Police Told Him To Drop His Gun, Killed Him Before He Could

It looked as though he was trying to put the gun on the ground.


Newly released body camera footage appears to show that a man in Charlotte, North Carolina, was trying to obey police's orders to drop his weapon prior to being shot and killed.

On March 25, officers with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department responded to at least one 911 call about a man "pointing [a gun] at employees" of a local Burger King, according to CNN. When officers arrived at the scene, they encountered 27-year-old Danquirs Franklin in the parking lot. Franklin had a gun and would not obey multiple commands to drop it, police said. Eventually, one of the officers, Wende Kerl, shot and killed him.

The shooting sparked considerable controversy in the Charlotte area due to some conflicting witness statements about what happened, The Charlotte Observer reported. The shooting occurred in the same city where Keith Scott was killed by police back in 2016. Conflicting reports about whether or not Scott was armed were never really settled, and the officer who shot him did not face criminal charges.

In Franklin's case, Kerl's lawyer and the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office did not want body camera footage to be released. A judge disagreed, ruling that the footage must be released to the public Monday.

The footage, which is below, shows police approaching Franklin, who's squatting next to the passenger seat of a car in the Burger King parking lot. Officers, including Kerl, scream at him multiple times to put his gun down. It's not even clear that Franklin has a weapon until his right hand slowly comes into view with what appears to be a handgun in it. Franklin was not pointing the gun at anyone; in fact, it looked as though he was trying to put it on the ground. But as soon as the gun becomes visible, Kerl fires two shots at him.

"You told me to…" Kerl can be heard saying:

Franklin was taken to a local hospital, where he died. A man with a blurred out face can be seen sitting in the passenger's seat of the car, right next to where Franklin was kneeling. That man told WCNC that he had been praying with Franklin.

This is clearly a situation where there are many questions remaining. We don't, for instance, know exactly what happened in the lead-up to police involvement. However, it looks as though Franklin was trying to obey their orders to put down the gun. He certainly didn't look to be drawing the gun with the intent of firing it. Hopefully, more answers will come out in the days to come.

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  1. “However, it looks as though Franklin was trying to obey their orders to put down the gun. ”

    Not really. It looked like he was fucking around and paid for it.

    1. He is told at 1:04 to drop it. He gets shot at 1:32. The instructions are unambiguous. He had plenty of time to drop the gun. Fuck him.

      1. My best friend was also given 28 seconds to stop blowing on a cheap plastic flute, w/o authorization from a duly authorized-by -Government Almighty physician. My best friend disobeyed. For his-her sins of not-quite-properly -speedy obedience to Government Almighty, my best friend was ground into hamburger meat, deep-fried, and fed to ICE agents. Government Almighty giveth, and Government Almighty taketh away; Blessed Be the Holy Sacred Name of Government Almighty!!!

        To find precise details on what NOT to do, to avoid the flute police, please see http://www.churchofsqrls.com/DONT_DO_THIS/ … This has been a pubic service, courtesy of the Church of SQRLS!

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          1. Watch me shit my pants. Shitting in 3, 2, 1…

            1. Oh I thought that lame “28 second” blog whoring thing you did was you shitting your pants. The best thing about reporting you?

              You vanish.

              Bye now.

              1. pls cease ur gayness thx

                1. Weird how there’s nothing there.

                  I guess it works on your sockpuppets too.

      2. Bullshit. You (and those cops) would have been just as self-righteous if he’d moved quickly. Every bit of advice you get from police is to move slowly around them, especially if you are legally armed.

        A unilateral death sentence because you take a few seconds to think about what you’re being told to do is not justice.

        1. He didn’t have to move AT ALL. All he had to do was drop the fucking gun in 30 seconds.

          You’re completely full of shit and know nothing about what I would or would not have done. So go fuck yourself. I’m one of the most vocal cophaters on this site you fucking nobody, so check yourself.

          1. I know what’s really bothering Joe.
            “That man told WCNC that he had been praying with Franklin”

            No decent Democrat candidate will ever tolerate prayer in a public place. If Tony was there he would have shot them both.

