Mueller Investigation

Mueller's Conclusion: No Coordination Between Trump Campaign and Russia

As for obstruction evidence, he punts the matter to Congress.


President Donald Trump
Ting Shen Xinhua News Agency/Newscom

The investigators working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not find that President Donald Trump or anybody connected with him conspired or coordinated with Russian nationals or entities attempting to influence the outcome of the U.S. presidential election in 2016.

That's according to a long-awaited summary of the outcome of Mueller's investigation, which was delivered today to the heads of Congress' judiciary committees and then almost immediately released to the public.

The four-page memo written by Attorney General William Barr states clearly, "The Special Counsel's investigation did not find that the Trump campaign or anyone associated with it conspired or coordinated with Russia in its efforts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election."

Barr's letter explains that Mueller's team looked at the two big efforts by Russian entities to meddle with the election outcome—both the secret, concealed campaign to spread discord and misinformation on the internet, and the hacking operations that gathered secret Democratic Party emails and communications within Hillary Clinton's campaign—and did not establish involvement from Trump or people on his campaign.

Furthermore, the report explored accusations that Trump obstructed justice by his actions during the investigation, like firing FBI Director James Comey. Here, Mueller essentially punted. Mueller did not draw a conclusion one way or the other as to whether Trump's behavior counted as obstruction, and will leave it to Barr to make a decision to prosecute. Mueller's report does not conclude that Trump committed a crime, but also does not exonerate him, according to Barr.

Barr adds in response that he does not see enough evidence under the principles of the Department of Justice to establish obstruction charges that would satisfy a "beyond a reasonable doubt" threshold for conviction.

Barr concludes he wants to release as much information from the report as possible, but there are some disclosure concerns involving evidence in grand jury investigations that need to be dealt with. There are likely to be some redactions in what gets out from the report, but it does suggest we're going to see a lot of it.

So this is hardly going be the last word, not that anybody thought it would be. Mueller is essentially handing the obstruction issue over to Congress, and I imagine there will be a lot of opinions there, though House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has already said she doesn't predict impeachment happening without bipartisan support. If Barr's summary of the Mueller report is accurate, I don't see any current Republican defenders of Trump switching sides.

Read Barr's letter to Congress for yourself here.

This story has been updated for clarity

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439 responses to “Mueller's Conclusion: No Coordination Between Trump Campaign and Russia

  1. Tough day in Koch world

    1. Who would have thought that the same people who were pushing the WMD lie (Kristol, Frum, Dowd, Boot, etc.) would be wrong again? Clearly only people with a brain

      1. You forgot Clinton.

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        2. Most people I know don’t even know that Clinton spent his second term bombing the shit out of Iraq and telling us the same exact thing Bush did about Saddam starting up his WMD program again. He, Al Gore, and Hillary were all convinced Saddam had a WMD program right up until everybody else did. The “Bush Lied, People Died” was the biggest crock of shit ever because it let Democrats off the hook. They weren’t lied to. They just saw what they wanted to see, just like Bush did.

      2. Hands up, don’t shoot.
        Kavanaugh ran a secret gang rape cartel.
        Covington kids assaulted a vet.
        Trump’s a Russian spy.

        Never forget that these lies ? and yes, they were outright lies ? were deliberately peddled by all the same people for all the same reasons.”

        1. Don’t forget Smollet’s Tale of the Unexpected.

        2. Trump said neo-Nazis were “fine people”

          1. No, he did not.

            1. That’s why ray added it to the hoax list

          2. “fine people on both sides”

            1. Don’t you have some pedophiles to advocate for?

              1. Why don’t you go join Shithead and buzz off, pest.

                1. You argued that if a person is sufficiently persecuted, or at risk of persecution, in their home country then the US has the obligation to take that person in as a refugee despite that person sexually abusing a child while awaiting hearing for his/her claim – and that anyone who disagreed with you was endorsing persecution.

                  You don’t get to handwave that shit away when you double down on that position in subsequent discussions.

                  Yet you want to take “fine people on both sides” out of context in support of the progressive narrative.

                  By your own logic, you not only endorse child rape but also think child rapists are good people.

            2. If you were being honest you would have included more of the context of that quote.

              “You had some very bad people in that group. You also had some very fine people on both sides. You had people in that group — excuse me, excuse me. I saw the same pictures as you did. You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down, of to them, a very, very important statue…”

              I guess condemning the violence and the hatred multiple times over several days, and then saying there were very bad people in that group (referring to the Unite the Right people) immediately before your quote isn’t good enough.*

              *Fuck Trump, since I know you’ll try to accuse me of being some kind of full throated supporter.

              1. Then he’s a fool for swallowing the pretense of a rationale for protesting a statue removal that the Unite the Right group gave.

                1. I heard you like toast, and I know a racist that likes toast, so you are obviously racist.

                  You are a stupid fuck.

                  1. Do you *really* think that rally was *actually* about simply protesting a statue removal.

                    If so you’re a fool too. Or just running interference for those guys.

                    1. Ah, the tremendous mind-reading ability of the left.
                      You commies just know what everyone else is thinking, don’t you?
                      And, even if there were people there, with other agendas, they have the Constitutional right to peaceably assemble to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
                      But no one has a right to attempt to interfere with that, especially when the intent is to not be peaceable.

            3. He said there were violent people on BOTH SIDES & he was 100% right!…As a matter of fact, the Neo-Nazis were the only ones with a permit to march that day & they were attacked first by Antifa thugs & that started the whole thing….LIB mayor of town told police to not to intervene because he knew the riot & violence would be totally blamed on the Neo-Nazis!

        3. +1,000

    2. ChemJeff, SimonP, Ordinary Person, Tony, Moneyshot and the Rev hardest hit. I expect they’ll be on soon though to explain how this isn’t over and we just need to wait. They are going to get Trump sooner or later.

      1. Nah, they will need a few hours to get their talking points from and similar organisations. But I am looking forward to OBLs take on this,

        1. Lol, we posted the same sentiment at the same time, regarding OBL

      2. Jeffy and ‘moneyshot’ will probably say the so,Union is more child rapist illegals.

      3. They’ll always have Pizzagate.

      4. PB is unaffected by anything actually happening.

        1. Blissful ignorance never has introspection.

      5. Jeff tried saying yesterday he never thought trump colluded. What an asshole.

        1. It’s just a matter of how quickly we can memory-hole the entire internet since November 2016.

        2. He’s such a dishonest sack of shit he should be working for Welchie Boy.

        3. I didn’t. If you think I’m wrong, prove it.

          I was always agnostic about the whole thing. I didn’t think the evidence was strong, but I was willing to wait for the report to cast final judgment.

          Unlike most everyone else here, who had no problems casting judgment without much in the way of facts.

          1. Jeff: everyone else is lieing it wasn’t me. Stop lieing about me. Prove it. That’s not what I meant.

            So everyone but you is wrong?

            1. In case you hadn’t noticed, I have a certain “fan club” around here. They harass me and harangue me. Yes they lie about me constantly. Because they cannot accept that there are people out there who don’t support Trump but who also are not just a caricature of a left-wing progressive. So they try to shoehorn everyone who disagrees with them into the ‘left-wing progressive’ box. So yes, in their world, if you’re not defending Trump to the hilt, you’re a member of the #Resistance breathlessly waiting for Mueller to indict Trump. That is their worldview in a nutshell. I am neither of those things and that frustrates them to no end. So they resort to lying about me in order to make their worldview fit.

              For heaven’s sake, Jesse has resorted to calling me an “economic terrorist” because I support the concept of boycotts. What is more libertarian than private individuals demanding change in the absence of coercion? But that is Jesse for you. To him, supporting a boycott against a right-wing business, for any reason, is equivalent to Antifa mobs fireboming the place or something.

              The fact of the matter is, I have never, not once, supported the collusion hypothesis, cheering for Mueller to indict Trump, or any of that nonsense. I have always been agnostic on the whole thing. I thought the case for collusion was weak but I was willing to wait for the final verdict. And guess what, the case for collusion was weak. What a surprise.

              1. Jeff you don’t have a fan club following you around. You say stupid, easily disproven shit. Get called out for it and then try to pretend you didn’t say it. The fact that you think that they are follow you around is all anyone needs to know about you.

                1. No, they do follow me around. Tulpa and Shithead and their loser pals thread-stalk me.

                  1. chemjeff radical individualist|3.24.19 @ 10:03PM|#
                    “No, they do follow me around….”

                    They follow you around since you hardly ever post without bullshitting. Quit bullshitting.

                  2. Yes because you are so important that they seek you out? You may want to see someone about that. You really do need some help.

                    1. Yes because you are so important that they seek you out?

                      No, because they are bored trolls with nothing better to do. I’m not all that important. They are, however, sad pathetic losers.

              2. Also, just to clarify it is not that you are not a Trump sycophant that makes people call you a progressive it is that you have never taken anything but the progressive point on any issue. And quite often the most extreme progressive issue. You attempt to pretend to be a centrist or moderate, but you even admitted yesterday you place far less scrutiny on the left than the right. You claim to be a libertarian but we’ve all seen you argue in favor of progressive issues that result in less freedom. You only are fooling yourself. And now you have demonstrated a certain level of paranoia.

                1. you have never taken anything but the progressive point on any issue.

                  This is flatly untrue. Where have I taken the progressive position on, say, the Green New Deal? Or $15 minimum wage? Or higher taxes? Or single-payer health care? If as you say I do it on *every single issue* then it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find examples of where I have. The fact of the matter is, I have not. I suppose what I’m most known for around here is my radical position on open borders. Yes, (some) progressives also favor open borders, but they do so from a progressive point of view. I do it from a libertarian point of view – because it enhances liberty for all, both citizens AND non-citizens.

                  You attempt to pretend to be a centrist or moderate

                  No I don’t. I’m a radical. it says so right there in my nick.

                  you even admitted yesterday you place far less scrutiny on the left than the right.

                  Yeah, they’re not equally bad. The left has a lot of bad ideas, but the right has not only a lot of bad ideas, but dangerous xenophobia along with it. I’m just tired of the bullshit on the right.

                2. Also, just to clarify it is not that you are not a Trump sycophant that makes people call you a progressive it is that you have never taken anything but the progressive point on any issue. And quite often the most extreme progressive issue.

                  You know what? Who gives a fuck. I don’t agree with Chemjeff much at all. However, among the lefty-libertarians he argues in good faith. Does he have blind spots? Of course. Is he often wrong? To my eyes, yes.

                  On the other hand, he is a better mirror image of a lot of the right-leaning libertarians I see on this sight, many of whom I tend to agree with.

                  Some of us come here to discuss various topics. Others come here for an amen experience and are infuriated that people don’t all agree with them. I’m pretty sick of it. I could deal with Chemjeff’s reflexive leftist apologia for centuries compared to the infantile piling on and noise from many of you guys. I get better behavior from my pre-teen kids. And that is saying a lot considering how terrible a parent I am.

