High School Suspends 2 Students for Posting Gun Range Photos on Snapchat, ACLU Files Suit

"Sharing our completely legal weekend activities on Snapchat should not result three days of in-school suspensions," Cody Conroy told Reason.


Two male students at Lacey Township High School in New Jersey posted photos of guns on Snapchat. One of the boys captioned his photo with "hot stuff" and "if there's ever a zombie apocalypse, you know where to go."

The photos were not taken at school. They were not taken during school hours. They did not reference a school. They auto-deleted after 24 hours, which was well before the school became aware of them. And yet, administrators at Lacey Township High School suspended the boys for three days, and also gave them weekend detention.

This was a clear violation of the students' First Amendment rights, and the American Civil Liberties Union has now filed suit.

"Young people have the right to express themselves, and, with rare exceptions, they shouldn't face punishment by school administrators for it," said C.J. Griiffin, a partner at the law firm Pashman Stein Walder Hayden, who is representing the students along with the ACLU.

The two students had visited a gun range owned by an older brother on Saturday, March 10, 2018. They practiced shooting with "legally purchased and properly permitted" guns, according to the lawsuit. They also took a few photos and posted them on Snapchat. None of the snaps were threatening, and none of them referenced a school.

Nevertheless, a parent of another student heard about the photos and contacted school authorities. On Monday, the boys were forced to meet with an assistant principal and an anti-bullying specialist, who quickly decided to punish them for clearly constitutionally-protected speech.

"Sharing our completely legal weekend activities on Snapchat should not result in three days of in-school suspensions," Cody Conroy, one of the two students, told Reason in an interview. (The other student was a minor at the time and is not named in the lawsuit.)

The Supreme Court has held that public schools may not arbitrarily infringe on student's free speech rights unless the speech in question is substantively disruptive to classroom proceedings. That clearly was not the case here.

Conroy, who is now a freshman at Rutgers University, hopes the lawsuit will deter his former school district from trampling students' rights in the future.

"My school seemed to not know what it was doing," he says.

Teenagers should not lose their First Amendment rights when they set foot in school, and they certainly shouldn't be punished for exercising those rights off campus. Kudos to the ACLU—which has been a little skittish about defending speech that relates to guns in the wake of Charlottesville—for taking this case.

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  1. Of course this happens in NJ. In a lot states, even if the school administrators tried this sort of nonsense, parents would literally tell them to fuck off.

    1. First thing about this story that jumped out at me also.

      New Jersey is the United States first large scale experiment on what it would be like to live in Great Britain.

      1. Man, that's harsh...but appropriate.

        1. They can't all be Mississippi, Wyoming, West Virginia, Alabama, South Carolina, or Utah.

          Thank goodness.

          1. Wyoming is statistically pretty good, high median income, low poverty rate, etc...sure the suicide rate is a little high, but considering most of its population is in the eastern half of the state it is remarkably low.

            I sure wouldn't be singling them out as proof of bad policy

            1. Rev. Troll doesn't know anything about flyover states that he didn't get from the NY Times or MSNBC.

              1. I don't think he even knows that.

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              3. "Rev. Troll"

                The single most true thing in this or any other comment section today..........

            2. Wyoming is a leech at the federal teat, and when it develops a strong college or university that will be its first. Not that there's much demand for undergraduate, let alone graduate, degrees among Wyoming residents.

              1. Arthur L. Hicklib is jealous that he couldn't even get accepted into Casper Community College.

              2. Well, Kirkland, Wyoming is the "Equal Rights" state and was the first to give women the right to vote. What do you have against women voting?

                1. Wyoming's leadership with respect to voting rights for women is an important and laudable point, although perhaps complicated.

                2. the first to give women the right to vote

                  Damn you, Wyoming!

              3. How many colleges and Universities do you think Wyoming could support with a population of just 577,737?

                1. That's ALL the folks that live in Wyoming?

                  Washington State have more people with Mother May I Cards to carry concealed handguns than Wyoming have people? Amazing....... we just topped 600K permits...... one in eight adult citizens have them now.

                  Of course if I rememve,r Wyoming have "Constitutional Carry".. no Mother May I Card necessary. Mommy trusts her darlings..... and with good reason

                  1. Back in the 90's my brother and his friend were traveling though Wyoming. They stopped at a restaurant for a meal and while they were eating a cowboy walked in wearing a gun.

