP leader who remains influential in the state."

The Meadows conversation is the latest sign that Trump has effectively domesticated the House Freedom Caucus (HFC), an influential bloc co-founded by Amash and Meadows and seven others in 2015 to be a check on executive branch power and a force for cutting the size and scope of government. The president last year backed (at the last minute) a successful primary challenge against HFC member and close Amash friend Mark Sanford, whose vanquisher went on to lose the South Carolina seat to a Democrat. Meadows and Rep. Jim Jordan (R–Ohio) have become leading Trumpian attack dogs on all things related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's recently completed investigation and were quick to rebuke their colleague when he went rogue on impeachment.

Amash resigned from the Freedom Caucus Monday, saying "I have the highest regard for them, and they're my close friends….I didn't want to be a further distraction for the group."

Amash successfully fended off a GOP establishment-backed challenger in 2014. That year, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce teamed up with foreign policy/surveillance hawks such as Karl Rove and Rep. Mike Rogers (R–Mich.) to back Brian Ellis, who infamously accused Amash of being "al-Qaida's best friend in Congress." Not only did the libertarian beat the neoconservative by 14 percentage points, he delivered one of the more righteously angry victory speeches you'll see in American politics, telling Ellis "You owe my family and this community an apology for your disgusting, despicable smear campaign."

But back then Amash had one thing he can't count on today—support from Michigan's deep-pocketed DeVos family, which has stopped backing him. (Politico reported that "last week Jase Bolger, a DeVos confidant and former state House speaker, traveled to Washington for meetings with senior Republican officials where Amash was discussed.") Amash's top career contributor, The Club for Growth, was highly critical of his impeachment heresy and is giving standoffish-sounding quotes while backing challenges to insufficiently Trumpian incumbents elsewhere.

Amash's tenuous status within Trump's GOP is matched by his precarious positioning vis-à-vis the 2020 Census: Michigan is expected to lose one congressional seat in 2022, and it's hard to imagine a likelier congressional district to be euthanized than his.

All of which contributes to speculation that the Republican who prefers the word "libertarian" over the phrase "libertarian-leaning conservative" will finally bolt the GOP and compete for the 2020 presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party (a prospect even his potential competitors in the L.P. are cheering on).

There has been one poll taken with Amash as a third-party challenger, and the results may surprise you: 10 percent of the 600 likely Michigan voters surveyed May 28-30 say they'd vote for the local boy, which sounds reasonable enough, but Joe Biden's lead over Donald Trump is just six percentage points with Amash in the race, 12 points without. If such results are repeated in subsequent polls, it won't just be Trumpites hollering for Amash's scalp.

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164 responses to “Shock Poll: Amash Down 16 Points in Republican Primary

  1. Polls also show Trump trailing both Biden and Sanders.

    Guess which polls are “Fake News” ?

    1. Obviously the Amash one, given the fact that this country is run by a secret cabal of libertarians according to Tucker Carlson.

      1. No no no. It’s run by a secret cabal of deep-state Davos-elite libertarians. Get your conspiracies right!

        1. Hey there Pedo,Jeffy! Took time from your child porn hobby to shitpost here?

          1. What’s the matter, run out of bullets in your Democrat murdering spree?

            1. What’s the matter, run out of barrios that you’ll never live in?

    2. “Shock Poll: Amash Down 16 Points in Republican Primary”


    3. You think his poll numbers sucked at the point of posting this article, imagine what they will be now that he’s voted to hold Barr in contempt.

      Amash just threw away his career.

        1. Yes CNN needs another washed up Libertarian / Republican “never Trumper”.

        2. “Not with CNN…”

          Talk about trying to jump aboard a sinking ship. It’s like last minute savings on a Titanic cruise.

          1. “Trying to jump aboard a sinking ship” sound more like trying to catch a falling knife and not get cut in the process. CNN deserves him. Good riddance!

      1. Amash just voted for contempt of 2 of trumps cabinet members today too. On the basis of not handing over documents trump declared as executive privilege. Apparently Amash thinks asking census questions about citizenship is wrong.

        1. It is. Any question that would interfere with the explicit constitutional mandate of counting all people (nothing about only counting legal residents) is wrong, especially when the motive is clearly partisan advantage.

          But it’s your kind of partisan constitution trampling, so rah rah Trump! Worse than the leftists who think Trump is absolutely wrong on everything is people who think he’s right on everything.

