Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Makes Daenerys Into a Villain, Veers Suddenly Toward Libertarianism

"The Last of the Starks" suggests that "the best ruler might be someone who doesn't want to rule."


Too bad Stannis and Melisandre aren't still around throwing leeches into fires, because there's another name for them to utter: the usurper Daenerys Targaryen.

On tonight's top-notch episode of Game of Throne—the best in years, and a welcome return to form after "The Long Night," which was technically impressive but drowning in excessive fan service and Arya ex machina—paranoia overtook Daeny, who showed her true character: a power mad Targaryen, neither destined by birth nor temperamentally fit to rule the Seven Kingdoms.

This is a fact that several characters—including Daeny's own advisors—contemplate at length. Jon knows the Iron Throne is his by rights, and now Sansa, Arya, Tyrion, and Varys know it as well. But more importantly, each of them understands, implicitly or explicitly, that Jon would make a better ruler. Daeny is the superior conqueror, but Jon is the better consensus builder. Not only has he been willing to die for the greater good—he has already done so. And unlike Daeny, he has not actively sought power. He even gave up his crown for the sake of peace.

This is something the preternaturally enlightened Varys notes when he asks Tyrion, "Have you considered that the best ruler might be someone who doesn't want to rule?" R'hllor be praised, Game of Thrones' most politically astute characters are openly musing about whether libertarianism is the answer!

Needless to say, this was an episode that offered plenty for libertarians, especially this libertarian. As everyone who listened to Reason's Game of Thrones podcast episode knows, I am not a fan of the dragon queen, and have always suspected—hoped?—she was being set up for some kind of epic fall. With two of her three dragons dead, her best friend murdered, her fleet destroyed, her armies cut in half, and her most trusted advisors contemplating whether to abandon her—Varys seems poised to take even more drastic measures—my prediction seems likely. (Oh, and did I mention Arya is headed her way?)

Of course, Jon may ultimately be just as doomed as Daenerys, which could clear the path for Sansa to sit the throne—an ending that is starting to feel slightly inevitable, given how many moments of superior competence the writers are sending her way.

But I'm getting ahead of myself: Neither Daeny nor Jon nor Sansa can take the Iron Throne until Cersei Lannister is destroyed. But the Mad Queen has gained the upper hand once again, and in a maneuver reminiscent of terrorist groups, has packed King's Landing with innocent civilians to deter outside attack. Cersei's demeanor puts to rest once and for all the idea that the Night King was ever intended as the big bad: For most of the episode, she stands on her parapets, every bit as menacing as any White Walker. The scene at the end, where Qyburn emerges from the city to negotiate with Tyrion, was ripped straight from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kingand if Qyburn is the Mouth of Sauron, than Cersei is, well, the Dark Lord himself.

But Arya is headed her way, too—as is Jamie, who once murdered the king he'd sworn to serve in order to forestall the fiery destruction of King's Landing. It's looking like he might get a second opportunity to do so.

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  1. The last 20 minutes was the only thing this season that was worth watching. I’m happy to see the story is at least going somewhere and not just clumsily tying up loose ends.

    1. Yeah it’ going somewhere: right into the shitter.

  2. Arya killing Cersei has been a certainty since season 1. Tyrion on the Throne has been teased even earlier but I’ll agree the smart money is still on Sansa, ’cause “you go girl”. I still shoulda watched the Misfits on TCM.

    1. Sansa definitely sold out Dany’s fleet, thus Euron was waiting.
      RIP dragon #2

      1. And no one in the whole damn fleet was smart enough to suggest that maybe the air force get high enough to see over the horizon or at least those cliffs over there where maybe an enemy or something could be, I don’t know, waiting in ambush. Game of Thrones has the most inept navies in all of fantasy soap operas.

        1. If a dragon is so easily killed with a ballista bolt, it negates the whole history of Westeros. How were the Targaryens able to take over the whole continent with three dragons? In the books, the only way to kill a dragon with a ballista bolt is to hit it right in the eye, because their scales are too thick.