          2. A cop shouldn’t implement the death sentence until he’s been shot at, or others have been shot at.

            1. Even non-police aren’t held to that standard. I shouldn’t have to wait until someone takes a shot at me to be able to defend myself, and the laws in my state and most states I’m aware of support me in that.

        2. “You (and those cops) would have been just as self-righteous if he’d moved quickly”

          This is such a bitch thing to claim, it’s not worth mocking.

          “Every bit of advice you get from police is to move slowly around them, especially if you are legally armed.”

          Well I’m this case we don’t have to guess like your have been, we can see he was told REPEATEDLY over approximately 30 seconds to drop the gun.

          Your stupid useless speculation aside, we KNOW what happens when you don’t drop your gun.

          1. >we KNOW what happens when you don’t drop your gun.

            It looks like they don’t shoot you. Police only started shooting when he started putting his gun down.

            Notice the officers don’t shoot each other, either. This is probably because they are both holding guns (and not putting them down). I think the lesson to learn here is that cops don’t shoot people with guns. They only shoot people putting guns down. If you find yourself in the presence of a police officer with a gun in your hand, under no circumstances should you attempt to put the gun down. They may yell and scream that they want you to put it down. This is a lie. They are testing to see if you know the rules of the game. This man did not know. That is why he lost. Thank you for pointing out this very important lesson.

        3. “you take a few seconds ”

          And here you straight up lie. It wasn’t a few. It wasn’t ten. It wasn’t twenty. It was 28 seconds.

          But that was your whole stupid fucking post, lies and speculation.

          1. Three posts over ten minutes. And all you do is show that you know very little about gun safety and that you have never taken the required classes for concealed carry.

            1. “He didn’t have to move AT ALL. All he had to do was drop the … gun”. The phrase “drop the gun” never means “open your hand and let a loaded weapon fall to the ground randomly”. While most guns will not go off from a random fall, that is not a chance that any trained person will take nor that any reasonable bystander (including the cops) should want you to take. “Drop the gun” means “place it on the ground safely”. His actions when he finally does move are consistent with movements to place it on the ground.

            2. “30 seconds” looks like a lot when you’re watching the video from the safety of your couch. 30 seconds when someone is yelling at you and pointing guns at you and adrenaline is pounding through your system – unless you’ve been in that situation, you have no clue how compromised your awareness and cognitive processes are. If you have been in that situation (or have been trained for it), then you know that the proper response is to acknowledge the deficits and take extra time to consider your actions. 30 sec in a situation that could escalate to life-and-death is not at all unreasonable.

            What was unreasonable was the unnecessary escalation and acceleration by the responding police officers when, as the video clearly shows, there was no immediate threat. Merely holding a weapon is not a threat. Failing to comply with police instructions is a problem but not a threat.

            1. What Rossami said.

              Let’s say it took this guy 5 minutes to put the gun down- that he never once moved to shoot the police, and put the gun on the ground and was then detained. What would have happened, other than this video being an extra 5 minutes long?

              The fact is this guy never made a threatening move. Had it taken him 5 seconds to drop the gun, 30 seconds or five minutes, the fact is that he never made a threatening move.

              The state should use deadly force as a last resort, not when a person fails to complete their move according to some sort of arbitrary game clock.

              1. The fact is that the police were called because this guy was making threatening moveswith a gun.


                See that’s the thing everyone’s leaving out.

                The police were CALLED because the guy was threatening people with a gun. He still had the gun out when they got there.

                You’re acting like this was a normal situation–I mean, really, Rossami actually has the stupidity to suggest that the guy wandering around threatening people with a gun might be a
                ‘ trained person ‘ who’s thinking about the safety of the people who, moments before, he’d been threatening with his gun.

                1. Having trouble with the old “innocent until proven guilty” concept, Azathoth?

                  The police were called because someone alleged that a guy was making threatening moves with a gun. That it was this guy was unproven at the point that the cops showed up. Also unproven was the credibility of the allegation that he was actually being threatening.

