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The World Wide Web Just Won't Grow Up. Good?: Reason Roundup

Plus: Reason web-culture coverage past...introducing the millennial presidential candidate...another Seattle "sex trafficking" case based on nonsense



Today marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of the internet as we know it. "In 1989 the world's largest physics laboratory, CERN, was a hive of ideas and information stored on multiple incompatible computers," CERN explains today.

Tim Berners-Lee envisioned a unifying structure for linking information across different computers, and wrote a proposal in March 1989 called 'Information Management: A Proposal'. By 1991 this vision of universal connectivity had become the World Wide Web.

For the record, the internet and the web aren't technically the same. Internet refers to "the global network of computers that are able to communicate with one another and dates back to the US military's ARPANET developed in the 60s," as The Verge notes. "The web, meanwhile, is the public's main way of accessing this network, and was proposed by Berners-Lee in the late 80s."

Today, Tim Berners-Lee and CERN are leading celebrations and discussion in honor of the web's three decades—and in contemplation of where we go from here. Right now, the web is still in a troubled "digital adolesence," Berners-Lee said, but we're on a journey toward "a more mature, responsible and inclusive future."

Meanwhile, many folks are reflecting on their earliest web experiences and how things have changed in the past 30 years. "Reports of the web's death are exaggerated," argues Klint Finley at Wired.

Obviously, the spirit of early web culture was much different than today—more free, sure, but also way less wide. Expansion to an ever-growing number of people and an ever-growing segment of our lives has made old phrases like IRL (for the kids, that's "in real life"—something people used to consider separate from web culture) obsolete. Meanwhile, "context collapse" has taken on whole new meanings and proportions.

It's tempting to look around at Twitter outrage cycles, congressional censorship designs on social media, seemingly arbitrary bans by web companies, and all the other negative features of today's world wide web and conclude that we've been backsliding. But I think this shows a little historical revisionism—after all, congressional censorship designs on the digital have always been strong, and while outrage culture may be more participatory than ever, so is the backlash against it. Tech platforms that started radical may have gone establishment, but their early spirit is alive and vital among newer platforms, especially encrypted technology companies. Sex workers may face increasing state micromanagement of their tech use, but they're also able disseminate their messages directly and worldwide like never before—a paradox that holds true for many marginalized communities and can be huge for breaking through the bullshit narratives constructed by the self-interested and powerful.

It's a mixed bag here, is what I'm saying. We've got a lot to celebrate, and a lot of work to do. In that spirit, here's some of Reason's coverage of digital culture highs and lows:


• Millennial presidential candidates have arrived. This could get intereresting.

• Again and again and…

• A friendly reminder, in response to recent panic-mongering:

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131 responses to “The World Wide Web Just Won't Grow Up. Good?: Reason Roundup

  1. Today marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of the internet as we know it.


    1. “Downhill” code for more porn than humans can handle?

      1. I’m still testing the theory that there is such a thing.

        1. Results: inconclusive thus far

          1. Porn is making young men suffer from erectile dysfunction. That’s kind of funny and sad.

    2. Hello.

      “Today marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of the internet as we know it.”

      As Al Gore let us know it.

  2. Today marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of the internet as we know it.

    if you could go back and kill baby internet

    1. Better implement a shortest path bridging algo for your time travels.

  3. Millennial presidential candidates have arrived.

    looking to work from home… the white home

    1. This is, literally, all of us now. He’s so privileged, I just can’t even.

    2. Time to paint the White House a less problematic color.

      1. Orange?

  4. For the record, the internet and the web aren’t technically the same.

    Thank the internet for the rapid rise of the “well actually” statement.

    1. The internet finally grew up when you didn’t have to worry about goat sex or tubgirl when you clicked on a link.

      1. Cyto rather enjoyed the lemon party, though.

    2. To be sure, I’m pretty certain you mean “to be sure”.

      1. Well, actually, he meant “IMHO”

  5. Web ? Internet

    ok fine, but which one do i unplug when i cant get my email?