          1. Euron has new higher powered ballistas. They tear right through ships. How do you think we killed off all the dinosaurs?

          2. The whole point of GoT, of course, is audience manipulation. The show-runners know that their audience is a collection of morons who will remain loyal to the end, regardless of their self-abasement. It’s Downton Abbey with swords and Dragons and idiots.

        2. Danerys never attended USAF or USN flight school.

    2. Arya killing Cersei has been a certainty since season 1.

      Based on spoilers I’ve read, I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

      The biggest issue this series has had since about Season 4 is that D&D have basically just been working off of Martin’s plot macros, but none of the writers have his talent for characterization–and for all of his obsession with food porn in the narratives, he does do this quite well. Keep in mind that HBO wanted 10 seasons, which might possibly have been enough time to flesh out these storylines, but the producers said “No”.

      Also, if Fat Boy had spent the bulk of his time over the last 12 years or so on finishing the series, instead of his little side projects and convention visits, the substance of the narrative and the characters would be fleshed out and the character development would make sense.

      1. This is basically my thinking. Granted GRRM is not obligated to finish shit. But the reason the show is garbage is because it had a strong start, and now that it’s wrapping the writers have nothing but a sketch to go on. It’s obvious they’re out of their element and they’re just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. I am fairly certain most of the calamity we’ve seen never would have happened in a world where GoT never happened, and the books remained niche fantasy.

        Now we’ll never know, as I don’t trust GRRM not to be unduly influenced by the show and all the celebrity it has earned him.

        1. Here’s the thing about Martin–he clearly has a passion for world-building, which is why I suspect he’s spent so much time on writing up backstory lore for the GoT universe. But that’s also his greatest failing, because as talented as he is at writing, he doesn’t have the discipline to carry a storyline forward. If he did, this series would have been completed years ago.

          I wonder sometimes if he did the outline for the last two books, and has been deliberately procrastinating because he found the prospect of actually finishing a storyline to be overwhelming. This is what separates a master like Tolkien from the pretenders, even good ones like Martin. Tolkien continued world-building throughout his life, but at least he actually finished Lord of the Rings.

          With that said, a talented screenwriter or two could have come up with a decent narrative from his macros, but Hollywood is now so full of hacks and hive-mind SJW drama queens, that very few are actually capable of creating a product that would be memorable for anything, other than aping the latest progressive political fashions.

    3. Misfits is a great show

  3. Robby’s the only one working today. Good for him. Wonder if he lost a bet or something.

    1. On tonight’s top-notch episode of Game of Throne—the best in years

      I just lost all respect for Robby. Game of Thrones has become a dumpster fire.

      1. Seriously. The show became horrible last year when the Night King and his crew conjured up brand new, massive chains, then apparently scuba dived to wrap them around a massive dragon under tons of water, all the while not damaging the wings when they wrapped it and dragged it up. Beyond stupid. And all the time travel.

        The Winterfell episode was dumber than dumb, too. Not being prepared for a seige, running light cavalry in a night, frontal assault without weapons that would work save for the Red woman coming and lighting them up. Digging only one trench vs a series to funnel. No boiling oil. Nobody on the wall.

        But this one was especially dumb. All they had to do to win is to use the dragons in night attacks on the fleet until it was toast. Then to do the same on the army camp as the golden company moved north. If they didn’t move north then your dragons can prevent any food from getting into the city via either water or land.

        That’s the problem — there really can’t be any threat on the field when you have an air force and the other side doesn’t.

        Yet, somehow, in the time of what seemed like a few days, they mass produced ballistas, trained crews, decorated them, and installed them on land and water. And then, amazingly, the ballistas were capable of being fired almost parallel from ships that were further apart than the ballistas, with the power of 16 lb cannonballs, with perfect accuracy from ships in the open sea.

        And doofus dragon broad didn’t say, hmm, ballistas on the front of ships. Maybe fly around the rear and light them up one at a time, particularly given they are in a channel and can’t maneuver . (putting aside Bran’s refusal to use the ravens and scout the location and capabilities of the enemy – he has such a busy schedule).

