India's Airstrike Against Pakistan Borrow's America's Terror-Fighting Strategy

The U.S.'s raid against Osama bin Laden set an example.


Hindustan Times Sipa via Newscom

This week India launched air strikes against Pakistan to avenge a suicide bombing that killed more than 40 soldiers on Valentine's Day. The strikes, which dropped a load of bombs on what India claims was a terrorist camp run by the outfit that orchestrated the attack, show India taking a leaf from the page of America's raid of Osama bin Laden's hideaway—which, as it turns out, was a mere 40 miles from the camp India targeted.

One reason for this shift in strategy is that Indian leaders cannot ignore America's operation against bin Laden in the face of rising anti-Pakistani sentiment on the street. Doing so, I argue in a column for The Week, would have come across as "an admission of impotence."

But did America actually set a good example for India?

Go here to find out.

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  1. Someones borrowed won two many apsotrophe’s.

  2. You know, Shikha, torture is illegal in the US.

  3. “America got away with the bin Laden raid without immediate consequences because it isn’t Pakistan’s mortal enemy and doesn’t have to share a neighborhood with it. And it has the resources, both monetary and geo-political, to buy its compliance.

    But it may have set a terrible example for the two neighbors.

    The suggestion that we shouldn’t have gone after Osama bin Laden because it might set a bad example for India to follow is preposterous for a number of reasons.

    Even apart from that, since when has India taken its cues from the United States?

    Pakistan was our ally during the Cold War. India might as well have been allied with the Soviet Union.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. and Pakistan have been working together to fight terrorists in Pakistan on and off since 9/11, or, in other words, the attacks we’ve launched in Pakistan have often been coordinated with the government of Pakistan. If the Pakistani government isn’t coordinating with India to hit targets within Pakistan, then why would those American attacks have paved the way for India to attack targets in Pakistan without Pakistan’s consent or cooperation?

    Is it a legacy of colonialism to blame everything that happens now on foreign interference and influence? Even if the U.S. had set a bad example, isn’t India to blame for following it? If the U.S. jumped off a bridge, would it be our fault if India followed?

    1. Of all the people I am okay with the USA going after… Osama Bin Laden was really the only person. The USA helped create the monster that Bin Laden became, during the USSR-Afghanistan war in the 1980s. He planned and gave the okay to attack America, so fuck Bin Laden. He’s dead now.

      Indians and Pakistanis are not the best of friends and need to work this shit out. The Kashmir is one of the few regions that two nations are still constantly fighting over.

    2. “Even apart from that, since when has India taken its cues from the United States?”

      Agreed. Shikha makes that claim without even a shred of evidence. Absurd.

  4. Lol, I almost made a comment yesterday speculating that Shikha was working on an angle for the India Pakistan fighting that involves blaming the US. But I thought it would seem too cynical. I guess I learned my lesson

    1. A ridiculous take. I’m curious if Pakistan helped/allowed India to target this camp. Otherwise, this is war between two countries who have never been overly friendly. If it’s true that they hit a terrorist camp in retaliation, then they did Pakistan a favor.

  5. Bin Laden’s death was definitely one of the saddest days of Dipshit Scumbagetta’s life. She cried for hours.

  6. Aha! I just knew that this was somehow Trump’s fault!

    1. Nah…she blames America even though it was our Nobel Peace Prize winning President that was the one who showed Indians how it is done.

      1. I dunno, I was thinking that maybe India watched the Revolutionary War of the 18th century and modeled their military actions on that.

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