                  1. “You know what? Who gives a fuck. I don’t agree with Chemjeff much at all. However, among the lefty-libertarians he argues in good faith.”

                    Sorry, I have yet to see good-faith arguments from JRI.

                  2. Thank you. I as well am tired of frankly the abuse. Too many people here expect this place to be just another echo chamber of the right-wing internet. And a fair number of people have made it their mission to drive away those who aren’t just reflexive right-wing bots. It’s just crappy behavior from crappy people. They need to go to Breitbart or somewhere to find the experience they are looking for and stop trying to turn this place into Breitbart.

              3. chemjeff radical individualist|3.24.19 @ 9:53PM|#
                “In case you hadn’t noticed, I have a certain “fan club” around here. They harass me and harangue me….”

                They (mostly) call you on your bullshit. Like turd, JFree, OP and other bullshitters, there is an easy solution:
                Quit bullshitting.

            2. And by the way. I would have a lot more fun around here if I *DID* pretend to be the things that my “fan club” accuses me of being. (Well except for the pedophilia part, that is just twisted and wrong.) I could pick a sock and troll advocating for left-wing nonsense like Green New Deal or absurd minimum wages or single-payer health care or all of that. But I don’t do that because I don’t believe in advocating for a position that I don’t believe in myself. (With the exception of the occasional Devil’s Advocate rhetoricism, of course.)

              1. chemjeff radical individualist|3.24.19 @ 10:02PM|#
                “And by the way. I would have…”

                QUIT BULLSHITTING! Is that too hard for a low-watt lefty to understand?

                1. Where’s the bullshit, Sevo?

                  Is this where you say “quit lying and admit you’re a progressive”?

                  1. Jeff the fact that you can’t realize that the current progressives are the biggest danger that we have to liberty, the fact that you equate any opposition to unlimited immigration as xenophobic, the fact that you go out of your way to insult those who disagree with you and assign to them the worst possible motives provides circumstantial evidence that you are at best sympathetic to the progressive cause. Your protestations about minimum wage,new green deal, etc hardly absolves you of those charges. You also have a very inflated sense of your own intellect and importance.

                    1. the current progressives are the biggest danger that we have to liberty

                      I think that would depend on the issue, wouldn’t it?

                      Which would you rather have – the progressive position on freedom of the press, or the Trumpist position on freedom of the press?

                      the fact that you equate any opposition to unlimited immigration as xenophobic

                      I don’t. I equate certain types of opposition, that are grounded in fear and paranoia, as based in xenophobia. Because that’s true.

                      you are at best sympathetic to the progressive cause. Your protestations about minimum wage,new green deal, etc hardly absolves you of those charges.

                      So according to you, I’m a progressive because I’m not stridently anti-progressive enough for your tastes, despite whatever ideological beliefs that I might hold. I suppose, if one views the world in terms of competing tribes, then that makes some limited amount of sense. “If you’re not a part of our tribe, you must be a part of their tribe!” But I don’t view the world that way. It says so right there in my nick as well.

                    2. Freedom of the press really? You think the left is better on that? That shows how shortsighted you are. The left is not a friend of freedom of the press. Obama locked up journalist. The left had called for the government to control the internet. Has called for the fairness doctoring. Has wanted the government to control Fox news and other media sources that are right of center. Etc. You really think Trump calling the media names is worse than what I just listed? You just proved how progressive you are.

                    3. I’m not just referring to Trump calling the press bad names. Funny how you cite the worst excesses of progressives while deliberately underplaying the excesses of the Trumpists.

                      The left had called for the government to control the internet.

                      They’re not the only ones.

                    4. And no I didn’t say your progressive because you aren’t anti-progressive enough. Reading comprehension isn’t your strong point is it? I was pointing out that being against a few progressive issues or at least more moderate on those issues doesn’t prove you aren’t a progressive. Cherry picking a few issues doesn’t clear you of the charge of being sympathetic to progressives.

                    5. Well, I can’t *prove* I’m not a progressive, just like I can’t *prove* I’m not a space alien.

                      But let’s try it your way. In your view, what are the minimum criteria for a person to have in order to be correctly labeled as a “progressive”?

                    6. And it’s not cherry picking to point out literally the biggest issues of concern to most progressives now.

                      But you clearly do not view progressivism in terms of ideology. It is about cultural identity and tribalism.

                  2. chemjeff radical individualist|3.24.19 @ 10:14PM|#
                    “Where’s the bullshit, Sevo?”

                    Nearly every post, and no, sorry, I’m not willing to go to the archives and collect the lot of them; there are certain claims like ‘rain is wet’ which do not require cites. I’ve called you on it many times.
                    You bullshit, you bullshit regularly, and most anyone who posts here knows it. .I have no idea who has selected you for bullshit-calling, but it’s hard to work up a lot of sympathy.
                    Quit bullshitting.

                    1. Whatever man.

                    2. chemjeff radical individualist|3.24.19 @ 11:43PM|#
                      “Whatever man.”

                      As expected.

            3. And Pedo Jeffy never calls anyone a racist either………

          2. The facts have been there the whole time, stupid.

            This investigation was a farce. Anyone with an iota of common sense and the ability to read understood this.

            As libertarians, most could see the police state tactics, the blatant propaganda. This is how authoritarians operate. This is why the commetariat fucking hates the Democrat party. This is who they are, and they are an extreme threat to liberty. They tried to do this to a president, and if you do not understand what that means for the rights of the average citizen you are even stupider than we all thought you were.

      6. And they would have got him if it hadn’t have been for those pesky kids.

  2. The collusion narrative was always unpersuasive to me, simply on the grounds of it being unnecessary. If the Russians really preferred that Trump get elected, why would they have to “coordinate” anything with him? Hell, Trump’s campaign barely coordinated anything with itself.

    If the thought was that the Russians wanted to establish some sort of quid pro quo — “We’ll give you or leak this information in exchange for your doing ‘X'”, then I consider that sort of silly too. The Russians don’t strike me as naive enough to think any candidate would feel obligated to keep up his side of such a bargain, much less Trump.

    It simply didn’t make sense, except as a narrative that somebody thought would make impeachment sentiment look patriotic, rather than like a losers’ hissy fit.

    1. They overshot. Instead of the arguably true claim of “Trump is a serial sexual harasser who surrounds himself with criminals”, they tried to make the case that “Trump is a traitor”. With the former claim, they would have successfully undermined Trump’s presidency. However, they would not have been able to overthrow him. On the other hand, their over-the-top insane claims coalesced their opposition and drove away both reluctant Trump-ists and those who were neutral. Beto O’Rourke has already stated that the Muller report is a pack of lies and that he KNOWS that Trump is guilty. To anyone who isn’t firmly in the camp already, it is beginning to look deranged.

      As far as Russia is concerned, this was a slam-dunk. A Death Star run. A tiny investment that took an enormous toll out of their biggest competitor. They spent a few thousand dollars worth on online ads and released some unsecured e-mails, and they successfully caused us to spend tens of millions and neatly shatter our tenuous unity.

      1. Ben shows us how to keep the lie going while trying to appear rational.
        -parrot the Leftist characterization and state that “if only we had attacked him for a instead of b, we’d have crippled him… we were just too ambitious” as if those criticisms were somehow unique
        -it is not beginning to look deranged, it’s looked that way the whole time
        -Russia did nothing different this election than they, and a dozen other countries, have done for decades. The allegation that they released emails is specious supposition, except maybe in the case of Podesta. And the division is entirely the result of our own political factions, specifically the totalitarian Left.
        But maybe you can fill us in on how factional strife within the US is in any way positive for Russia. What benefits has it or should it confer. For some reason, this is never detailed. I’m guessing that’s because it doesn’t really make sense on anything but the most shallow, conventional level

        1. Wife has the TV news on in the other room;
          ‘Trump was cleared of collusion, BUT THERE’S NO EVIDENCE HE ISN’T FUCKING CHICKENS IN SCHOOL YARDS!!!!!’
          See the asshole rev, below

          1. I skip his posts.
            Seen one, seen em all.

        2. Factional strife I don’t see as helping them at all. The only way I could see anything like any of this helping would be something to discredit an administration. Say it comes down to Russia, or some influential biz in Russia, bidding vs. the USA for some kind of biz w a 3rd country. if the Americans could be portrayed as unreliable, that could go a ways to neutralize the reput’n for unreliability the Russians have.

      2. Beginning?

        I don’t support Trump except when I think he’s right. I didn’t vote for him (nor anyone). But I’ve known this was nothing more than a witch hunt the entire time.

      3. “They overshot. Instead of the arguably true claim of “Trump is a serial sexual harasser who surrounds himself with criminals”, they tried to make the case that “Trump is a traitor”. With the former claim, they would have successfully undermined Trump’s presidency.”

        Perhaps you missed the ’90s, but it’s a stretch to say that that would have “undermined Trump’s presidency.” Trump was elected with most of that already being widely known after years of being in the tabloids, and after the Democrats had set the standard on acceptable behavior.

  3. Conspiracy!
    Cover up!

    1. So know the pressing question is what dirt does TrumPutin have on Mueller. I think this calls for a new special counsel.

      1. It’s special counsels all the way down.

  4. The only bright spot in the whole Trump debacle for me is all the leftard tears.


    1. Don’t forget better (though surely not perfect) court appointments than any Democratic administration would have made.

      But yeah, that’s about it.

    2. This investigation has shackled Trump throughout his presidency, and the continuing investigations and controversies seem likely to continue to hobble this president — whose actions, at best, make him seem the guiltiest-looking innocent person alive — for another couple of years.

      This is all good, especially from the perspective of libertarians, moderates, liberals, and decent people.

      Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and others will, someday, be compelled to testify under oath about these matters. So far, Republicans have excused the president and his closest associates from those interrogations. But Republicans will not hold all of the reins forever, and Sarah Sanders can’t sing until those interrogations occur.

      1. Donald trump literally just won re-election yesterday. Was it worth it? Let’s put it this way I’m beaming I love to see your impotent tears so no it wasn’t worth it for the hard left.

        1. He needed an improbable longshot path through the Electoral College last time. There just aren’t enough slackjawed bigots left in American to give him the same shot again — it would be even tougher after four years of improvement of the American electorate.

          Speaking of impotence, Sam . . . how have and the other right-wing yahoos been doing in the ‘who gets to shape American progress’ department for 40, 50, 60 years?

          Me? I have been enjoying all of the progress.

          1. “He needed an improbable longshot path through the Electoral College last time.”
            Yeah, he won the election, asshole

            “Speaking of impotence, Sam . . . how have and the other right-wing yahoos been doing in the ‘who gets to shape American progress’ department for 40, 50, 60 years?”
            Not bad, considering assholes like you are forever voting for free shit, and never learning it isn’t free. Such fucking imbeciles.

            “Me? I have been enjoying all of the progress.”
            You call that “progress”? No wonder you’re held in such contempt, asshole

          2. He needed an improbable longshot path

            Or just an incompetent opponent, supported by 85 IQ hicklibs.

