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Large Majority of Millennials and Gen Z Support Private Health Insurance While Nearly Half Say They Want Socialism: Reason Roundup

Plus: Klobuchar thinks government should profit when Big Tech sells your data, and the FDA drops a ban on genetically modified salmon.


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Another poll offered as evidence that young Americans love socialism actually shows strong support for business. A new Harris Poll, taken in late February and publicized by Axios under the headline "Young Americans Are Embracing Socialism," looks at U.S. attitudes toward health policy, socialism, free enterprise, and immigration, among other things.

Among millennial and Gen Z respondents—roughly, adults ages 18 to 38—a full 78.9 percent agreed that "government should allow private insurance." And 67.1 percent agreed that high earnings are a "result of free enterprise." (Among poll respondents of all ages, these numbers were slightly higher: 71.2 percent and 86.5 percent, respectively.)

Meanwhile, about 73 percent of Gen Z and millennial respondents said government should provide universal health care (for all age groups, it was 66.7 percent). In addition, 67.1 percent said government should provide free college and 49.6 percent said they would prefer a socialist country.

So, once again, a poll heralded as a big socialist spike actually shows more ambiguous results, with strong support both for "socialism" and for private enterprise.


Klobuchar wants a cut of tech data dealing. Sen. Amy Kobuchar (D–Minn.) doesn't like the idea of tech companies using user data in unethical or unapproved ways—at least not when they won't cut the government in. If tech companies are making money off of user data, "maybe…we can put some kind of tax on it," Klobuchar said.

Obviously, companies like Facebook that selll user data must report the proceeds from those sales as regular profit, so they're already being taxed on that money. And obviously, government getting a bigger cut isn't going to protect user privacy—in fact, a double penalty on particular types of data usage might just cause companies to be less transparent about what exactly they're doing and selling. But Klobuchar apparently thinks that adding extra penalties for private companies while failing to protect consumers is OK as long as the government can shake down some cash in the process.


Genetically modified salmon will return to U.S. supermarkets. "The FDA originally cleared AquaAdvantage salmon, which is genetically engineered to grow year-round and thus reach the market twice as fast as unmodified salmon, in 2015 following a lengthy, years-long review," notes Gizmodo. "However, Congress passed a law in 2016 mandating the formation of labeling guidelines informing customers that the fish was genetically modified—standards that weren't finalized until late last year."

Now that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has finalized the standards, the Food and Drug Administration "no longer has the authority to issue labeling guidance," Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said on Friday.


• The U.S. House of Representatives just voted in support of D.C. statehood. "It's the first time that either chamber of Congress has passed a measure endorsing D.C. statehood," points out Keara Dowd at WTOP.

• Russian libertarians are protesting plans to wall off the country's internet.

• Medical marijuana moves forward in Ohio.

• Life is lonely for politicians with principles:

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  1. Another poll offered as evidence that young Americans love socialism actually shows strong support for free-market principles.

    We’re all Ambivalents now.

    1. Hello.

      Kids. They don’t know what they want.

      My daughter’s favourite line: YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!

      1. Well… do you understand her?

        1. Not really.

          Women you know.



    2. We’re all Ambivalents now.

      I’m a splitter. I’m more Antipathetic.

    3. Free market with their stuff, socialist with everybody else’s. “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable” isn’t anything new.

      1. Look, from their perspective in the basement “apartment” any leveling of material goods is an improvement.

  2. ‘We hope he learned his lesson,’ Pelosi says of report Trump wants $8.6B more for wall

    Trump learned alright. When the Senate and Trump keep the federal government shutdown for 35 days, Pelosi appropriates border fence money.

    1. What part of emergency don’t these Congress-people understand? Give the man a blank check for God’s sake, before we all die!

      1. The President submitting a federal budget proposal is an emergency now?

        Wait! I thought all the open border folks said that Trump should go through Congress to get border security funding?
        Trump is doing that and that is bad too?

        Hmm… Its almost like no matter what Trump does about border security, it is bad.

  3. If tech companies are making money off of user data, “maybe…we can put some kind of tax on it,” Klobuchar said.

    She just wants to wet her beak is all.