                    My brothers' friend got scared and whispered to my brother:

                    "That guy's got a gun!"

                    My brother responded by saying:

                    "So? That makes me feel even safer, who's going to rob this place when it's customers are armed?"

                2. Wyoming has a number of colleges, all mediocre at best.

                  1. Arthur L. Hicklib admits that he couldn't even get admitted to mediocre colleges.

              4. Not really. Wyoming is 48% owned by the federal government, so it's got a relatively high percentage of federal workers, and like all states in shares in the royalties for gas oil and mining on federal lands.

                But let's make a grand bargain, the Feds will give back Wyoming all its land, then the Feds can fire all the federal employees lording it over Wyoming, and it won't have to pay extraction royalties anymore either.

              5. The depth of your angry, arrogance and stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

              6. So Arty, where do YOU live? Enlighten us as to where our 'betters' are.

          2. Yeah, that Utah is horrible, what with their booming economy, fiscal stability, and excellent education outcomes. It's a state full of monsters!

          3. Well, most folks would rather be in those places than in New Jersey. This particular interactive page demonstrates it nicely:

            Almost all of the states people are moving out of are left-leaning, while almost of the ones people are moving into are right-leaning. Of the states you revile specifically, they're all either attracting people or are stable over the time period of the study (2011-2018), with the exception of West Virginia in one single year.

            This data covers a slightly-older period (2009-2013) but shows the same thing even more starkly because it shows the major state-to-state net flows. Ever single one of the states you derided has a net inflow. In fact, New Jersey to South Carolina is one of the ones big enough to register in the top 50 paths, at 4140 net from NJ to SC over the period. Click on NJ to show all the in/out flows between there and the there 49 state, and every single one had more people moving there from NJ than vice-versa. Every. Single. One.


            Now, I know leftists like you have never been big on revealed preference, but the people who count -- the ones actually choosing where to live based on whatever criteria they find important -- overwhelmingly disagree with you.

            1. Clarification: by "Every. Single. One." I meant the states Kirkland spoke of negatively, not all 49 other states. There is one state people are, on net, moving to New Jersey from: New York. I expect that tells us more about how much people Do Not Heart NY than anything positive about the NJ.

              1. Smart, ambitious, accomplished, educated citizens continue to depart the red states. Downscale, often retired, residents motivated by low taxes are moving to red states. This sifting -- which fuels modern, successful communities while intensifying the dysfunction among the depleted human residue in our shambling backwaters -- is nothing right-wingers should be boasting about.

                1. Arthur L. Hicklib's embarrassed that there's more shit on his "upscale" urban streets than the average factory farm these days.

                  1. No, he's not. He's proud of it.

                2. Does it hurt being that ignorant RAK?
                  Or just normal for a Progressive serf?

                  BTW: Even NY Gov has been whining about losing a lot of rich, educated, people moving out of his State because of their vaunted Progressive taxes. I would also note that it is States like NY, NJ, etc. that have been sucking on the federal government teat for decades, getting the majority of their State taxes paid by the feds!

                3. Yeah, no. I work in the software industry, where widely-spread remote teams are common, and most of the team members I've dealt with are in red (TX, TN) or sometimes purple (NV, CO) states. There was exactly one programmer in a blue state (CA). I know one individual, highly experienced and still in top earning years, who moved from the SF Bay to a spot in Nevada that hasn't voted Democrat since 1936. For the most part, the only people in the SF office prior to it being moved to Texas were the non-technical positions, basically sales. And I get unsolicited job offers from tech companies in red states all the time, the most recent one from a place on your list of horribles: Utah.

                  Oh, and as to human residue, the company had a yearly get-together in SF back when it was still located there. At one point, we took a walk from the nicely-appointed office in the financial district to a good restaurant near the warf, and on the way, through the park, there was a bum -- err, sorry, homeless person -- taking a dump on the grass. That for me will always encapsulate San Francisco: high tech, fine dining, public human defecation.

                  1. Umm.. There are a lot of programmers living in California and there will continue to be. Big U.S. high-tech is not dismantling their large campuses in Silicon Valley and they continue to hire heavily there. However, most of the programmers I work with are in India thanks to widely spread remote teams and the globalist outlook of large tech companies.