          3. funny thing about progress is it’s awful awful weak. And I don’t want to influence culture I want to ruin your day. I’m smart and rich enough to thrive in any conditions. Hell I grew up in Belgium so secular leftism doesn’t fade me. But you can’t buy pleasure like the pleasure of knowing hundreds of thousands of shitty leftist burnouts like you are shitting their pants in impotent rage.

      2. “This investigation has shackled Trump throughout his presidency, and the continuing investigations and controversies seem likely to continue to hobble this president — whose actions, at best, make him seem the guiltiest-looking innocent person alive — for another couple of years.
        This is all good, especially from the perspective of libertarians, moderates, liberals, and decent people.
        Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and others will, someday, be compelled to testify under oath about these matters. So far, Republicans have excused the president and his closest associates from those interrogations. But Republicans will not hold all of the reins forever, and Sarah Sanders can’t sing until those interrogations occur.”

        Didn’t take long for our resident asshole to come up with some brand-new imbecilic fantasies, did it?
        Hey, asshole! You should quit listening to those voices in your head!

        1. Do I get anything for calling it right after this story posted?

          1. Yeah, but it was a sort of a gimme; no way all the folks with 2+ years invested in this fantasy are gonna give it up overnight. We’re going to get all manner of self-deception for quite a while.
            For example, there still are folks who claim that Ehrlich ‘was wrong in the particulars, but right in general!’, when he was wrong in everything; those sorts of beliefs are not easy to give up.
            Oh, and I see you busted the asshole rev, 7:37, on exactly that.

            1. I prefer to bet on a sure thing. An di k rw they wouldn’t disappoint.

              1. And I knew they wouldn’t disappoint.

                1. As close to a sure thing as you can find. As noted above, wife has TV news on and I can hear it: straw-grasping, goal-post-moving, cherry-picking, misdirection. *ANYTHING* but admit they’ve been peddling fake news for 2-1/2 years.

                  1. I figured. Next, as I predicted below, they’ll be pointing out that Mueller’s a republican so this report means nothing.

                    1. We’re in for a laugh-fest as low-watt bulbs on the left try to justify their fantasies.
                      I’m guessing it’ll go all the way to the 2020 elections and may well guarantee Trump a second term. Especially if the Ds keep promising your money to make sure Ivy-League Isabelle isn’t burdened with debt after spending 8 years to get her masters in “Transgendered Victims Studies”; real vote-getter, there.

                    2. They’ve convinced themselves that Trump won because he went extremely right. What they don’t see is that Trump is actually closer to an old school (I mean 80s and 90s) Blue Dog Democrat. He’s only extreme right because they’ve gone so far left.

                    3. I’m convinced Trump won because he provided hope to America’s vestigial bigots and slack-jawed losers. Much as he provided hope to students of Trump University, his wives, his lenders, vendors, and everyone else who has regretted being associated with this silver-spooned jerk.

                    4. Wonder how many bottles of Xanax Arthur L. Hicklib has gone through this weekend.

                    5. “I’m convinced Trump won because he provided hope to America’s vestigial bigots and slack-jawed losers. Much as he provided hope to students of Trump University, his wives, his lenders, vendors, and everyone else who has regretted being associated with this silver-spooned jerk.”

                      Asshole, we’re well familiar with lefty imbeciles trying to corpse-fuck a thread and you do nothing to suggest otherwise.
                      Aside from that pathetic tactic, asshole, we’re also familiar with lefty losers who are still trying to find an excuse for their chosen scumbag to have lost the election.
                      You lost, you pathetic piece of shit. Grow up.

                    6. “I’m convinced Trump won because he provided hope to America’s vestigial bigots and slack-jawed losers”

                      So, like soldiermedic said “Blue Dog Democrats”.

                    7. “He’s only extreme right because they’ve gone so far left.”

                      Have an acquaintance couple through wife. He’s observant Jewish and, quite sure it was not going to happen, she swore they were going to ‘move to Canada’ if Trump was elected, since she was sure hubby was going to end up in a camp.
                      You are correct in assuming they haven’t yet found their way to the airport, but you’d also be correct in wondering WIH that assumption comes from.
                      Trump runs businesses and I doubt seriously if a single one of them cares if an employee is Jewish, Muslim, Wickan, Christian or otherwise; they want people who help make money. It’s only government (or cronies) who can afford to devote attention to such crap.
                      Whose propaganda gave rise to that bullshit?

                    8. I meant he only seems far right to them because they’ve gone so far left.
                      I had a friend who was convinced that his Jewish wife was in danger too. I pointed out Trump’s daughter and her husband, his support of Israel etc. He still felt that Trump was going to be sending the modern day SS after her.

                    9. “He still felt that Trump was going to be sending the modern day SS after her.”

                      We’re having lunch with the couple we know in a couple of weeks. I’m taking a CARE package to make sure he isn’t starving in the camp.

        2. He’s right, you know.

      3. “Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and others will, someday, be compelled to testify under oath about these matters”

        Yeah, maybe they’ll tell about an overtime parking violation, or the time they tore a “do not remove under penalty of law” sticker from a sofa. And, oh yeah, The Donald was truant one day when he was 11 years old.

        Impeachable offenses!

    3. I wish I could find joy in this as I’m watching people I love being frightening and ugly. I’m afraid of the utterly bitter and irrational hate. It’s nothing now for someone you’ve known for years to suddenly look at you with a strangers eyes and impugn your character and motives. In person. Truly terrible times. I wish I knew how to leech this poison.

  5. So glad I have never been emotionally invested in politics. Never will understand those who are.

    1. Amen. If you are anything but entertained by all this, you are a fool.

      1. This.

        What ever happened to, you know, just living your life without wrapping every decision, every activity, and every person you associate yourself with in politics?

        1. Progressivism/socialism is totalitarian.
          It is the new faith, and demands fanaticism.
          Increasing fanaticism, conveniently, is driven by fantasy that is less and less compatible with reality, and the resulting inconsistency of effects with expectations

        2. When people have nothing to be excited about in their own lives, at least they can be part of “the winning team”. Errr…..”the right side of history”.

      2. Not this.

        Government excess is not entertaining.Government excess meant to run cover for other governmental excess is even worse.

        Are you going to be equally ‘entertained’ when a special prosecutor goes after the Clinton and Obama camps for their spying on the Trump campaign?

  6. Substituting for OBL while he’s tucking his penis between his thighs and trying to pass as trans:

    This literally proves that Drumpf is a Russian agent. As I predicted, he’ll be in prison by the end of the weekend. My college professor told me that the country has been taken over by racist right and Buzzfeed confirms it.

    The libertarian elder Michael Hihn will have some excellent commentary if he is unbanned!


    1. Substituting for OBL while he’s tucking his penis between his thighs and trying to pass as trans

      “Would you collude with me? I’d collude with me.”

      1. +1

      2. : )

    2. The question burning in my brain is… Why does Michael Hihn look just like Burt Gummer from the Tremors movies?

      It can’t possibly be a coincidence.

  7. Oh man, I can’t wait for OBL’s take…




    1. The report expressly says ‘not exonerated,’ you bigoted right-wing rube.

      Did all of you guys attend Ave Maria, Ouachita Baptist, or Trump University?

      1. Lol get ready the future is lubing up and it’s gonna be doing some heavy ramming. Bitch.

        1. Open wider, Sam. People like me have even more progress to shove down your whiny, whimpering throat. So be nicer, or we may start positioning it sideways.

          The winners of the culture war are calling the tune that right-wing yokels like you must dance to for the rest of your deplorable lives.

          1. “Open wider, Sam. People like me have even more progress to shove down your whiny, whimpering throat. So be nicer, or we may start positioning it sideways.”
            Yep, asshole idiots keep voting for that free shit!

          2. No Arty, you stood behind the skirts of other progtards and watched. You haven’t ever done shit. Why if you were in my presence now you would cower before me and beg for mercy.

            Silly little bitch.

            1. I’ve worked hard for American progress. That’s why malcontents like you spend your desolate lives complying with my preferences.

              1. You seem to need to belittle anyone who doesn’t think exactly like you. That seems to demonstrate a low self esteem that requires you to attack others to make yourself feel good. I have a feeling you realize how inadequate your intellectual abilities are. This is simply your way of trying to overcome your low self esteem.

              2. “I’ve worked hard for American progress. That’s why malcontents like you spend your desolate lives complying with my preferences.”

                You may have worked hard for something, asshole, but progress ain’t it.
                Fuck off, asshole.

                1. Democrats are responsible for so much progress that they have led from behind the Libertarian Party on every social issue for the last 50 fucking years.

                  I appreciate that the report has made Rev. completely lose his mind.

              3. Arty, Trump is triumphant. So suck it.

                Now it’s to get rid of you progtards. So best you relocate to Venezuela. Where you can enjoy the ‘comradely’.

          3. Lol as if your tiny dick can be shoved any where. Pro tip you don’t get to count your ball sack when measuring your dick. Old fossil bitch.

            1. Rant and whine all you like, Samantha. Just toe the liberal-
              Libertarian line your betters have established.

      2. “Did all of you guys attend Ave Maria, Ouachita Baptist, or Trump University?”

        Did you get out of school before they found out your daddy bought your way in, asshole?

        1. Lol take it from a rich kid Arthur Kirkland is not a rich kid.

          1. Nope. I have earned everything I have. The degrees, the careers, the family, the possessions.

            1. “Nope. I have earned everything I have.”

              If that’s true, you don’t have anything. Idiot assholes like you get nothing if it isn’t handed to them. Fuck off, asshole.

            2. Arty, you have none of those things. You are a high school drop out. The things you claim are only covered by you. And held by peple like your wealthy conservative employer.

              1. Rendering right-wing yahoos irrelevant by beating them senseless in the culture war is reward enough.

                1. If you’re really winning you wouldn’t need to keep trying to convince others that your winning.

                2. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|3.24.19 @ 10:14PM|#
                  “Rendering right-wing yahoos irrelevant by beating them senseless in the culture war is reward enough.”

                  Uh, was there even any intent to make a point there, asshole? Or were you just proving you’re a lefty ignoramus?

                3. You’re losing the culture war. Peple are rejecting your faggotry.

        2. Sevo, Art’s a methbilly’s get.

          He’s so inbred that he’s gotta whack the swelling on the top of his neck on the keyboard to write.

          No, it’s not his head.

          It’s his mom.

          It’s why he hates the trailer parks so much.

      3. IBarr said not exonerated on obstruction because there isn’t enough evidence one way or the other, not the report. However, it said that without wrong doing in the first place obstruction would be impossible to prove and you can’t really obstruction unless there was an underlying wrong doing. Barr further stated that there was no proof of wrong doing.

        1. He said the decision was made not to prosecute, not that there was ‘no evidence of wrongdoing.’

          Get an education.

          1. “He said the decision was made not to prosecute, not that there was ‘no evidence of wrongdoing.'”

            Why didn’t you read the rest of the comment, asshole? Afraid it would interfere with your cherry-picking?

