Brickbat: Out in the Cold


Four years ago, members of the Northeast United Methodist Chuch asked Minneapolis officials if they needed a permit to build on church grounds a walipini, a type of greenhouse in which much of the structure is beneath the ground. They were told they just needed to abide by size and setback requirements, similar to putting a shed on their property. They successfully grew vegetables through the winter in the greenhouse, but at least one person filed a complaint that it was an eyesore, so city officials told the church to remove it.

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  1. Upon further inspection, it looks like the thing is being torn down as much due to a lack of volunteers to run it as to objections from the city that it does not comply with code for “cold frame” structures.

    The thing ran for 3 years, and the 4th year nobody planted anything because they got a new pastor and volunteers had drifted away.

    Sounds a lot less brickbatty when you restore the missing details.

    1. They got shit to grow there in winter! In Minnesota. That’s the important part of this article.

  2. The church built the walipini as a prototype to show how to grow food in harsh climates. “It fit with our mission of trying to be more sustainable,” said garden coordinator Sara Jane Van Allen. The church also maintains a large vegetable garden around its sanctuary.

    What kind of religion they got going on up there in Wisconsin that worships gardening instead of cheese-making? Fucking splitters.

    1. Eh, Wisconsin, Minnesota – same thing. Fat Scandinavians drinking beer and eating potluck macaroni and cheese.

      1. where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.

      2. Hey, don’t knock the tuna fish casserole!

      3. Woah, don’t you dare attack my homeland by calling it Wisconsin!

  3. Minneapolis appreciates Jesus feeding the hungry but it’s going to have to issue the Messiah citation for all these unsightly fish bones and bread crusts lying around.

    1. The EPA is also on the case about the ethanol levels in the water.

      1. There was no ingredients label on the red ethanol water.

  4. An Attack directed towards Freedom of Religion, an Absolute Spit to The Face of All of Posterity.

  5. I grew up in a time when all non-canned produce was produced locally.

    It sucked.

    Given the choice of growing my own crappy insect infested warped crippled produce or going to Walmart or one of dozens of other produce departments, I’ll choose the produce department every time.

    Friggin luddites.

    1. the funny thing is those who grow end up canning in the end anyway so why not buy it pre canned from the store.My grandparents always had a mayor garden and canned their excess. My grandmother was so happy when they retired and moved into town to a small place with no garden she no longer had to can anything.

    2. What’s worse than biting into an apple and finding a worm?

      Biting into an apple and finding half a worm. 🙂

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