Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg Is Officially Running for President

The Indiana mayor has already made a national name for himself.


Pete Buttigieg is officially running for president. He announced his decision to enter the crowded Democratic primary at a Sunday rally:

"My name is Pete Buttigieg. They call me Mayor Pete. I'm a proud son of South Bend, Indiana, and I am running for President of the United States," he told the crowd.

The 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana, first made waves in January when he organized an exploratory committee. Since that time, he has unexpectedly become one of the better-known names in the race. As of the beginning of April, he had attracted $7 million in donations.

Buttigieg's combination of identities—Midwestern mayor, Afghanistan veteran, openly gay and married—has helped him stand out from his fellow contenders. But they've also placed him at odds with some on the cultural left, as when Christina Cauterucci complained that he was not overtly gay enough. Such criticisms drew a sharp retort from The Washington Post's Drew Goins, who pointed out that an openly gay man's "rising popularity in a presidential primary contest is a once-unimaginable accomplishment."

Buttigieg shares many ideas with his fellow progressives in the race, even endorsing the notion of battling the conservative SCOTUS majority through court-packing. But he breaks with the pack on some issues—he opposes free college, for example, because he finds it difficult to support subsidizing the minority of Americans who earn more because of their college degree. He has also used his military service to promote a relatively non-interventionist foreign policy and to criticize "endless war."

Bonus Link: Ira Stoll calls Buttigieg "the most interesting Democrat running for president."

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  1. Now the site sometimes gives me an “Internal Server Error” message – it’s distracting me from posting a link to Beavis and Butthead chortling at this guy’s name. Can’t the system allow serious comments like mine?

  2. Although Kamala Harris is still my first choice, Buttigieg intrigues me. According to Joe Scarborough — one of the few Republicans who has retained his dignity in the Drumpf era — Buttigieg inspires the kind of excitement you only see once or twice per generation:

    In a lifetime of following politics, the only time I have heard as excited a reaction to a campaign as I heard today about @PeteButtigieg’s launch was @BarackObama in 2008 and Ronald Reagan in 1980. Yes, it’s very early. But the reaction has been remarkable.

    1. “See, the public turned over in its sleep. The public is excited!”

    2. “Buttigieg shares many ideas with his fellow progressives in the race, even endorsing the notion of battling the conservative SCOTUS majority through court-packing.”

      That’s great to hear. We need more libertarian-friendly RBG-style SCOTUS appointments.

      I wonder if he supports the Koch / Reason open borders agenda? Or reparations for slavery? Hopefully he has good stances on these key racial justice issues.

  3. The 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana, first made waves in January when he organized an exploratory committee.

    “Explore me thoroughly, fellas.”

    1. I see html tags don’t work anymore.

      1. Yes, the squirrels have started attacking the writers. Self-defense? Pre-emptive strike? Or has it always been going on, but now it’s out of the, ahem, closet?

      2. OBL posted a link. Ask him how.

        1. Please don’t misgender me. I use they / them pronouns.

          And I don’t really know what to say about posting links. I just did what I’ve always done. Although I do miss the Preview button.

          1. I wonder if blockquote still works.

            Or italics. Or bold.

            1. Nostransdamus has spoken.

  4. What a name! What a shitshow!

  5. Did you know he can read Norwegian? Oh and he’s gay.

    1. Can he sing The Immigrant Song? Or would that give the wrong idea about immigrants?

  6. > “…as when Christina Cauterucci complained that he was not overtly gay enough.”

    The insanity on the Left. He’s gay, but is he gay enough? He’s openly gay in an openly gay marriage, but is he gay enough? What else does he need to do, be dancing onstage during the debates in a tutu? Does the left want a mockery of a stereotype or something?

    1. “LGBTQ people are just like you, why can’t you see they deserve rights!” “Wait, this gay guy’s too much like me, I can’t tell he’s gay. How does this promote our agenda?”

    2. Cauterucci writes:

      “In an era of rising white nationalism, escalating attacks on immigrants and reproductive justice, and a surge of women running for political office, a run-of-the-mill white male candidate doesn’t seem like the right face for the future of the Democratic Party….