          2. You realize you can’t have obstruction without an underlying crime, don’t you?
            I love how those who lack the ability to actually form their own thoughts but instead rely on ideological talking points and personal attacks always imply that those who oppose them are the undereducated/less intellectual ones. It’s like guys with small dicks bragging about how well endowed they are.

            1. I wonder, however, when that will change.

              I mean, you can be arrested for resisting arrest without an underlying crime for which you might have been arrested. It’s the ultimate “contempt of cop” charge.

              1. True.

            2. You realize you can’t have obstruction without an underlying crime, don’t you?

              You are wrong, and bigoted, and dumb, and uneducated, and irrelevant to America’s future.

              Ask a lawyer to explain this to you, clinger.

              1. Imagine paying a $20 million tax bill for over two years of law enforcement and investigative resources, and the end result is a couple of perjury convictions on unrelated matters and absolute bupkis within the scope of the actual investigation.

                Arthur L. Hicklib’s 85 IQ brain can’t grasp such complexities.

              2. What did I say that was biggotted? And considering that I’m a University professor the charge of being uneducated seems to be off the mark as well. Additionally, I could point out that statistically speaking that my IQ falls in the extreme portion of the right tail in a normal distribution curve to refute your charge of being a dummy. About the only thing you even got close to being right is that I do cling to my freedoms, including my right to bear arms. Well, one out of four isn’t bad. As for your assertion that I’m wrong, you do realize an assertion is not fact? And then you appeal to authority. For someone who claims superior intellect and education you rarely show any indication of either.

                1. “rarely”

                  You’re far too generous

                2. I did not write that you are biggotted. I wrote that you are bigoted.

                  I blame my education.

                  What type of professor capitalizes “university” in that sentence?

                  Do you have a citation for the assertion that obstruction requires a finding of an underlying crime?

                  Carry on, clinger.

              3. We do understand it. You don’t. You’re too stupid for that.

      4. The report expressly says ‘not exonerated,’ you bigoted right-wing rube.

        Prosecutors prosecute, they don’t exonerate, you 85 IQ hicklib.

        If no additional indictments were brought, it means no one else was guilty of anything.

        But you’d know that if you weren’t a cotton-candy-brained bobblehead.

      5. “”Did all of you guys attend Ave Maria, Ouachita Baptist, or Trump University?””

        What are school where the Rev flunked out?

        I’ll stick with dumbasses for $400 Alex.

  9. “Mueller is essentially handing the obstruction issue over to Congress”

    Obstruction of what Scott?

    1. Obstruction of using his executive powers outlined in the constitution to go against the wishes of the losing leftist party.

    2. Apparently, Trump is being accused of obstructing an investigation into the fact that he and his campaign were entirely innocent.

    3. Obstructing Hillary. It was her turn!!

  10. We just survived a coup attempt.

    1. So shouldn’t we be rounding up the failed conspirators and executing them? Isn’t that what happens after a coup fails?

        1. At a minimum, shouldn’t Adam Schiff be guillotined and have his severed head placed on a pike in front of the White House?

          1. Lisa Page and Sally Yates should be kicking after the trap door opens beneath their feet.

            1. Democrats will be telling right-wing yahoos what to do for the rest of our lives.

              That’s the American way. Has been for a half-century and more. Will be so long as any Republican bigots alive today are still breathing.

              You guys might as well relax and try to enjoy it.

              1. You aren’t worth wasting helicopter fuel on.

                1. You can whimper and mutter all you like, Sam. But you will obey. That’s what happens when America improves against your right-wing wishes and bigoted efforts.

                  1. Arty, at the rate democrats are going, they will soon force the rest of America to put them to death for their violent uncontrolled treason and sedition.

              2. “Democrats will be telling right-wing yahoos what to do for the rest of our lives.”

                At least the asshole finally admits his allegiance.

                1. My allegiance to reason, science, freedom, progress, tolerance, education, and inclusivity has never been hidden. That’s the reason I enjoy watching Republicans lose the culture war and right-wing communities decline toward irrelevance in the great American sifting.

                  1. My allegiance to…………….”

                    You misspelled “stupidity”, asshole.

                  2. Allegiance to freedom after you just bragged about how your aide is going to be telling (not persuading, not working with, not compromising but telling) your opponents what to do for the rest of our lives. Self awareness is not one of your strong points obviously.

                    1. Side

                  3. So irrelevant those same communities made sure to not elect Hillary and have to get to fucking Trump.

                  4. Looking at the left-wing communities – AKA the big cities – it looks like decline is an understatement.
                    Everywhere the left rules turns into a shit hole.
                    That’s your idea of progress?
                    What a fucking imbecile.

                  5. Looking at the left-wing communities – AKA the big cities – it looks like decline is an understatement.
                    Everywhere the left rules turns into a shit hole.
                    That’s your idea of progress?
                    What a fucking imbecile.

              3. Arty, if you and your mind persist, the only thing you will be doing is decomposing whilst face down in landfills. Truly your highest and best use.

                Best you learn to obey Arty.

                1. A bunch of right-wing dimbulbs are finally going to turn the tide of the culture war and start having a say in American progress?

                  Tell us more, clingers.

                  1. Are you able to post anything without reverting to your boring trope about winning the culture war and then insulting others.

                    1. BTW, your lack of originality furthers demonstrates your rather lukewarm intellect.

          2. Jfc.

            [backs slowly away from thread]

            1. Oooo!

              Look everyone!

              Chip’s really sensitive!

              Signal more, Chip. Signal like your sad life depends on it!

              1. What is the point of being an asshole and a jerk? Sheesh. Do you really expect people to be supportive of someone advocating for mass murder?

                1. Moreso than soemone advocating to illegal,y smuggle in sexual predators who rape children.

                  That’s you Pedo Jeffy.

                  1. Oh fuck off. You really are a tiresome pest and a troll. In nearly any other forum you would have been banned long ago for your near-daily calls for violence against liberals.

      1. Havent you learned yet? Trump yells lock her up, hes a tyrannical banana authoritarian leader. Democrats spend 50 million and 2 years investigating a man instead of a crime they are innocent and doing what’s best for the country.

        1. The Democrats didn’t appoint Mueller and they haven’t been investigating Trump for two years. You’re just making shit up.

          1. So they didn’t egg this shit on with the aid of that dipshit McCabe who they lionized and Comey who seems to think he is justice incarnate?

          2. ‘Someone’ created the Steele dossier and used it to get a fisa warrant to SPY on one presidential campaign. No connection to democrats right? The fact that this Russia nonsense was taken so seriously in the media, the hysterical calls for impeachment, again nothing to do with democrats?

          3. Here’s your collusion OP:

            Just so we’re clear, there’s no point in having polite conversations with those who pushed the Russian collusion fairytale anymore.
            It’s time to shame them, call them out, demand consequences and for them to suffer professionally for what they have done to destabilize the US.

            1. I’m all for dispensing with politeness and political correctness, you half-educated, bigoted rube and pathetic loser in the culture war.

              Now go back to doing what your betters make you do.

              1. “I’m all for dispensing with politeness and political correctness, you half-educated, bigoted rube and pathetic loser in the culture war.”

                I am too, you fucking pathetic excuse for a human being.
                Fuck off, asshole.

              2. Some cognitive dissonance going on here. If he’s not doing what his betters make him do, then they’re not making him do it, and they are too incompetent to be his betters.

                Now go back to doing what your bitter tears make you do.

              3. Arty, I AM your better. Now,learn to obey, and Hugo home and get your fuckng shine box, m’kay bitch?

            2. Two plus years.
              Thirty million dollars.
              The FBI and DOJ compromised.
              Hundreds of thousands of fake news stories.
              Millions of people all entranced in a false story of Russia collusion based on Democratic Party purchased “research” that was always unsubstantiated and preposterous.

              Now it’s time for the coup investigation to begin.

          4. Arent you tired of being wrong about everything OP? At least you showed up in a thread… have yet to see you admit you were wrong about collusion.

            And if you don’t think Obama’s appointees were the ones who started the collusion narrative and got the media into a frenzy, you’re dumber than o gave you credit for. The entire basis of the collusion narrative that led to the appointment of Mueller was stated by a foreign power hired by Hillary working with fusion GPS to get the FBI to open an investigation on the president elect you fucking retard.

    1. Definitely the beginning of the end!

    2. Awesome! Perhaps more than anything, I love how Trump exposes the media as a bunch of fear-mongering paranoids that can’t even get the facts straight. He gives it better than he gets…which confuses the fawk out of them ..and entertains.

  11. I really should have bought stock in salt mines, cheap wine, and ice cream this week.

    1. Trump tissues are on sale at WalMart

  12. Well I never!

    I was assured that Trump, Gary Johnson, Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Brady, Mr. Peanut, Bryce Harper, Richard Simmons, and not George Michael, but the other guy from Wham! we’re ALL in cahoots with teh Rushuns!

    How can this be?!?!?!?!1!

  13. And the answer to your caption, Scott, is yes. Care to reflect on how that could have been avoided?

  14. It’s a strawman to make it about whether or not Trump conspired in the hacking operations or disinformation campaign. The Russians wouldn’t involve Trump in the criminal hacking. It was enoght for the Russians to approach Trump and simply offer their help. Trump was all too willing to accept the help ordering his subordinates to cooperate with Moscow in various ways. We need to see the full report.

    1. Hey look everybody–the conspiro-kooks are comin’ out of the woodwork!

    2. Full retard.

    3. Wake up- you’ve been lied to. Let it go now.

      1. You three are projecting in an extremely ironic way and not addressing a valid observation. The Russians were never going to involve Trump in the scheming they do with their intelligence agents and computer specialists. It’s not saying much to say Trump wasn’t involved or wasn’t specifically forewarned about the various plots. It wasn’t necessary to involve Trump in the specifics. It was simply enough for the Russians to tell Trump they wanted to help. And it was enough for Trump to return the favor in various ways to signal an understanding between the parties. Call that what you want. It may not be a crime to change your policy positions in return for unspecified help from a foreign govt but it should be.

        1. Ya know… I don’t like lefties… but the normal ones, the ones who realized two years ago this was all a witch hunt, have been very critical of the Trump admins positions on Russia. To the sane leftists, we’ve been too harsh towards Russia.

          But here you are, insisting otherwise. Here you are, suggesting, without evidence, that Trump is pushing a Russian agenda.

          I think I’ll go with the sane people on this one

          1. You’re forgeting what happened. Trump was all about Russia and Putin in a weird painful way during and after the campaign. He was parroting their propaganda. Diminishing Putin’s complicity. You didn’t know it but at that time Trump was working on a $300 million deal with the Russians. You really need to look at this thing. Trump is a filthy mothetfucker. It’s a scandal.

            1. Folks, we have a new OBL!

            2. “$300 million deal with the Russians”
              You are just about the most gullible idiot ever.

              You can convince bien-pensant liberals like OP of absolutely anything, as long as it’s false. Gotta keep up with the Jim Joneses.

