India's Prime Minister Plays the Fear Card After Botching Economic Reforms

He's promising voters protection from made-up threats instead of prosperity.


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  1. “Its economic aspirations, however, will have to wait—which is a sad, sad thing for a country where nearly 300 million people, almost the population of the United States, still live in poverty.”

    Indeed, that is terrible.

    The Koch / Reason prescription, of course, is for those 300 million to immigrate to the US. Here, they can get good jobs and improve not only their own financial situation, but also the sluggish American economy.

    1. What really needs to happen is for Modi to enact $15/hr. wage minimums and open *their borders*.

    2. If immigration is an economic powerhouse then maybe the problem with India is a lack of immigration?

      Dalmia needs to go to India and start publicly advocating for the immediate importation of thirty million Burmese and Bangladeshis.

      1. That could work too.


  2. Chowkidar? More like chowderhead.

    1. ChowkidAR? ChowkidAR? It’s Chowkidah. Say it right!

  3. Bangledesh can give you 253 reasons why Muslim terrorism is not a made up threat.

  4. Thank Zeus there is a lot of ocean between India and the USA! Imagine the hordes at the gates.

  5. Immigration is Shikha’s hammer. The entire world is her nail.

  6. Countries from the UK to India are rethinking their foreign policy and approach to Muslims in light of America’s decision to pull back from the region. Modi’s fear mongering is unfortunate.

  7. Shitma, is your family Muslim or something? Because you’re very conveniently downplaying all of the terrorist attacks Muslims commit in India.

    I’m not saying lynching random Muslims is cool, just that it’s more of a tit for tat thing versus ZOMG evil Hindus are oppressing all these people for no reason!

    Also, Pakistan was created as a country FOR A REASON. If the Muslims don’t like India, they should go to Pakistan like most Indian Muslims did when the countries were established.

    Sounds like homeboy needs to get his economic game going a little better though. I for one think the US should be favoring India in trade deals over China, so long as India is willing to play ball. India is a democracy, and not a communist dictatorship, generally pro western, and just a lot more on the same page. India SHOULD become the powerhouse China is, but they need to get their side of shit together to do it.

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