          I’m not exactly pro-immigration here, I’d require employers to verify citizenship by criminal law and ban them from taxpayer funded services, but since I’m not a mindless right winger I won’t pull unconstitutional shit for partisan advantage to accomplish that.

          1. The census asks all sorts of questions. They will be asking about same sex relationships. Obviously is NOTHING in the constitution that says you can’t ask other questions. And this has been established by court cases:

            “The Legal Tender Cases, Tex.1870; 12 Wall., U.S., 457, 536, 20 L.Ed. 287. In 1901, a District Court said the Constitution’s census clause (Art. 1, Sec. 2, Clause 3) is not limited to a headcount of the population and “does not prohibit the gathering of other statistics, if ‘necessary and proper,’ for the intelligent exercise of other powers enumerated in the constitution, and in such case there could be no objection to acquiring this information through the same machinery by which the population is enumerated.” United States v. Moriarity, 106 F. 886, 891 (S.D.N.Y.1901).”

            1. Fafa is going to run away now. Amazing how people jump in out of absolute ignorance.

          2. Asking for citizenship status doesn’t trample anything. It’s a basic question.

            1. Not to an open borders at any cost nutjob it isn’t.

            2. The question was asked in the past on the census … for decades … without issue. The resistance to asking it is really related to one question, should people in the country illegally, be counted for purposes of assigning representation in Congress and the Electoral College.

              Those opposed to asking the question again fear that the answer to that question will be “no”, and having asked the question the means will exist to exclude them … as they should be/.

              1. What was asked on the census was a form of “where were you born”. Actual questions for each census. And that and the other questions were asked when the entire census was conducted by temporary census-takers going from door to door asking questions of whomever answered the door. Pre-1960. IOW – the census-taker could make a judgment at the door as to when/whether the person was getting antsy – and the temp census takers were all local/known (a major criteria for their hiring then) so there was an element of trust.

                In 1960, the census form was mailed out to be filled out ahead of time – but was collected by the census-taker at the door. The short-form part only had the 5 questions. The census taker completed the forms re the ‘foreign born’ and other stuff.

                1970 was the first year the census was mailed out to be mailed back- and the job of census taker changes a LOT in that sort of collection. Many aren’t even local anymore cuz they are looking at statistics to verify the info fits with other info. Since then, the question has been dropped precisely because it causes confusion and/or resistance and/or fear that the info will be used to send the cops.

                really related to one question, should people in the country illegally, be counted for purposes of assigning representation in Congress and the Electoral College.

                And no you sack of pus, that is NOT a ‘question’. The census has NEVER tried to collect info on documentation or anything that could be used as a gotcha in court. That is clearly NOT the intention of collecting the census. It is only an intention of assclowns like you who want to use the census to turn the US into a police state

          3. The census is used for distributing electoral votes. It is perfectly logical and legitimate to ask about citizenship. People who are not citizens cannot vote and shouldn’t be counted when distributing electoral votes, OBVIOUSLY. Especially when the entire reason these people were funneled into our country by the Dems in the first place was to undermine this obvious fact.

          4. That just idiotic and based on nothing more the the dim shillbot media. The census asks many things and anonymously answering a question about citizenship is not going to render anything illegitimate or misleading.

          5. Wow. Way to prove your ignorance on what the census does. Congrats on that.

      2. Yes, the contempt charge was partisan politics at it’s worst. The kind of thing Amash used to speak out against. A guy that had given a voice to libertarian views is now done. I’ll predict he never wins another election.

        1. Amash is, and has always been, a waste looked at from his districts vantage point. He has accomplished nothing for his district.

          Amash has consistently been the “sorta libertarian” who got attention for himself …. and that is about it. Now he is once again trolling for attention by being the “principled libertarian” who carries water for the Democrats and gets favorable press from the liberal media.

          Useless to his district.
          Useless to libertarianism.
          (since he is so “princlpled he can’t accomplish anything)
          Useless to the GOP who supported him at election time.

          Good Riddance to bad Rubbish.

          1. “He has accomplished nothing for his district.”

            Assuming that is in regards to his failure to funnel as much pork to his district as he can…Because apparently standing up for liberty and limited government has no value to his district.

    4. To be fair… Hillary was up 15 points at this time during her win of the presidency.

      But honest question… you think national polling and district polling a year out from the election have equivelant error bars?

      1. Is this a joke? because it is very funny,

        1. Hillary? She was up 15 on the same poll at this length before the election.

          1. She was up by about that at 11 pm on election night.

      2. I think the district polling is probably more accurate, since the actual vote is taken in the same district.

        National polling at this point is a joke, because they’re not polling enough people to analyze the impact of the electoral college.