                  A proper investigation may well have shown that he was the guy and that he really was being threatening. No such investigation was done between the time of that report and the police shooting him.

                  Innocent until proven guilty is not an easy standard to live up to. It’s still the right thing to do.

      3. So he didn’t drop the gun. There isn’t a time limit. Multiple mistakes by the cops. They moved to put themselves in harms way. Stay back and talk. Clearly the other gentleman in the car and the Burger King employee didn’t feel they were in danger. The female cop had to tell the employee to move back. Why were the cops so worried. Until he makes a move that puts the cops in danger they have no justification in shooting him.

      4. He was literally dropping the gun when shot.

    2. Fuck off with your bootlicking bullshit.

    3. Which video were you watching? The one I saw showed him slowly complying and getting shot for the effort…

  2. Cops need “aversion therapy” to overcome their pants-shitting and pearl-clutching and gun-grabbing automatic, brainless responses to the sight of a dark-skinned person with anything vaguely resembling a gun in their hands. As a pubic service, some kind soul has put up the following web page with suggestions concerning HOW that could be accomplished…


    1. Good afternoon and Happy Patriots Day (here in Massachusetts) Most Righteous Feelz –

      No, the cops did not handle the situation as well as they could have. Nevertheless, Mr. Franklin appeared to have a death wish.

      1. Yep. Presenting a reportedly armed man with the largest, most easily viewed target you can seems like a really poor way to approach.

        One or two steps to the left would have made any dangerous move on the part of the citizen much more difficult and much more obvious.

        1. Oops.

          To the cop’s RIGHT, not his left…

        2. That’s a legitimate criticism, but not one the article was making.

          1. True, but my point is, had the cop changed his behavior slightly then the outcome might have been different, or might have made it more obvious who was at fault.

            I also failed to realize there were topic restrictions in place.

            You Democrats are such control freaks…

            1. It’s quite obvious who was at fault. The guy who waited way too long to drop his gun.

              1. Why? Posession of a gun is not threatening. He did not point it at anybody. He was executed merely because he took too long to comply. What was so important that the cops couldn’t have just waited him out? This was nothing more than execution for not instantly complying. 50 years ago, they would have sealed off the street and waited him out. Nobody had to die.

                1. >>Possession of a gun is not threatening. He did not point it at anybody. <<
                  I think you missed the fact that the police were called because this guy was pointing the gun at Burger King employees. So, yes, he was a threat. Moreover, it takes less than a second to move from "holding a gun in your hand" to "killing someone".

                  There are a dozen ways the now-dead guy could have defused the situation, the situation that he himself created in the first place. While I wish matters could have turned out differently, I cannot find fault with the police.

                  1. “So, yes, he was a threat.”
                    No, he *had been* a threat. Or more accurately, he *had been reported* to be a threat. At the moment he was shot, he *wasn’t* a threat. At best, he was a potential threat. Which you are (and I am) just walking down the street.

                    There are a dozen ways the still-living police officers could have defused the situation, a situation it is their *JOB* to defuse.

                    1. “Proper investigation”? This guy had a gun. He was threatening other people with that gun. He still had the gun. How in the world do you conduct “a proper investigation” under those circumstances? He was literally a public danger and could have easily killed 4, 5, 6 people while the cops were interviewing the Burger King manager (“So, Mr. Manager, is the fellow we see outside waving his gun around the same person who you say threatened your employees?”

                      I would be interested in hearing how you would have handled the situation, knowing that it would take less than a second for a man with a hand gun to kill someone/anyone?

                2. no, someone clearly had to die!!!

            2. And you can talk about whatever you want, what you saw as a restriction was simply me agreeing with your criticism and making the observation that it would have been a better point for the article than what the article made

              You idiots and your stupid ass moronic assumptions…

              1. I knew what you meant. I think Tom is just kind of stupid and went for a gotcha but failed.

                1. “I also failed”

                  Boy did you ever Thomas.