                    1. Not denying that there are lots of programmers in California, but their share is dropping and will continue to drop. Further, the programmers working at those campuses skew towards those nearer the start of their careers. The more-experienced the programmer, the greater their likelihood being trusted to do so.

                      For humongous companies for whom having a big campus is prestige, yes, they will continue to do that, but for the small and medium-sized companies that make up the bulk due to their greater numbers, there is less and less a need to pay the expense of a physical office. All of the infrastructure that used to require huge amounts of time and money is available online. Heck, just for a personal tinkering project of mine, I've set up things via a major company's services (don't want to name names and sound like an ad) that one of my old employers paid thousands a month for, for about what an average programmer spends daily on coffee. The only reasons left to have a huge office are: you're creating physical product, you need a nice place to impress clients spending lots of money, you need a nice place to impress employees who just spent lots of money on their degrees, or your management is too hide-bound to allow remote work.

                    2. Just realized I left off part of a sentence so the "being trusted to do so" probably makes no sense. I mean, being trusted to work remotely.

          4. Do you mean the Mississippi where they assembled all of the rockets for the Mercury through Apollo missions? Carry on, loser.

      2. What a trade deficit. New Jersey gets all the tricks and tips on how to turn into a totalitarian shithole, and all Britain gets in return is Geordie Shore.

      3. 🙂

        1. That for me will always encapsulate San Francisco: high tech, fine dining, public human defecation.

          When in Rome ...

    2. Do that in NJ when guns are involved, and you'd lose your kids.

      That this happened in NJ doesn't surprise me. Happening in Lacey township does. The rural townships tend to be gun-friendly.

      1. NJ is the armpit AND the anal orifice of the USA... Perhaps even of the galaxy?

        1. The American south has been a thoroughgoing stain and drain on our nation -- morally, economically, educationally, politically, culturally -- for centuries, but New Jersey is the worst . . . from the perspective of disaffected, downscale right-wingers.

          1. Oh dear you're back to overusing "disaffected" again.


            1. You would prefer malcontents? Marginalized? Alienated? Disgruntled? Resentful? Losers?

              1. Speaking in the first person again?

              2. Any of those are better that perpetuating your verbal tic of "disaffected."

                1. Disaffected seems to describe the resentful, marginalized, grievance-laden, stale-thinking malcontents best. Do you have any other suggestion(s)?

                  1. Still speaking in the first person?

                    1. I have enjoyed watching my side win the culture war in America throughout my lifetime. Getting stomped by your betters, and being forced to comply obsequiously with their preferences, has made you cranky, Red Rocks.

                      Your obedience is appreciated. Whine, mutter, and rant as much as you wish, so long as you toe that line, clinger.

                    2. Watching MS-13 hang Arthur L. Hicklib and his friends from a highway bridge will be the best part of his side winning the culture war.

                    3. It's a troll; doubt it's even human. Ignore it and it will wither.

                    4. "being forced to comply"

                      Carry on slavers.

                    5. I'm gathering that you don't realize you haven't won yet. Your side has set up a few impossible tasks to seal the deal. Only When the seas rise 5 feet in a year, when a man ejaculates in another man's anal cavity and produces a baby and MS-13 helps an old Jewish lady across the street and goes to mass...then you will have won the culture war. Until then, we're just placating all of you.

          2. Progressives fear and hate the South because we have too many Black citizens. We spoiled your Reconstruction-era plan to deport them all back to the shithole continent they came from.

          3. Another idiotic post by the The man who has to criticize the southern states because they are not elite enough.

            1. No, he has to criticize them because he'll never escape the self-loathing of being from there.

          4. But New Jersey is the worst. Considering things like educational attainment, literacy, diversified economy, etc... you would expect New Jersey to be at least a little advanced. Yet it remains a wretched pit of villainy and depravity.

            Mississippi was founded as a plantation society utterly dependent on extractive slave agriculture financed by world commodity markets. South Carolina was a brutal military colony that's economy was originally based on slave raiding into Florida. New Jersey was founded by Quakers and Dutch people.