        Mind, they’re both jokes in the sense that the election isn’t until next year.

    5. If you actually cared about being honest, rather than scoring Orange Man Bad Points, you could easily understand why one poll is more likely to be bullshit than the other. Methodology.

      On its face, which do you think is easier: polling a demographically homogenous region of 733,000 people, or polling an entire country of a third of a billion, regarding a controversial candidate whose supporters’ numbers have continuously been suppressed when polled, then using party affiliation to tweak the results?

      Which poll is more likely to be wrong, would it be the one which has been shown historically to be wildly inaccurate (Public Policy Polling predicted Hillary would win 44 to 40)?

    6. I just watched a You Tube video by a Preacher named Sid Roth. Watch it and get back to this list. A guest there predicted Trump will appoint another 3 Supreme Court Justices as 3 will be caught up in a scandal and be forced to resign. He also said Roe vs; Wade is toast and is going down. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. hahahahahahahahaha.

  3. A so-called libertarian sided with criminalization of ordinary conduct over a more lenient interpretation.

    Neither loyal to his party nor to libertarian principles, Amash lost support. Are you surprised?

    1. This.

      Somehow a website full of people who hate law enforcement even in its most defensible moments decided that “attempting to maybe think about trying to obstruct a baseless partisan government witch hunt” is a crime worth pursuing.

      1. Amash seems to even be okay with going for obstruction after the SP edited documents to change tenor. He also was fine with exculpatory evidence being left out completely. Obstruction it is!

      2. “attempting to maybe think about trying to obstruct a baseless partisan government witch hunt”

        He asked Jeff Sessions about firing Mueller. Everyone says that it is in the right of the president to have fired Mueller. However, Mueller declined. Jeff Sessions was Trump’s top attorney. Trump is not a lawyer but asks his lawyer to do something that is legal and Sessions probably correctly declines. That is Amash’s “obstruction of justice”.

      3. so Amash is (maybe) wrong on one thing. Trump is wrong on lots of things. (22 trillion dollar national debt says hello, Hands off ma’ Medicare says “what’s up?”)

    2. If there is one thing a slack-jawed, bigoted, right-wing authoritarian prancing around in silly libertarian drag can’t abide, it is a genuine libertarian.

      Carry on, clingers

      1. It really won’t end well for you. Not well at all.

      2. I imagine you as some old guy wearing threadbare suits that looked good 15 years ago (wear them every day) tapping away on a Dell computer from 1998 that is attached to the last dial up internet in America while surrounded by stacks and stacks of newspapers all around you that date back to the 1970s. Oh and you drink mint juleps while chortling at your own responses.

        1. You forgot Arthur having to post from the common room of this mental treatment facility.

  4. I had been hoping the alt-right white nationalist takeover of the GOP could eventually be reversed. I started the #LibertariansForABetterGOP and #PutTheNeoconsBackInCharge hashtags because I wanted a revival of the respectable, patriotic Republican Party that nominated Bush and McCain.

    But now? If standing up to Putin’s Puppet has already hurt Amash this severely, the party might be beyond saving.

    1. You are a joke. There has not been any ‘far right’ take over.
      To you stupid, uneducated progtards, anyone with an ideology to the right of Lenin is a white nationalist.
      Your entire rant is pathetic.

  5. As much as I like the Drudginess of the headline, this can’t possibly be a shock to anyone. What he’s been doing is, on the surface, politically inept. He may have a master plan but I hope its goal is something other than remaining as a needed small-government voice in the House, because this has been the least likely route he could take for that outside of outright resignation.

    Opposing those policies from this president which are not libertarian is one thing, but getting into an endless and ultimately useless flame war with Trump and his supporters is, well, useless. And impeachment talk is bizarre. It’s tossing a grenade to carve up the same old turkey we’ve been having for Thanksgiving after Thanksgiving. Impeachment deserves more weight than to use it as a buzz generator within the Resistance din. His district would probably like something else from him.

    1. What he’s been doing is, on the surface, politically inept.

      As much as I like Amash, ^ this.

      1. Agreed. Amash has a good legislative record, but I don’t really know why he felt the need to loudly virtue signal on a goalpost shift on Russian Fever dreams: Collusion.

        1. Replace “collusion” with “obstruction”.

        2. I don’t really know why he felt the need to loudly virtue signal

          I suspect that JFree may be right, below, that he sees his seat being eliminated after the census. In that case, his only hope for a political future is to jump over to the LP. It’s a slim hope, but it beats nothing.