                  1. Oh wow. Joe, I am so sorry. I had no idea you were, you know, really Joe Biden. Sarcasm on the internet is hard, and had I known you were the real Slow Joe I never would have tried to be so tongue in cheek.

                    How will you ever forgive me?

                    Aside from that I see that you think that ‘the guy who failed to follow a lawful order getting killed’ is the optimal outcome, but you do understand that others might think cops should have ‘nobody gets shot or killed’ as their optimal outcome?

                    If only to cut down on the paperwork.

                    1. could not be the “real” Joe Biden…no spelling errors or grammatical malapropisms and no apparent plagiarism…

      1. Well, that didn’t work.

  3. another day another cop shooting someone

  4. Well, you can’t dispute that they were screaming commands at him for quite some time, and that he didn’t abide them. What is debatable is whether anyone’s life was in immediate danger, making it a question whether the shooting was justified.

    It seems to be taken as a given by many that the mere presence of a firearm within viewing distance of a law enforcement officer is a grave danger warranting lethal state force. That kind of blind acquiescence to authority’s point of view empowers authority in a way that I find very dangerous.

    1. And people just take it for granted these days.

      If you don’t drop the weapon after a cop yells “drop the weapon” three to five times, it’s time to die.

      1. “If you don’t drop the weapon after a cop yells “drop the weapon” three to five times, it’s time to die.”

        Kindly go kill yourself and spare society from your stupidity.

        1. Easiest way to do that, it seems, is to take too long obeying our ‘civil servants’.

      2. Fuck off slaver, is the response that jumps to mind…

    2. its important to remember why the cops even showed up. They showed up expecting to encounter an individual who had threatened BK employees and patrons with a firearm. They arrived and there was an individual who fit the description who was clearly armed. He refused to obey the officers commands to drop his weapon. No sane or righteous person would have behaved in the manner that this individual did. There are many official videos on line of suspects who are armed who when told to drop their gun behave in the very manner that this individual was behaving before turning the gun on the cops. Cops learn from this sort of thing. There are very definitely issues and problems with law enforcement abusing its power over the citizenry but this individual and individuals like him are responsible for creating the climate that results in these kinds of things happening. He was a threat to the public, he was then a threat to the cops, and he brought his own demise upon himself.

      1. Yeah, you love to slurp cop dick. They work for us, shithead, even the idiot had rights. Unless shots are being fired, the cops have no reason to unholster their weapon. Being a coward is not an excuse to execute a citizen.

        1. Precisely this.

        2. That’s bullshit. Cops at minimum have the same rights as civilians in terms of self defense. They don’t need to be fired on in order to use lethal force, but they must justify fear of bodily harm. This is a case where they were unjustified, but to say they shouldn’t even unholster their weapon when a known gunman is on the scene, with said gun in his hand, is just utter nonsense.

          1. I think you meant: “At a maximum”.
            I’ll forgive you this time, you welfare rat.

      2. That’s not what “refused” looks like (nor what a “threat” is”). Cam-cop (woman or dude who got picked on a lot for his voice) was tactically stupid and WAY over-excited – not qualified for the job, so “reasonable cop” standard shouldn’t apply here. “Sane or righteous” are not relevant. Your claim that “cops learn” is questionable – cite?

      3. its important to remember why the cops even showed up

        Yes, it is. The cops showed up because someone was allegedly pointing a gun. Funny how cops don’t give half a shit for finding out the truth before killing a man who was clearly not threatening them.

        If you watch that video and feel threatened, you are both a coward and an idiot. There is no way he could have fired at anyone from his position when he was killed. He appears to placing the gun on the ground, and his final words, “you told me” are pretty a pretty damning indictment of anyone who questions what he was doing.

        If this were a military situation, you would be looking at a court martial for a soldier who did what this cop did.