            1. Yeah, NJ is like all the worst parts of other states rolled into one.

            2. And Swedes. Don't forget the Swedes. And the Lenape.

              1. >>>And the Lenape

                Shawnee is better. Go Renegades!

          5. Arthur L. Hicklib really hates our African-American-populated states.

          6. "The American south has been a thoroughgoing stain and drain on our nation..."

            Has been. As in the past. Times change, it's 2019 not 1919.

            It used to be racist southerners that disarmed black people, now it's racist, urban Democrats.

            1. LiborCon misunderstands the phrase "Thank God for Mississippi." Lack of education has consequences.

              1. If anyone's an expert on lacking education, it's Arthur L. Hicklib.

              2. Funny that, as backward and poor as Mississippi is it's got a substantially higher GDP per capital than the EU, 2017 figures:

                Mississippi 37,376
                European Union 33,800

                Sweden, that socialist paradise is sandwiched in between North Carolina and Louisiana:

                North Carolina 53,050
                Sweden 52,925
                Louisiana 52,602

                Carry on clingers indeed.

          7. The major drain and shit stain on our nation has been Progressive controlled cities (Plantations) and States with their Elitist Masters, Uncle Tom Overseers, and Proletariat Serfs like RAK (a wannabe Uncle Tom Overseer)!

          8. i guess that's why thousands of people a day move to the south from the shithole blue north states

    3. "legally purchased and properly permitted" guns

      One of many reasons I don't live in New Jersey.

  2. On Monday, the boys were forced to meet with an assistant principal and an anti-bullying specialist, who quickly decided to punish them for clearly constitutionally-protected speech.

    So the VP and anti-bullying specialist basically acted like a couple of bullies.

    1. What's the odds that they were actually punished because they refused to apologize for posting photos of guns.

      1. On their own time and in no way related to any school property or activity no less.

        New Jersey is indeed a cautionary tale; of what will happen in the rest of the country if progressives get their way.

      2. I really really hope that they were punished after the adult's position was explained to them, and the kids told them to go screw themselves.

    2. A lot of schools have shitbag vice principals like this. Thirty years ago my high school had this progtard Native American vice principal that hated white kids. He especially had it in for one of my friends. One time he called the guy's father to the school because he claimed that my friend had thrown a kegger the previous Friday night. The VP said he had proof and wanted to suspend my friend for this. Turned out the VP overplayed his hand, as my friend's father informed the asshole that his son was home with him all night, where they were working on a project.

      So these types of authoritarian leftist shitbags have been around for a very long time.

      1. A job based on wielding power over others tends to attract a certain type, doesn't it?

        1. Yep,

          I left teaching very quickly, because I did not want to be a cracker working for the slavers.

      2. Don't forget the parent that reported them. That shitbag needs a good stomping as well.

        1. If it were me, I would offer to drop the suit if they kneeled before Zod and begged forgiveness. Literally kneeling, and begging, and in front of people, and live streamed.

    3. I wonder who exactly did they bully.

      1. Limp worsted soyboy snowflakes?

        1. I see the upgrades to the site still do not include an ‘edit’ feature.

      2. Offense archaeologist. Viewing someone's online postings is optional. Some people signup to get offended.

    4. "Let's make bullying kill itself."

  3. I do like when calves lick. Their tongues feel funny. It's cute. I realise I'm setting myself up for a bestiality joke, but anyone who has spent time around cattle/hand fed baby cows knows what i mean.

    1. "...anyone who has spent time around cattle/hand fed baby cows knows what i mean"

      You're literally trolling for bestiality jokes.

    2. Reminds me of the time I said out loud that I like when cats lick you because their tongues are scratchy.

      Didn't end well.

      1. It probably ends better than if you licked the cat.

        1. they totally do not like that.

        2. Il est mauvais de lécher la chatte?

    3. I don't know; I'm pretty much bored at work and am hanging around just to see the jokes this will generate.

    4. I do like when calves lick. Their tongues feel funny. It's cute. I realise I'm setting myself up for a bestiality joke, but anyone who has spent time around cattle/hand fed baby cows knows what i mean.

      For several generations, our family has had a humorously discomforting physical prank (along the lines of purple nurples, indian burns, and charlie horses) called "cow bites". Basically, the firm grip that dairy farmers are renowned for applied, using the fingertips, to other meatier parts of the body, like the quads, calves, or triceps. It induces a bit of a reflex effect (muscle tightens and joint stiffens/locks) and it feels similar to the 'bite' of a cow (which doesn't have upper incisors).

