Joe Biden Says He Didn't Do Anything Wrong, Will Do Better From Now On

In a new video, the former vice president defends his past touching of women.


Bastiaan Slabbers/Sipa USA/Newscom

Former Vice President, and likely 2020 presidential contender, Joe Biden issued a brief video response to recent accusations that he has touched women inappropriately throughout his career.

Last Friday, The Cut published an essay from Lucy Flores, a former Democratic candidate for Nevada lieutenant governor, who claimed that Biden smelled her hair and kissed the back of her head at a campaign event in 2014. This was followed by another accusation from Connecticut woman Amy Lappos, who claimed that Biden touched her head inappropriately at an event in 2009.

The claims from these two women sparked renewed media scrutiny of Biden's long history of encroaching on people's personal space, and even earned him some criticism from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) who recommended he join "the straight arms club."

Looking to nip this criticism in the bud, Biden released a short two-minute monologue via Twitter, in which he both defends his past history of embracing women, while also promising that he will do better in the future.

"Today I want to talk about gestures of support and encouragement I've made to women and some men," says Biden, speaking only in generalities. "I grab men and women by the shoulder and say 'you can do this.' Whether they're women, men, young, old. It's the way I've always been. It's the way I've tried to show that I care about them and I'm listening."

For Biden, this is not just a personal habit, but an integral part of his approach to politics and life, saying he'll "always believe that governing quite frankly, life, for that matter, is about connecting people."

Nevertheless, Biden insists that he's learned the error of his ways.

"Social norms have begun to change. They've shifted. The boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset, and I get it. I get it. I hear what they're saying. I'll be much more mindful," he said. "I've worked my whole life to empower women. The idea that I can't adjust to the fact that personal space is important, more important than it's ever been, is just unthinkable."

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  1. "And I plan to reach out to our young people...I mean, seize opportunities as they arise...I mean...wait, even I forgot who I am and why it matters..."

    1. Is Pelosi running for President of the Straight Arms Control Association ?

      The Great Awokening is starting to make the Tea Party look intellectually serious.

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      2. "The Great Awokening".... Did you just make that up, or is that what this phenomenon has been known as for a while? Cause I'm using that term from now on, fits so well with all this nonsense.

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  2. Look, Mr. Biden. You're still better than Tulsi Gabbard because at least you're not a Russian stooge. And if you somehow end up with the Democratic nomination, we serious libertarians will vote for you.

    But why not atone by announcing you won't seek the nomination at all? Why not endorse Harris or Warren or Gillibrand? That's the best way to empower women.

    1. That's the best way to empower women.

      Are you saying it takes a man to empower women?

      1. Not exactly. If Kamala Harris becomes President it will require contributions by men, women, and non-binary people like me. Biden is just in a position to give her an early boost.

        1. Is that boost in the crotch area from behind?

    2. Yeah, Joe! Get behind one of those gals!

    3. What the hell makes you believe that Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian stooge. The more you post your ridiculous comments the stupider you get.
      You are the true definition of an NPC. You are obviously being programmed by CNN and MSNBC
      Gabbard is anti war and since she is the only Dem candidate who has actually served and seen the horrors of war, she is the only candidate qualified to comment on America's perpetual war footing.

  3. When Joe Biden appears in public, can that be considered an attack ad against Joe Biden?

    1. If that means he can't appear in any form a month before the election then nominate him right now.

      1. But only if he mentions himself by name.

  4. Regardless of whether the accusations are true, they're being used by the socialist wing of the Democratic party in an attempt to knock a non-socialist contender out of the race.

    So many of the allegations against Trump were horseshit--like the pr0n star who made gang bang and bukkake videos and accused Trump of sexual assault for kissing her on the cheek without asking. We've seen wolf cried so many time now, only an idiot would come rushing every time there's an allegation now.

    Remember the wicked clown scare?

    Who knows? Maybe this time it really is a chainsaw wielding wicked clown. Maybe Trump pays women to urinate on him and Biden is an habitual hair sniffer. When the Democrats found out in 2012 that Romney had ridden halfway across the country with the family dog strapped the roof, the Republicans retaliated with the observation that Obama had eaten dog when he was in Indonesia. Is this the manner in which our leaders should be chosen?