    1. You need to pull one of the tubes in series.

      1. “I can feel my mind going, Dave. I can feel it.”

      2. And replace it with a plastic straw.

  6. …[we’re] on a journey toward “a more mature, responsible and inclusive future.”


    1. they’re saying pete boooottigieg

      1. I was saying booo-tgieg

      2. His booty has a good gig.

  7. Farewell to Warblogging

    without clicking, never have i been so sure of something as i am that this was written by welch

    1. It should have said “Fareweld to Warblogging.”

  8. “Some people think all there is to us is avocado toast or eating Tide Pods or whatever they’re saying about us. But we’re the generation with the most at stake. Our asses were out there in Afghanistan and Iraq and I think we’ve earned place in this conversation.” – @PeteButtigieg
    ? VICE News (@vicenews) March 11, 2019

    [Awkward silence]

    “So, anyone see Kylie Jenner’s Instagram feed yesterday?”

    1. Even aside from age, TEAMS, and “it’s X’s turn” stuff, how does this guy think he could possibly have a chance with a surname like Buttgieg?

    2. “So, anyone see Kylie Jenner’s Instagram feed yesterday?”

      It’s so perfect that Reason is carrying water for this nothingburger of a candidate. He’s done absolutely nothing for the city of S. Bend and has some exceedingly leftist ideas for running the country but he’s (not so) fresh and (not so) different so… libertarian moment.

      I can’t wait for Reason to go on a polling millennials about what they think about millennial candidates binge.

  9. Seattle police say they “rescued” 26 women from human trafficking and yet none of the alleged perpetrators of this human trafficking have been charged with human trafficking. Verrrry curious.
    ? Katie Herzog (@kittypurrzog) March 11, 2019

    The important thing is that the victims are all safe and charged.

    1. Their cells are much more comfortable.

      1. And if I know my women’s prison films, and I do, there is nothing salacious happening in those cells now.

  10. Today marks the 30th anniversary of the launch of the internet as we know it.

    Where is good old Al Gore these days anyway? I bet he’s even fatter and more disgusting than Ron Jeremy – lookalike Dipshit Dave Weigel.

    1. Gore is out hunting for ManBearPig.

      1. The last time I saw him he looked like ManBearPig

    2. Ron Jeremy – lookalike Dipshit Dave Weigel.

      What can be inferred from this statement is quite a stretch for Weigel’s Cock Ring.

  11. Let’s just say this, really slowly this time:
    1. That’s not how fentanyl works.
    2. If you can administer naloxone to yourself, YOU’RE NOT EXPERIENCING AN OD.
    3. Panic attacks by LE and responders are real and the result of this exact kind of nonsense. Let’s actually address that.
    ? Keith Brown (@keithbrownph) March 10, 2019

    But it is a gateway hysteria.

    1. Is this where I’m supposed to insert the “went home safe” meme?

    2. I suppose the real question there is why are all of these police officers using fentanyl while on the job?

  12. Rahm Emanuel says Democrats’ hard left turn could re-elect Trump

    When you’ve lost the Rahm, you’ve lost the election.

    Thanks Lefties. MAGA!

    1. Did he predict 2020 would be a “Red Wave”?


      1. Reason intern troll’s Blue Wave in action!

        1. If OBL was a Reason intern then they really earned their donation this Christmas. He has brought so much joy to these comments.

          1. He’s like Titania McGrath, if Titania McGrath had both fetal alcohol syndrome and sniffed glue.

            1. When Alex Clark in the Guardian described Titania as a ‘speedy cash-in’, she encapsulated perfectly one of Titania’s chief failings: she routinely intuits the motives of her ideological opponents, and frames her speculations as fact. She knows you are an evil fascist, even if you don’t know it yourself.

              Did this dude also create John?

          2. +1

            I’d like a weekly HnR featuring OBL

            1. You can accomplish the same thing by going to HuffPo with the mindset that what you’re reading is also satire.

  13. Obviously, the spirit of early web culture was much different than today?more free, sure, but also way less wide.

    Just like the people themselves.