      “Straight white male voters will likely find it easier to see themselves in Buttigieg than in the women or people of color in the 2020 field. They’ll be right to do so: Buttigieg’s life experiences—how he’s been perceived, how he’s gotten paid, what he’s believed himself capable of, what opportunities have been available to him—almost certainly have far more in common with those of Sanders and Biden than those of Harris, Booker, and Warren. That’s not to say he won’t face challenges and stereotypes specific to his sexuality, or that he hasn’t overcome obstacles he’s chosen not to share. Homophobia still exists. As Buttigieg has correctly pointed out in town halls and interviews, LGBTQ people can still legally be fired for the mere fact of their identity in most U.S. states. But in a primary for the overwhelmingly pro-gay Democratic Party, Buttigieg can be more accurately lumped in with his white male peers than with anyone else.”

      1. Is guess if he walks out to the first debate in an outfit that would embarrass even a Folsom Street Fair attendee, and make catty remarks like a bitchy queen for every answer, Cunterucci will consider all to be forgiven.

        1. There is one thing about her analysis that’s the main issue, though–as one of our commenters noted, if he was straight, he wouldn’t be getting the time of day. He’s a mayor of a town known primarily for having the University of Notre Dame and some pretty shitty crime statistics, and that’s about it; he doesn’t have O’Rourke’s built-in MSM machine pimping him like a new JFK, he’s never had to actually work across the aisle with Republicans because South Bend residents vote Democrat almost exclusively, and he doesn’t have Biden’s political track record.

          At the end of the day, he’s just another Fuuuuuuucking Whiiiiiiite Maaaaaaaale!, who will cater exclusively to the sensibilities of left-wing urbanites.

      2. Another example of the progressive mindset.

        Find the bunny with the saddest eyes, and every position you pick should support that. Don’t vote for someone you agree with on the issues. Vote for the one with the most historical baggage to carry. They’re the ones you should feel sorry for the most. That’s how you know who should win.

        So, for instance, blacks had it worse than LGBTQI+, so vote for blacks over LGBTQI+. Women have it worse than men, so vote for women over men.

        Basically it works like this:

        Black = +2
        LGBTQI+ = +1
        Women = +1

        Add ’em up and you get:

        Harris = +3
        Booker = +2
        Warren = +1
        Buttigieg = +1

        Harris wins, and if you don’t think so because “issues”, then you’re an idiot.

        1. The recent winner for Chicago mayor was a black, LGBT, woman and an outsider (2+1+1)=4 and I haven’t seen much coverage of her victory. Her ads featured her annoying daughter but not her white wife. so white wife must = -4.

        2. Shouldn’t it be:
          Warren = 1.0009765625

        3. “Add ’em up and you get:
          Booker = +2”

          Plus two? I have it on good authority that Mr.Booker is extremely heterosexually male, and has a very beautiful actress girlfriend.

        4. You haven’t factored in the negatives:

          bitch -1
          whore -1
          idiot -1

          Harris = +1
          Booker = +1
          Warren = +0
          Buttigieg = +1

      3. “Straight white male voters will likely find it easier to see themselves in Buttigieg”

        “Only bottoms count as gay!”

    3. Village People outfits, or not gay enough.

    4. “be dancing onstage during the debates in a tutu”

      Libertarian cultural appropriation?

  7. “Pete Buttigieg Is Officially Running for President”

    Be still my beating heart.

    1. So we have a Buttgag in the running.

  8. Keep it classy, Reason Commentariat.

    1. What are they gonna do–relegate the comment section to afterthought status?

  9. I’ll vote for a Democrat if and when voting for a Democrat can somehow become properly construed as a vote against socialism.

    If and when voting for Donald Trump becomes the clear alternative to having a socialist in the White House, I’ll vote for Donald Trump.

  10. Don’t kid yourself, this guy is really running for the next Democratic Senator nomination in Indiana.


    It is fitting that he is gay, since his major inititive as mayor seems to have been tearing old homes down and removing the yucky brown people in the name of gentrificaion.

    But the story of what happened in between — of an ambitious white leader literally plowing ahead before addressing concerns in the community of color — is not the story Buttigieg, 37, tells. You won’t read about that part in his book. You likely won’t hear about it when Buttigieg, who would be the youngest and first openly gay president, preaches “intergenerational justice,” or Sunday, when he’s expected to officially launch his campaign from the city’s revitalized downtown.