    1. She wants Zuckerberg to shave her legs.

  4. The U.S. House of Representatives just voted in support of D.C. statehood.

    Nope. Not changing my flags.

    1. They also voted to defund Obamacare repeatedly.

      I bet that went well too.

      I thought symbolic, waste-of-time votes were dumb. I was, apparently, wrong.

      1. But if the first purpose of democratic government is re-election?

      2. I’ve heard rumors that there’s something in the Constitution about the Federal government being given a piece of land where they alone would be sovereign, but it’s not like I’m going to read that 100-year old rag written by old dead white guys just to see if it’s true.

        1. Well, they gave half of it back to VA. Give the other half back to MD. Problem solved.

          1. Congress going back to part-time sessions would be a great improvement for America.

            Imagine how much less damage Congress would do if they only convened a few days each month and were paid only for those few days in session.

    2. …and lost all credibility for their democracy whines.

      When a city deserves two senators, STFU.

    3. Just add a little gold star to your flags and you are good.

    4. If DC gets statehood, then i want California split in to two. Everything north of Sacramento a new state

    5. One more blue electoral vote. Every little bit helps.

    6. D.C is already well represented in Congress. 435 congressmen and 100 Senators make sure Washington is always fat and happy and rich.
      If they try this again I would start a movement to shove the US capitol to some muddy field in the center of Nebraska. They can legislate under a big tent.

      1. Why do you hate Nebraska?

        Oh, they support farm subsidies. Hatred is justified…

  5. Elizabeth Warren proposes breaking up Apple, in addition to Google, Facebook, and Amazon

    Haha. Silicon Valley clowns think by giving money to Hillary’s campaign and the DNC protects them from the Hammer and Sickle Democrat candidates.

    1. I’m pretty surprised the links didn’t mention this one. Kind of a big deal.

      1. Reason staff had a pow-pow this weekend and decided that all the Socialists running Democrat 2020 are for either silencing free speech and/or trying to control companies…

        Too local to cover.

  6. Russian libertarians are protesting plans to wall off the country’s internet.

    If they block off their internet, does that mean Hillary is president?

    1. Russian libertarians are protesting plans to wall off the country’s internet.

      Both of them?

    2. Wait, she’s not?

  7. Rep. James Clyburn says Ilhan Omar’s experience is ‘more personal’ than that of Holocaust survivors’ children
    House Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (D-S.C.) said Wednesday the experience of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) is “more personal” than that of the children of people who have survived the Holocaust and other atrocities, drawing a rebuke from the Anti-Defamation League.

    …She “is living through a lot of pain,” Clyburn told the newspaper, drawing a contrast between Omar’s firsthand experience and the perspectives of those whose parents or grandparents survived the Holocaust or other historical atrocities.

    “There are people who tell me, ‘Well, my parents are Holocaust survivors.’ ‘My parents did this.’ It’s more personal with her,” Clyburn said in the interview.

    1. It’s more personal for her how? She is a Holocaust survivor? If so, she looks much younger than her age!

      1. She watched the head shots in Schindler’s List but fast-forwarded thru the boring talky parts.

    2. Yes, things that people experience directly are more personal experiences than other people’s experiences. Not sure why that’s interesting or relevant here. Or excuses anything she said.

      1. Did she actually say anything anti-Semitic or just trigger right-wing SJWs by criticize the government of Israel? I don’t know, that’s why I am asking.

        1. I’m not sure. Some of what she said sounded like it referred to tired old antisemitic tropes like the Jews controlling all the money.

          1. “Dual citizen” is a common antisemitic trope, as is the claim that “Israel has hypnotized the world”
            Calling for an Arab state “from the river to the sea” is another way of saying there should be no Israel.

            1. Yeah, that’s not cool.

        2. Did she actually say anything anti-Semitic or just trigger right-wing SJWs by criticize the government of Israel? I don’t know, that’s why I am asking.

          I think the important thing is that, whether she triggered some Jews or not, anti-Semitism and anti-Islamic sentiment should not be tolerated in this country. There are bad actors on both sides whom we should be condemning and they’re white.

