"Free Speech Rules," My New YouTube Video Series—Episode 3 (Fake News) Now Out

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Thanks to a generous grant from the Stanton Foundation, and to the video production work of Meredith Bragg and Austin Bragg at, I'm putting together a series of short, graphical YouTube videos—10 episodes to start with—explaining free speech law. Our first two videos were "7 Things You Should Know About Free Speech in Schools" and "The Three Rules of Hate Speech and the First Amendment"; our third, just released today, is "Fake News and the First Amendment":

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Our next video, which we hope to get out in three or four weeks, will be on the right of publicity and "life story rights"; future videos in the series will likely include most of the following, plus maybe some others:

  • Alexander Hamilton: free press pioneer.
  • Free speech at college.
  • Free speech on the Internet.
  • Money and speech / corporations and speech.
  • Speech and privacy.


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  1. Very nice!

  2. Good work! I like it, & it’s useful.

  3. Lovely!

  4. Do you take requests? How about

    -The Panama Canal Libel? Teddy Roosevelt v. Joseph Pulitzer

    -The right to advocate intolerance? The prosecution of the Seven Bishops, 1688

  5. Good job. Sounds like a fun project.

    Why speak so fast? It sounds rushed.

    It also ended without a “So the point is …” conclusion.

    What is your target grade level?

    1. I’ve seen EV on television and in recordings of the Chan v. Ellis trial. I think that’s his normal speaking speed.

  6. I liked it, but agree that it comes across as rushed – partly Eugene speaking rather fast plus there being on a very brief look at the documents that are shown. I realize that I could have stopped the video, pushed it back a bit and looked at the doc more, but maybe pausing a couple more seconds would have made it more watchable.

  7. Good videos. Nice mention of the Sedition Act in third video. I look forward to your video on Alexander Hamilton as a free speech pioneer. May I suggest three other free speech pioneers, all from Vermont:
    – Matthew Lyon – Congressman, first person jailed under Sedition Act, re-elected to Congress from jail
    – Anthony Haswell – printer, also jailed under Sedition Act for supporting Lyon
    – Ethan Allen – war hero and land speculator, not as well known for his book “Reason, the Only Oracle of Man” which was a scathing attack on the clergy.

    Details and links to more info on my blog: Look for the post “Free Speech Pioneers” in September 2018. The comments won’t let me put the full link (exceeds 50 characters).

  8. Good job…Thank you so much for sharing here..Quite proud that it has been displayed in recommendations

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