          1. But collusion? Collusion? Why not Tariffs or ongoing wars or mass surveillance for fuck sakes… But collusion? He had a grab bag of principled talking points and he pulled out Rachel Maddow’s diary entry?

            1. just the thought of reading even a small part of Maddow’s diary. Turns my stomach.

              1. So much juicy goodness

                1. On her face I mean. You know she’s pulling some hot lesbian fems.

                    1. On her face I mean. You know she’s pulling some hawt lesbian fems. Happy?

        3. Amash’s legislative record is naming one post office…

          1. God bless him for restraining himself that much. If only he hadn’t given in on that post office, he would be about perfect.

    2. Think it’s worth a presidential run just to stir the pot on a national platform backed by his popularity in Michigan? Or is the pro-Trump herd too strong?

    3. What he’s been doing is, on the surface, politically inept. He may have a master plan but I hope its goal is something other than remaining as a needed small-government voice in the House, because this has been the least likely route he could take for that outside of outright resignation.

      At the very least, he should have switched parties, because he couldn’t have been that naïve that coming out against Trump was going to result in anything but getting himself primaried. There was no way the party leaders were going to circle the wagons around him after he said that Congress needed to act on impeachment proceedings.

      If this was the hill he decided to die on, the smart thing to do would have been to immediately get with Rashida Tlaib to draw up articles of impeachment after his initial tweet on the matter, instead of dicking around with tweetstorms and social media trying to explain his reasoning. Instead, he came off looking like a dupe and a publicity hound, considering this all came in the wake of Jake Tapper insinuating a couple months ago that he should make a run for President.

      1. Run for President? For the love of Pete! I am still waiting for someone to successfully make a case for a reason to impeach Trump.. this half wit certainly hasn’t. He does fit in well with the current editorial board over at Reason. Perhaps Nick can find him work once he gets jilted.

    4. needed small-government voice in the House

      If he gets voted out, there will be far fewer “present” votes tallied in the House.

    5. I would thought applauding process crimes regarding a non crime was a worse move than “getting into a flame war.”

    6. Amash should have kept mum about Trump and ran for the Senate. Way more power than a Representative, and way more likely to win than an LP prez candidate.

  6. Surely 2016 showed how much faith to place in polls?
    Has no one learned?
    And really, 360 surveyed?

    1. 360 people surveyed is like surveying people outside the USA about some US election. It means nothing.

      As we know from 2016 and before, some people pay companies to do bias confirming “surveys” and then put the laughable conclusion out on the propaganda circuit.

    2. 360 ‘likely GOP voters’ is not a small sample. In Amash’ last primary challenge, there were 69,000 voters. That won’t likely change so that’s the population. To be 95% confident that the sample represents the entire population you’d need about 377 in the sample. To reduce the margin of error below 5%, you’d need a bit less than that.

      Assuming they selected the sample randomly among truly likely GOP voters, the results they got are a good poll. And the results are way outside a margin of error. Amash isn’t gonna pull people into a GOP primary. Nor is his primary challenger. The only thing that could change is time from now until then.

      1. yeah, 360 likely voters in one district is like polling 150,000 people for a national race, and they rarely do 1 percent of that.

        1. It doesn’t really scale like that; The error bar shrinks with increasing number of people polled, but as long as the number of people polled doesn’t start to be a significant fraction of the total population being looked at, the size of the population has very little influence on the error.

          You poll a lot of people in national races so that you can get decent sample sizes for the subgroups like demographics or location.

  7. Amash’s tenuous status within Trump’s GOP is matched by his precarious positioning vis-à-vis the 2020 Census

    I suspect this was the real reason he decided to be so forthright and out there about the impeachment stuff. He knows he doesn’t have much time in the house and he was always gonna be the one left without a seat when the apportionment music stopped. So you go out standing loudly on principle.

    This is one of the two main areas where the parties have been the biggest beneficiaries of freezing the House for the last 100+ years. The zero-sum nature of apportionment means that even incumbents have to toe the party line or the PTB easily eliminate their incumbency.

    This would be much tougher in a House that was apportioned at say 100k peeps/critter – where there would have been 99 Michigan critters in 2000 and 2010 and prob 100 after 2020. Much harder for the party poobahs to gerrymander out an incumbent when they are in smaller districts and can bypass the whole top-down need for big donors and party support. Course the other side of that is that smaller districts also mean challengers can pop up as well without needing donor and poobah support.

