Looking for Writers About the Business of Sports (Such as Gymnastics)

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I've run across an odd story that has to do with the intersection of law and the business side of sports, chiefly but not only gymnastics. If need be, I might write it up myself, but a journalist who specializes in that field will do better with it, I think. If any of our readers is interested, or personally knows someone who is, please let me know (at volokh at law.ucla.edu). Thanks!


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  1. why not ask at r/Gymnastics or r/sports instead of assuming that random people sitting in offices shirking their $8/hr document review gig are the best qualified to answer?

  2. r/gymnastics?? r/sports??? Is this a thing? Should we (should I?) know what “r/____” is?

    1. reddit, its the cool thing the kids use after they decided they were tired of individual messageboards and forums of the decentralized boomer internet and wanted to be cut off from wider society again through text messages or ruled by oligarchic corporations like Facebook.

      1. Amos,
        Thanks. I guess it’s something pretty widely-known. (Although not by me, obviously) I had heard of Reddit, of course. But never used it, and had no idea that the r/____ was the way to search for something.)

        I’ll use this opportunity to mention (again?) HOW MUCH I hate the Reason design. There is a popup ad on the bottom of the screen each time I move to a new page inside the VC. And, as I am typing something (including this response), a new popup activates, which takes my cursor from the text screen. Do I lose a ton of time, having to re-click inside the text box? Nope. Do I lose a ton of time hitting the “x” to close down the popup ads over and over and over? Nope. But it is a persistent and unavoidable annoyance, and it is a real shame that this site is appreciably worse for visitors than the old site(s). By a lot.

        1. I’ll guess less than a quarter of the people I know under 30 use reddit, so not being familiar with it isn’t some sign of being unusually out of touch.

          Anyway, the real reason I replied is to agree – even ignoring the popups, the new design is worse than the old (to be a little nice, the nested comments are a minor positive addition. I am struggling to think of any other positive…)

    2. Reddit is notoriously correct. VOAT.co v/voat for adults.

      1. The admin, mods, and front page of Reddit are left of San Francisco. But the more specialized subreddits are generally bearable and can be informative since they’ve taken the place of many of the older interest messageboards.

        Voat is at least on a theoretical level is structured more how Reddit should have been run but since it is composed largely of people from a select few subreddits banned from Reddit some of the more delicate individuals may want to avoid the front page there too. But if they can improve their nonexistent attempts to reach out and inform others of their existence they should be able to even out since Reddit regularly bans a wide variety of different subs.

  3. I can identify as a female gymnast, would that count?

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