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A Los Angeles county sheriff's deputy has pleaded guilty to his role in a theft from a legal marijuana business that netted more than half a ton of marijuana and more than $600,000 in cash. Marc Antrim was off duty but wearing a sheriff's office jacket and driving a sheriff's office SUV when he and his partners pulled up to the firm's security gate and showed guards a fake warrant. They locked the guards up and began to rob the place. They were interrupted by Los Angeles Police Department officers patrolling the area. But Antrim was able to convince cops he was serving a search warrant on the business.

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  1. His new uniform will be orange.

  2. And if the guards had defended themselves, they’d be in jail.

    1. Or dead. And the cops would be free of murder charges.

  3. The Shield but at the Sherriff’s Dept. Spectacular. I guess if the guards at the pot business aren’t black this will be largely be ignored since it wouldn’t fit The Narrative. “RACIST!” they scream, but of course I fully respect the natural and constitutional rights of all citizens.

  4. This may be the dumbest heist in the history of unauthorized asset forfeiture. Unlike illegal marijuana dealers, the victims here had no incentive not to report what happened.

  5. If you haven’t read the linked article, you really must. The sheer level of stupidity and ineptitude is hilarious.

    If you pitched this as a plot to Rodney Dangerfield, he’d reject it as too slapstick for his brand of comedy.

    1. If you pitched this as a plot to Rodney Dangerfield . . .

      Hey Heedless, buddy, I have some bad news for you . . .

  6. He should run for congress .. Seems he has the proper IQ , as the election shows. Although , they want to rob people ‘legally’ . Which is worse.

  7. A new Democrat assault on freedom of speech and the press, HR1:

    “At a time of extraordinary public harassment, boycotts, intimidating public shame campaigns, the act would expand financial-disclosure requirements, including in some circumstances requiring public disclosure of the names and addresses even of donors who did not know about or perhaps even support the political message of the organization they funded,,,As the ACLU points out, “it is unfair to hold donors responsible for every communication in which an organization engages.”

    Moreover, in the effort to further limit “coordination” between candidates and political action committees, the bill sets forth language so broad that, as the ACLU explains, it affects communications that “merely refer to a candidate or an opponent to a candidate 120 days before an election or 60 days before a primary or a caucus.” The Institute for Free Speech’s Bradley Smith argues that, with such language, “the goal seems to be to limit discussion of candidates to the candidates and parties themselves, at the expense of the public at large.”

    1. Mark Meadows is apparently a fan of HR1 (enough the give a longform interciew to the atlantic expressing his desire to salvage the bill). McCain-Feingold was bipartisan.
      In fact, the recent Citizens United, which involved Hillary Clinton & as a result served as a sort of catnip for brave tribal warriors like yourself, was the first time I can remember campaign finance coming up in a partisan context. In fact, I seem to remember several of Trump’s more notable campaign cliches coming about following vague descriptions about how his administration would take money out of politics (“drain the swamp”) as well as his admission of a history of quid pro quo campaign contributions as proof of how campaign finance reform is needed (paraphrasing: “I give when they call & they answer when I call”).

      1. But, yknow, go team! I guess (?)

      2. McCain-Feingold was a travesty, and not terribly bipartisan. As the GOP support consisted mostly of McCain trying to stone for his association with the Keating Five by throwing the 1st Amendment under the bus.

  8. Antrim was relieved of duty without pay after his arrest.

    Doesn’t the Constitution prohibit being punished for the same crime twice? Hasn’t he been punished enough already? Without pay!!! My God, what do you bloodthirsty savages want, blood?

    1. No kidding, where the hell is the police union?? If they have one job, just one job (besides organizing the summer picnic), it’s to get charges like these fucking dropped, because clearly a massive amount of training (while paid) is all the punishment this sheriff cop/whatever needs.

  9. I grow my own untaxed and unregulated marijuana !!!

  10. It’s good to see that the prosecutor will ask the judge for leniency. Armed robbery. False arrest. Kidnapping. Grand larceny. Forgery. We wouldn’t want to demoralize our sheep dogs, the wolves might run wild.

    1. I think those “sheep dogs” went feral. Ergo, they ARE wolves.

  11. County sheriff’s deputies – Los Angeles city police
    No shots fired, no arrests (at first), false warrant accepted.
    Professional courtesy?

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  13. At least no dogs were shot. And no balls were tasered.

  14. Once again the dangers of pot for all to see. If pot was still illegal this wouldn’t have happened (this way).

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