Brickbat: It's All Academic


Halal meat
Iakov Filimonov /

The University of Central Lancashire, a public university in England, has suspended student Sebastian Walsh for the remainder of the academic year for making a "series of offensive and inappropriate comments" in class. In a letter to Walsh, the school claimed he said: "that the country is Islamified; that people who do not speak English should not be 'paid for' because this is our country; and 'that the practice of halal food is disgusting and barbaric'; and that you would have to kill yourself if you ever ate halal meat." Walsh, who is a member of the UKIP Party, says he said he would not eat at restaurants that serve halal meat because he considers the way that they slaughter the animals to be barbaric and he thinks the acceptance of halal meats is contributing the the Islamization of the country.