    The fallout from his approach to urban redevelopment has relevance in a primary where candidates promote economic and racial equality. The “1,000 Houses in 1,000 Days” program promoted neither, at least not at first, in the minds of critics who spoke to BuzzFeed News.

    From the start, the 1,000 houses mark was to be met through a combination of demolitions and repairs. But there were suspicions early on, especially among people of color, that the city would use code enforcement powers to apply fines and civil penalties as a form of pressure to chase away even well-meaning property owners.

    The Common Council quickly pushed back on the plan, passing a bill that demanded more transparency when houses were slated for demolition instead of repairs. In a statement at the time, Buttigieg complained that the council vote would “add layers of bureaucracy and expense to this effort.”

    One could only imagine the case of the vapors Reason would be having if Trump had done something like this. But Buttigieg is gay and damn it the reason staff has always dreamed of voting for a gay man for President. So, he gets a pass.

    1. “Why can’t straight people catch a break?” is but the cherry on top of your complete inability to consider that Republicans have never achieved anything.

      1. Being a roadblock to communists is certainly an achievement.

      2. I’ll give it to the gay male demographic, they are incredibly effective shock troops in turning shithole ethnic enclaves into livable, safe urban communities. The downside, of course, is the income inequality levels skyrocketing in their wake.

  12. It’s still “Booty Gig” in my mind’s voice. And that’s fine. We need more humor in our politics. Can’t wait to see President Pantone 165’s nickname for him.

  13. he opposes free college

    I’m thinking you should do a bit more digging into his stance on college payments. Or is it good enough that he only wants the government to pay 95% instead of 100%?

    Or maybe it doesn’t really matter because all the people who read this won’t be voting for Mayor Bootyjudge anyway.

    1. “…all the people who read this won’t be voting for Mayor Bootyjudge anyway.”

      You think not? I suspect many supposed libertarians will be voting Dem regardless of who is the candidate. Trump is evil, dont ya know?

  14. Just one more addition to the Democrat party short bus. Soon it will be standing room only.

    1. There are several reasons Trump gets his own short bus.

      He’s extremely fat.

      Nobody wants to be around him.

      Some foreign plutocrat gave him a loan for the bus.

      That same plutocrat alos recently bought a rare monkey just to see it fling shit at hookers.

      1. *yawn*……….

        That all you got swishbuckler?

  15. It’s hilarious to me how much the media swoons over Peter Butt because he can string a few sentences together. Gay white men have been twiddling our thumbs waiting to fix shit up just like we do interior design and wardrobes this while time. We’re better than you at everything except sports and eating pussy, and we’d probably be better at that too if we were interested in giving it a try. It’s because we care and we don’t coast on a culture that above all values burr and trucks and trucknutz.

    It’s the same with Liz Warren. All us Oklahomans think we’re part Indian. Ancestry DNA has disabused many of us of the notion. But it’s not an anomaly, same as Peter Butt being a clever gay white man. Just give us the keys for a while for fuck’s sake. Take a nap in your recliner.

    1. As long as the candidate is honest, intelligent, and a limited government constitutionalist, I don’t care if he does sheep, but as for Tony, I wouldn’t vote for him if he was gayer than Liberace’s hairesser’s interior decorator’s florist.

      1. Liberace’s hairesser’s interior decorator’s florist.

        That’s . . . pretty gay.

  16. It’s Obama blindness all over again. Young, gifted and black, has become young, gifted and gay. It’s not Obama, it’s Barack. It’s not Buttigieg, it’s Mayor Pete.

    Single payer healthcare. Debt-free college. You really think that means any different in the long run than tuition-free college? He advocates “democratic capitalism”. Sounds like democratic socialism by another name. What both have in common is an instinctive mistrust of the market which is democratic by default. Universal (read:federal) background checks on gun ownership. Federally subsidized solar panels. Abolition of the Electoral College.

    Keep rubbing, idiots, the glibness wears off.

  17. By the way, Reason, the new look is inferior to the old look, and the comments section is worse (although that seemed impossible) since now there’s not even a preview button for comments. And the serif font is a poor choice.

  18. This guy is laughably Astroturfed. Mayor of a crappy little Indiana city decides to run for President and all of a sudden he has fawning, favorable coverage all over the mainstream media.

    Excitement? Sure. Because the people who orchestrated this told their media minions “Make sure everyone repeats how excited the base is! Excitement is the watchword!”

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