Brickbat: Sitting and Waiting


More than 3 million Californians may have to go back to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get new driver's licenses. The federal Department of Homeland Security sent a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom telling him the new licenses do not comply with Real ID requirements because the state did not adequately verify the residences of drivers when they applied for or renewed their licenses. This means the licenses cannot be used as ID to board airplanes or enter federal buildings after 2020.

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  1. “The DMV will be sending letters to individuals who submitted one proof of residency to acquire their Real ID card, informing them to send the letter back to DMV to serve as their proof of second residency,” the DMV statement reads.

    The Homeland Security letter represents the latest lapse in California’s long struggle to implement the Real ID program, which Congress created 14 years ago as a more rigorous security measure following the 2001 terrorist attacks. Americans must have Real ID cards by Oct. 1, 2020 if they want to board airplanes and enter other federal facilities without a passport.

    Homeless can’t fly or visit the feds.

  2. “Real ID” has 6 letters and if you add up the value of the letters they equal 66 – number of the Beast confirmed.

  3. You know what I just realized? This country needs more immigration.

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  5. Why not just cut the crap and introduce the federal identification card? Let the states do as they wish with drivers licenses, as (alleged) proof of competency to operate a car, and proof of insurance. If you want to use your constitutional rights to travel, and enter federal buildings, and other things that are your rights, you just have to follow a bunch of silly rules, pay a bunch of money, and beg the government to allow you your natural rights. Sort of like the second amendment, but for travel.

  6. Fuck that bullshit – I had a similar problem in Minneapolis – I got my drivers license, they asked for proof of address for the “Real ID”, I gave them my utility bill, the bill had “Minneapolis” in the address instead of the nearby suburb where I live (doesn’t matter – mail gets delivered there anyways), and they fucking told that wasn’t good enough. When millions of people aren’t able to fly next year when this shit goes into effect, I predict the airlines and the people are going to go ape shit, and the deadline is either postponed, or cancelled.

    1. I’m one of the many people for whom, for the convenience of the USPS, the town on the postal address doesn’t match the legal address. I’m not even sure the USPS would deliver it, let alone route it efficiently, if it were addressed to the name of the actual township. What did the motor vehicle bureau want you to do, send a certified letter to yourself?

  7. This entire thing is ridiculous, but the fact that the states and Feds have had 15 years to figure it out and get their shit in order and it’s still a shit show is hilarious.

    1. It’s so critical we’ve lived without it for the past 15 years, and nothing happened.

  8. Worst part of the site makeover:
    The headline font is so large I can’t read it at work any more, because people can read it before I hear them coming and switch to a spreadsheet or something.

    1. For me, the worst part of the site makeover is that the Brickbats are hard to find. They are now mixed in with all the other stories, instead of having their own dedicated space on the page. I’ve had to create a bookmark for the Brickbats page, just in case I can’t find the latest one.

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