        The cheap way to at least try and write would to have invoked “magic” somehow. But they are trying to pretend this is ‘real?’ With the word’s dumbest strategists and tacticians and constant time warping.

        The show has become the biggest waste of source material and production budget in history. It is essentially Falcon Crest in medieval getup.

  4. ‘Makes her into a villain’?

    She’s always been a villain. Daughter of a mad king who herself has gone mad with power and who’s only goal is more power – at any cost.

    They might now be *casting* her in a villainous light, But if you’ve been watching the show, she’s never been a good person. Heroic, in the old-school sense, sure, good – never. This is a woman who entombed people alive. Burned caravans. Crushed underfoot anyone who opposed her.

    1. Yeah, her arc has been hinted at in the books, too, although in that context, it’s due to the fact that she’s so young, and does what any teenager with three flying weapons of mass destruction would do–run roughshod over everyone to get her way, and act entitled when people tell her “no.”

      It’s been obvious for a while that she’s a little too fond of burning things.

      1. But aren’t we all?
        Well… nevermind then

    2. that didn’t stop Team Dany from voting this episode the worst of the season on iMBD, joined by Team SJW for killing off Misandei and Team Dragons, for obvious reason.

  5. . . . the usurper Daenerys Targaryen.

    I may be missing something but she’s not an usurper. She’s the actual heir to the Targaryen throne. *Cersei* is the usurper if anyone is. Though, technically, it would be the (now dead) Stark that usurped the throne after the Lannister killed the previous monarch.

    1. Jon is before her in the Targaryen line of succession.

      1. But, in a sense, he abdicated the throne. That would make Daenerys the rightful ruler.

    2. “Usurper” is the wrong word — “Invader” or “The Terrible” probably work better, for someone who invaded a peaceful kingdom with 3 advanced fighter bombers and a literal barbarian horde.

  6. . . . packed King’s Landing with innocent villains

    I am available – cheap – if you need an editor.

    1. Maybe Soave meant villeins?

  7. GoT has been packed with anarchist allusions since the first season. The person who would be best on the throne probably won’t be the one who wins it if they stay true to Martin’s vision.

    I see only a few likely outcomes, all of them involving whomever Arya is going to King’s Landing to assassinate. If she’s going there to assassinate Cersei, that will probably lead to John and Deny going head to head.

    Another reasonable guess is that Arya is going to King’s Landing to assassinate the Queen of Dragons if and when her and John take Westeros. She wants John to be the legitimate king, doesn’t want Deny, and probably already discussed it with Sansa and the Three Eyed Raven when they talked.

    Even if John wins, I expect he’ll turn into a crazy tyrant.

    Regardless, if good King Aragorn ends up on the Throne of Swords and Westeros is ruled by him happily ever after, Martin’s anarchism will be for nothing, not to mention all the moaning over the course of the series about how pointless it is to fight over who sits on the throne–since they’re all terrible, the people suffer, and none of the people really care who it is that ends up oppressing them. They just want their rulers to leave them alone.

    How often has Shorty made that argument, even more times than he’s mentioned the God of Tits and Wine?

    Either John loses or wins and goes to the dark side or nothing that’s happened means anything.

    P.S. Arya was prophesied to kill someone with brown eyes, someone with green eyes, and someone with blue eyes. The King of the Whitewalkers had blue eyes. Cersei has green eyes. John has brown eyes. I’m just sayin’.

    1. Its about TOP WOMEN!

    2. If she kills Cersei, I will be pissed. Why have any other characters when you have a bad ass 16 year old?

      Tyrion and Sansa have better claims to destroying Cersei than anyone else, but I’m still hoping for Jamie because Cersei always assumed Tyrion was the volonquar… she’d never see her male half coming full circle to commit regicide once again.