        3. “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel. #Gaza #Palestine #Israel”

          “for me, I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is okay to push for allegiance to a foreign country.”
          Ilhan Omar Quotes

    3. It is not about whether what she said is right or wrong. It is about who is the greater victim of life.

      1. It is not about whether what she said is right or wrong. It is about who is the greater victim of life.

        The citing of the events that took place at Charlottesville in the resolution really took the cake for me, “One white dude killed a white chick, that should be a lesson to all of us to treat Jews *and* Muslims better.”

    4. “Sure, your parents were slaughtered for their religion, But SHE is being criticized on TWITTER! Step the fuck off, bitches!”

      As Ben Shapiro noted, it seems that David Duke’s endorsement of a politician isn’t news anymore. Because he LOVES Omar.

      Let me guess, Clyburn — Omar’s criticisms are worse than the Holocaust AND reparations are a must, right?

      1. Yeah! Other kids stuck gum on her hijab. You know how hard it is to get that shit out?

    5. To be fair, Hitler authorized Muslims be recruited for the 13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian) with Croatian officers. They were used to subdue partisans in Yugoslavia.

      If there were any Jewish people left in Yugoslavia, the Muslims would have been proud to put them on trains to death camps.

      13th Waffen Mountain Division of the SS Handschar (1st Croatian)

      1. Contrary to the popular narrative, Muslim antisemitism did not begin with the creation of the modern Israeli state.

        1. +1

    6. So now I guess liberal Jews are joining blacks as The Constituency Dems Can Take For Granted.

    7. Somebody knows de trouble she’s seen.

  8. So the poll indicates they like free markets and government provided “necessities”. Apparently also unaware that these are contradictions.

    1. Well, unless you are an anarchist, presumably you think that the government provides some necessary services, no?

      1. And free college and health care are properly provided by government…why?

        1. You’d have to ask people who believe that.

          1. Then do not make Tony argument defending that position if you do not want to go down that rabbit hole.

            1. It’s an easy one for me. Government shouldn’t be providing health care and “free” college.

              I’m not defending a position, just pointing out that libertarians generally do favor some government provided necessities.

      2. The government provides what we pay them to provide – just like McDonalds or your barber. The difference is that if you have a gun, you can force your neighbor to pay for your Big Mac and your haircut.

        1. Honestly, the only legitimate argument is whether there is a need for a final arbiter in court decisions. Everything else that is deemed a necessary government service can be better provided by the marketplace. Probably even the courts.

          1. You could set up a GoFundMe for “necessary” government services and that’ll tell you real quick how “necessary” people think they really are. It’s like Warren Buffett claiming he thinks he should pay more taxes – nobody’s stopping him from giving as much money as he pleases to Uncle Sam, so why isn’t he paying more?

        2. I suspect most of these young “adults” would have a hard time distinguishing between McDonalds and McGovernment. And are happy to benefit from some larger conglomerate that provides for their needs, and does not ask much mental work in return.

    2. They want government to pay for their private health insurance.

      1. Yes. Everything in life should be like college: I get the same array of choices that I would have in a free market, but the Government pays for whatever I choose to buy with an unsecured “loan.”

        1. I know a few people who flat out didn’t go to any classes for two years and simply lived off their government student loans. Still others doing the whole food-stamp steak diet while in school. I suspect this is mentality has a larger impact on students’ political opinions than is commonly pointed out.

  9. Medical marijuana moves forward in Ohio.

    The black market trembles.

  10. ‘Israel Is the Nation-state of Jews Alone’: Netanyahu Responds to TV Star Who Said Arabs Are Equal Citizens

    At least a prominent Israeli finally admits that Israel is a Theocracy.

    1. Or at least an ethno-state.

      1. This. Israel was founded as a safe haven for Jews.

        Einstein became a Zionist when he learned the hard way that he didn’t get to pick his tribe. Germans wouldn’t let him integrate.

        1. America let him integrate. He’s actually quite loved in the USA.

          1. He first tried to integrate as a German. In Germany. While dumping his wife and banging his cousin.

            That is when he learned that he didn’t get to choose to be “non Jewish” and he came to agree with the idea of creating a Jewish home state. But it wasn’t about religion. It was about sanctuary.