    5. I totally understand what you mean about calf licks. All these stupid-ass city dwellers don't know shit.

    6. agreed re: calf licks ... in non-yoke fashion.

    7. New Jersey used to prosecute bestiality under animal abuse laws, but wrote a separate law prohibiting bestiality in 2015. If I recall correctly, this was necessary, because a judge decided that bovines in the video looked happy.

      1. Now if we can just figure out why the Rev thinks so highly of NJ ...

  4. Wow, an ACLU branch that actually does something other than begging for money because TRUMP.

    1. Good thing the kids weren't wearing red hats in any of the snaps.

      1. "Sorry, kids. You're on your own."

    2. They were so close to becoming the new SPLC too.

    3. The branches vary, from worse than the national ACLU, to much better. But I expect that plans are afoot to bring them to heel.

  5. "The Snapchat is mightier than the AR-15." Fuck you 19th Century.

    1. If the photos auto-delete, why not just deny it?

      1. Because these authorization fucks aren't worth lying to

      2. If the photos auto-delete, why not just deny it?

        A perfectly logical retort to the question of "Should I lie about not committing a crime?"

        You *could* show up on a football field with a baseball bat. However, unless you're the baddest mofo on the field, sidelines, and maybe even the first couple rows, the only best outcome is that you lose the football game.

        Now, back to the topic at hand, when are you going to stop beating your wife?

      3. Because that would be a procedural crime?

      4. If you have to talk to the Man, never lie. Don't volunteer anything, maybe refuse to answer, but never say something that's provably untrue. This just hands them another club to beat you with, even if the original charge turns out to be bogus.

        And don't think that auto-delete is any kind of protection. All someone has to do is grab a screen cap to prove that it was posted. Once you've posted something to the 'net, just assume it's going to be there forever, one way or another.

        1. Good advice. The way you refuse to answer can get you better results. A cop that gets angry at, "I take the 5th," could be more willing to hear, "I would rather not answer that."

      5. I wouldn't have deleted them. I would have posted more and dared them to expel me. If they were stupid enough to take the bait, I would them file the mother of all lawsuits. Then I would organize every one of my gun toting 'clinger' friends and their families and had every one ofmthe, saturate their social media with lictures and video of them with their firearms at the range, while hunting, etc.. Everything nice and legal.

        I would break these people. ThAT is how one deals with progtards. No requests, no pleading, no negotiation. Just crush them. Because EVERY progtard is nothing more than a dirty hippie at their core. And dirty hippies are to be back handed and slapped down. It's the only way they learn their place.

  6. "My school seemed to not know what it was doing," he said.

    Which pretty much describes my entire K-12 experience.

    1. A lot of education school majors were soft headed idiots in my experience at university.

      1. Yeah, past elementary school at least, the non-education majors were definitely the better teachers.

      2. I tutored those dumb fucks. Holy shit was theory of counting the end of the world for those idiots. Convert to base 2 was their final, many failed the class.

        1. So they were completely flummoxed by Count von Count?

    2. So they are teaching him something of value. +1 for public schools?

    3. "My school seemed to not know what it was doing," he said.

      Now, that is some naive shit right there. The school knew exactly what it was doing and obviously did not bother to do a minimum of research or just employed the ole' FYTW because their good intentions outweigh any of his rights.

      Must not have been enough white kids getting disciplined or the school felt the need to build up its street cred with the feds on how tough they are on guns and the like.

  7. OMG! The ACLU defending the first amendment expression regarding the second amendment? We truly are living in Bizarro World!

    1. Will they back out saying, oh we thought he said gum.

    2. yeah give it time...

    3. NJ ACLU

      The national ACLU wouldn't touch this because GUN SAFETY!

  8. "...if there's ever a zombie apocalypse, you know where to go."

    None of the snaps were threatening, and none of them referenced a school.

    Bureaucrats are kind of like zombies.

