Brickbat: Pissed Off


No Peeing sign
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A Richmond County, Georgia, sheriff's deputy cited Brooke Johns for disorderly conduct after her 3-year-old son urinated in a gas station parking lot. Johns says she was driving with her son when he announced he had to pee, right then. She pulled into the parking lot, but she says it was clear the boy wasn't going to make it inside, so she let him urinate in the parking lot. Johns said she tried to cover him up but the deputy saw it.

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  1. we’re number 1, you’re number 2…well we all know how that goes

  2. *yawn, stretch, scratch ballbag*

    What’s on that there Brickbat this morn’n?

    Oh sure, well yeah I guess I s’pose you are befouling someone’s property and that ain’t spectacular.

    1. That, of course, would be up to the property owner to determine.

      1. Yeah, she wasn’t arrested for vandalism.

        Plus, it’s a gas station parking lot. And 3 year olds get a pass for public nudity.

  3. Congressional committee chairwoman.does not know the Federal government nationalized the student loan market.

    1. Well at least she was polite about it.

      1. “Big Bank?!”

    2. Ugh. What a bunch of weenies. I know you are supposed to not make waves, etc., as CEO of a corporation, stockholders to look out for, blah blah blah. But when someone makes a mistake of this size, you jump on them, congressman or no. Do these people have no percent of lawyer in them?

  4. Authoritarians, statists, and slavers of every stripe often claim that the reason we must bow to their will is “for the children.”

    Now I finally see what they mean: it’s for the children to stop peeing!

  5. Richmond County Sheriff’s Department is overstaffed.

  6. Listen, we’re a nation of laws. Lock the whole family up, in separate facilities of course. It’s the only way.

  7. Man you’ve got to stare down a mfer to “see” them peeing. Maybe they ought check this pig’s computer for child porn.

  8. As a parent I would try to avoid this outcome at all possible costs. But as most human souls realize, when you gotta go you gotta go.

    1. And it doesn’t help that kids don’t tell you they have to go until five seconds before they can’t hold it anymore.

      1. Or if they’re about to throw up…

  9. Why is this a brickbat? Her kid peed in the parking lot. What are we supposed to do, sing libertarian hymns for her courageous resistance against institutionalized coercion?

  10. Can we send these deputies to San Francisco as training officers?
    Let them show how it can be done?

  11. What? You mean they didn’t point a gun at the 3-year-old, arrest him, and put him in jail?

    I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to see so much restraint from law enforcement officers!

  12. It was jealousy – the only way for the cop to prove who was the biggest dick.

    1. cops always are the bigger dick…

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