  5. Its always unfortunate when someone dies because violence or threats of violence. This individual was clearly armed with a firearm. He clearly refused to follow instructions by law enforcement to drop the firearm. He was moving slowly and was still a danger to the cops and the public at large. We was reported to have threatened Burger King employees with a firearm. There are tons of official police video on youtube of messed up people refusing to obey orders to drop a firearm, taking their time, moving slowly, only to turn the weapon on the cops. From the point of view of the cops and what they knew and what they were responding to I have no problem with anything in this video. If you use a firearm to commit a crime or an unjustified act of violence your rights become secondary until you are clearly no longer a threat. In effect you are a piece of shit human being and your demise is well earned either at the hands of the police or at the hands of your intended victims. Zero sympathy or outrage.

    1. There are plenty of videos online of people engaged in loud protest, who only minutes later are punching people. Does that mean we should arrest everyone who speaks loudly? Or should we wait until they do something that requires such action? I’ll take the latter.

      I’d love to see some of these videos you claim show people acting this same way, prior to turning their gun on the cops. I’m sure there are also plenty of videos showing people acting this exact way before dropping their weapon. The difference is that in the former case, at some point that person does something aggressive, at which point lethal force is justified. In this case, that behavior never happened.

      1. I just watched the shooting several times. I don’t understand how this guy COULD have reacted and not be shot. He was holding something (I assume the gun) in a palm down position. He was not gripping it like a hand gun. He was moving it towards the ground.

        We’ll never know if this guy would have lived had he made the same action 20 seconds earlier. I’m guessing no, but I can accept that as my own bias. But, if they shot him for moving his hand in a way that wasn’t towards the police, holding a weapon in a way that it cannot be fired, then I don’t see what action he could have taken to get out of that situation alive.

        1. >>I don’t understand how this guy COULD have reacted and not be shot. He was holding something (I assume the gun) in a palm down position. He was not gripping it like a hand gun. He was moving it towards the ground.<<
          He COULD have reacted by speaking "I'm dropping the gun" or something similar.
          And how in the world could you say "he was not gripping it like a hand gun"? You can't even see the gun in his right hand in the video.
          So, what would you have done if you were the camera-wearing cop in this video? The guy was armed. He was uncommunicative. He was threatening people. He was a mortal danger to everyone around him. I'd be interested in your answer.

          1. >> You can’t even see the gun in his right hand in the video.
            When the gun comes into view he is holding it by the barrel (1:32). That is about the most non-threatening way you can handle a gun.

          2. He was threatening people. He was a mortal danger to everyone around him

            Where in the video does he threaten anyone, or show himself to be a danger to anyone? I get it that’s why the cops were called, but he wasn’t exhibiting any of that behavior with the cops around. Considering that people will overreact to the sight of a gun, and “SWATting” is a thing, cops should be more hesitant to shoot a person based on what someone on the phone says

    2. Innocent until proven guilty would beg to differ with your analysis of “your rights become secondary.”

      Holding a firearm is not illegal. YOU are a piece of shit human being, and you should be aware of that fact like the rest of us already are.

  6. Dallas County District Attorney’s Office to Dismiss Many Misdemeanor, State Jail Felony Cases

    DA John Creuzot says he’s dismissing some misdemeanor, state jail felonies to end “mass incarceration” in Dallas County

    Creuzot said they will not prosecute misdemeanor possession of marijuana

    In Texas? Wow. Cool.

    for first-time offenders whose offenses do not occur in a drug-free zone, involve the use of a deadly weapon or involve evidence of delivery.


    Creuzot said his office will not prosecute theft cases where the value is under $750

    WTF? Steal away, thieves.

    unless the evidence shows the theft was for economic gain.


    I like most of it, but it seems like he’s saying that it’s ok to steal as long as it’s not for too much and as long as you say you really needed to steal.

  7. This is what you get when cowardice is standard issue among cops. He was actively attempting to obey the command he was given, and they murdered him for it.

  8. It’s hard to tell from the video but the defunct one looks to be Caucasian, hence, what’s the big deal? He was privileged to take the double tap.