        2. Racist fascists wouldn’t let Einstein live in peace. Get that straight.

          1. So Democrats?

            1. He is a dead white male who oppressed people.

              1. Nice man, nice man. Made a fortune in physics.

      2. Hitler had similar feelings.

      3. Doesn’t Israel have a population problem? The Arab minority is breeding faster than the Jews. It is only a matter of time before the Jews are once again a minority in their own country. I honestly don’t know how they should deal with this.

        1. If you ask Reason, the final solution would be to let hordes of non-Israelis flood into Israel.

          According to Reason, it has zero effects to flood other cultures into a different homogeneous culture.

          1. The magic Israeli dirt will turn all the immigrants into peace-loving, tolerant citizens.

  11. More bad economic news.

    Global Economy Hits Its Weakest Spell Since Financial Crisis

    We are in a global recession with no end in sight, exactly as Paul Krugman predicted.


      1. You are such a Debbie downer.

    1. If you have electricity and haven’t traded your computer for food.

      1. Million Dollar idea: Edible computers!

        1. Bad news: the million dollars are Zimbabwean dollars.

          1. It’s okay. I have 3 wheel barrels to carry cash for my Chick-Fil-A sandwich meal.

            1. Mmmm… Jesus Chicken. If they served that instead of those little crackers they’d get more people to attend church

              1. Guess where almost everyone goes AFTER church?

                1. Not Chick-Fil-A, since they are closed on Sunday.

                  1. Not all church is on Sunday.

                    1. That’s just too much church.

                  2. You stock up on Chick-Fil-A on Saturday evening. The Lord helps those who help themselves.

                    1. Give a man a Chick-Fil-A sandwich and he eats for a day. Teach a man to get Chick-Fil-A on Monday-Saturday and he eats for a lifetime.

    2. Socialist Party websites working as normal.

      Or, not working as normal, as the case may likely be.

  12. with strong support both for “socialism” and for private enterprise

    Maybe they’ve learned that the money has to come from somewhere.

    1. But they probably still think that that “somewhere” is “the rich”.

  13. Is it me or does Pelosi have a bigger problem than Trump within her ranks with the likes of psychos like AOC and Ilhan?

    1. Correct.
      The “Rs are scared of AOC” meme is a cover put out by MSM (aka party leadership).
      Rs love AOC, and Tlaib and Omar, because they’re saboteurs.
      D establishment is terrified, and should be

      1. AOC and Tlaib and Omar are puppets. Do you seriously think these empty-headed little twits have the brains or the money to run a successful political campaign? The question is, who’s pulling the puppets’ strings? You’re busy laughing at the dancing monkey, you’d better be suspicious of why the monkey’s dancing.

        1. Communists and non-Limo Socialists in the Democratic Party felt that they needed to step up the plan to smother the USA with Socialism.

          Trump’s Presidency is clear evidence that decades of implemented Socialist policy can be rolled back easily.

          The Communists always try and subdue political movements that seek remove the chains of Socialism. Hungry 1956.

          1. There’s a trillion dollar deficit that begs to differ.

            1. That’s right. One strategy of Socialists is to bankrupt the USA into submission.

        2. “The question is, who’s pulling the puppets’ strings?”

          Steyer’s? Soros? Someone else who doesn’t have the balls to push further toward progressive totalitarianism openly?
          It’s an interesting gambit. You’d hope they are pushing too far too soon, but they’re also acclimating the public to these plans.
          But whoever is behind them is a bigger threat, at the moment, to the D old guard than anybody else.

        3. We know who is behind them. It’s all over youtube.

          1. …Google?

      2. I await the Dems usual “Republicans are racist and bigot” bullshit next year when we have the Democrat Party in VA, the most popular freshman pols in Congress, etc to point to.

    2. It’s not you. It’s a race to the bottom. Used to be when someone had issues but was extroverted and really wanted a job, they’d probably end up as a school janitor. Now it’s the major parties who take them in.

    3. It’s definitely you.

    4. There are even bigger psychos than AOC and Ilhan in the Democratic Party.

      1. Chemjeff is a Lefty and that dude was trying to convince us that the USA should let in more pedophiles that hurt kids. The new kids, would be American kids of course.