  14. Another slow news day.

    Thanks Trump!

  15. Nearly 200 law enforcement officers and other personnel worked on this operation for over three years before the arrests were made, and the initial complaint came from a neighbor of one of the massage parlors in Beacon Hill, who reported that she saw men coming and going at odd hours.

    200 fucking cops over 3 fucking years because a nosy busy body just can’t stand the thought of people getting a hand job.

    1. who reported that she saw men coming and going at odd hours.

      Define coming and going?

    2. You know, for the few million dollars you blew on this one you could have just gone in there and set every one of those women up with a house. Probably would have saved quite a few bucks doing it that way.

      1. You couldn’t buy 26 women houses with 3-5 million in Seattle. Maybe if they agreed to be relocated to Federal Way or something.

  16. Ben Shapiro videos are the gateway drug to Neo-Nazism

    “My son, who is 13 years old, started watching Ben Shapiro videos. And he’s like the gateway drug to the next group. And then it goes right to Jordan Peterson, then it goes down and in three clicks he was in Neo-Nazi stuff. It was astonishing. And then I had to listen to it at dinner. And I was sort of like, ‘I’m going to kill Susan Wojcicki first.'”

    1. Lol.

      This twit realizes Shapiro is Jewish right?

      1. Jews and gays who marry black guys apparently make the best Nazis…..

        1. Those and soft spoken Canadian professors of psychiatry.

        2. Who knew that a nerdy Jewish man would be the harbringer of the dark night of fascism falling on America?

          1. I know someone who had theories on the Jews.

            1. When your “antifascist” ideology involves conspiracy theories about Jews, I don’t think you are doing it correctly. Just saying.

    2. The thought that her son probably got into alt-right stuff just to piss off his psychotic lesbian mother probably never crossed her mind.

      1. Is there anything more likely to make something appealing to a teenage boy than his mother hating it? If there is, I can’t think of it. I really believe that as more time passes where being right wing in any way is considered subversive, the more likely we are to get a generation of kids turn to it as a way of rebellion. Whatever you think of the alt right, they seem to be having a hell of a lot more fun than people like this lady who have made a fetish out of being miserable. That has to start to dawn on kids at some point.

        1. Left-wing ideology is centered entirely on the perception that it’s the underdog of society. It’s why they continue to manufacture increasingly bizarre victim stack groups, despite the fact that 60s New Left Boomerism is now the dominant media, educational, and cultural norm.

          Being alt-right, at least for the next few years, is going to be the cultural equivalent of teenagers who listened to heavy metal in the late 80s, or Marilyn Manson in the 90s–mainly an affectation to irritate their parents and their normie left-wing classmates rather than a sincerely held set of beliefs.

          1. Kicking the alt right off of social media just makes it look dangerous and more appealing to teenagers and escpecially teenage boys. And even the girls are going to be drawn to bad boys like teenage girls always have been. They may tell mom they want to date a male feminist but when the time comes the will be out slogging with the alt right guy. Some things never change.

            1. even the girls are going to be drawn to bad boys like teenage girls always have been
              I’m not so sure. Plenty of articles have instructed Progressive Party Members In Good Standing of their moral duty to not have sex with conservatives, libertarians, or other wrongthinkers. I think these girls understand that if they fail to protect their virtue we’ll literally be living in handmaid’s tale.

          2. the cultural equivalent of teenagers who listened to heavy metal in the late 80s

            After all, mental health will drive you mad.

    3. Somehow I’ve managed to watch both Shapiro and Peterson on Youtube without any exposure to Nazis.

      Maybe the reason your kids find Nazi stuff is that people keep talking about it like it’s a real problem and not a small handful of assholes on the fringe of society.

  17. There is nothing arbitrary, seemingly or otherwise, to the bans by ‘web companies”.
    They are carefully coordinated to suppress opposition to a socialist/communist takeover of the US political structure.

    Welcome to the revolution.