    I don't know if the allegations against Biden are true--and I don't give a shit either way. Beto O'Rourke, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and most of the other shitheads are various shades of socialist. I don't care if any of them like to sniff women's hair or shoes. They're socialists. Not much can be said about a candidate that's worse than that. If Biden isn't a socialist, that puts him near the head of the pack, hair sniffer or no hair sniffer.

    1. There is nothing to write home about for any of the Dem candidates including Biden. If you would never allow Biden anywhere near your daughter, then why would you vote for him. He is slime in my book.
      If Biden had been a Republican, his actions would be run 24/7/ on CNN and MSNBC. His career would have been destroyed and there would have been calls for him to resign. It's not like there isn't plenty of video evidence of Biden being totally inappropriate with little girls as well as women.
      Just put 'creepy uncle Joe' in You Tube and there is literally hours or examples.
      As VP he was next to useless and achieved absolutely nothing.
      I can't see Trump not getting a landslide in 2020. He has a pretty impressive record to run on, especially on the economy . By 2020 I suspect he will have hundreds of miles of border wall built and a dramatic drop in illegal immigration. Name one promise he made during the campaign he has not kept or is in the process of keeping since the wall is a work in progress. His has only been in for little over 2 years and the amount he has achieved is incredible.
      The economy is so good, that the leftist media never mention it. If it was failing, it would be blasted 24/7 in CNN and MSNBC, however, they never talk about the economy unless the stock market drops. Even then, they never mention the fact that even when it drops it is far higher than it was when Trump took over in 2017

  5. his past touching of women

    and little girls

    1. and stroking, kissing, hugging, grabbing, feeling...

  6. "Today I want to talk about gestures of support and encouragement I've made to women and some men," says Biden

    Well, to be honest, it was very encouraging when he sniffed my hair and copped a feel. Even though he does that to all women, it was good to know that I was in the elite of some men that he encourages like that.

    1. Video or it doesn't happen.

  7. How sad that Democrats have nobody else to choose from.
    --The media
    --Republican pundits

    1. Totally. Isn't it infuriating how the media in this country is constantly bad-mouthing Democrats? Looks like 2020 might be even worse than 2016 in that regard.

      1. You're letting the mask slip, OBL. No one can read that one straight.

        1. Yes, but Tony actually believes that.

    2. How sad that the American people don't have anybody else to choose from:

      a) Trump
      b) Socialist shitbag that is believe it or not, actually a worse choice than Donald fucking Trump.

      1. It's a low bar, but the Democrats constantly amaze me with their ability to slide under it.

      2. The sad part is, its basically been a choice of a shitbag worse than Trump since before Trump started running.

      3. But the Libertarian?!?

        Ha. I kid, I kid.

  8. Maybe think of it this way: Should libertarians carry water for the socialists in the Democratic party who want to knock Biden out of the race?

    The latest poll from Quinnipiac shows this for the top contenders:

    Biden: 29%
    Sanders: 19% (s)
    Harris: 8%
    O'Rourke: 12% (s)
    Warren: 4% (s)
    Booker: 2%

    I put an "(s)" by the clear socialists.

    Harris is doing remarkably well considering that a large portion of respondents have never heard of her. Elizabeth Warren is doing poorly considering that her name recognition is much higher than Harris and Beto.

    Biden is kicking their asses--especially the socialists--and that's all the left wing of the Democratic party and their sycophants in the media care about. For socialist SJWs to win, Biden has to lose. So why would we libertarians carry water for the the socialist SJWs? Purposely or otherwise, that's what we're doing when we're regurgitating this shit about hair sniffing.

    P.S. As many as 29% of registered Democrats know about Bernie Sanders and are polling for Biden because they don't want a socialist.

    1. Biden is the Jeb! of 2020.

      1. "Biden is the Jeb! of 2020."

        Though he does tale a different avenue with his 'act of love'.

    2. Yeah, anyone who thinks this isn't a political hit-job from the left don't know the modern Democratic party. Biden's the only one with good measureables against Trump, but he's an old white male who doesn't hate himself for being a white male. So he has to go.