    1. But has bureaucracy risen to apocalyptic levels yet?

      1. Yes...and Yes

        1. Ugh, logged in just to say this. GG.

  9. The part I find most disturbing about this and stories like it is that the schools seem to be claiming power to punish students for anything they do, anywhere at any time.
    Of course this is particularly stupid because it's almost certainly about punishing them for having the wrong hobbies and they were doing nothing remotely illegal or threatening.

    1. As we keep seeing, to the delight of 2A repealers, two can play at this no-fault punishing game...

    2. "It takes a village"

    3. The part I find most disturbing about this and stories like it is that the schools seem to be claiming power to punish students for anything they do, anywhere at any time.

      I'm kinda surprised that police unions aren't appalled by the gall of these guys. You'd think they'd be all over "If you think a crime has been committed, please contact your local police department." so that police could get their officiousness on.

      It seems like somebody, at some point soon, is going to report something borderline illegal in borderline real time to a school official and they'll be on the hook for not getting the police involved straight away.

        1. I think that's a bit different but still a decent point.

  10. I suppose a school pro-bullying specialist would have beaten the bloody stool out of the kids and their parents for openers.

  11. I always wonder it got as far Federal court. I get the principal is an A-Hole who probably got pissed when mom and dad probably reacted like anyone around here would. But, why the hell didn't the board just put a stop this?

    I have to assume their lawyer pointed our point out this is a losing 1st amendment case, has 2nd amendment overtones, with reasonable settlement demands (remove from the kid's record, update the policies, legal fees). Which asshole decided it was worth spending real money defending this?

    Anyone who pays school taxes for Lacey Township High School should be warming up the woodchippers.

    1. I didn't even think of this. But you are probably correct. This was some arrogant principal who was furious that the parents did not kowtow to his authority.

    2. What principal cares about taxpayer money? It doesn't come out of their pocket, and likely all involved will be on their fat pensions before the opening arguments are scheduled.

      1. But the school board has to answer to taxpayers.

    3. But, why the hell didn't the board just put a stop this?

      1. Not every district has an elected or wholly elected school board.

      2. If you think school boards all over the country aren't staffed by people who used to be school principals, worked for school principals and wanted more control over the system, or wanted to be in charge of things a principal would be in charge of without having to be a principal, you're mistaken.

      3. Even if you don't get someone from #2 on the board, the odds you get someone who's otherwise competent is low.

      Not to say that there aren't any competent school boards or school board members out there as much as the fact that it's exceedingly likely that the vast majority of them who would read this post would be convinced I was making an exception for them.

    4. Anyone who pays school taxes for Lacey Township High School should be warming up the woodchippers.

      You have put your finger on the problem. Federal law allows a private suit for violation of one's civil rights. You can obtain damages, and sometimes an injunction. Problem is, in most cases, there is no need for an injunction, as the violation was one time and stopped.

      As for damages, in most cases, they end up being paid by the employer -- in this case the school board -- and ultimately the taxpayers.

      So there is no disincentive for someone like the principal here to violate someone's civil rights. At worst, there will be a lawsuit, where the school board will pay for his lawyer, and pay any damages.

      IMO, federal law should be amended to disallow this compensation. Let the principal lose his house for acting like a jerk. Maybe the next principal will think twice.

  12. administrators at Lacey Township High School suspended the boys for three days, and also gave them weekend detention. This was a clear violation of the students' First Amendment rights, and the American Civil Liberties Union has now filed suit.

    For justice to start to be served, the administrators will be suspended without pay for three months, during which time they will spend weekends in jail. That would be getting off lightly for a Federal Civil Rights crime.

    1. Get an education, Rich. Start with standard English, focusing on capitalization.

      1. Arthur L. Hickbot burps out another NPC reponse.

  13. Reminds me of what I'm currently arguing against my kid's school. They are saying he will walk through metal detectors if they decide to do searches or he will be punished. I'm telling them to go fuck themselves out get a warrant.

    1. I wish you all the best with that. Serious. It's a bit of a risk, but more parents should stand up to this shit.

  14. First amendment? We don't need to go so far. This was clearly a violation of the most basic rule of law. The law must be written and knowable. This "bullying" rule is so vague that it can include essentially anything, making it 100% arbitrary and capricious.

  15. They have cows at this gun range?
    Do they sell burgers next door, or what?

    1. I have a great business idea.

      1. "You kill it, we grill it!"