    1. Damn palefaces still stealing from indigenous people in The Current Year.

    2. She has taken the first step onto the great warpath.

  18. I don’t know what to make of the tweet some dude tweeted. On one hand it appears cops are riding the fentanyl dragon in their squad cars, and need their cop buddies to save their lives, and then another dumb ass chimes in to say that cops are having panic attacks over the perception that they can give themselves their own antidote if they are OD’ing.

  19. US ‘Gets Its Ass Handed To It’ In Wargames: Here’s A $24 Billion Fix

    “In our games, when we fight Russia and China,” RAND analyst David Ochmanek said this afternoon, “blue gets its ass handed to it.” In other words, in RAND’s wargames, which are often sponsored by the Pentagon, the US forces ? colored blue on wargame maps ? suffer heavy losses in one scenario after another and still can’t stop Russia or China ? red ? from achieving their objectives, like overrunning US allies.

    No, it’s not a Red Dawn nightmare scenario where the Commies conquer Colorado. But losing the Baltics or Taiwan would shatter American alliances, shock the global economy, and topple the world order the US has led since World War II.

    I’ll be picking up a couple of cute girls from Ben Johnson and running into the mountains just in case.

    1. Mass has a quality all its own. In a straight up fight, we would slaughter the Russians or the Chinese. But the Baltic in particular are completely indefensible. Unless the US wants to station a couple of armored corps in the Baltic, there is no way to prevent the Russians from overrunning them. They are just too small and lack any natural defenses. The Russians would just overwhelm any forces the US could get there before the countries were overwhelmed.

      The sollution to defending the Baltic is to put some place the Russians control and value and hold it as hostage against them invading the Baltic. You have to attack them somewhere else because you are never going to defend the Baltic states in a straight up fight.

      As far as Taiwan goes, they have their own army and defenses. The Chinese could fire a lot of missiles and kill a lot of people, but there is no way in hell they would be able to get across the Formosa straight, launch an anphibious invasion and conquer the island. To do that would require complete air and sea supremacy. A single US attack submarine getting through their net would put their entire invasion force on the bottom. They are never going to achieve that kind of supremacy.

      1. Additionally, the USA does not have the ability to be everywhere at all times.

        What companies like RAND never factor in to these games are that the USA can rally allies and the invaded to resist.

        The Baltic States resisted the USSR when they were invaded under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. I would bet that they would resist even more if Russia did something like that again. Russia is no USSR.

        As for Taiwan, they don’t want to be part of Communist China and will fight back. Taiwan is not worth the trouble for China right now.

        1. As for Taiwan, they don’t want to be part of Communist China and will fight back. Taiwan is not worth the trouble for China right now.

          If China invaded Taiwan, I’m pretty sure the math would be along the lines of what nations in the East *wouldn’t* get involved.

          The idea that the US would defend Taiwan alone is just stupid.

          1. Japan would get involved because they know they would be next. But invading Taiwan isn’t enough. They would have to not just invade but sustain a force on the Island for the weeks or perhaps months it would take to conquer it. No way in hell does China have that ability.

            1. Yup. China would have to fly and/or ship in supplies to all troops occupying Taiwan.

              Dodging torpedoes and Air-to-Air and Air-to-Surface missiles on their way to Taiwan would not work out how China thinks.

              Of course, China hopes to create a defensive ring of islands to see the US Navy coming and engage in cyber warfare to implement their sleeper malware.

              China is too weak to expand much past its borders, so we just cut all internet/telecom cables leaving China. No more cyber warfare from China.

              1. Modern weapons are too dangerous for any country, even the US to achieve total air and sea supremacy. Without those two, there is no way you can sustain a force that large.

            2. I’m sure the Japanese would be highly motivated to defend Taiwan. The Chinese have not forgotten the rape of Manchuria, I’m sure the Chinese would love an opportunity to visit some atrocities on Japan.

              1. China can blame Japan for a lot but the Chinese gave Japan Manchuria without much of a fight.

                After the Xinhai revolution which removed the Qing Dynasty, China allowed Japan to control old German territory like the Shandong Province.