      1. Cersie has outsmarted and outlasted everyone else so far. Who’s to say she won’t still be Queen when this is over?

    3. Yes, the main theme of Game of Thrones seems to be that no problem can’t be solved by a good assassin. How very libertarian.

  8. Oh, the Welsh guy that played Ramsey Bolton so well is in a three part show on Netflix called “Residue” .

    It’s a Sci-fi horror story.

    It sucks.

    The last time I watched so many characters do so many ridiculous and stupid things for no apparent reason other than to advance the plot, it was fucking anime. The last Transformers movie made more sense than Residue, and I haven’t even see the last Transformers movie.

    1. Man, how did 20k fighters survive the long night? When I saw them moving around those chess pieces on the map I was like why is there a Dothraki dude standing there and why is Grey Worm acting like he has anyone to command. And I could barely stomach watching Tyrion trying to negotiate with Cersei again. Are you kidding me? And I’m about sick of the whole Euron surprise attack move. They have (had) dragons, (worthless) Bran and the Spider but they never know anything useful about the movements of the enemy which is in sharp contrast to Qyburn who seems to know everything. But whatever. I’ll play along. It’s still exciting.

      1. I have a suspicion Varys may have sold out Daenerys to Cersei as a way of removing her from the game while leaving Jon in play.

        1. It was Sansa.
          The lack of scouts, or really any military wisdom at all, on the north/dragon side is inexcusable.
          And it should be noted that Dany willingly sacrificed the bulk of her army against the zombies. The Dothraki (uselessly) and Unsullied did the vast majority of the fighting and dying. Without the Unsullied, nobody stood a chance.
          Anyhow, I’m rooting for Cersei.

          1. Maybe. I am getting really tired of being told how clever and manipulative Sansa is being by the showrunners when it just looks to me like she is being catty and openly hostile in an unsubtle fashion.

          2. The lack of scouts, or really any military wisdom at all, on the north/dragon side is inexcusable.

            I realize it’s probably all for dramatic purposes, but you can tell that no one associated with this show actually knows anyone who’s ever served in the military or even studied military history. The “good guys” make the most elementary mistakes, from the strategic all the way down to the tactical level, and it’s only due to plot armor that they haven’t been wiped out completely.

            1. Plot armor is the method by which uncreative writers distinguish who is supposed to be more clever or better without actually demonstrating it.

              Or it’s what the storyteller naturally possesses when retelling a history he lived through…

            2. It’s not just the tactical mistakes, as mistakes it’s also that, compared to the events and behaviors set down in prior seasons it all rings so glaringly and discordantly wrong.

              But how many shows has HBO actually brought to a successful and satisfying conclusion?

              What’s the Westerosi version of “Don’t Stop Believin’?”

              1. But how many shows has HBO actually brought to a successful and satisfying conclusion?

                That’s a good point. Most TV series don’t begin with an end in mind. That’s fine for a disposable network series, but that’s a crippling prospect for these high-concept cable shows that cost millions of dollars to produce.

              2. Boardwalk Empire had a satisfying conclusion.

                Deadwood’s end was horrible.

                Haven’t watched any others.

            3. I’m not expert either but I’ve read enough historical fiction and played enough Total War to see how bafflingly stupid the writing staff on GoT is.

              I don’t EXPECT them to be experts, but I do expect them to write the characters as possessing something like forethought.

          3. The North had only one good general, and he was killed at his own wedding.

    2. Sorry Ken this wasn’t a response to you.

    3. Ha, he also played Mick Mars in that stupid Netflix movie based on “The Dirt”.

      Talk about taking great source material and completely botching the execution.

  9. […] Game of Thrones Makes Daenerys into a Villain, Veers Suddenly Toward Libertarianism  Reason […]

  10. “…Game of Thrones’ most politically astute characters are openly musing about whether libertarianism is the answer!”

    They were also contemplating killing Daenerys in cold blood for the crime of being temperamentally inadequate, having a rival claim to Jon’s, and that she would have him henpecked if they married to unite their claims.