    3. Why do you not put O'Rouke in the socialist category, but not Harris? I'm genuinely curious. O'Rourke is the one who posits himself as a centrist. (I think both would be disasters).

      1. Whoops, I meant why do you put O'Rourke in the socialist category, but not Harris?

    4. 'I put an "(s)" by the clear socialists"
      I thought it was "(s)" for Spartacus, and was outraged that Booker didn't get one.

    5. O'Rourke doesn't have the brain power to think through a political system so I don't know how you can mark him a socialist. Maybe it should be (t) for tool.

  9. Say it ain't so, Joe!

  10. His campaign song should be "Touch Me" by The Doors!

    1. "Do You Wanna Touch Me" -- Joan Jett

            1. I Can't Get Next To You -- Annie Lennox

    2. Aqualung.

      1. This! Have you watched the videos where he's just "eyeing" the little girls before walking up to them? Totally creepy!

    3. "Prison Sex" -- Tool

    4. Divynals?

  11. The boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset, and I get it. I get it.

    Does that mean standing on your porch and squeezing a few shotgun blasts in the air and telling kids to get off your lawn has changed? Because that's totally all that is needed in today's world.

  12. Popcorn is yummy.

    1. Do you make it yourself? There was this movie theatre on the Haight in San Francisco that served popcorn with brewer's yeast. It was pretty good.

  13. Biden is a piece of shit. He did wrong, and he wants to wriggle out of it by pretending he didn't do anything too wrong. Sorry, Biden, but you are an abuser of women, and you know it, you stinking wimp. Put him in jail.

    1. Who cares if he's a piece of shit--so long as he isn't a socialist?

      I'm a libertarian capitalist, so, yes, in a contest between three socialists and a piece of shit, I want the piece of shit to win.

      Where does Biden stand on spending $90 trillion on the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and reparations for slavery? The socialists are in favor of all three of those things and more socialist shit besides.

      Three cheers for the piece of shit!

      1. Why would anyone choose ANY of the Dem candidates including Biden. Many people may not like Trump as a person, but he has kept all of his campaign promises and is still working on the wall. This is despite the 2 year investigation by Mueller started by Hillary and the Dems, the constant bombardment of negative press by the leftist media and the constant obstruction of every Dem in Congress and the Senate.
        What he has achieved in 2 years is nothing short of incredible.
        The economy is soaring. The stock market is hitting record highs on practically a weekly basis.
        Wages are increasing for the first time in over 10 years.
        N.K. and S.K. are at peace for the first time in over 50 years
        The border wall trump promised is being build as we speak and by 2020 hundreds, if not thousands of mile will have been completed. This will have a dramatic effect on immigration despite how the Dems keep telling everyone that 'walls don't work' which is the stupidest statements they have ever made.
        Trump is a certainty in 2020.

    2. No, he isn't an 'abuser of women'. He's a low-effort creeper at worst. We don't have to like him - and there are plenty of reasons to dislike the man, both professionally and personally - and I'm fully on board with making fun of him and his pretend cluelessness here.

      But get a grip.

      1. I agree. You don't have to rape, molest and beat women to treat them like your plaything and get your jollies just by creepy them out to watch them squirm. On the spectrum of creepy he's, well, Creepy Uncle Joe. Still, I wouldn't allow my underage daughters around him but I job doesn't depend on photo shoots with the VP.

      2. The shitbag has been pushing VAWA and title IX abuses and false rhetoric on men for the last 15+ years. He deserves to be hung on his own petard, so to speak. I pity him not at all, and hope he gets run.

  14. On the one hand, you've got "libertarians" who say, "Fuck you, cut spending!" . . . right up until the minute we need two more votes in the Senate to cut $772 billion from Medicaid. Then, all of a sudden, they're against cutting spending from socialist redistribution programs because cutting the spending doesn't also completely repeal Obamacare!!!

    On the one hand (same hand), you've got self-described "libertarians" who are so opposed to socialists using global warming as an excuse to transform the American economy into a socialist one--right up until Joe Biden gets caught on camera smelling some woman's hairdo!!! Then, all of a sudden, they want to go after the only guy in the Democratic field who's likely to beat the socialists--all of whom are advocating spending as much as $90 trillion on the Green New Deal.