            3. Hillary Clinton set up skolkovo, giving IS technology to Russia that is now used in their weapons programs. Obama gave Russia a slap on the wrist for Crimea. He agreed to reduce American nuke reserves while Russia increased theirs and developed tactical nukes. Obama restricted US energy production leading to an economic book for energy exports from Russia. He let Russia defend assad and fake destroy Assad’s chemical weapons. He literally told Russia to wait until after the election so he could help them after telling Romney hating Russia was a 90s issue.

              You fucking retard.

              1. It is almost as if “projection” actually is a thing….

        2. ‘It’s not saying much to say Trump wasn’t involved’ look in the mirror. You’re deflecting instead of reflecting. What do the Russians ever gain from Republicans anyway? Clinton was a known entity as sec of state with a charming foundation that got millions poured into it from ‘charitable’ countries who was working for a reset in U.S. Russian relations. Trump was a wacky unknown who the establishment hates. Hmmm difficult choice for Russia.

          1. I’ve to make dinner and go but that’s a good point about foreign govt money to a politician connected charity and the question of its effect on policy. Maybe that’s what saved Trump. I just think we need all the facts because the conduct may not be criminal but still shocking.

            1. You’re a fucking idiot.

            2. I think we have all the facts… isn’t that what this investigation was for? Clearly then, there wasn’t anything criminal. Those who called the president a traitor SHOULD apologize if they have an honest bone in their body.

            3. What’s for dinner? Hat or crow?

              1. I laffed.

              2. Chicken, I ate every chicken in the room yesterday.

        3. So, your theory is that Robert Muller would not consider the scenario you outline an “agreement — tacit or otherwise”?

          Seriously, I know the average, ordinary person is an idiot, but that much of an idiot?

          1. I knew as soon as this was announced that OP, and the Rev will be on here still throwing around conspiracy on how this will still take down Trump. They’re worse than birthers.

            1. I’ll bet they think that the new town kids were abducted to be Russian sleeper agents too, under the command of Alex Jones who is the secret head of the KGB, and who reports to Trump.

    4. I wont believe the report until they put lemon juice on it to see the secret message that tells us all the truth that we all now about Trump!!

      1. The real report is hidden, and if you flip the report over and use a black light there’s a map that reveals the location of the real thing

        1. The level 10 dungeon master Adam Schiff is one of the few chosen humans who will be able to read the map.

      2. The report was prepared by the Culper Ring?

    5. Wow! That goal post got moved to an entirely new zip code.

      1. Beat me to it.

      2. “Ze goal post? vhy I moved it… TO ZE MOON! Bwahahaha…”
        Best regards,
        N. Pelosi

    6. That theory was covered in the letter.

      In assessing potential conspiracy charges, the Special Counsel also considered whether members of the Trump campaign “coordinated” with Russian election interference activities. The Special Counsel defined “coordination” as an “agreement — tacit or express — between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government on election interference.”

      So, no, Trump and his campaign did not, even tacitly, “accept the help” or order anyone “to cooperate with Moscow in various ways.”

      1. Don, Jr accepted an offer of help in writing. The Russians were never going to say, “Hey guys, we’re going to hack emails and spend money manipulating the truth just so you know so you’re completely fucked when it’s all eventually uncovered.” I never expected Trump to be involved in the hacking or the disinformation troll farm. That stuff is all run by professionals. So you’re telling anything if when you say no Americans were involved. The Americans involvement was to change policy positions and score real estate and big money deals. Trump was a willing pawn for Putin.

        1. *That second to last sentence was butchered and needs to die.

          1. So, you believe that over the Mueller report. You must also believe Obama was born in Kenya and Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman.

            1. The ‘Obama born in Kenya’ group is half of the Republicans. The even-dumber half.

              1. “The ‘Obama born in Kenya’ group is half of the Republicans.”

                The ‘Trump colluded’ groups is 3/4 of the Ds, asshole. The smarter 3/4.

                1. The great thing about the GOPe defecting to the Democrats over Trump, is that it upped the IQ levels of both parties.

                  1. Because Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, South Carolina, North Dakota, Wyoming and the other right-wing states are where all of the smart people with advanced degrees and modern, successful careers are?

                    Republicans get to lord over every uneducated, unskilled, slack-jawed, superstitious, addicted, failing community in America. Congratulations, clingers!

                    1. “Because Mississippi, Oklahoma, Alabama, South Carolina, North Dakota, Wyoming and the other right-wing states are where all of the smart people with advanced degrees and modern, successful careers are?”

                      Assholish bigotry, right there, asshole.
                      Yep, you must be proud to ride someone’s coat-tails to claim your superiorty.

                    2. Be careful Arty, Sevo won’t have the govt. do anything about you pinkos, but I a,just fine with a new Red Scare that ends with you and your fellow travelers being rounded up and executed for treason and sedition as practitioners Marxism.

                      Every last one of you if it comes down to it.

                    3. “Uneducated, unskilled, slack-jawed, superstitious, addicted, failing community in America” sounds a lot more like the urban jungles than the heartland.
                      Keep telling us how “our betters” have “progressed” to a life so wonderful for the people who live in the squalor that are our major cities.

              2. And yet when we check the history of the ‘Obama born in Kenya’ story, we found that it originated in a corner of HRC’s ’08 primary campaign. The fact that some Republicans picked up that ball and ran with it is only part of the story.

                1. ^^^^THIS!

                2. It originated with the publisher of Obama’s biography. I wonder who tipped them off? Is Obama birther #1?

              3. The rumor started by Sid Blumenthal and the Clinton Campaign, based on the lie in his Columbia Law Review CV? Repeated by exactly zero elected Republicans? Damn Republicans conspiracy stories….

        2. Quickly was it the USPS or some courier service that transport this secret written communication (most likely in a secret coded language) we can still report this and Mueller and amend his report with this groundbreaking information.

          1. Funny!

        3. “Don, Jr accepted an offer of help in writing.”

          And all Mueller had to do was hire some fucking lefty ignoramus like you to get to the truth!

    7. Move them goal-posts OP! I knew you could come up with some idiotic justification for your TDS!

    8. The only people who need to see the report are butthurt liberals who need to comb through pages of language so they can find something vague to point to and say “SEE! I was right!”… and it will all be done to justify your useless existences as conspiracy mongers and so you feel less stupid about yelling at clouds for the past two years

    9. oh sweet child. You poor poor child. Your parents just couldn’t listen when people told them cousins shouldn’t fuck.

    10. Interesting approach. However, you now have a very significant problem. How would we prove this supposed meeting happened? Or didn’t happen? If simply knowing that a third party was helping you, even if you had nothing to do with it and never supported their actions, was treason. Then I can make you treasonous with my actions. That’s just contrary to the very concept of criminal culpability. That’s not a low bar. That’s a negative bar for both proof and level of interference.

      While acting as standalones is quite possible, you now have to prove that Trump did support Russia in any way that he would not have if not for the interference. I have to say that’s unlikely. If anything, his actions since the election have been further against Russia than if not for this to prove that he’s not in bed with Putin.

    11. #ItsShitlibTearsTime

  15. This doesn’t confirm my preexisting expectations nor what MSNBC has told me for the last two years, so I’m going to shit my pants and run around in circles until I get my way and Trump is driven from office.


    1. Perfect impression of progs everywhere. Schiff assures us that evidence still exists.

  16. What kind of prosecutor doesn’t want to prosecute? Well I never.

    1. They like to prosecute so much they even invent process crimes.

    2. We knew this as soon as he made Comey and Flynn plead guilty to lying, right? If prosecutors only make their intended witnesses plead guilty to lying when they have no other choice, then he was showing his cards way back then.

      It’s been a joke since the beginning. I’d say that everyone in the future will laugh about people thinking that Muller would show that the Russians were secretly trying to influence the voters–when the Kremlin has been running its own propaganda news network for ten years–but, let’s face it, nobody in the future will waste anytime thinking about the Mueller investigation.

      They spent two years on a non-event. Now it’s time for them to get to the important business of trying to convince the American people that reparations for slavery, Medicare for All, and eliminating cows by way of the Green New Deal isn’t bat-shit crazy.

      1. I want my choo-choo to Kona!

        1. I’m sure Fresno would be glad to rename itself for the right contribution.

          1. And if you hauled that mess away, the folks of Fresno would probably reward you richly.

            1. I wonder if it has much scrap value. Probably most just lots of concrete rubble occupying land.

              1. Dunno if you caught it:
                “California bullet train authority ordered part of a flawed bridge torn down”
                “Engineers have built about 24,000 bridges in California over the last century, but a new one under construction in Madera County for the state’s bullet train project shows that they can still lead to serious blunders.
                Tutor Perini, the lead contractor building a 32-mile section of railway near Fresno, had completed part of a tall highway bridge that would go over future train tracks when the California High-Speed Rail Authority last year issued a “stop work” order. The firm was told to tear down the construction on the Avenue 8 bridge and start over, the agency said this week….”

                Yep, they had ONE JOB to do.

  17. I want to see a gigantic headline: TRUMP EXONERATED BY MUELLER. Because no one was shy when they were accusing him of being a traitor.

    1. The report expressly indicates that it does not exonerate Donald Trump, you half-educated bigot.

      1. It absolutely exonerates him and every other American from the charge of collusion you old as duck sperm receptacle.

        1. Which right-wing backwater school gets credit for your level of insight, Sam? It expressly disclaims exoneration.

          Get someone with a real education to try to explain this for you.

          Carry on, clinger.

          1. Appeal to authority? Ad hominems? Any other logical fallacies you can put in a single post. BTW, I already explained how you were wrong about your assertion about being exonerated. That referred specifically to obstruction, however, Mueller’s report did find that no one, including Trump colluded with the Russians. Further there was not enough evidence to make a decision on obstruction. Barr also stated that there wasn’t evidence of obstruction. You keep leaving that part out. And you keep implying, falsely that the statement refers to anything but the obstruction charges (which Mueller said in the report would be impossible to prove unless there was an underlying crime, which Mueller did exonerated Trump on).

            1. He’s invested 1-1/2 years in this fantasy. Intelligent people don’t do so, and now he’s an assholish imbecile who has been shown to be such.
              It’s painful, but believe me:
              HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA.
              Up your’s asshole

              1. ‘Scuse me” *2*-1/2 years; he’s dumber than you’d expect from my earlier post.

          2. lol this is going to make you green with envy but I went to Princeton. You aren’t going to be able to look at your shitty degrees from let me guess Purdue maybe no more likely VCU and not feel inferior. Holy shit this made my week. Every time you look at your diplomas that sinking feeling of knowing I went to better schools than you. Kisses fingers. You old angry fossil bitch.

            1. Why would a wingnut choose a liberal school, Samantha? Are you one of those ‘do as I say, not as I do’ clingers?

              1. Why would a wingnut choose a liberal school, Samantha?

                Same reason a hicklib pretends he’s not an 85 IQ hicklib.