    1. As a side benefit – him going down with USS Principle also means that the next critter who’s gerrymandered out after 2020 is someone else who is deemed ‘least loyal’ to the party poobahs. Have no idea who that is – or even what party that incumbent is in – but it is almost certainly someone who is magnitudes more of a party apparatchik and the Michigan delegation is all quite new. That’s nice. Force the DeRps to kick one of their loyal up-and-comers in the teeth.

      1. Deep state surveillance state uber alles!

        Very principled

      2. There was no USS principal here. He voted against the presidents executive privilege. A privilege given to every other president before Trump, but for some reason Amash believes Trump is the only president who is not entitled to use EP.
        It is also not common for a sitting president of either party to be primaried. Amash is truly arrogant. I hope his ridiculous decisions completely end his political career, though I suspect he is doing this for a book deal. That seems to be the MO for anyone who opposes Trump.

    2. The could have chosen a much better principle than trying to impeach trump regarding non crimes, especially as more and more of what is wrong in the Mueller report is discovered. Political prosecution is not the typical libertarian stance.

      1. Yes he could have chosen a much better principle. The libertarian case for more govt spending. And for tariffs. And for war with Iran. And for NSA surveillance. And executive authority by declaration of state of emergency. And demonizing foreigners. And support for the world’s authoritarians.

        And gained the support of all the ‘libertarian-leaning’ R’s like much of the commentariat here.

        1. But even if he had chosen not to make his stand on those long-standing libertarian principles, he could have at least demonstrated the proper libertarian etiquette re kowtowing to the most libertarian President ever. That lack of manners is inexcusable.

      2. Agreed, but the same sort of reasoning that said, “I have no future in the House after the Census.” would have told him, “And no point jumping into a lifeboat that already is sinking.”, so why would he be jumping from the House to the LP? It’s not like he’s going to salvage his seat by doing that.

        He’s looking for his post office holding future, and betting that the left-wing media will pay more for a quisling than the libertarian media would pay somebody principled.

  8. I love Amash, but I think he jumped the shark on the impeachment thing.

    1. If Trump isn’t worthy of impeachment, who is?

      1. If Trump isn’t worthy of impeachment, who is?

        This is one of the legitimately difficult things. One of the best arguments for Trump over Clinton was that we all knew Trump would be held accountable in ways that Clinton never would.

        But the reality, in the view of many, is that Clinton, Bush and Obama all did impeachment-worthy things, but were not impeached. Rather than argue that we should finally go ahead and impeach one of these assholes just to show them we can do it, there’s frustration that Trump is being held accountable when others weren’t.

        I don’t agree with that stance, but I understand it and can sympathize to a certain extent.

      2. And I suspect WC Varones is commenting more on the way Amash is going about it than on the merits of the claim – if Amash were serious, as someone else commented, he would have gone and started working with Dems to draft a resolution, not just bitch on Twitter as his party and donors abandoned him.

      3. “”If Trump isn’t worthy of impeachment, who is?”‘

        Most of that “worthy” is in your head. Let’s assume the house impeaches. Is obstruction worthy of removing a president. The dems occupying the Senate in 1998 said no.

        Why should Trump be removed for obstruction when Clinton wasn’t?

        1. Yes, the things they obstructed carry exactly the same weight and that’s a totally rational comparison.

          1. Well, no, Clinton’s obstruction was objectively worse, as it involved acts that were criminal in their own right, like perjury or destruction of evidence under subpoena. Not just legal acts which are asserted to have bad motives.

            But that just makes the reasoning stronger.

            1. You might remember, that Clinton was actually found guilty of perjury, fined, had to pay damages, and lost his law license. His obstruction of justice not only actually included crimes, but was confirmed in court by a judge HE appointed!

      4. How about some of those presidents who started wars that killed civilians by the thousands? Presidents who started the programs that spied on American citizens and killed them with drones?

        Bush and Obama were worthy candidates for impeachment.

        1. Obama committed the directed murder of a us citizen… but Tony thinks trump not firing someone ha had the right to fire is worse.

          1. Yup, that about sums it up, not just for Tony but for all those “liberals” and “progressives”.

          2. Killed terrorist trash in Yemen with drones. Cry me a river about his rights.

            1. We get it you are okay with ex judicial death sentences. Why are you on a libertarian site?

      5. Clinton. Someone who actually very plainly obstructed justice under oath instead of someone who Mueller had to come up with novel interpretations to state maybe he obstructed.