    On the other hand, you've got real libertarian capitalists who actually oppose runaway spending and socialism--even if Joe Biden is a hair-sniffing freakazoid.

    1. I don't know about that. Beto, for instance, is just a squish who wants to be liked, not some hardcore idealist. Like Trump, he doesn't actually have any principles.

    2. Let it go Ken.

  15. Everyone knew he was a toucher. If you got touched then you have only yourself to blame. Flores set him up - she was flirtatious with him and then acted outraged when he got close. It was a trap. This is my main beef with Biden:

    Biden introduced the "Recognizing Addiction As a Disease Act of 2007"

    Granted, Trump isn't much better.

    1. This is my beef with Biden.

      He's a drug warrior. fuck him. He sponsored the minimum sentencing bills of the 80s. Therefore he is the architect of actual evil outcomes for Americans. Fuck him.

      1. He gets his jollies from burning young men via Title IX and VAWA. He deserves to be burned.

  16. this certainly waters down the #metoo message. good job, ladies.

    1. Glad to see your priorities are in the right place.

      1. Dunno whose sock this is, but it was here last week trying to tie some lame news article to 'libertarianism'
        Could be Hihn.

      2. Oh, I remember it was trying to make the claim that 'Trump wasn't vindicated!'. Lacking the intelligence or honesty to understand that inquiries do not find anyone "innocent".

  17. Nancy Pelosi ... recommended he join "the straight arms club."

    And have a short-arm inspection?

  18. Social norms have begun to change. They've shifted.

    OK Biden you're right - and you're wrong. Yes, they've begun to change - in that people are calling you out on this. Though mainly because you're washed up and they don't have any more use for you. If you were useful, you could 'grab them by the pussy' and no one would say shit.

    But - and I'm only going to speak for my own demographic here (middle-aged white men) - some of the shit you've been doing has only ever been acceptable between close family and friends.


    You have your hand on that dude's knee. He probably doesn't let his *wife* touch him like that. Certainly not in public.

    And this?


    Do you see where your hands are at? You see where here hands are at? That's what a women does when you put your hands on her that high and she doesn't want you to but is trying to not make a scene. She's trying to retain control and prevent you from 'accidentally' reaching up any higher.

    Do you not review these things? Do you not have a staff to bring this stuff to your attention so you can avoid these gaffs in the future? Are you not a professional politician?

    1. Yep:
      "That's Joe. Don't end up alone with him in a room."

  19. My long-standing beef with the Bidens concerns Hunter Biden, who is on the board of directors of Burisma, a natural gas company with offices in Cyprus and Kiev. Hunter is Joe's son and a failed Navy lawyer doing wonderfully since that rough start.

    In recent years Burisma sells a huge lot of gas very profitably to Germany, quite possibly more gas than Ukraine actually produces, given that Ukraine historically has to import gas from Russia to stay warm in the winter. All the Ukrainian natural gas fields are in the East, in the region controlled by pro-Russians. It is impossible to say where gas coming out of this area really originates.

    It is also impossible to say who really controls Burisma. In 2016 the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Viktor Shokin, was closing in on this question, when then-Vice President Joe Biden pulled Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko aside at an International Meeting and threatened him point blank to stop that investigation or Biden would see to it that $1 Billion in U.S. loan guarantees were cancelled.

    The witness to Joe Biden admitting this threat is John Solomon, and opinion contributor to THE HILL. His words were reported yesterday in a DAILY WIRE article by Ashley Schow. Solomon also reportedly said that Biden bragged that Obama knew all about it.

    1. And this comes as a surprise?

      I know I love to poke fun at pols because they're such dopes, but I'm actually far more cynical. These people love power. That's what attracts them to this kind of job in the first place. When the fangs come out/cameras are off, you see what they're capable of when it comes to wielding that power. Even the "saints" among them will order a drone strike on a teen eating breakfast, who's the son of an American (also previously murdered). That Biden threatened someone to protect his kid's job is probably the least shady thing he did that week. All these people are sociopaths. I don't care what letter follows their name. The best governance is none at all. Power corrupts, plus it appeals to the corruptible.