    1. One might define the privileged one as the one who was waving his gun in others’ faces for unknown reasons.

  9. Wtf kind of story is this? The headline is completely wrong. He was given plenty of time and multiple commands and then he moved his hand with the gun in it UPWARDS. THAT’S NOT COMPLYING! That indicates a threat. Reason might lose me as a subscriber if they go down the fake news road.

    1. I don’t see that at all. He looks to be moving to out it down between his knees.

      Shots were fired on the first movement.

      As always, this points to bad training. The officers did what they are trained to do. Point their weapons and begin screaming commands in an authoritative voice.

      This is standard. But being standard doesn’t mean it is the best answer.. Notice that nobody took point. There should only be one person talking. Multiple people shouting only adds confusion. Confusion can only be bad in this scenario.

      They probably approached too close if they were worried about getting shot. They did not take advantage of available cover. These two adjustments would have given a sense of space and time that could have avoided the “furtive movement” need to fire.

      1. Watch it again at 1:30 to about 1:33. The weapon is not even visible at 1:30 and by 1:32 it’s up to his chest which is the time you hear the officer firing. Good job officer! For all of you out there calling the cops “wimps”. You try being in a situation where you could lose your life in a split second from an unhinged person with a weapon and see what your reaction is.

        1. I don’t voluntarily put myself in those sorts of situations the way cops do. But if I did, I would definitely take responsibility for the actions I took when I got there.

      2. It looked to me like the gun might actually have been in his right-hand pocket, and he reached in to get it. Wherever it began, he then brings it up and forward a bit, and then starts to move his hand in a downward direction in order to place the gun on the ground. Not only that, but look at the grip he has on the gun itself. It’s pretty clear that he’s holding it from over the top of the barrel, with the grip facing down towards the ground. It’s not in a position in his hand where he could fire the gun.

        When I first read about this case, I was willing to give the cops the benefit of the doubt, but I’m not so sure now. This is nowhere near the most egregious example of a police shooting that I’ve ever seen, but I like to think they could have handled the contact much better, and that they could have let him actually put the damn gun on the ground like he was trying to do before opening up on him.

    1. Murder 1. No threat.

      1. Zero chance of that. Dude had a gun. That alone is almost always a pass for LEO.

        Dude moved gun. Even reaching for an empty waistband in your boxers is judged sufficient cause.

        Procedures followed…. Probably have a hard time winning a wrongful death tort. No way you win a murder case.

        1. “Dude moved gun.” When the cops TOLD him to.

  10. KMW – The new site is awful. Where is Hit and Run? Where is the edit button? Where is the preview button? Why such wimpy font?

    KMW IT fail.

    1. Hit and run now seems to be latest news.

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  13. The Obama candidacy got black Americans to the polls–albeit to ban electricity and raise taxes rather than wreck the economy with asset-forfeiture looting. These Dixieland cops gunning down blacks could easily divert some of that voting power to the only party that is against this tragic return to Kristallnacht racial collectivism. A third-party vote packs tens of times the law-changing clout of any single-issue political action committee.

  14. If it’s “legal” to carry concealed, and you have a firearm holstered or shouldered, you’re automatically dead the moment a cop approaches you and tells you to drop your weapon: You either did not comply, or else you went for your gun. They have all bases covered.

    So, you have three options:

    1) Get lucky. Maybe he won’t shoot you after you reach for it to drop it. The point is, if he wants a vacation, he can and he will.

    2) Die playing a sick game of Simon Says while begging for mercy.

    3) Die doing anything but #2.

  15. […] to at least one 911 call about a man “pointing [a gun] at employees” of a local Burger King, according to CNN. When officers arrived at the scene, they encountered 27-year-old Danquirs Franklin in the parking […]

  16. The police are responding to a dangerous situation as a man has a gun in his hand.

    The police continuously order him to drop the gun.

    He does not. He does not try to converse or answer the officers.

    The gun flashes and he is shot.

    While a tragic event, I cannot fault the officers. Their lives are on the line. Could they have shown more restraint? Maybe. But in viewing this video, I probably would have shot as well. And I’m not a gun owner and have been shot myself by a burglar.