              2. Princeton isn’t that liberal. And family traditions of which going to Princeton is for my family are very conservative. I’m sure you got an adequate education at Murray state.

      2. Could you give me the benchmark for full education?

        1. A dual major in sociology *and* women’s studies.

          1. Damn. Well I guess he is talking to me.

      3. Trump has not been exonerated of any unprovable claims.

        The investigations MUST continue.

      4. ‘you half-educated bigot’ projection is a bitch and so are you.

  18. Let’s face the reality that the outcome of this report will have zero sway on what the politicians, media, and partisan hacks have been arguing about over the last 2 years.

    The Russians have been trying to influence Western elections for over half a century but they’ve got nothing on our politicians and media when it comes to dividing and destabilizing the country.

    1. The damage is already done. The hawks got what they wanted: missiles back in eastern Europe; arming Ukraine, and the elimination of the ballistic missile treaty. This has been an unmitigated win for the foreign policy establishment, regardless of what Mueller concluded. That was always the objective.

      Imagine if Trump was criticized for acquiescing to these demands rather than fever dreams?

      1. Stephen F. Cohen agrees. So do I.

    2. I imagine you’ll see some ratings drop, and some new thing for privileged white women and Tony to complain about.

      You should also see the economic output rise, as liberal men will not be getting any pussy from their liberal wives for quite some time. Lots of additional hours at the office.

      1. And tomorrow, the school teachers, yielding to the demand of the students of course, will have the kids out on the streets protesting the ‘manipulation’ of Mueller!

        1. They’ll flip on Mueller as fast as they flipped on Comey in October 2016.

          1. They already have.

  19. Do you have a problem with all hacking and meddling in foreign governments, or just when it isn’t the US doing it?

    1. It’s the jooze, right? It’s always the jooze.

    2. Or when the Chinese do it.

      1. Inscrutable yellow bastards!

    3. Personally, I expect all governments to promote their interests without regard for the domestic law of foreign states.

      If people were swayed by the sort of idiot propaganda the Russians engaged in, well, that’s a stronger indication that they shouldn’t be allowed to vote than that the Russians did anything horrible. They’d have voted one way or the other for an equally stupid reason.

      And if people were swayed by the leak of unedited, unspun documents, well, I’m no more bothered if the theft was done by the Russians than I am if it was done by Bradley Manning.

    4. Rob is a holocaust denier. It’s probaly all a con by the Zionist conspiracy.

      1. My foolproof ideology is to discern the truth, reality with logic and science and then accept and share it.

        If you don’t like that, you can argue with logic and science, note the irony, or fuck off troll.

        I don’t believe in Santa Claus either and that story isn’t suspiciously protected from contrary evidence by censorship laws and brainwashed dipshits.


        The link above references an official letter from the head of British propaganda warning the war office from referencing “gassing, for which there is no evidence”.

        When the people who made the claim admit that it was bullshit propaganda, it takes mental gymnastics or being brainwashed NOT to believe them.

        When the official story is protected from conflicting evidence, censored by law, it takes myopia not to be suspicious.

        There is so much more evidence that refutes the story.

        Try reading a copy of Nickolas Kollerstroms book “Breaking the spell”. You might learn something.…..-the-spell

          1. http://europeansworldwide.word…..Cavendish+

            Messing with the links eh?

  20. “[RT America] is registered as a “foreign agent” with the United States Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. A 2017 report by the United States Intelligence Community characterized RT as “The Kremlin’s principal international propaganda outlet” and said that RT America had been set up as an autonomous nonprofit organization “to avoid the Foreign Agents Registration Act”.[2][3]”

    Whenever you hear talk about a secret conspiracy by the Russians to influence the elections, remember that the Kremlin has been running a propaganda news network here in the United States for about ten years.

    P.S. Have you guys heard about the secret conspiracy McDonalds conducted to make Americans buy their hamburgers? Oh, they bought advertising on all the major networks!

    1. What’s even funnier is reason contributors have appeared on that very network.

    2. Wait until they hear about Voice of America.

    3. And let’s not forget, for much of its time in the US, Reason contributors were only all to happen to go on and bash the US and being useful idiots.

      They eventually stopped (Crimea, maybe?), but they racked up 100s of appearances.

    4. Just a little free market propaganda.

      Do you object to all propaganda or only when it isn’t American?

      1. Did you have a point? Was it the jooze? It’s always the jooze.

      2. Are fucking dense. Did you wander in from Saker’s shitty blog. The point is that Russia is already influencing American politics every day and reason had no problem with that so why are they complaint now. Jesus you Putin bitches are so hair trigger.

    5. I used to watch Russia Today, the predecessor to RT, on the low power UHF station that beamed to that built-from-the-top-down bldg. in Riverdale that housed so many of Russia’s consular staff. That station became superfluous once the WTC came down, because the multipath problem to the north was thereby eliminated.

    6. Ah, tes. I learned that Fracking = Bad. Saw it confirmed on Al Jazeera as well

    7. Ah, tes. I learned that Fracking = Bad. Saw it confirmed on Al Jazeera as well

    8. Ah, tes. I learned that Fracking = Bad. Saw it confirmed on Al Jazeera as well

  21. The feeling some of you are experiencing is called cognitive dissonance, and it will go away as soon as you accept that you’ve been lied to by most every left-leaning news source for the past two years.

    And if you want to resolve the rest of your cognitive dissonance, which you will sure to realize you have once you accept part A above, you’ll come to realize they’ve been lying to you your entire life.

    1. That’s something I imagine will be very hard for some who bought this to overcome.

      But know what? Too bad. There was no excuse given how the multiple sources you had to follow this story.

      They wanted to be deceived and deceived they were.

      Learn from it.

      1. I haven’t found any Reason readers admit they were duped, but I do hope Suderman gets shredded on the podcast tomorrow

  22. Has anyone ever seen my shocked face?

    1. No but I have a taser and some frequent flyer miles

  23. Given that I still read the local lefty rag, which seems to have several of the staff on the “Trump is a big poopyhead” desk, I’m awaiting the headline tomorrow. The spinning going on in the newsroom as we speak is probably causing some nausea.

    1. Expect shrill cries to release the entire* report. Which can never happen without exposing our intelligence people. Because if one word is backed out… conspiracy!

  24. What this did is poison relations between the US and Russia, 2 nations capable of destroying each other and the world with them.
    Now 73% of Americans have a negative view of Russia. Russia has always been an outsider nation, we learn next to nothing about Russia in school, except COMMIES!
    The Internet Research Institute “attempt to spread discord” (WTF!) was nothing but a commercial click bait internet business. There was nothing political about it. It was simply an attempt to make money by enticing Americans to click on google ads
    The hacking was most likely a download to a thumb drive by a disgruntled Bernie Bro at the DNC, possibly the late departed one who was supposedly mugged by a random thief.
    None of this will be acknowledged by anyone except maybe Tucker Carlson in the LSM. Russia will be heretofor be blamed for trying to interfere in our most sacred democracy, blah blah blah.

    1. “The hacking was most likely a download to a thumb drive by a disgruntled Bernie Bro at the DNC
      It’s so obvious. An overall transfer rate of 23 MB/s. Nobody gets that kind of download speed, especially a half a world away. It was beyond doubt a thumb drive.
      The lie is so blatant and so completely unchallenged by the media, it’s astounding.

    2. The sad thing is that EXCEPT COMMIES, Russia has favored the USA nearly every time in US hx. Of course that’s largely because they’ve seen us as a counterwt. vs. the Brits, which continues to this day.

      1. Russia and the US are natural allies, made so by both geography and national character.
        The US and Russia flank both Europe and China, without any territory to compete amongst ourselves over.
        But progressivism has always been a European idea. The USSR period was the most European Russia has ever been, and American progressives have long wanted nothing more than to be more European.
        And with 90+% of the world’s nuclear weapons, a US-Russia alliance would at once be the best (only) chance for “world peace” and provide means for greater prosperity for our peoples.
        But the US has descended into decadence, allowing the worst among us to lead in concert with Euros, and the Russians are too proud and individualistic (much like Americans fundamentally, but less idealistic) to be accepted by one world progressivism.
        Independent US and independent Russia are the greatest threat to world totalitarianism.
        Incidentally, Islam is the progressive’s natural ally. But that is a story for another day.

  25. No Provable Coordination Between Trump Campaign and Russia.

    The investigations will continue until there is a Republican House.

  26. I haven’t watched the news, when do they start complaining that Mueller’s a Republican and we k ow what that means (wink wink)?

  27. I’m sorry, but if there was no collusion, then what was there to obstruct?

    There was no crime to obstruct access to.

    “You made it hard for us to ascertain that you were telling the truth when you said that you weren’t colluding with Russia.”

  28. “Mueller did not draw a conclusion one way or the other as to whether Trump’s behavior counted as obstruction”

    I did not draw a conclusion one way or the other as to whether Mueller rapes children in the restrooms of public parks.

    But I have my suspicions.

  29. I know in my heart that Trump colluded with the Russians, so they just need to keep looking for evidence that confirms this fact.

    1. The real evidence had been in your heart all along

      1. Open him up, quick! We can still turn this around!

  30. Lost in the mists of history is the fact that the Clintons hauled a lot more money out of Russia than Trump ever dreamed of.
    Who could look at Hilary’s SecState reign and not think the Russians would love her?

    Oh, yeah, and the collusion was among Clinton, Steele, the FBI, and the DOJ. (with co-conspirators at every mainstream media outlet)

  31. Asshole rev channels MSNBC:

    “Chris Matthews: How Can Mueller Investigation Wrap Without a Direct Interview With Trump?”
    “At one point Matthews asked, “Why was there never an interrogation of this president? We were told for weeks by experts you cannot deal with an obstruction of justice charge or investigation without getting to motive. You don’t get to motive until you hear from the person himself who’s being targeted? How can they let Trump off the hook? So far tonight, we have no reason to believe Trump is going to be charged by rhetoric in the document itself, in the Mueller report, he will not be charged with obstruction or of collusion, without ever having to sit down with the special counsel and answer his damn questions. How can that happen?”…..ith-trump/

    He bought it, he owns it, he’s been peddling bullshit for 2-1/2 years, and now he’s PISSED at being handed his hat!

  32. Poor Special Council Mueller. He gets to spend at least the next two years responding to House committee subpoenas wanting to know why he couldn’t indict Trump on something. at least.

    1. Poor Special Council Mueller.

      Poorly educated, illiterate wingnut.

      No wonder you guys can’t compete in America.

      1. Still spreading your perversions Fake Rev?

      2. Rev. Arthur L. Kirkland|3.24.19 @ 10:23PM|#
        “No wonder you guys can’t compete in America.”

        Own a company with global sales, you pathetic burger-flipper.

        1. Someone lets that guy handle other people’s food?

  33. Poor Reason staff. Trump will not removed from duly elected office.

    Trump will continue to stand up for the USA.
    Trump will continue to roll back government.

    Trump will win reelection in 2020.

    Making America Great Again…thanks Trump.

