Bill Weld

Bill Weld's Strategy: Eviscerate Trump, Champion 1990s Policies, Stammer About Party Loyalty

The first semi-declared 2020 GOP challenger comes out blazing against the president while trying to wriggle off the hook about his recent Libertarian past.


Bill Weld, as expected, announced this morning in New Hampshire that he has launched an exploratory committee that will likely discover a desire to mount a primary challenge to President Donald Trump. You can watch Weld's whole address at Saint Anselms College's "Politics & Eggs" breakfast, plus some follow-up questions and answers, below:

The speech was a dry policy sandwich jammed between two juicy slabs of Trump-bashing. "I'm here because I think our country is in grave peril, and I cannot sit quietly on the sidelines any longer," Weld began. And then, near the close: "I encourage those of you who are watching the current administration nervously but saying nothing to stand up and speak out when lines are crossed in dangerous ways. We cannot sit passively as our precious democracy slips quietly into darkness."

If that pitch sounds eerily reminiscent of a Trump-era newspaper slogan, it's no coincidence. Weld shares with his friends in the Acela-corridor journalism world a visceral sense of revulsion at the president's boorish flouting of behavioral and policy norms. In an opening bill of particulars that wouldn't look out of place on CNN or MSNBC, the former Massachusetts governor and 2016 Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee eviscerated the president for praising "despotic and authoritarian leaders abroad," failing to adequately "call out and denounce appalling instances of racism," and railing against "the very idea of the rule of law." Then came the editorial board-pleasing kicker:

||| Weld 2020
Weld 2020

"He acts like a schoolyard bully, except of course when he's around other bullies, like Mr. Putin," Weld charged. "And then he turns ingratiating, all smiles, kicks the American press out of the Oval Office, and has his summit meeting with Mr. Putin with no news media present except TASS—the state organ in Russia. For what possible reason?" (Later, when asked to cite one particularly egregious and motivational Trump outrage, Weld repeated the anecdote.)

Sticking up for the American press corps has not, to put it mildly, been a winning strategy in modern Republican politics. Yet it could help earn Weld a lot of free media and non–Howard Schultzian goodwill, particularly during this man-bites-dog phase of being the only Republican candidate daring and/or foolish enough to take on Donald Trump.

Leaning into that potential role as Trump's foil, Weld took evident delight this morning reiterating what he told the Manchester Union-Leader yesterday: "My favorite stat on this score is the last nine times a first-term president has sought reelection, the four who had a primary challenge lost, while the five who didn't have a primary fight won another four-year term….I think 2020 could very well make it five to zero." If it sounds strange for a political-primary sales pitch to include a gleeful reference to the party in question losing the general election, well, welcome to Weld's odd world.

The former Barack Obama and John Kasich supporter's slippery loyalty to political parties generated his most awkward moments, both inside and outside the New Bedford Village Inn. "That's a poser, that's an issue; people are entitled to take that into account," he said, haltingly, when asked in a post-event press gaggle about backing out of his pledge of lifetime loyalty to the Libertarian Party. "It's just, stakes have gotten higher since then." The first two questions after his speech had to do with his 32-month fling inside the Libertarian Party; Weld just sidestepped the second to tout his record as a Republican governor.

"Weld is the same ex-Republican who deserted Massachusetts for New York; who endorsed President Barack Obama over Senator John McCain for President; who renounced the GOP for the Libertarian Party; who ran against the Trump-Pence Republican ticket in 2016, while cozying up to Democrat Hillary Clinton," a gleeful Massachusetts GOP Chair Jim Lyons shot out today in a press release. "After abandoning Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians, Weld demands that faithful Republicans consider him as their standard bearer. Even Benedict Arnold switched allegiances less often!"

But what of Weld's substantive policy ideas? There, his rap called to mind the 1990s generation of moderate conservative reformers from which he sprang. There was talk of a 19 percent flat tax, Social Security opt-outs, health savings accounts, free trade agreements, job retraining, putting social services out to private bids, letting health care consumers cross state lines, encouraging school choice, abolishing the Department of Education, and so on. The main new 21st century wrinkles to these Mitch Daniels/Steve Forbes–style prescriptions were nods toward criminal justice reform and the legalization of cannabis-related pain relievers.

||| Matt Welch
Matt Welch

Like Howard Schultz but unlike virtually all other modern Republicans and Democrats, Weld called for "bold action now" on the "completely crazy" national debt, "before it's too late." Here he took a rare swipe at progressives: "Unfortunately, especially in the left wing of the Democratic Party, socialism seems to have replaced any notion of spending restraint," he said. "We need the opposite of socialism. In the federal budget, the two most important tasks are to cut spending and to cut taxes, and cutting spending comes first."