    1. As well as triggering all the “gurl power” SJWs with the “cocks are important” justification for supporting Jon over her.

    2. Yes I guess the Libertarian/Progressive lightweight Associate Editor missed that little nugget while he was contemplating how he was going to fill up space on this site. Robby is just vacuous enough to believe that like so many others in his generation that philosophical inspiration can be found in a SiFi Fantasy miniseries just like hard core news and serious editorial content can be found on the Comedy Channel. Some kids can’t grow up. He needs to go back defending Rep Omar and perhaps even the Mosque in Philly that has children advocating death to infidels on tape.

      1. Well, it was not explicitly said out loud. Some people need an anvil dropped on them to notice things.

  11. …has packed King’s Landing with innocent villains to deter outside attack.

    Never write past your bed time.

  12. BRIENNE: Euron Greyjoy ambushed Queen Daenerys’s fleet, killed one of the dragons, destroyed several ships and captured Missandei.

    JAIME: Who?

    BRIENNE: Grey Worm’s girlfriend.

    JAIME: Who?

    1. The idea of a man with no cock having a girlfriend is insulting to me, a man with a cock, who has no girlfriend.

  13. Now that Daenerys unbastardized Gendry and made him a Baratheon, doesn’t he actually have the strongest claim to the throne? He’s also part Targaryen (Robert’s grandmother was a Targaryen, which is how he rationalized his claim to the throne to begin with). If Jon and Daenerys die or are in other ways incapacitated, Gendry is the only person left with any hereditary claim.

    1. In terms of “strongest claim,” if Cersei’s reign was considered legitimate, maybe. She’s only there in the first place because of her marriage to Robert. If you consider the Targaryans to be the rightful rulers, then Jon should be next in line.

      But yeah, if Jon and Dany both bite it, then Gendry appears to be the last character with any parentage from either of the previous regimes, that I can think of, anyway.

    2. I was thinking that too. Danerys thought she was being clever, by making Gendry a lord to get on Arya’s (and hence Jon’s) good side, and outmaneuvering Sansa. But she may have inadvertently set him up to be the next King after everyone else is killed in the next battle.

  14. Leave it to Elizabeth Warren to endorse Daenerys right before she goes Mad Queen.

    1. Haha, that is hilarious.

  15. Dumbest moment in last night’s show? Cersei has Tyrion, Daenerys, Grey Worm, and the last remaining dragon all lined up in easy range of her archers and super-crossbows and doesn’t simply give the order to open fire. Why not? Is Cersei somehow not underhanded and ruthless enough? And Daenerys — WTF is she doing there?
    If she can’t figure out skywriting with the dragon, couldn’t she have just sent the pointless ‘Surrender Dorothy!’ message by Raven or some random, expendable knight on horseback? I guess I’m going to stick it out for the last 4 episodes, but the stupid is really getting strong with this one.

    1. This season has been a miserable journey of tying-up-lose-ends and compressing-two-seasons-into one. It does make me hope that GRRM staves off death long enough to finish the series. That way we can get a proper conclusion.

      1. I never thought George would make me care about the books again. Now I am curious how this story will actually end.

    2. Daenerys gets one dragon killed at long range by an anti-aircraft crossbow so she doubles down and puts her very last dragon on the ground — grazing or something — at half the distance with 10 anti-aircraft crossbows pointed at it. Jesus fucking Christ she’s too stupid to live. They all are.

    3. And don’t forget that King’s Landing has somehow turned from a majestic city, on a penninsula surrounded by lush forest in the middle of winter, to a desert fort with short walls in the middle of summer.

      1. It worked for three or four other confrontations between the Dragon Queen and whoever, wherever. At this point the show’s creators are just tired and they want the damn thing to fucking end already.

    4. He cavalrymen are only expendable when sent en masse against an army of unknown size, in total darkness.

    5. Hah. That was another idiocy. Yes, why not just shoot her? She is the only one in control of the dragons and only legitimate claimant as far as Cersei knows. Now she has scruples?