  9. His lack of concern about a primary challenge is because he doesn’t care if he’s re-elected. He’d rather retain his integrity and do the right thing (i.e., follow the Constitution, end mass surveillance, et al) than be re-elected.

    If all politicians followed his lead, we’d have a crystal clear Lake Tahoe instead of a swamp.

    1. The president can be impeached on a lot of stuff, “obstruction” is one of the dumber reasons.

    2. …end mass surveillance…

      LOL. By supporting the secret police coup that exploited and abused mass surveillance against domestic political opponents.

      1. TDS rots brains.

        If only it were fatal.

        But, I guess, it’s possible it merely reveals rather than rots.

        1. Not an argument. Everything he said is correct. Everything you said is a waste of time.

    3. If all politicians followed his lead, we’d have a crystal clear Lake Tahoe instead of a swamp.

      Unfortunately, we have precedent for this when the principled people left Congress in disgust in the 1840s. The result was not a “crystal clear Lake Tahoe.”

    4. His lack of concern about a primary challenge is because he doesn’t care if he’s re-elected. He’d rather retain his integrity and do the right thing

      Integrity? Amash has come to realize that a political career in the GOP is a dead end for him because he has been permanently tainted by the “libertarian” label. By hating on Trump, he’s trying to curry favor with fellow elites to get himself a cushy appointment to a law firm, corporate media firm, or think tank.

      1. Amash has come to realize that a political career in the GOP is a dead end for him because he has been permanently tainted by the “libertarian” label.

        Why couldn’t he just abandon his principles like the rest of the Freedom Caucus? Isn’t so hard to do, and is always forgiven!

        1. Why couldn’t he just abandon his principles like the rest of the Freedom Caucus?

          Indeed, Amash abandoned his principles in a very different way from the rest of the Freedom Caucus. And in a far worse way: Amash now supports authoritarianism and police state actions.

        2. So supporting the use of state surveillance, intimidation via the power of the state, and mass fabrication for the purpose of political persecution isn’t him abandoning his principles?
          Mighty fine man you admire there

    5. Yes… end mass surveillance by rewarding mass surveillance taking a president down… lulz

    6. no, if all politicians followed his lead we’d have 100 percent crooks in Congress, instead of 98 or 99 percent.

  10. Amash the RINO will lose.
    No one likes a traitor from either party of idiots.

    1. I think RINO might be a good thing because it means one step further away from the meaningless, hypocritical, partisan stupidity of the Republican party.

  11. In the defense of Trumplicans, Republicans as a whole haven’t had any principles for pretty much my entire life.

    1. And the Democrats differ only in that they never had any principles at any point during your entire life.

      1. Democrats do have principals and they stick to them. Those principals just happen to be almost universally authoritarian and collectivist in nature.

      2. They have principles to a fault, in my view.

    2. That’s because both “Republicans-as-a-whole” and “Democrats-as-a-whole” are coalitions of disparate groups that often have little-to-nothing in common other than opposition to the other coalition.

      That’s what you get when your political system is absolutely binary.

      In fairness, I think the Trumpalos have actually invaded the Republican Party with principles, the same way the Bernie-bots are trying to do to the Democrats. I don’t agree with the principles of either group, but they both represent a sort of grassroots insurgency against the completely unprincipled leadership of both parties.

    3. Boy, your words are feeble, and twisted as an old woman’s!

    4. Tony is right. Republicans do not have principles. They just defend the status quo.

      Democrats have principles: power by any means necessary up to and including starvation economics and gulags if necessary.

      Reason-libertarian principles seem to be that the status quo is worse than starvation economics and the police state.

  12. I can’t believe that a republican who backs an impeachment of a president who didn’t commit treason and cooperated fully with an ongoing investigation is falling behind in polls. Because libertarians believe in the government engaging in endless investigations over unwise behavior!

    What is wrong is Justin Amash? You don’t like Trump fine, that’s fine, the man has issues. But he agrees with a politically motivated probe base on a sham dossier? Does he honestly believe that Trump wasn’t spied on, and that Mueller didn’t try to deceptively edit or conceal the nature of the individuals who provided testimony / info? After what happened to BK, he’ll just give the government the benefit of the doubt? Sure, it makes sense to nerf the executive branch to empower congress.

    Mueller failed to make his case on collusion and obstruction, period. That “he would have indicted if not for DOJ recommendation” line sort of fell apart recently. Amash the libertarian says in the absence of government making their case, we should move to impeachment because HE thinks Trump obstructed justice.