    Do what the police tell you to do.

    1. Sortof puts you in a bad position if you don’t immediately comply though, doesn’t it? Like if you wait 20 seconds they shoot you for not complying, or they shoot you when you move to put the gun down. Seems like you’re dead either way

  17. i agree with you dude, we can’t fault the officers because at this time so many incident everywhere and maybe he do like the procedure already. but i really hope the same incident not happen again. at this time i also scared if want go to places with so many peoples like a concert or mall, casino and i rather choose to play Agen Poker QQ Online at my phone and also same like play at casino, too danger go out at this time

  18. 100% totally justified shooting. I’m sure the perps criminal record will emerge in the next few months.

  19. Negroes are trying to make something out of nothing so they can once again win the ghetto lottery. For them, its really not about right or wrong its all about the Benjamins.

  20. This is not the unjustified shooting you’re looking for.

    There’s a couple of missed steps Reason’s narrative glosses over in all of this. At 0:51, and possibly before, he’s ordered “let me see your hands”. At no point does he raise or show his hands in response to this order. He’s ordered to drop the gun multiple times. He can clearly be heard saying “I heard you the first time.”

    The shooting appears wholly unjustified in the sense that he was surrendering his weapon. However, this is one of those cases where I don’t think we should be arm chairing quarterbacking for officers on the scene. He could’ve just as easily been pulling the gun in order to shoot the person in the passenger seat and the cops would’ve had no way of knowing. If this had been footage of a civilian shooting someone who was previously waiving a gun in a parking lot, I’d understand filing charges of negligible homicide/manslaughter and, if on the jury, would be hard pressed to convict.

    1. As an aside, who the hell walks into the line of fire like the woman @1:03ish?

      1. Someone who was there before the police and was obviously not threatened by the victim.

  21. Semi-OT: What if Chicago had a serial killer, or several, and no one noticed?

    With 50+ murders over the course of 20 yrs. in the background of hundreds of murders and a <35% clearance rate it seems plausible. Serial killer(s) or, potentially, some sort of ritual killing (think ‘gang’, not ‘cult’).

  22. Questions about whether Keith Scott were never really answered, not by the video showing the gun?

    When you are told to drop a gun, you don’t later need to raise your hands with a gun still in them, to show you may drop it.

    This is how we get race riots, because of dishonest narratives

  23. The dead guy was a threat, still had a gun. Lifted it and might have been putting his prayerful car passenger in imminent danger. A dropped gun is dropped down not moved the way he moved it. He most likely had something stressful going on in his life, You think? Sad for all of us..

  24. Bang, Bang……Halt..!

  25. OK 1. Don’t brandish a gun. 2. When a cop says drop the gun, drop the gun. Just how do you try to drop a gun? What was it? Glued to his hand?

  26. The body camera clearly shows what a pointed gun looks like, in the hands of the officer.

    The victims gun was on the way to the ground pointing safely away from the officer in a grip that would make pointing the gun impossible.

    He made no aggressive motions,was motionless, for almost a minute before he complied and was killed.

    If this was a police training video, do you think she would have passed? Or better yet, if this was a civilian and not an officer, is there any law that would support this as a lawful shooting?

    At least the PD filled its affirmative action quota for dipshit female hiring, or whatever the murdering freak identifies as.

  27. […] injured. Others have not been so lucky. In March, North Carolina police shot and killed a man who appeared to be following their orders to put down a gun. In 2017, jurors in Arizona acquitted a Mesa officer who […]

  28. […] injured. Others have not been so lucky. In March, North Carolina police shot and killed a man who appeared to be following their orders to put down a gun. In 2017, jurors in Arizona acquitted a Mesa officer who […]

  29. It doesn’t matter if he did it on time or not, the stupid murderer cop was waiting to see the gun in order to murder him and get paid administrative leave, unfortunately that’s the norm now.., that dude was tryin to obey, he just had no option really they were gonna murder him anyways. The bad cop should rot in prison, this is clear execution caught on camera.

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