Watch Nick Gillespie Live on C-SPAN at 9 A.M. E.T., Discussing Libertarian Rhetoric

Call in to Washington Journal and ask a question!


I'll be on C-SPAN's Washington Journal at 9 a.m. E.T. today, discussing my feature from the April issue of Reason, "Everyone Agrees Government Is a Hot Mess. So Why Does It Keep Getting Bigger Anyway?"

C-SPAN in on basically every cable package in the country and you can also stream it live here. Washington Journal is a live call-in show, so ask a question if you've got one.

I interviewed C-SPAN founder Brian Lamb about his network's recent 40th anniversary and the roots of his commitment to "unfiltered" government. Check out "Lies About Vietnam Inspired Brian Lamb To Start C-SPAN" here.

I've been appearing on C-SPAN for 20 years (!) and during a 2011 interview about the book Matt Welch and I wrote (The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America), Lamb made some casually cutting remarks about my wardrobe. Watch that here. Full interview here.

Update (5:20 P.M. E.T.): Here's the segment (and no, despite the screen shot, I'm not angry).