  16. I didn’t get to watch it last night.

    Spoilers in the headline.

    You are a dick.

    1. Makes Daenerys Into a Villain

      If that’s a spoiler, you need to get to a safe place STAT.

      1. Having now watched it, it wasn’t much of a spoiler, but it did color the way I watched the episode. As much as anything else, Reason was not a place I expected such a click-bait headline about a TV show, so I wasn’t deliberately ignoring anything GoT related here.

        Sounds like Robby has a crush on the Spider.

  17. I truly thought that was a lousy episode. It had some decent moments, but also glaring inconsistencies along with some truly clunker dialogue.

    If you died before the Night King raised everyone back up then your body should no longer be around to burn. Yyou would have become undead, then disintegrated upon the death of the Night King.

    Just how did Dany and two dragons – up in the clouds – get spotted and fired upon (by line of sight weapons) by larger slower moving ships just ahead of her own fleet? The writers could have accomplished much the same outcome by having her spot the fleet, fly in for an attack and then lose one dragon to the surprise newer scorpions.

    How does Bronn waltz into a fortress, carrying a loaded crossbow, and manage to find the brothers without any fuss? And how does he fire and reload it so quickly when everyone else who fired that exact weapon – Jofftey and Tyrion – took extended time, and used the cocking lever?

    But the worst had to be Tyrion telling Jamie that he was happy for him. That was absurd, they are brothers and know each other far too well. Tyrion simply had to recognize that Jamie could not sit in the north while Cersei was facing death.

    Good writing is not so much about getting from point A to point B it’s in the telling how things got from point A to point B. In this episode the writers seemed to have gotten lazy and/or hurried. I suppose it is somewhat inevitable, now that the show is coming to a conclusion trying to bend all those plot lines into one final and cohesive narrative will result in more than a few kinks.

    1. But the worst had to be Tyrion telling Jamie that he was happy for him. That was absurd,

      Not quite as absurd as Cersei killing Missandei, whose significance she is oblivious to, but not pumping the Hand of the Queen full of arrows. Blackwater, the trial by combat, siccing Bronn on him, she had no reason to think those would fail, so it is not lie she was not 100% committed to killing him previously. Why let him go when his death was a certainty this time. Would have been exciting to see a scorpion bolt pin his body to the ground and Kyburn sneer at his corpse while strolling back to the keepfor snubbing him a few minutes earlier.

      1. Good one. I was keeping it brief, the list is practically endless.

  18. Remember when she made a big deal out of making the whole horde her bloodriders and then got them all killed for no good reason? good times.

    1. That was honestly the most infuriating tactic during the Battle of Winterfell for me, and it showed how lazy the writers got for these episodes. Instead of trying to tuss out a somewhat logical battle plan for the characters that emphasized survival to the greatest extent possible, they had a horde of light cavalry conduct a kamikaze mission because they wanted to show a CGI trick of all the fire swords blowing out.

      1. Just think. If GRRM had completed the books, everyone would be dead.

        Because that’s how a good author avoids fantasy tropes, plot armor, and allows his characters to proceed as written.

        And we’d all be happy for waiting 2 decades on this shit.

  19. Terrible episode. I was bored to tears. Dialog was for shit. This season sucks.

    1. Agreed, my overall impression is that when the writers were actually penning the episode they were well passed the phoning it in stage.

      1. Pony expressing it in at this point.

  20. You can spoil GoT all you want. Just don’t spoil Barry

    1. Barry 2×05 was a hundred times more entertaining than the Battle of Winterfell.

  21. To everyone complaining about the lack of military knowledge among the show’s writers… That’s why it’s so libertarian. Duh!

    1. Not just the lack of military knowledge, that the interpersonal relationships are approaching autistic levels as well.

      1. re: Jon and his direwolf Ghost.

        Who the fuck writes a scene in which a man doesn’t lose their shit saying goodbye for one last time to their dog?

        1. He didn’t even pet the fn thing.

          THAT was the most offensive scene in Game of Thrones history

  22. “the best ruler might be someone who doesn’t want to rule.”