        1. Perfect for rural NJ where plenty of residents keep Kosher or Halal but live far from the nearest grocery store with those meats.

          1. I live within walking distance of this place:
            This month-old spot in a relatively new mini-mall development called South Paterson Plaza is a three-in-one shopping experience: It's a Turkish deli, butcher shop and restaurant. Just about any Turkish dish can be had here from Turkish menemen to lavrek (grilled sea bass) to minced lamb kebab to ... chicken chops (in lieu of pork chops, pork being forbidden in Islam). But if you want something special, gather a group of friends — famished friends — and order a family platter.

  16. There is no legal defense to this. There is not a court in the world that is going to say that the school can govern legal activities after school hours, and having nothing to do with the school itself. This is anti-gun hysteria mixed with profound arrogance. This is why public schools are a mess.

    1. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Ninth Circuit Court Of The United Stated Federal Judiciary.

  17. Fuck the parent who reported the kids to the school. Busy body bitch. Mind your own fucking business.

    1. Yeah, came here to say this. If parents would like to know why public schools are authoritarian shitholes with ridiculous zero-tolerance policies, they can look right in the mirror. Expecting the schools to take over every tiny act that should be the responsibility of families, expecting schools to be not merely educational, but entertaining and perpetually comforting; expecting schools to eliminate even the most benign of risks, the weakest of challenges to their own worldview; suing schools for trivial noninjuries or situations that were actually their own fault. Congrats, tattle-tale parents, you've got the monster you created.

  18. Doing something completely legal, and doing it outside of school hours.

    Only someone who thinks that schools should be government entities that serve as thought police for private life could have a problem with this.

    1. Or someone who thinks the school administration has unlimited parental rights over the child, rather than the kid's actual parents.

  19. I personally have long viewed the actions or antics of the ACLU with a significant amount of question regarding what to my view, has been and seemingly remains their strange selectivity, that is issues that they rush to defend, while others are allowed to "die on the vine" so to speak.

    As for the school officials, were I one of the students, I would have simply and plainly advised them of exactly what they might do with their disciplinary measures, including where they might shove them. From where I sit, these tin pot dictators, and the school district need to be taught a lesson such as will never be forgotten. Additionally, these two, penny dictators should be fired, and never again be allowed to have anything to do with education, as their actions clearly show they have little understanding of. Where in hell to thee clods get off, and how/where one wonders, did they grow the grandeloquent ideas they operate under.

    1. On the ACLU's selectivity: there's no denying that there's some left-leaning bias. (Best to cover all bases by donating to IJ and FIRE too).

      But I believe the ACLU prefers to invest in "clean" cases where the facts aren't in dispute and there aren't complications that could divert the case away from the constitutional point they're trying to make. There's also a danger of getting to a high court and getting a *bad* precedent, i.e. nationwide creation of yet another "exception" to our rights.

      I'm guessing they took this one because the kids and their parents did everything right, and the school is straight up claiming they have this authority rather than alleging some different set of facts.

    2. The first day my principle assigned me to run the detention at the high school in Brooklyn, I asked the kids what they were in for and explained to them how my parents had helped pressure a school board to provide better education to African-American kids during their own activism days. The principle then found someone else to run the detention.

      Labor Day and May Day became holidays because of worker strikes, if I recall correctly. Maybe it's time for an annual national walkout day at schools.

  20. "....met with an anti-bullying," asshole. Who are these cretins who rule without any sense at all?

    1. I suppose that person had nothing better to do.

      1. "Hey Bill....what are you doing here?"

        "Well they may bully the child of the parent who reported them. I am here to pre-emptively punish their natural instincts to avenge this injustice."

        "Do you ever take a fucking day off??"

  21. Monday was the first team practice for our school's varsity and JayVee skeet and trap teams. Not sure if anyone took pictures. Nor if they did, if they posted to social media. The team's pictures were prominent in last year's yearbook however (with guns). Not sure if that counts.

    Oh, team numbers were limited to 15/team, despite many more trying out, dut to number of coaches. Those not picked formed a mixed intramural team when a coach/dad stepped up. Ergo, move the hell out of New Jersey.

    1. My local school district has its trap team open to grades 5 and up. Yes, 10/11 year old kids participate in a firearm sport, sanctioned by a government school.