                That period between the fall of Qing Dynasty and Communist takeover, China was controlled by warlord families.

                What these authoritarian regimes do to innocent people is just horrible.

      2. Taiwan seems to be mostly mountainous jungles, AKA “the worst place to fight as an occupying army”.

        I spent 6 months on Okinawa, and I was horrified that people actually FOUGHT on that thing. It’s amazing more Americans didn’t die.

        Taiwan would take months if China threw everything at it. Resupply would be impossible, and almost every state actor would try to stop them in one way or another.

        Economically speaking, the costs outweigh the benefits, massively.

    2. The key to the battle, at least in my own war games simulations, is to conquer and fortify Kamchatka.

      1. Yes, because Ukraine is weak.

        1. I think it’s time to put the hurt on Ukraine.

          1. If some people would only learn that when you invade Ukraine, embrace them as allies rather than send them to the camps and starve them.

            1. Wait, you had starvation camps? Your version was obviously more realistic than mine.

              1. I have a Risk version with zombies. Don’t fuck with my armchair general status.

      2. Kamchatka is the Russian Florida. Harness the power of Kamchatka Man.

        1. Kamchatka – the greatest wang of the east.

    3. No, it’s not a Red Dawn nightmare scenario where the Commies conquer Colorado. But losing the Baltics or Taiwan would shatter American alliances, shock the global economy, and topple the world order the US has led since World War II.

      Shatter alliances? Like the Baltics would just shrug and say, “Meh, it was good while it lasted!” Like the rest of NATO would sit idly by if the US did nothing?

      Russia would expend further resources contesting territory it doesn’t control and wind up collapsing further, faster, and harder than the USSR did.

      1. Furthermore, Russia still have ethnic groups inside its borders that are itching to break away.

        Chechens are just one of these groups that would use a Russian war with NATO to attack.

        That and Trump pulled the USA out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. The Russians are scared to death of medium ranged missiles with low alert times being used against the 5,500 miles Southern Russia underbelly.

        Russia is mostly an urban country; according to the census results, 74% of Russians live in urban areas — either towns or cities. Ten other Russian cities have a population of more than a million people.
        Rank City Name Population
        1 Moscow 11,514,330
        2 Saint Petersburg 4,848,742
        3 Novosibirsk 1,473,737

        Interestingly, the population of Russia’s cities has increased over the past ten years, reflecting the increasing urbanization of Russia as people move from the countryside to cities in search of better employment.

        Russia only has about 143 million people.

        1. Easy pickings to nuke cities in Russia. Same with China.

          These authoritarian regimes are mostly controlled by power structures in the cities.

          America has about 330 million people and we are spread out over the USA. 39 million are in Commifornia and 18 million are around NY City. No big loss if those two places get nuked.

  20. How to Make Sex More Dangerous

    I cried the first time I saw a naked man. As a young woman growing up in a conservative Catholic household, I couldn’t even look at my own genitals, and thought I would go to hell for masturbating. The abstinence-only education I received ? at school, at home, in the church ? left me with years of shame, isolation and fear.

    I’ve watched the recent battles over allowing comprehensive sex ed in Colorado, Utah and Idaho, and I know how much is at stake for children. As a sex educator and entrepreneur, I’ve spoken with thousands of similarly miseducated young people, and I know the mental and physiological damage it can inflict.

    1. It doesn’t have to be this way. In many countries, the right to accurate information about sexual health is deemed essential. Children raised in the Netherlands, for example, begin sex ed in kindergarten. American teens give birth at a rate that is five times higher than that of their Dutch counterparts. Most Dutch teens report their first sexual experience positively.

      Is it 1992? Should be worried about acid rain again?

    2. I don’t really have anything against sexed, but I am puzzled by people who need to be educated to have sex. I think this woman has problems that go beyond knowing the whys and wherefores of screwing.

      1. I think this woman has problems that go beyond knowing the whys and wherefores of screwing.

        At the very least the concurrent rise of neo-victorianism, rape culture, and sex ed should make at least one, if not all of those ideas intellectually bankrupt.