    Rand Paul is the only viable libertarian left in congress, as far as I’m concerned.

    1. I like Rand too, buddy, maybe even more than Amash, but your critique of his call for impeachment appears to be unfounded. Treason is not the only impeachable offense. Read article 2, section 4 of the constitution; it’s right there.

      In addition, just because there is no proven Russian collusion or because the dossier was ill-founded, any charges of obstructing justice are not simply cleared from the record. Such is the nature of the crime, however unfortunate it may be. But this illustrates how desperately the FBI needs to be dissolved and destroyed.They are the cause of the trouble.

      Not saying there WAS obstruction or even that, if there were, it would be an impeachable offense, but Presidents can be impeached for much more than treason.

      1. But Mueller never charged Trump with anything. Why would there be any record of obstruction charges? Impeachment is a political process.

        I used the term treason in a more broad sense. The democrats weren’t going to impeach Trump over violating campaign finance law or sleeping around with women. If Trump did commit obstruction of justice that would be treasonous.

    2. Dont forget about massie!

  13. It’s “funny” that no one ever mentions what is quite unusual about Amash: his family is from the Middle East. His dad is Palestinian, his mother Syrian. (He is an Orthodox Christian.) How many Arab Republicans are there?

    Amash is obviously intelligent, but I also find it “funny” that he formed this conservative caucus not realizing that the only motivating factor for everyone except himself was hatred for Barack Obama, pure and simple. How laughable that this group was supposedly in favor of cutting spending! That they were worried about the deficit. They never gave a damn about anything except hatin’ on Barack.

    Well, Amash, welcome to reality.

    1. How many Arab Republicans are there?

      If we’re to believe Shrike, all of them.

    2. Maybe people don’t talk about his unusual ethnicity because his supporters are principled enough to focus on what actually matters rather than pandering to the cheap publicity of “vote-for-me-I’m-arabian (or whatever ethnic group happens to be in vogue at the time).

      1. There are plenty of conservative Arab-Americans, and a lot of them in Michigan.

  14. All of which contributes to speculation that the Republican who prefers the word “libertarian” over the phrase “libertarian-leaning conservative”

    Yeah, talk and phrases is all he seems to be about.

  15. Yes republicans are stupid and will support big government neocons when given an opportunity. That is hardly film at 11 stuff.

    1. His primary opponent is a big government neocon? Didn’t know that.

      1. Glad I could help although I could understand how his campaign page doesn’t make it clear. It’s mostly grunts and “Trump good Amash bad Lower smash”.

        I guess another dumb ass in congress is probably just what we need though. It’s worked well so far.

        1. So if his campaign doesn’t make it clear, how do you know this?

  16. “In a June 5-9 Practical Political Consulting (PPC) and MIRS survey of just 360 likely GOP voters announced Tuesday (though not yet available online), Lower thumped Amash in a head-to-head matchup, 49 percent to 33 percent.”

    This is reassuring. I was concerned that Amash might run as a third party candidate against Trump, cause Trump to lose Michigan, and put some authoritarian socialist like Bernie Sanders or Liz Warren in the White House. If Amash can’t even command the support of Republicans in Michigan, chances are he wouldn’t do much more damage as a third party candidate than the former governor of New Mexico.

    It’s funny. I don’t think anybody should consider Amash’s arguments about Trump and obstruction of justice seriously. I think it was just like Howard Dean’s “Dean Scream”, an unforced error which may have single-handedly cost Howard Dean the nomination in 2004. The difference is that Dean Scream couldn’t be rationalized. It was just an awkward howl on camera. Justin Amash basically did the same thing. No amount of rationalization will ever make him politically palatable again. But there’s nothing he can do about it now.

    Watching people talk about him making a third-party run for the Libertarians is a bit like him in a coma watching someone ask his wife out on a date from his political deathbed. It seems so inappropriate, but, then, he’s done. It’s over. The people who want him only want him because even they don’t think he has a future in the Republican party anymore. Is he even 40 years old yet?!

    He might have run as a Republican in 2024. Might even have been the Vice President. He might have been the Republican nominee in 2028 or 2032. Now his future looks like Bill Weld. And all because of a Dean Scream.


    1. “Now his future looks like Bill Weld.”


  17. I gotta say, the Michigan polling results with Amash, Trump, and Biden is surprising. Yeah, it’s way too early to really KNOW anything, but who would have thought a libertarian running third party (and one coming straight out of the Republican party at that) would hurt the democratic candidate more than Trump.