      From what I understand, most schools around here have such a team.

      Just one more reason I'm glad I moved out of IL.

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  23. I want the name of the parent that turned these kids in

    1. Karen

  24. Perhaps someone can explain the policy that the students violated?

    If they posted a picture of a porterhouse steak, would a vegan parent complain, and would the school comply?

    What if they raced their cars legally at a speedway and posted pictures? Would it be the same result?

    How does a school take the wrong turn to expel students for shooting guns legally, instead of yelling concerned parents to mind their own business?

    If schools get away with it, anyone can.

    1. The parent who complained gets to vote and run for school board and probably has more influence in town than the kids do. Hence the injustice.

  25. Home School!

  26. The problem is obvious. "On Monday, the boys were forced to meet with an assistant principal and an anti-bullying specialist". A what? An anti-bullying specialist? There is no such thing, that is a bogus title probably awarded to some idiot with a psychology degree who thinks they know better than anyone else, and who of course hates guns and thinks they are the root of all evil. No wonder the process went off the rails. The assistant principal was probably supposed to keep the other in check, but failed, and implemented a completely unjustified set of punishments to a pair of students who did nothing wrong. Now the school and district will be facing lawsuits for the next year, rightfully so, and squandering taxpayer dollars to defend a stupid decision.

  27. Sue the krap out of them and settle with the stipulation that every school in the district will be named after one of them.

  28. The anti-bullying specialist is a bully, who would have guessed?

  29. I hope they win a huge settlement.

  30. "Nevertheless, a parent of another student heard about the photos and contacted school authorities."

    - fck you, Karen.

    1. Tar and feather that cunt

  31. The school is just reacting to public outrage about shootings. All they want is a "get out of media-jail" card . Hopefully the ACLU can give it to them by having this reversed in court.

  32. What did the school have to say about it? There was nothing in the article about the school's side. Not that I expect them to have any good reason for what they did, but a fair article should include what they had to say, even it's 'no comment'.

  33. The idea that a student can be punished for actions off campus, unrelated to any school activity and outside of school hours is insane. These boys were suspended because the school administration and some parent have an objection to guns, period. It is time for schools to stop thinking they are the thought police and have the right to police every aspect of a student's life. They are not parents, they are educators.

  34. The idea that a student can be punished for actions off campus, unrelated to any school activity and outside of school hours is insane. These boys were suspended because the school administration and some parent have an objection to guns, period. It is time for schools to stop thinking they are the thought police and have the right to police every aspect of a student's life. They are not parents, they are educators.

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  36. Until these people get hit hard in the wallet for this bullshit it will continue. They need to worry more about keeping their twerkin' ass flashers off airplane and less about kids at the range.

  37. I think the central aspect of this case is that the school is public and is therefore operated by the government. When government is involved, the freedom of speech is indeed an issue, but realistically, schools are going to have to make some restrictions on what their students are allowed to say. This demonstrates perfectly why the entire concept of public school is threatening to civil liberties. All schools should be private and should be allowed to make whatever kind of rules about speech that they want.

    I'm nervous though about the ACLU. since when have they ever been on the right side of a court case. The ACLU has a frustrating tendency to ruin legitimate arguments with their overtly liberalism talking points which demand more government solutions instead of fewer.

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  39. Proggies don't believe in free speech, unless the person is in agreement the asinine progressive lies.
    In other words, proggies believe in free speech for me, but not for thee.

    1. So, tell me why the proggy ACLU took this case? Is it because you believe that being allowed to post your gun photos is not for thee?

  40. Only politically correct conversation is allowed in our re-education camps.
    The student knows this and deserves whatever punishment applicable to his anti-State crime.
    Hopefully this fascist and bitter clinger student will be publicly flogged for having the temerity for posting these hideous and vulgar gun range photos which might encourage others to own and learn how to use guns properly.

  41. It's good that the ACLU took on this case. The school over reacted. It's not like the boys posted a legal loophole that might allow some to get away with burning down the IRS building in DC.

    As an aside, I'm glad the commenting feature is up and running. I was a bit worried when I returned home from prison last night, because I couldn't post any comments on Reason.

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    1. No preview and no edit button??

      And just how is this improved, KMW??

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