    One of the distinguishing characteristics of Tolkien’s body of work (and which especially sets it apart from the Germanic and Anglo-Saxon epics and legends upon which he drew.)

    1. I don’t remember that in any of Tolkien’s work but I do remember a scene in C.S. Lewis “Prince Caspian”:

      “Welcome, Prince,” said Aslan. “Do you feel yourself sufficient to take up the Kingship of Narnia?”

      “I—I don’t think I do, Sir,” said Caspian. “I’m only a kid.”

      “Good,” said Aslan. “If you had felt yourself sufficient, it would have been a proof that you were not. Therefore, under us and under the High King, you shall be King of Narnia, Lord of Cair Paravel and Emperor of the Lone Islands.”

      1. Never directly stated, but Aragorn possesses a similar humility about himself, while understanding where his duty lies.

        But excellent pull from Lewis!

  23. confused is Dany innocent villain or villain-villain?

    1. The other characters are concerned that she might use violence to overthrow an illegitimate Queen and she does not like being told no

      1. so typical chick then.

    2. Dany is a cunt. Sorry, but it’s been obvious since the very beginning. Everyone calls everyone else a “cunt” in this farce but nobody calls Dany — the one truly deserving cunt — a cunt. Which she is.

  24. the best ruler might be someone who doesn’t want to rule.
    Game of Thrones

    1. You might only stumble on one of those in a monarchy. You will never have one in the bloodletting sport of Democratic politics.

  25. Spoiler Alert:

    I’ve not read the books, but I’ve enjoyed the show, until now.
    I find this season in general, and last night’s episode in particular, underwhelming. I reserve the right to recant if the writer’s get their shit together and really wow me during the last two episodes.

    The whole Jamie-Brienne interaction seemed tacked on and pointless.

    I continue to be irritated by the stupidity of the Targaryen forces.

    Last week, they executed the dumbest battle plan imaginable defending Winterfell. This week, they failed to conduct a reconnaissance of Dragonstone and lost a dragon, several ships, and Missandei.

    The parlay at the end of the show, by all rights, should have been an ambush where Daeny dies. If Cersei was willing to kill Missandei at a parlay, why not have her archers kill Daenerys and her small contingent of unsullied, while simultaneously using the scorpions to kill the last dragon?

    The only good part about the episode was Missandei’s last word. It reminded me of the scene in Red Dawn when Harry Dean Stanton’s character yells to his sons “Avenge Me!”

    1. Dracarys is the new Wolverines?

    2. I assume the writers want us to think that Cersei thinks that letting Dany live to see her friend murdered, and then allowing her to walk away and stew on it, is punishment greater than just killing the entire rebellion there. I’m surprised they work at HBO and are paid supposedly big dollars, because this betrays a lack of intelligence, or a lack of respect for the intelligence of the show’s fans.

      The only people who would go along with this are people with the emotional intelligence of children. It’s about as crude and dumb and sophomoric a plot as you can get, on par with the bad guy explaining his master plan in the final act, or turning grandma into a robot.

  26. Dany is the real Libertarian because absolutely no one wants to vote for her (not even her own running mate/ I mean Hand Tyrion Weld)

  27. Jon’s rousing speech before the mass funeral sounded like something a five-year-old Winston Churchill might have written after half a bottle of Scotch.

    1. I tuned it out. The speech before the battle last week was a gigantic cliche

      1. I was wondering how the actor got through it without laughing.
        The payday I guess.

  28. This theme was introduced in Feast of Crows by Varys as he was wandering a dungeon somewhere… a true ruler is one that knows his power derives from the people he rules over. Dany was tantalizing at first, but she has a cruelty to her ambition.

    GRRM lost the thread… I don’t think it comports with his politics or that he could do it without adopting the tropes and plot armor he hates. I think that’s one reason why he quit.

  29. @Reason – Don’t put spoilers in your headlines.