      1. Here's the kicker - Biden publicly bragged about strong-arming the Ukrainians. Even to the point of saying he did it with Obama's knowing backing.

        Even Clinton is smart enough to not brag about that shit to the press.

      2. I remember hearing about some kind of Russian collusion happening back in 2016, but the details escape my mind right now...

        1. Exactly right. The Germans were buying Russian natural gas through Burisma so that they could appear to be enforcing sanctions against Russia previously pledged, but they were hedging. Obama knew it. The Bidens saw a chance to make some money on the deal. Likely a Podesta in there somewhere.

          A real investigation would no doubt develop this and a lot more. Real collusion. Naked, greedy, raw.

        2. Exactly right. The Germans were buying Russian natural gas through Burisma so that they could appear to be enforcing sanctions against Russia previously pledged, but they were hedging. Obama knew it. The Bidens saw a chance to make some money on the deal. Likely a Podesta in there somewhere.

          A real investigation would no doubt develop this and a lot more. Real collusion. Naked, greedy, raw.

  20. Are we really going to elect a fucking panty-sniffer to the Presidency? Biden is a complete sketchy creep. Is he going to check the oil on Theresa May at a state dinner? I don't think the guy has any chance once the advertisements using the video come out. He's acting like his behavior was ever acceptable in any decade. I love that picture of the biker who is ready to ball drag his out into the street while Biden is rubbing said biker's lady.

    1. Is he going to check the oil on Theresa May at a state dinner?

      At the rate things are going with Brexit, he'll be giving backrubs to Jeremy Corbyn instead

      1. I'm sure you are empathetic towards him Pedo Jeffy. You being on the supply side of sexual abusers and their enablers.

  21. Ha! I've been saying for months Mueller would deliver something earth-shattering. I was right once again.

    New York Times: Some Mueller investigators say their report is worse for Trump than Barr says

    The walls are closing in.


    1. Good one OBL! Lame even by NYT standards:

      "Those interviewed by the Times declined to fully explain why the Mueller investigators believe their findings were more damaging to Trump than Barr disclosed."

      Breaking: 'Well, not only does he eat fried chicken with a knife and fork, he DOESN'T PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN AFTER HE PEES!!!!'

    2. I swear, the Dems and the press are being baited so hard by the Republicans right now, and they're falling for it all over again. The GOP sticks some more nice, fat, wriggling anonymous sources on the hook and they bite it immediately.

      The idiots actually authorized a subpoena for Robert Mueller's full report today, setting up a fight with DOJ. They completely ignored the fact that Mueller is actually working with Barr to prepare it for publication. When Barr finally stops milking it, and releases the report and there's nothing in there, watch the GOP double down on the press and guys like Schiff.

      Graham and Cocaine Mitch know exactly what's in the report, and they're getting pretty aggressive. They're not like Trump, they don't just dive in without looking. This should've been a warning to the DNC.

      1. Two and one-half years!
        Absolutely NO limit on the investigation; none: Subpoena who and what you wish. Strong-arm people who might be guilty of some totally un-connected 'crime' for testimony.
        Two and one-half years and zero.
        It won't stop dim-bulbs like Tony and the asshole Rev from claiming there MUST be something there, but outside of that sort of lunatic fringe, most of the media has to understand they have been handing out fake new for two and a half years, FFS!
        Now the choice is misdirection (the school buy-ins!!!) or trying to double down in the remaining hopes. See OBL's link to NYT below; pathetic for an operation claiming to provide news.

  22. OT:

    "College admissions scandal: Here is everyone charged in the case"

    Is anyone else finding it hard to locate a fuck to give about this?
    OK, some wealthy folks with trophy kids want to brag about the school the kid went to and are willing to write large numbers to do so.
    I see there might be 50 kids, nation-wide, who *might* be 'victims', replaced by the buy-ins. This assumes they hypothetical 'victims' weren't already 'victimized' by the practices which put Obo in Harvard and gave Fauxcahantus tenure at the same place.
    I hope no one sees this as a defense of the practice; it's every bit as slimy as affirmative action. But the media circus regarding the issue sure seems like an attempt to misdirect attention from the media's pathetic performance over the past two years of 'THIS COULD BE THE TURNING POINT!!!!!'.