  14. 49.6 percent said they would prefer a socialist country

    Air Venezuela is ready when you are.

    Start a GoFundMe to ship these people who say they would prefer a socialist country off to an actual socialist country and you’d raise about 49.6 billion dollars in a week. There’s plenty of socialist countries to pick from – why are you still here and why are you determined to make this country a socialist country?

    1. Heck, Instapundit linked to a Twitter thread from an engineer discussing how bad the electricity problem actually is and that it might not be fixable at all. If it can be fixed, it won’t be for, quite possibly, a very long time. They have major, MAJOR problems at key facilities.

        1. That’s the one. If he is right, that is terrifying.

    2. If Trump wins I’m leaving America but not moving to Venezuela.
      — your average Socialist

    3. Because they are on a crusade, and would be unnoticed if they left here to go live in an already socialist country. Stay here,be applauded by a large segment of the population and enjoy all the fruits of capitalism while decrying it. Lafayette came to America on a crusade, won, and actually went back to France to promote an American style liberty there. It almost cost him his head.

    4. Because they want socialism with all the benefits of capitalism, for free. It’s like when people left California after turning everything to shit. Then voted for the exact same policies after they moved, turning their destinations into shit. It’s not their fault. They have good intentions. It must be the fault of someone with bad intentions. Like TrumpBushReaganHitler.

      1. Too late, but I wish Colorado had built a wall.

    5. Look, most of these nitwits cannot define “socialism”. It just sounds fun (its got social in the name, just like social media), and all the other cool kids like it. Plus liking socialism annoys old people.

      1. Libertarianism annoys other people too. I wish young people were more psyched about it.

  15. Read a story in the Washington Post about a Millennial hipster who saw a picture in an MIT Journal article about why anti-conformists always look the same, and was sure it was a photo of him. He emailed the MIT Journal complaining vociferously. MIT Journal checked with Getty Images, where they got the picture, and they confirmed it was just a male model. Oops.


    1. I guess they all express their individuality in identical ways.

      1. I guess they all express their individuality in identical ways.

        1. I guess they all express their individuality in identical ways.

          1. They’re like Japanese punks.

            My Japanese professor said you’d be amazed at how the unique and rebellious Japanese youth look and talk the exact same.

      2. I guess they all express their individuality in identical ways.

    2. At this stage, being a Libertarian type person is far more anti-conformist than being a Lefty douche-bag.

      1. And has been for a long time. It’s interesting how the left manages to keep it’s “cool” image despite being the boring-assed establishment for ages.

        1. Guillotines and free stuff.

    3. You have to look like all the other nonconformists so that people will know that you are a nonconformist.

      1. Had to google up a quote from South Park.

        “If you wanna be one of the non-conformists, all you have to do is dress just like us and listen to the same music we do.”

      2. I responded to you guys in the other thread about kids and wisdom.

        You can stay on my lawn.

        1. [puts down lawn chair, cracks open a beer]

          1. That better be a nice White Belgian.

            1. CMW or the beer?

            2. In fact, that is my preferred beer.

          2. Hope you have a jacket.

            Still too cold to sit on Canadian lawns?

  16. Drone murder of US citizens by Obo is OK, but:

    “Napalm is a cautionary tale for tech giants pursuing military contracts”
    “On the other side are groups of employees at those companies, including many anti-Trump progressives, who don’t want their tools to be used for drone warfare, immigrant detention and other projects they consider immoral….”


      Remove the s.

  17. Another poll offered as evidence that young Americans love socialism actually shows strong support for business.
    Once you explain what Socialism is defined as to these kids, they get a blank stare on their faces. Its the look that they realize that they are not smart.

    1. Of course, I would still rather teach people about what Socialism means and some historical horrors of Socialism than try and convince those Flat-Earthers that the Earth is round. I mean there are images and video from space that shows the Earth is round and when above ground, you cannot see the entire Earth laid out before you because of roundness of the Earth.