    1. Proof that the GoT royalty are true coastal elites.

    2. It is nearest to Daenerys, but in front of Jon’s seat.

      I guess Kit Harrington did not ditch his coffee break beverage.

      1. PRobably Bran’s. He can time travel.

    3. That’s pretty bad! I’ve noticed a few other bits of shoddy work in this season too though. Dragon Ho’s hair braids, which are obviously extensions, looked really off compared to her natural hair (or other wig?) in several scenes… Like multiple shades off color wise. And some other crap I don’t even remember. They be slackin’!

  30. I think I liked most the part where the super-duper secret followed the normal rules of rumors and now everyone knows.

    1. The last two seasons have been so terrible. So nonredeemable bad. Season 6 was meh but it wasn’t terrible but the writing is so lazy and bad at this point I just want it to end.

      1. Yep. I’m willing to sit for two more episodes, but if it were much more I’d probably walk away.

    2. Tony, but did you like the look Podrick gave Tormund?

      1. Just think, if Brienne knew that Pod was such a beast in the sack, she wouldn’t have lost her virginity to a man who remains thirsty for his own sister.

      2. I like what Podrick gave me in my fantasies… oh crap he’s 10 years younger than I am.

  31. Dragons should fly and attack at night (most lizards have good night vision). Losing a dragon flying low during the day is dumb.

    1. That’s what should happen in the next episode. The fleet is the key. Without them then the city can be starved into submission.

      So have Bran warg into some bats or owls, do some night recon, then the dragon comes in for a single boom and zoom run, lighting up as many ships as it safely can before turning away.

      Repeat nightly until the fleet is either gone or it flees into open waters.

      Meanwhile the land forces begin work on a few siege engines to take down a section of wall.

      1. And do the same thing to the golden company’s army camp (assuming they are still getting paid and not deserting or just taking over the kingdom as the only significant force). This isn’t hard. I mean, shit, Scipio did it to Hannibal’s camp at Utica. Shouldn’t someone know that on the show?

        1. They couldn’t even figure out how to do an extended battle episode without putting most of it in the dark. Like none of them ever watched Zulu Dawn

    2. Or they could just have flown a couple hundred feet above ground and been invincible to any weapons an enemy could have, while providing superior scouting.

      Instead, another suicide charge

  32. I like how internet-illiterate is. They’re one of the only publications that consistently puts spoilers for shows/movies in the actual headlines. You have to be a total moron to get a job here.

    1. You’ve never heard of Yahoo News?

      1. Further, “spoilers” are still a thing? Come on. What, exactly, is anyone “spoiling” at this point? Terrible writing and acting? Hackneyed plot devices recycled for the fifth time? What?

  33. For all the awfulness of this abortion of a fantasy-soap, at least Missandei got her stupid head sliced off. I laughed and cheered. At this point in the epic GoT is only slightly less idiotic than Gilligan’s Island.

    1. I was stoked! She was a stupid character I never cared about.

      1. I was a bit surprised that Cersei didn’t whip out her cock and rape her first. Grey Worm’s perpetually scowling head would have exploded.

  34. Absolutely agree with the perspective that this show has completely gone off the rails. Even last season, the way that little finger went down – a character who they spend ages showing how ruthless, crafty, etc he is, goes out begging. And this season, with the terrible dialog, stupid strategy and tactics.

    I guess I don’t need to go on. I’ll just be glad when this show is over so I can spend my time doing more entertaining or productive things.

  35. This show has become a sterling example of idiotic Hollywood writers who don’t know anything about real life writing badly about things… Most shows have this, which makes it hard to suspend my disbelief, but this one has got worse and worse over the years. Probably because they have been doing more and more of it on their own without source material.

    I’m a sucker for any sci-fi or fantasy stuff, so I’ll gladly watch it to the bitter end, and even whatever spinoff they kick out… But that doesn’t mean I won’t mock it for getting retarded.

  36. “the best in years”
    It was largely a filler episode. (Which is a shame, given the short season and the ending coming up shortly.)

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