    1. I live in Michigan, and other than voting Clinton when I was 18, I’ve voted for the Libertarian presidential candidate my whole life. I’m voting for Trump in 2020. I know lots of people that either don’t usually vote or have voted libertarian doing the same. Impartial observers see what is going on right. The elites in all parties (including libertarian-see Koch brothers fighting “extremism” on the internet) have made it clear that they will not leave us alone.

      1. Right now. Ffs get an edit button

      2. A self-described libertarian who votes for Trump is just a faux libertarian malcontent.

        1. And you’re a bigot.

        2. He didn’t say he was “a Libertarian.” He said he usually votes for libertarians.

          1. And Arthur IS a bigot.

        3. Nobody cares what you think, you insufferable dunce.

        4. Yes and as much as I liked Gary Johnson I almost couldn’t vote for him because of the phony Bill Weld. Gary Johnson would have done better if he did not choose the epitome of establishment politics in a race where voters of both parties were not enamored with their party.

  18. He’s teeing up. “Hold my beer, watch this”.
    Maybe drain some on-the-fence Dems. Waiting to see what he does next.

  19. Another Reason Great Libertarian Hope goes down the drain. I don’t think Amash’s “libertarian cred” as a washed up former- Republican office-holder is even gonna get him the Libertarian Party nomination no matter how many bags o’ Koch Ka$h he brings to the convention. Libertarians love them some has-been Republican-loser but I think they may have finally learned their lesson on that, at least for one election cycle.

    1. Ya know when he says he does not care about all that I believe him. If he was playing the game he would have gone a different route.

      He has been around enough to know by now. Not like your support or mine really matters that much anymore.

      Always hold the high ground. Agree with him or not he has sacrificed nothing.

      Always have a way out in every battle. He does and can walk away.

  20. Not that big of a shock that Amash is down in the poll. It’s all team vs. team these days, and people see Amash as a traitor to their team (even if he has a much better record on the issues they care about than Trump ever will).

  21. It seems the Republican party has kind of transitioned into a sort of Trump-is-our-man craze (at least, 95% of the Republican party). Even people that were previously opposed to trump are being sucked into the ridiculous game: defend the sitting president at all costs and shoot down any primary challengers before they get started.

    1. I don’t know how any loosely-defined organization might otherwise plausibly respond to the lockstepped vitriol of its opponent(s), i.e., progressives and Democrats. There is very little actual conversation taking place.

  22. It is only shocking if you are completely detached from public sentiment.

  23. Still trying to figure out what Amash thinks he accomplished here … either for himself, for libertarians, or for the country.

  24. What a hill to die on

  25. I’ve been a Michigan resident since 1970 and I never heard of Amash until two weeks ago.

  26. […] Republican to call for President Trump’s impeachment, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), suddenly trailing a primary challenger. “See you soon Justin,” Trump Jr. said, signaling he’ll campaign for […]

  27. “Hey Justin, if you don’t get on board with Trump, you might lose your congressional seat!”

    “Ok, but what’s the downside?”


  28. […] Republican to call for President Trump’s impeachment, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), suddenly trailing a primary challenger. “See you soon Justin,” Trump Jr. said, signaling he’ll campaign for […]

  29. […] Republican to call for President Trump’s impeachment, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), suddenly trailing a primary challenger. “See you soon Justin,” Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter, signaling he’ll campaign for […]

  30. If this guy didn’t shave the ends of his eyebrows off, I might take him seriously. Whats up with that?

  31. All he needed to do was be supportive on things he agrees with Trump on (62% of what he votes on) and sit down and shut up on the rest.

    I don’t know why he thinks the best way to win an election is to stake a claim on an issue opposed by more than half of the only people who would even consider voting for him.

    Does he have Democrat voting election advisors? I swear, so many R presidential candidates are retarded in the process of winning votes.

  32. […] Republican to call for President Trump’s impeachment, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), suddenly trailing a primary challenger. “See you soon Justin,” Trump Jr. said, signaling he’ll campaign for […]

  33. Reason actually paid money for this article?

  34. […] Republican to call for President Trump’s impeachment, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), suddenly trailing a primary challenger. “See you soon Justin,” Trump Jr. said, signaling he’ll campaign for […]

  35. How is Amash polling in the Democratic primary?

    Globalists to the Left.
    Nationalists to the Right.

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  37. […] Shock Poll: Amash Down 16 Points in Republican Primary – Reason.com […]

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