  18. I wonder if Trump actually figured out that if he just shuts up and does his job the democrats will be fighting over who loves communism more, leaving him the easiest re-election since Reagan

    1. Tulsi couldn’t even bring herself to acknowledge capitalism as a good thing on CNN. There’s not a single democrat willing to stand up for the economic principles that made us the most advanced civilization in the history of the world.

      It’s endlessly amusing, and it will continue to be entertaining as hell to watch Reason ‘both sides!’ all of this, as if there’s two equally bad parties. Enjoy defending the breadlines

  19. The latest Democrat talking point seems to be that Trump actually raised taxes on the middle class. I heard a talk show caller this morning, blue collar accent but doesn’t mean anything in Philly, saying he owed money this year vs. getting a big refund in prior years. He claimed that when “taxpayers do the math” they will see that Trump screwed the middle class so that the “rich could put more money in the bank.” If taxpayers could actually “do the math” and overcome their lack of government school education, they could easily divide last year’s adjusted gross income by last year’s tax, and do the same for 2018, and I’ll bet the percentage of taxation went down for more than 90% of taxpayers.
    Look for the media to pound on “smaller refunds” from now to April 15th.

    1. There are less tax brackets and the brackets moved down to lower percentages, plus there is a higher standard deduction for filers.

      TurboTax- 2018 Tax Reform Impact: What You Should Know

      But the propagandists say that taxes went up and some retards believe it.

      1. The rich and the upper end of the middle class definitely took a hit, especially in the high tax democrat controlled lunatic asylum states. Pretty much everyone below those levels got a cut.

        Fuck ’em. There’s no good reason whatsoever for the federal government to be subsidizing the exorbitant property taxes in New Jersey.

        1. No, the blue collar sounding guy is right.

          Why? The elimination of SALT deductions.

        2. Wiegal, your last sentence is progressive gobbledygook.

          1. You think the federal government SHOULD be subsidizing the exorbitant property taxes in New Jersey??

            I think it shouldn’t be subsidizing anyone. I believe that basically the entire tax code should be scrapped and replaced with a code as flat and simple as possible, no more than a page or two.

            1. How is the federal government subsidizing New Jersey property taxes?

              Let’s take A, who owns Atlantic City real estate, or C, a Camden real estate owner, or P, who owns Princeton real estate. Of course, A, C, and P all pay exorbitant property taxes. They also pay New Jersey’s exorbitant income taxes.

              However, that they used to be able to deduct the same from their federal returns does not thereby mean that the feds subsidized them. The federal government did not hand A,C, or P a boatload of cash.

              Put another way, exemptions are not subsidies.

    2. Perhaps anyone stupid enough to confuse their tax bill and their tax refund is too stupid to vote.

    3. >>>Look for the media to pound on “smaller refunds” from now to April 15th.

      been happening since like January 2d

    4. My withholdings went down for some reason and I had to adjust them again. I don’t know who decides to lower them everytime there are tax cuts. However my overall federal tax is down. I don’t use the government as a piggy bank with zero interest.

  20. I look forward to Reason’s take on Trump’s budget proposal…

    1. Reason will twist the Trump proposal to lower domestic spending by 5% on all programs except defense spending.

      Current FY2019 spending is $4.407 trillion. Minus $886 billion, makes for $3.521 trillion that can be reduced by 5%.

      A savings of $176 billion.

      Defense Department base budget: $597.1 billion.
      DoD Overseas Contingency Operations: $88.9 billion.
      Departments that support defense: $181.3. They include the Department of Veterans Affairs, State Department, Homeland Security, FBI and Cybersecurity and the National Nuclear Security Administration.
      Emergency funding for support departments: $18.7 billion.

      FY2019 spending

  21. Elizabeth Warren defended her plan to break up Amazon, Google, and Facebook and regulate them like utilities:

    “They have this incredible advantage from the information they get from their platform and the fact they can also manipulate the platform, putting themselves on page 1 and put the competitor on page 16 where no one ever goes… My view is break those things apart, and we’ll have a more robust market in America.”

    . . . .

    “The railroads of the Teddy Roosevelt era were the big monopoly of the 1800s?the railroads were where you had to be if you had a steel mill, wheat, or corn, you had to get your goods to the railroad,” Warren said. “What happened? Railroads figured out they could price differently depending on your desperation or whether they had a competitor in the field. They’d start their own steel company and then give discount rates to move that along and sell at a cheaper price, but they’d raise prices for competitors.

