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DNA sample
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Want to volunteer in your child's school? Sell real estate? A proposed Arizona law would require you to provide a DNA sample if you want to perform these activities or any other that require a fingerprinting. The state would keep the sample and link it to your Social Security number, last known address and other personal information. The bill would allow the state to share it with other government agencies and with anyone doing "legitimate research." Supporters say the bill would help police solve cold cases and other crimes.

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  1. So people in Arizona who need to be fingerprinted to get a state license commit a lot of crimes? That’s disturbing.

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      1. Do you need DNA to do that google gig?

    1. For whom?

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    1. Do they require a DNA sample?
      Asking for a friend – – – –

  3. I guess there really are Nazis in America.

    1. Yes, there are now politicians openly accepting the turning of their party into the national democratic socialist workers party. For example, they advocate fascism, the government control of the economy, and are beginning to adopt policies allowing the killing of citizens.

      1. I 100% believe you. What “policies allowing the killing of citizens” are you seeing coming forth from the United States Socialist Representatives (USSR) — or should we just call them national socialists?

        1. They’ve already taken out US citizens abroad using drone warfare, and now looking at post delivery abortions [let it die or help it along that course]. It’s all out of the box now.

    2. Not they. A Republican legislator.

      1. Damn I read your comment as “They are Nazis in Arizona” hence my not they comment. Fascinating.

  4. I’m sick of these half measures. AZ residents should be forced to willingly submit to any search the state wants to conduct, and all bank accounts and email passwords should be submitted for all to see.

    1. If you’ve done nothing wrong, why should you worry about the gov’t having your bank accounts?

    2. Why not? The bottom 1/4 of the state is already in the Constitution Free Zone – 100 mile 4th amendment exemption and 25 mile ‘we can trash your land all we want’ exemption.

      And the people in Phoenix don’t care – 7/8ths of the state lives juuuuust north of that 100 mile line.

  5. Wow. That is actually quite chilling. Surely there will be a court challenge based on the 4th, 5th and 9th amendments, RIGHT?!?

    1. Arizona falls within the jurisdiction of the 9th circuit; Federalist Society via Trump is replacing several justices, but there are a total of 23 so still quite likely to support anything that serves the purpose of their kind of government

  6. “Supporters say the bill would help police solve cold cases and other crimes.”

    What was that about probable cause?

    1. Outfitting everybody with stun collars with tracking chips and cameras would help police, too. Or, hell, just lock everybody up in cages and get it over with.

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        1. I am sitting here asking myself why, oh why, did I read that awful screed.

          1. Dr. Seuss says (that the Lorax says):

            You read the screed,
            ‘Cause you need a thnead!

            1. “Dr. Seuss says”

              Sounds about right for you, the idiot constantly unironically screeching retardedly about adult conversations.

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                To child porn, she’s a masturbator!
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                1. “SQRLSY One|2.27.19 @ 9:18AM|#

                  Dr. Seuss says”

                  So adult Hihn.

                  1. I hope that you win the debate between you and your head voices!

                    We’ll be rooting for you!

                    1. ” SQRLSY One|2.27.19 @ 9:18AM|#

                      Dr. Seuss says” SQRLSY is trash.

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                      Can you do the math?

                    3. ” SQRLSY One|2.27.19 @ 9:18AM|#

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          2. Because you have not yet learned to read the poster’s id before reading the post.
            There are lots of us you should ignore, sort of “do not feed the trolls” kind of thing.

  7. Want to volunteer in your child’s school?

    I trust AZ already has those children’s DNA on file. You know, to help police solve future cold cases.

  8. Are government officials forced to give DNA samples?

  9. Those Californian have been fucking up Arizona for years.

    Its clear that they are winning the fight.

    Bye bye Arizona.

    1. As with CO, NM, and NV; the assholes leave their bankrupt State and bring all of their virtue signaling with them, thinking the outcome will be different.

    2. As opposed to that meth lab with a built-in speed trap that is Georgia. Y’all don’t need anyone to come in a screw up your state; you’ve got that down all by yourselves.

      1. You’re not from around here, are ya?
        And you don’t follow college football either – – – –

  10. A few weeks ago Reason had an article about legislators in AZ who wanted to lift some occupational licensing requirements. They must have read the same thing and overcorrected.

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