    1. I can see why this is a scandal - I'm not seeing where its an *FBI level* criminal thing though. Its fraud - why isn't it in the state's hands?

      1. I can see FBI involvement in that people in one state paid money across state lines, so...
        Regardless, why isn't it on the desk of the FBI intern in some backwater office? I see "scandal" exactly as much as I see "This will keep people's attention off that dog's breakfast we made for the last two years".
        Rich, influential people buying their way out of the justice system (Ted Kennedy, HRC come to mind), that is "scandal".
        (To be honest, I had to look it up, but it pretty much confirms why I don't find this "scandalous"):
        "a state of affairs regarded as wrong or reprehensible and causing general public outrage or anger."
        Pretty sure this was page 8 material until (A) Celebrities and rich people were involved; always good for day-time TV; (B) and 'We spent more than two years handing out bullshit - maybe this will re-direct the attention'.
        While I know 'the media' responds to the profit motive, I'm also cognizant that a good portion of it is in serious denial right about now (see OBL's link above) and looking to find some means of fooling public once more.

  23. Regarding crazy Uncle Joe; yeah, he's a creep. One of those folks who garner warnings to wives and daughters: 'Don't end up in a room with him alone'.
    That certainly didn't keep JFK from buying enough fraudulent Chi Town votes to end up POTUS, so why it should keep Joe from trying to get there is a mystery to me.
    As Ken mentions above, I'm not about to take the shovels from the (D)-(S) candidates to keep them from digging deeper holes.

    1. I just call him Uncle Badtouch anymore.

  24. The Democrats have now made it a crime to make someone feel "uncomfortable". Have they ever considered the one feeling "uncomfortable" all the time about everything might be the one with the problem?

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  26. Looks to me like the whole "#metoo" thing is dying out because someone in the press did the math and found out that it's taking out more Democrats than Republicans.


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  28. the problem with all this is that probably everyone on earth has at some point done something that made another person uncomfortable. sure, we try not to, and if we don't, we need to be called out. but most folks have a certain way of acting, a level of closeness, mannerisms, etc. that they are comfortable with, as are those close to them, but that might be off-putting to others. should the standard really be whether someone else found my perfectly normal (by my lights) actions or whatever objectionable?? should I be required to read minds as to how others might feel?? shouldn't they simply say 'hey, this is something I'm not comfortable with,' to which I can then reply 'OK, thanks for telling me - I won't do that'??

    how should this play out with folks on the autism spectrum?? they simply see, feel, process, interact differently - what standard are we holding them to??

    I have absolutely no use for Mr. Biden. he is a career politician with a penchant for poor policy, no particularly notable achievements, and a tendency to blow with the wind (which probably accounts both for the longevity of his career and his lackluster performance). the best you can say about him as a Presidential candidate is that he doesn't appear to be ambitious enough to become a dictator or stupid enough to create catastrophe while in office. but to castigate him over historically pretty unremarkable behavior to which folks now object is unhelpful to any kind of productive discourse.

  29. I think most people are just lashing out at the rank hypocrisy of Democrats shrieking about paying off porn stars and "grabbing them by the pussy" for the last 3 years.

    In the spirit of not being an hypocritical ass, I'll join Ken in saying "Who fucking cares?"

    Also, good luck you crazy, old creep. You're gonna need it to survive the bloodthirsty socialist animals.

  30. Any time women magically start falling out of the sky, be skeptical.

  31. There are two ways 2020 goes really bad

    1. Dems nominate an openly hard-core socialist who wins
    2. Dems nominate a centrist who loses

    Either one will push that party even further to the left and into the arms of the people willing to use any tool they have to force their agenda on the 70% or so of Americans who don't agree with them.

    I'm afraid now that Biden will be weakened enough by this that even if he wins, he'll lose and we're looking at AOC (i.e. Latina Stalin) 2024.

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