    “In that sense, what’s new is old,” she continued. “When someone gets market dominance, they destroy competition.

    —-Liz Warren…..-proposal/

    1. Putting aside the question, for the moment, whether Warren’s assessment of the railroad industry at the time of Teddy Roosevelt is accurate, does anybody believe that consumer rail service has thrived under the regulation of the Federal Railroad Administration? How much competition is there for consumer rail service now? Isn’t it limited to Amtrak, and aren’t they losing a fortune?

      Hasn’t the history of commercial freight service by way of rail since Teddy Roosevelt been one of consolidation, with the dominant players colonizing agencies like the DOT and the Federal Rail Administration and using it effectively to prevent, discourage, and punish competition? Why should we expect Liz Warren’s regulation of Amazon, Facebook, and Google to end differently?

    2. “Serious” people did propose,all through the 1920s, that the railroads be nationalized. Socialist (or fascist) ideas were even more heavily favored in those days than they are today however more rational minds prevailed (for now).

      1. Rail Barons were viewed as the “Capitalist” enemy of the people.

        Never mind that US Government was neck deep in Crony Capitalism with railroads to eminent domain land for private railroads, use the US Army to kick AmerIndians off land desired by railroads, and otherwise subsidize and protect railroads from the moral hazards of Capitalism.

    3. If monopolistic power is justification for breaking up large companies, then the same ethic needs to apply to government. Why not have several governments that people can choose, and that compete with each other?

      1. Monopoly government is chaos; it is disorder; it is dangerous and a threat to peace and prosperity.

  22. “Giridharadas approached the validity of this whole idea by saying he sees the “win-win” as America’s current greatest falsity?in order for things to change, someone will have to lose or sacrifice something. For Warren’s plan to work, he thus posed, who stands to lose?

    “The monopolists,” [Senator Warren] re[p]lied. “The monopolists will make less monopoly money, boo hoo.”


    I don’t know which is dumber: the idea that someone has to lose in order for someone else to win or the idea that government regulation means the end of a monopoly. Both of them are dumber than creationism.

    1. shame nobody in the public square will point out their lack of clothes .

  23. “Meanwhile, about 73 percent of Gen Z and millennial respondents said government should provide universal health care (for all age groups, it was 66.7 percent). In addition, 67.1 percent said government should provide free college and 49.6 percent said they would prefer a socialist country.”

    Note to Kulaks: Keep your powder dry.

    1. Noted.

      I keep my magazine below 30% humidity. I wonder if that is dry enough?

    2. I wish they had split out the Gen Z respondents from the millennials. I’m still hoping for a Gen Z backlash against their retarded older siblings.

  24. >>>Justin Amash is the loneliest Republican in Congress

    looks fucking creepy w/those glasses

  25. >>>If tech companies are making money off of user data, “maybe…we can put some kind of tax on it,” Klobuchar said.

    she doesn’t know yet there’s no maybe about it?

    1. Soon, The Cleansing will be upon us, and the gingers shall reign supreme again.

    2. Some years back the intelligentsia rehabilitated Nero. He may have murdered many, including his mother, but he was anti-christianist to the core and was a participant in history’s first same sex marriage. He was the bride.

  26. So, once again, a poll heralded as a big socialist spike actually shows more ambiguous results, with strong support both for “socialism” and for private enterprise.

    All this means is we get less free enterprise and more socialism.

  27. Reason once again shows it has no clue about Russia. Did Reason publish a blog about how Putin has introduced legislation to end censorship on the Russian web? This legislation is not about censorship, it is about protecting the Russian internet against cyber attacks by the West. BTW, the link is to the Moscow Times, which just like The NY Times is a neo liberal platform that constantly criticizes Putin some censorship! The libertarian organizers themselves banned conservative media organizations from a protest about this in Moscow, citing the right of “private discrimination” Cathy Young, Matt Welch, Kennedy etc simply do not understand Russia.

  28. I will never be a socialist.

    You can’t force me to be a socialist.


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