  34. I have barely been on Reason much the last few days from laughing so hard.

    Lefties dont even see whats coming. Mueller was an appointed special counsel by the Executive Branch. The Executive Branch (Trump), Congress, and the courts left Mueller mostly alone and gave his authority legimitacy. This sets a strong precedent for this 21st Century that the next special prosecutor should be allowed by Democrats and Republicans to investigate and prosecute.

    Trump has time to get a special prosecutor appointed and for Congress to fund that special prosecutor through any FY2020 shutdown this October 2019. Lefties are not going to know what to do when people like Podesta are getting indicted and many of the Lefty bureacrats will be furloughed again due to a budget standoff. There will be few bureaucrats to protect people like Podesta.

    Clean house!

    1. Seriously, you think the Democratic house is going to fund a special prosecutor aimed at themselves?

      Maybe Trump should just declare corruption in the FBI to be a national emergency…

      1. They thought that Mueller was on ‘their’ side and funded him.

        But yeah, a failed coup, is definitely a national emergency.

  35. One of the funniest results of this is that r/The_Mueller mods had to lock down the subreddit today.

    1. +10

  36. Conclusion: For the hilarity and pure joy of election night, and now this, I owe Trump my vote, and my financial support in any election I get an opportunity to vote in. Whenever I feel the desire to be amused I punch up YouTube video of election night. I’ll now add this week end video of Chris Matthews and Maddow (interrupting her vacation, no less). Tony, OBL and the Old Beaner must be shattered. MAGA!

  37. Gen. Tata: ‘Communist John Brennan’ Never Should Have Had a Security Clearance

    1. The John Birch Society should always feel pretty good about being disassociated from National Review

    2. Brennan should be in GitMo.

  38. LOL at Drumpf supporters and phony progressives (Greenwald, Tracey, etc.) thinking this is a “win” for them. Quite the opposite, in fact. #TheResistance is stronger than ever. Orange Hitler is historically unpopular, the economy is in ruins, and 2020’s #BlueTsunami will be even bigger than 2018’s.

    1. Ugh, right-wing “humor” is soooooooo bad. Here’s a perfect example.

      Twitter smartass uses deceptive editing to create appearance that Rachel Maddow is irrationally obsessed with Russia.

      In fact, Maddow is one of the most brilliant political analysts working today, perhaps even rivaling Reason’s Shikha Dalmia. No “dank memes” can diminish the value of her important work.

      1. I love how her outfit never changes establishing the mash-up was culled from a single show.

        1. So? Maybe there just happened to be an unusually high volume of Russia-related developments that day.

      2. 10/10 bravo

    1. I’m bad at hyphen-placement.

    2. But goddamn, that hair!

    3. It is so easy to prove a negative beyond a doubt.

    4. Fucking fruit sushi guy.

      Gets paid to lie that he like Libertarianism.

  39. This is but one battle won.
    Now what’s needed is to go Michael corleone on the plotters.

    1. As much as I’d love to see Sally Yates swing, even better would be a complete withdrawal from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, sub-Saharan Africa, NATO and, are we still in SEATO?, cause I’m thinking the nuclear Navy needs a permanent port-of-call in Kiwi-town.

      Gotta send my $27 to Tulsi.


    So how long will it take for the Ds, MSM, and Reason to conclude that not invading Venezuela is proof of collusion?

  41. Phony progressives are still embarrassing themselves!

    Michael Tracey: So much of this years-long insanity derives from the basic truth that Democrats have been fundamentally incapable of accepting that Hillary Clinton was a historically horrible candidate

    Objectively wrong. She was literally the most qualified Presidential candidate ever. She won more total votes than any white male candidate in history, beating Drumpf by 3 million even while dealing with a biased media and the Comey letter.


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  43. OT
    Even the New Yorker has finally tumbled to the SPLC bullshit (and the asshole rev’s coastal limo-lib ditto):
    “The Reckoning of Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center”…

    1. (completely unsupported) theory – SPLC probably knew about Dees behavior for years and let it pass. As they’re now being sued by a number of groups they placed on their list, they’re scapegoating Dees to try and avoid the death of 1,000 cuts.

      1. The SPLC received more money in donations that the ACLU gets.

        The Lefties know what an angry #MeToo movement can do to reserve funds.

  44. Asshole rev is really suffering here.
    And that’s quite a pleasure, you pathetic piece of shit.

  45. Looks like the pivot is going to be “Just because there’s not enough evidence to convict doesn’t mean there’s no evidence!” and “The report says no collusion with RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT but NOT no collusion with RUSSIA!”, with a side of “NO EXONERATION FOR OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE!”

    It’s going to be a long couple years.

    1. Fits right in. Lefties don’t believe in “Innocent until proven Guilty” or the Constitution, so no indictment means something other than Trump is innocent.

  46. I’ve not been paying close attention to this whole thing but this report by Dennis Miller saying Trump is not guilty means that the Russians have to make NBC give Trump back his reality show?

  47. The perp is Russia. The victims are Hillary Clinton and America. The Trumps are at best lucky benefactors of a major crime.

    Also he’s a deranged malignant narcissist manwhore. But if he’s not a traitor, that makes him a great head of state by the standards of the government skeptics of the reason commentariat.

    1. Yeah, there just is no for anyone not to want Hilary anywhere near power.

    2. Poor Tony. The victims of this attempted coup are Trump and America.

      Hillary Clinton was one of the perpetrators. Along with Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Obama, Mueller, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page….

      The USA survived. MAGA!

      1. What about Rosentein? He appointed Mueller after all. Is he now off the hook because he agrees Trump didn’t commit criminal obstruction? Considering that Rod participated unwittingly in the scheme to fire Comey its interesting that he didn’t disqualify himself from passing judgment.

        1. Rosenstein is a piece of shit too.

          You cannot win this argument Ordinary Peron. Libertarians like me don’t give two shits if the people have a (R) or (D) or (L) behind their names.

          Government has a bunch of corrupt shit heads and should be gutted. You just want your shit heads in power. You cannot allow government to be cut like Libertarians would cut government (or Trump has cut).

    3. Yup, because SOMEHOW that couple tens of thousands of dollars of Russian ad dollars swamped the hundreds of millions spent by the campaigns… And Trump had it soooo easy after all. The whole media was TOTALLY in the tank for him the whole time, don’t cha know!

      Stupid Tony.

    4. Tony, we already knew you wouldn’t let the facts get in the way of your conclusions.

    5. “But if he’s not a traitor, that makes him a great head of state by the standards of the government skeptics of the reason commentariat”

      Well, that would make him better than the last guy at least

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  49. If there was no collusion, how could there be obstruction?

    1. There was no collusion in the hacking or troll farm but Russia and Trump had met in secret and had agreed in secret to relieve sanctions in return for unspecified help from the Russian govt.

      1. Poor OP, His citation and evidence keeps falling off.

        All his hopes and dreams in Mueller fell flat.

  50. Graham sends ominous tweet to Comey: See you soon

    Comey’s greatest fear is coming true- that he and his Deep State goons failed in their coup and the survivors are gonna clean house?

    1. This sort of fear is exactly what Comey cited in his cover-up for Hillary. He explicitly said that he fully expected HRC to win the election…. So he absolutely did not want to be the guy who stuck his neck out. And then the Justice Department punted everything back to him after his own people told him they had enough to prosecute her.

      What to do? Your incoming boss and your current boss both want this thing killed…. and you can’t just kill it without a word…. what to do? So you issue a statement that says that this was totally illegal but that nobody would ever prosecute it. Phew! Dodged that bullet!

      That entire exercise was designed to avoid the comeuppance that he later received for doing exactly that (and for furthering the plot to derail the Trump presidency with the fake Russia investigation that was planted by the Obama administration)

      1. Spineless people like Comey could just do their job and execute on how our criminal system can mostly be fair for people accused of crimes. Comey chose to play politics and he picked the wrong horse.

        Hillary would have never been convicted anyways. There would have been at least one hold out juror for acquittal.

        Now if the Special Prosecutor beam is shown back on bureaucrats like Comey, they are going to be convicted of crimes. Jurors will hate people like him.

  51. The projection is so palpable in all of this, I thought it would be helpful to make a list…. please add in any that I’ve missed:

    1. No campaign other than Trump would have taken a meeting with Russians offering up dirt. It is proof that they were colluding with Russia, which is uber-illegal. (As the DNC and Clinton Campaign actively paid for dirt on Trump from the Russians – to the tune of $3.5 million dollars)

    2. Russia conspired to impact the US elections by placing a couple of hundred grand worth of ads on facebook -FAKE NEWS! designed to sew division by pushing Trump and other candidates like Bernie…. While we know from the Podesta emails that the DNC and the media actively conspired to push Trump to the front of the primary field because they thought that he would be a weak candidate that they could beat.

    1. 3. Trump committed Obstruction of Justice ™ when he publicly said that the Russia investigation needed to be brought to a conclusion….. while the Obama Justice Department actively killed an investigation into HRC after the FBI had concluded that felony charges were warranted….. But nobody feels we need to ask “what did Obama know, and when did he know it?”

      4. Trump is a would-be dictator when he calls the Press the “enemy of the people”. While Obama actually used the IRS to silence his political enemies and used the FBI, CIA, NSA and other agencies to *literally* spy on the Trump campaign.

      5. Fox News is “State Owned Media” and proof of a dictatorship because they lean republican – while, well, you know the rest on that one.

      1. I’m sure there are at least twice that many out there. Let’s see….

        6. Trump is a dictator… As all of the major DNC candidates line up in support of packing the supreme court with additional appointments until they get a progressive majority.

        7. Trump should be impeached for Obstruction of Justice on the Russia Investigation – in which his administration appointed a special prosecutor and gave them an unlimited budget and unlimited time and never blocked them even as they went on a 2.800 subpoena fishing expedition and pushed process crimes that appear to have been entirely designed as an extortion tool to elicit damaging revelations about the President……. In contrast with an Obama administration that not only declined to investigate the illegal “unmasking” of US individuals wiretapped by FISA warrants – they actively changed classification rules and disseminated documents around the government specifically intended to undermine the incoming administration.

    2. Or sow division… whatever…

    3. Yes, leftists are hypocrites. This is not news. But it does amaze me how many rank and file ones seem to not be able to see it. Most Republicans I know at least will admit half the assholes in the GOP are RINOs who don’t actually seem to believe what they say, once they’re in office of course.

      1. But “projection” isn’t about being a hypocrite. I suppose it definitionally makes you a hypocrite, but the real point is the mentality that makes you read into other people’s actions to match things that you are actually doing and feel would be wrong….

        Like when a spouse is cheating and then runs around being jealous and suspecting that they are being cheated on.

        These are cases where the left accuses Trump or the Republicans of having ill intentions to do things that they actually are already doing. And far worse.