        1. Sex ed is just rape ed sounds like a slogan these idiots could get behind doesn’t it?

    3. “As a sex educator and entrepreneur, …”

      IOW, buy my rock if you want your kids to be normal.

    4. I cried the first time I saw a naked man.

      The reason why poor Andrea Barrica cried? That man was none other than our very own Citizen Crustard.

  21. New Sex Toy Has Been Created To Let You Livestream Footage From Your Penis

    The ‘CockCam’, which retails at $160 (?122), is essentially a camera that attaches to your privates. It’s embedded on to a comfy, silicone ring, the product is compatible with all water-based lubricants and, sorry for the TMI, but was also designed to hold blood in the penis which facilitates longer lasting erections

    1. Don’t apologize for the TMI. In fact, tell us everything.

    2. sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming STD

    3. Chatroulette hardest hit!

    4. So, WCR can now do a vlog?

    5. So, this is for people who really like those cervix or prostate or tonsil shots?

  22. One more self-righteous, insufferable kid:

    “Greta Thunberg, schoolgirl climate change warrior: ‘Some people can let things go. I can’t'”
    “…Eight months on, the picture could not be more different. The pigtailed teenager is feted across the world as a model of determination, inspiration and positive action. National presidents and corporate executives line up to be criticised by her, face to face….”

    It’s their self-criticism session…

    1. The biggest fear mongers of all time are climate change alarmists.

      What they’re doing to people and kids is insufferable and a travesty.

      Look at NYC. They now have meatless Mondays because ‘save earf’.

    2. At some point she will decide that men shouldn’t compete in women’s sports or that she doesn’t want to shower with boys who think they are girls or otherwise run afoul of the party and she will be the one in the self-criticism session.

      1. Robespierre eventually fell victim to the guillotine.

        1. As I always say, they think being a loyal member of the party will save them. It never does.

        2. Yeh, I haven’t quite worked it out in my tiny head but I suspect something along those lines will happen – metaphorically – to the left with all this psycho behaviour.

          1. If this be so, the question then becomes at what cost? We’ll have to assess the damage done; if any.

          2. It already has. Martina Navrtalova is an icon. She was really the first openly gay sports star. And now she has been kicked out of the movement over transgenderism. If someone like her can be kicked out, anyone can.

          3. I suspect something along those lines will happen – metaphorically – to the left with all this psycho behaviour.

            If they get their way, it won’t be metaphorical. The “left” is literally where the Jacobins sat. They wear Che and Mao shirts. It has been witnessed to that Che shot a 12 year old boy in the head in front of the boy’s father because the man wouldn’t kneel to be executed. The Maoist regime killed more of it’s own citizens then than the bloodiest war in human history by a factor of 4.

            That the left murders people is inevitable. All we can hope for is that they start with their own and the ignorant masses get a clue before they move on to the rest of us.

            1. The whole thing is based on changing human nature into something that its not. When the left’s efforts to do that fail, they just get more and more coercive until finally they conclude that anyone who doesn’t comply must be murdered. It happens every time.

            2. Yep. And by the way, Matt Welch is one of these Jacobins. He openly roots on Twiiter for his enemies to be massacred!

      2. Robespierre eventually fell victim to the guillotine.

        1. And Reason’s ban policy.

  23. Southern Poverty Surpasses Half Billion in Assets; $121 Million Now Offshore

    The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a far-left nonprofit known for its “hate group” designations, has surpassed a half billion dollars in total assets and now has $121 million parked offshore, according to the group’s most recent financial statements.

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

    1. It’s different because the SPLC “nonprofit” has good intentions.

    2. The SPLC had jolly well better be paying its fair share in taxes!

    3. I’d love to find out they didn’t file an FBAR. That would be just.

  24. after all, congressional censorship designs on the digital have always been strong, and while outrage culture may be more participatory than ever, so is the backlash against it.

    Yes, and a disturbing percentage of that backlash proposes regulating the social media companies as utilities. This is exactly the wrong solution to a real problem.

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