Brickbat: Don't Keep on Trucking


Big rigs
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Officials with trucking companies say a proposed California law would virtually eliminate commercial trucks from the state. The law would require the California Air Resources Board to reduce diesel emissions 40 percent by 2030 and 80 percent by 2050. The board has already mandated that all transit agency buses be emissions free by 2040.

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26 responses to “Brickbat: Don't Keep on Trucking

  1. Well they can get their ;organic’ food shipped in by mule train like Gia intended.

    1. They will just set up ‘Victory Gardens’ in San Francisco and LA to grow locally sourced food.

      Oh yeah, zoning restrictions are so restrictive in Commifornia that many cities dont allow gardens.

      1. Besides, they’ll need all that open ground for solar panels to charge their electric cars.

    2. They’re probably looking for a way to transport it on their billions $$$ light rail trolleys.

    1. Diesel power was my nick name in collage.

      1. You should have gone to a “collage” that taught spelling.

  2. If you wanted to design a plan to spur inflation and shortages of goods, this would be it.

    1. Winning!

  3. Curious that they call themselves progressives when it’s obvious they think the last 500 years or so of human progress was a big mistake. Forget the GOP wanting to take us back to 1951 – or 1851 as some would have it – , the watermelons want to take us back to just plain old 51.

    1. Steven Pinker was right. Most of these people are actually “progressiphobics”.

  4. 2019 DOT Trucking Regulations

    There has been a real government effort to make the trucking industry the whipping boy for a few unsafe drivers.

    While Congress does have the enumerated power to regulate interstate commerce, this heavy hand of regulation clearly is having a costly effect on shipping via roads. Some truck drivers are being offered over $100k per year to get people willing to endure all the rules just to drive a truck.

    Looking at the hair drug testing, illustrates that the government wants zero tolerance for drugs, even drug use during vacations.

    1. I’m curious on your take on the commerce clause. Do you think it should exist, or would you say the constitution is flawed?

  5. Fucking commie retards

    1. where do you suppose commie retards come from? there must be some fucking involved somewhere, though I suspect it happens in the dark (ever get a look at some of these shit weasels?)

  6. All part of the Green New Deal; and if you think it’s just a few fringe lunatics promoting this, think again. They may well be lunatics but they are not all that “fringe.”

    1. They certainly are on the fringe of physical reality and reason.

      Just because lots of people believe something stupid, that does not make it less stupid.

  7. Aren’t unseen costs great?

    Step 1: Jack up the price of goods by regulating the hell out of industries.
    Step 2: Get re-elected by promising a “Living Wage” to all those people who can’t afford basic goods any more.
    Step 3: Get re-elected by promising endless welfare to the people who can’t find employment in the shrinking pool of minimum wage jobs.
    Step 4:…
    Step 5: Profit!

  8. Sounds like a great idea. California doesn’t need trucks for anything.

  9. Considering how much freight comes through the ports in California (especially LA) that trucks then take to the rest of America, this sounds like a terrible idea for us all. Maybe California is now getting behind the idea that we need to cut back trade from China.

    Perhaps they can move all that freight with trains along the I10 to the border with Arizona so truckers won’t have to step foot in that miserable state.

  10. The board has already mandated that all transit agency buses be emissions free by 2040.


  11. They’re eliminating diesel train engines, right?

    1. They’re going to make the trains run on thyme.

  12. Here you come baby, dumb as sin
    Tell what you’ve been thinking from the state you’re in
    So keep on truckin, mama,
    Truck my blues away.

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