Brickbat: Don't Watch That


Officials in New Zealand have charged six people with supplying or distributing objectionable material for sharing video of the mass shooting at a Christchurch mosque streamed live online by the alleged shooter. The six face up to 14 years in prison. The video and the shooter's manifesto have been banned in New Zealand.

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  1. They have lost their minds.

    I understand where they are coming from – living in Broward County where #MSD Strong T-shirts are a common sight and where, thanks to “Do Something!!” we have campus security upgrades that mean I have to call the office wait at the gate to the parking lot at my son’s school, should I need to visit during the day. Same goes when it comes time to leave. And visitors are escorted by staff at all times at all Broward schools now. So you can’t just walk to the office or down to the class to have a meeting.

    Unless you undergo a background check to become a volunteer… which I have. I get a nifty little badge that I can scan when I arrive. That lets me walk unescorted. I still have to sign in and wait to get buzzed through the door….. A front door that is designed as a security vestibule – you have to go into a small office, get signed in and then get buzzed into the building. Probably designed as a kill box for invading armies.

    And all the teachers carry walkie-talkies, in case they have a live shooter drill. So security alerts and other communications squawk to every teacher, all day. As in, when I drive up to the gate and call the office, they call down to security to let me in…. and every teacher in the building gets a notice over the radio. Brilliant! Not disruptive at all…

    So yeah. I get that a bunch of moms are demanding that politicians “do something”. And we all lived through 9-11, so we take off our belts and shoes and stand with our hands up for the naked-scanner. Because we had to “Do Something!”.

    At least New Zealand didn’t invade itself and drone-strike crazy white people.

    1. Things were simpler a generation ago. When I taught in Brooklyn in the 2000-2001 academic year, there was a simple metal detector at the front door. The one day that the principal heard about some planned gang activity, he solved the problem by telling me and all the other male teachers to hang out in front of the building “looking tough” as soon as the school day ended. That was enough to prevent anything from happening that day.

      Humanity gets more paranoid each year.

      1. Are there any male teachers left, and are they capable of “looking tough”?

        1. Rhetorical question if I ever saw one.

        2. Ever seen the Village People? That kind of tough.

  2. Christchurch District Court Judge Stephen O’Driscoll denied bail to 44-year-old businessman Philip Arps and an unnamed 18-year-old suspect, while the four others aren’t in custody. The teenager is charged with sharing the livestream video with the caption “target acquired.” The charge of supplying or distributing objectionable material carries a penalty of up to 14 years in prison. The footage of the attack and the manifesto written and by suspect Brenton Harrison Tarrant were both banned by New Zealand’s chief censor.

    Imagine how safe they all are now because of the actions of the noble chief censor and that brave judge.

  3. This censorship is fucking ridiculous.

  4. 14 years? Holy crap! How long is the sentence for removing the tags from a mattress or pillow?

    1. It sent Mickey to jail, until he escaped, and Pee Wee helped him stay on the lam.

  5. Another British Empire nation that is following Socialism into oblivion.

    New Zealand, since you love Socialism so much…don’t ask for our help when China comes knocking to conquer you. We helped your ass in WWII when the Japanese came knocking and you have abandoned freedom.

    1. “…when China comes knocking to conquer you. ”

      Given their already draconian laws [14 years?] they will probably be grateful for the expanded freedoms this will entail.

  6. What is wrong with them over there? 14 years for “Distributing objectionable material?” That’s as vague as a law can be. Objectionable to whom?

    I know the LOTR and Hobbit movies were all filmed there. But I didn’t know Sauron rules there now!

      1. Is Mary still on the bus?

    1. They are tributary to Mordor and Men shall bear no weapons there.

  7. for sharing video of the mass shooting at a Christchurch mosque streamed live online by the alleged shooter [the] six face up to 14 years in prison.

    Oh, FFS! Are films like “Natural Born Killers”, say, or “RoboCop” are legal in NZ? What about “Saving Private Ryan”?

    1. There’s a difference between simulated deaths and actual deaths, you know.

  8. Enough to encourage us to stop taking things like the First Amendment for granted? Because there are plenty of people here and currently serving in the US legislature who would call this “leadership.”

  9. Because censorship always works So Well and Never has any negative side effects. (rolls eyes)

  10. The New Zealand government has banned the inchoate ravings of a lunatic in the belief that New Zealanders, upon reading this insane drivel, will find it persuasive. Citizens of New Zealand, your government has just informed you – again – just what they think of you. Just in case you didn’t get the message when they told you that you couldn’t be trusted with firearms, they think you’re a bunch of retarded children. To the extent that you put up with your government treating you like retarded children, well, if the shoe fits….

  11. The 14 y o downloaded the video 2 days before the censor declared it objectionable. He knew or should have known it was objectional according to the censor.

    Would be nice and easy to rule on that from the jury room.

    1. Retrospectively declared it objectional no less. Because retrospectively criminalising things is always good.

      It’s sad (and unsurprising) how swiftly the morons in Wellington turned to authoritarianism in the aftermath of the attack. A sign of just how little competency they have, that they needed to do this to compensate.

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