        Like when Democrats accuse their enemies of fomenting racial division through the use of “dog whistles”…. as they explicitly use such rhetoric to sow racial division. (if you never lived in a minority household, you don’t know the half of it. We used to get piles of mailers from the DNC, NAACP, SPLC and others evoking Klan imagery to describe the Republicans every election cycle)

        Or when you accuse your opponent of colluding with Russia when you actually are colluding with Russia and are at that very moment shopping around a packet of information that you bought from the Russians trying to derail your opponent’s campaign.

        1. Christopher Steele authored the dr

        2. Christopher Steele authored the dr

          1. The guy is a British intelligence officer who worked on Russia during his career so you’re glossing over something that completely contradicts the point you’re trying to make. Of course there would Russian sources of information for things that happen in Russia. If we have a mole in ISIS and get infor that person it doesn’t mean we’re colluding with ISIS just as Steele wasn’t colluding when he was collecting info from his Russian sources.

            1. So Hillary worked with British spies to influence Americans elections.

              Maybe Mueller should investigate that next.

              1. I would love to see Steele testify in public about what he knows about Trump and Russia.

                1. Hillary does not want Steele to testify about shit.

                2. “Ordinary Person|3.25.19 @ 8:57AM|#

                  I would love to see Steele testify in public about what he knows about Trump and Russia”

                  He has.
                  In British court.
                  He said he knows nothing.
                  You might be aware of this if the MSM covered it but (surprise!) they didn’t.


                  1. He also testified the purpose of the dossier was to “contest the election”. Also, it was paid for by Hillary for America.

                    To contest an election for Christ sakes!!!!.

                    I bet Hillary already knew it was in play when the question was asked if Trump would accept the results of the election.

      2. The Useful Idiots of the Left might see it but cannot admit it.

        Who wants to admit that most of your life, faith in government to save you, white guilt, and all the other psychosis that make you a Lefty are lies?

        Lefties are having their World come down around them.

        I would normally feel bad but then they do want me in a gulag to keep me from spreading the truth. Fuck them.

  52. LOLz.

    It will be interesting to see how the commies handle this. Some seem to be backpedaling, a la like all the ones who voted to invade Iraq apologizing for it… But I suspect many others will double down. That is what I expected as the universal response, so it’s interesting to see some splitting from that.

    1. They already have their new marching orders. It coalesced last night around “Determining obstruction of justice is not in the hands of the Attorney General. That is the constitutional duty of the Congress.”

      So yeah, they are officially doubling down and they are all-in.

      (the difference on the Iraq issue was that they wanted to hang it around Bush’s neck… so you have to explain away your own vote if you want to blame everything on Bush.)

      1. Even funnier is that the House does not 2/3 majority votes to impeach Trump and the Executive Branch can ignore Congressional subpoenas as part of Executive privilege.

        The only thing the House can do is withhold money from budget FY2020 and that only hurts Democrats.


        I know Shackford, Welch, Gillespie and other Reason staff will never admit that Trump has had strategies that worked as planned, but Trump’s 100% random actions sure do own the Lefties.

      2. Yup, I was seeing some of this today.

        It’s all just grand standing. They know they’ll never impeach him, but putting through ceremonial votes on it makes them look good to their commie supporters!

  53. The report hasn’t been released. Presumably the report will say shit like, “Trump adopted foreign policy positions extremely favorable to Russia”, “Trump hired Russian govt connected influence man to manage his campaign”, “Trump tried score a 300 million dollar business deal with the Russians while lying about it to the public”, “Trump named a useful stooge of Russia a top foreign policy advisor”, “Trump secretly agreed to lift sanctions on Russia ordering his National Security Adviser to work on it at the very moment the country was leaning about the Russian hacking and disinformation campaign”, etc.

    1. There’s still far less evidence Trump actively worked with Russia to manipulate a US election than the Democrats and Bill Clinton did with China in the 1996 elections, when a bunch of Chinese nationals were caught funneling millions into Democrat campaign coffers and they stonewalled the investigation and wouldn’t allow an independent counsel.

      1. I believe you about Clinton. We need to store up our laws.

      2. These Lefties don’t understand that ‘working’ with countries like Russia might further US interests.

        Reagan ‘worked’ with the USSR and it let to nuclear missiles reductions and slight cooling of the Cold War.

        For Ordinary Person troll, he/she/it hates the USA anyways so war is preferable to him/she/it.

        1. Trump was only working with Russis to advance his real estate deal and to score dirt on Hillary. I don’t have to imagine his motives because Don Jr wrote it down. If you think it helps America for our president to lie to us about his intentions, to parrot Russian lies, to compromise himself then I question your judgment.

          1. Your citation fell off again OP.

            Produce all this great evidence of whatever you are claiming, so we can all be on board with YOU.

    2. Even if all the things you said were true, none of it is illegal or bad for the USA.

      You Lefties and your pipe dreams.


      1. Trump was sweating the possible indictment more than I was expecting an indictment since you bought up our expectations.

        1. If you think Trump was sweating anything, you don’t know what sweating is.

          Comey is sweating. Brennan is sweating. McCabe is sweating. Podesta is sweating.

          These guys picked the wrong horse and lost. They didnt just want Hillary to win and she lost the election. They actively conspired to spy on political opponents and coup a duly elected President (Trump).

          Funny thing about Americans and frontier justice.

        2. You don’t seem to understand that President Trump went to the sauna to relax and get away from your drool.

    3. If you think the report and its supporting documentation will have sufficient information to bring a conclusion completely different from what is in the summary, you are a special kind of retard.

    4. The only persons you can accuse for having a favotable russia policy are barry and hillary.

      -reneged on our polish allies and pulled out of a planned missile defense installation
      -clamped down on oil and gas exploration in the US
      -bumbled their way into involving the russians in syria
      -gave away the farm to russian ally iran
      -sat on their hands in Ukraine

      -provoked inceeased defense spending in europe
      -spanked russian mercs in syria as well as their client assad
      -tore up the hideous iran deal
      -opened up the US for oil and gas
      -gave lethal military aid to Ukraine

      As always, literally everything the left accuses the right, the left is the actual guilty party.

    5. You prove why “ordinary people” suck donkey balls.

  54. All of us who knew that “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” was a hoax almost from day one, pat yourselves on the back. Oh yes, that would most definitely include me. What it actually was, was the most dirty trick in U.S. domestic politics since Watergate.

    Anyone who actually seriously believed this bullcrap and thought maybe it would lead to Trump’s removal from office is just a total fuckin’ idiot. And naturally, that includes Welchie Boy and most of his fellow Professional Fake Libertarians here at Reason. Sorry, wrong again bitches! ROFLMAO!!!!!

    1. They created a hoax that called the entire US election system into question and accused a nuclear armed Super Power of an act of war. Their hoax attacked at the very foundations of our Republic. Worse still, had it been believed and taken seriously by the public, could have sparked World War III. These people are triators in the truest sense of the word.

      1. Could you imagine if George W. Bush and his people had pulled this same kind of bullshit on Obama during the ’08 election? Oh my god.

  55. Trump used his office to exempt himself from scrutiny. Trump hid behind the 5th Amendment. Trump hid behind presidential power. We never got a full accounting. I thought the report was going to be about fact finding and I thought those facts good or bad for Trump would be released. If Mueller’s facts can’t be released then Congress needs to get these facts released through there investigations. Call Carter Page, call Manafort, Gates, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Don Jr, etc. Cohen told us about the Trump Tower deal with Moscow. We wouldn’t have learned that from AG Barr. What else is Barr hiding from us?

    1. You citations keep falling off.

      Get all this evidence together and convince us, so we can be with YOU, comrade.

    2. Trump used his office to exempt himself from scrutiny.

      Two years and tens of milliuons of dollars spent on a special prosecutor for this wild Goose chase says otherwise.

      Trump hid behind the 5th Amendment.

      No one “hides behing the 5th Amendment”. It is a fundemental right. Second, name one person in the Trump administration who took the 5th? I can’t think of one. This is a stupid talking point even for you.

      Trump hid behind presidential power. We never got a full accounting.

      What power was that? We will never get a full accounting because there is nothing to account. It was all a lie.

      1. If Flynn had take the 5th he’d never have been convicted of anything.

        1. Good point.

          1. The sad irony is that, prior to opening his mouth and having not done anything illegal up to that point, he had no real basis for invoking the 5th Amendment.

        2. It was actually shocking that none of them took the 5th when they should have known Mueller had dirt on them and wanted to talk.

    3. Didn’t finish high school? What part do you not understand? The investigation is over, there is no do over via the media and never trumpers.

    4. The New York Times and the Washington Post hide behind the 1st Amendment. What else are they hiding? Ha.

    5. Get some Omega-3 fatty acids into your brain. Alright?

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  57. BTW, someone liked this above, but check at 4:36. Maher doesn’t need Mueller’s report; he “has a TV”. Yep, Maddow told him all he needs to know!
    There are people who ‘get their news’ from such self-referential twits.

    1. Ray Bradbury warned us about the likes of Maher in a book called ‘Fahrenheit 451’. Meanwhile, George Orwell warned us about Scott Shackleford.

      1. I missed neither of those, and Vonnegut did justice to a sentiment he later ignored in ‘Harrison Bergeron’ (had to do a search for the correct spelling).
        Sci Fi could get repetitious, but it also presented views of society which were certainly non-conformist; CNN wouldn’t tolerate such stuff.
        Can’t remember who did the story on ‘planting obs’ (“obligations”) rather than trading in a form of currency; anybody?

  58. What a fraud. A team of special prosecuters had two years to find anything, something to get Trump. But they leave the obstruction of justice up to a bunch of fucking politicians? It’s outrageous.

  59. Anyone who defends himself is surely guilty of obstruction of justice. At least those who have the nerve to not allow the Queen to ascend to her throne.

  60. Democrats will say that Mueller did not exonerate Trump. But prosecutors never exonerate anybody. It’s not in their lexicon. Oh, did I say Mueller was a prosecutor? I meant investigator, of course. He only acted like a prosecutor.

  61. Let’s ignore Trump tower meeting, Saudi trips, sanctions not being levied on Russia, and Trump taking Putin’s word over his own intel agencies.

    He might not be legally guilty of collusion but he’s guilty of selling his country out regardless.

    1. Yes, let’s ignore irrelevancies. Starting with you who wears them.

    2. wearingit|3.25.19 @ 7:01PM|#
      ‘Let’s ignore Trump tower meeting, Saudi trips, sanctions not being levied on Russia, and Trump taking Putin’s word over his own intel agencies.’

      I’d prefer ignoring the bullshit claims of TDS victims. Seek help, you pathetic piece of shit.
      “He might not be legally guilty of collusion but he’s guilty of selling his country out regardless.”

      You might not be legally dangerous enough to be committed, but it’s obvious you are far from it.
      Stuff it up your ass, you pathetic loser, You and that miserable hag lost in November 2016, and assholes like you have yet to grow up and accept you don’t always get your way:
      ‘Whaaaaa, mommy, why didn’t I get my toy????’
      Fuck off, loser.

  62. Obstruction evidence, Scott? Puh-leeze.

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