Weld also broke with Democrat/media tendencies in calling for the end of the "death tax" and for a reduction of the capital gains tax to 10 percent. He surely will alienate some Republicans, on the other hand, with his desire to get back into the Paris Climate Accord and deliver on "the pressing need to act on climate." ("It's not a stretch to say that if climate change is not addressed, our coastlines and those of all other countries will, over time, be obliterated by storm surge and the melting of the polar ice cap. Yet climate skeptics claim that they aren't concerned!") And he's aligned more with Trump than the establishment when it comes to opposing "regime change in foreign countries at the whim of the U.S. government, even in the absence of any substantial threat to the United States."

But it isn't on a policy level where Weld is ultimately aiming to connect. The point of his run is as a wake-up call for GOP voters to admit that in their hearts they know Trump is wrong. "Republicans in Washington, many of them, exhibit all the symptoms of Stockholm Syndrome, identifying with their captor," he charged. "The truth is that we've wasted an enormous amount of time by humoring this president, indulging him and his narcissism, and his compulsive, irrational behaviors….The situation is not yet hopeless, but we do need a mid-course correction. We don't need six more years of the antics we have seen."

Where to from now? Weld says that he'll make it official after testing the waters, unless he receives "a virtually unanimous Who-do-you-think-you're-kidding?" There are New Hampshire appearances scheduled for February 26 and March 4, and even though he has a natural home-field advantage in the northeast, he swears that any real primary run would be a "national campaign."

"In every country," his remarks concluded, "there comes a time when patriotic men and women must stand up and speak out to protect their own individual rights and the overall health of the nation. In our country, this is such a time." Or so Bill Weld is banking on.

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  1. Weld Weld Weld, why don't you just go ahead and endorse the DEM candidate, like you did in 2016. We all know that's what your end game is...

    1. I still remember Reason's "we all voted for Hill or Jill" edition. It sickens me to this day.

      1. Listened to Matt's podcast last week-seems like they're all in for Klobchar this time...

        1. You don't want to piss her off!

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      2. Hell, even I voted for GayJay! I will be voting for Trump in 2020 though. It will be the first time I haven't voted for the Libertarian candidate for president.

        1. You don't even know who all the candidates are yet. Can you at least pretend to think before your knee jerks?

          1. Uhhh... There is no chance in hell a Democrat is going to be any better. Literally zero. Back a few decades ago it is at least possible that a super decent, rational, moderate Democrat MAY have come along that could have been moderately better than a given Republican... But those days are long gone.

            And unless the Libertarian party, or some other NEW party is polling with chances to actually win, that leaves Trump. I like a lot of what he has done. If congress actually gave him more of the things he wants, I'd like him even better.

            So the chances of me voting for anybody else is basically zero.

            1. I'm with you, vek. This loser (Weld) just can't stand not to be running for ANYTHING. He and idiot Gary insisted on acting as if Hilary was a "really fine person," or some other such nonsense.

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  2. I think 2020 is Bill's year.

    1. To be sure, he's a force to be reckoned with.

      1. Bill Weld? hahahahahahahahahahahaha...just laughed myself sick!

    2. I'm starting to think Weld is just a big government statist trying to co-opt the Libertharian party and its voters. While I agree cutting spending is priority #1, how could he endorse Obama over McCain (ok - McCain isn't any better on spending) or endorse either?

      Given history, I'd say Weld is like most of the major party candidates we've had who just lie to get elected, and then continue the political establishment ways of more government. He tried to co-opt the Libertarian party in 2016, but that only gave him some publicity. His pro-big-government climate, i.e. energy, control position, is not libertarian, nor is

      As for complaints of "boorish" behavior and not following the rule of law, Weld ought to give an example, of which IMHO there are none of merit. The establishment makes these claims against Trump, because they're against him, and Trump is against the political establishment IMHO. Weld is siding with the establishment here.

  3. welfare



    1. I like it. You can be his campaign manager.

  4. I have to say, I'm really loving this Weld news.

    It's a total egg on the face of all the folks who wanted to support Weld for the libertarian nomination and who parrot cliches about pragmatism and the big tent.

    It's a vindication of everyone else who said "not a libertarian" (nor a good candidate besides).

    1. The way to win elections is the keep that tent as small as possible.

      1. Big tent or small tent, you won't win elections with terrible candidates. And Bill Weld is a terrible candidate.

      2. Don't forget that you should also yell at the other people in the tent that they don't belong in there.

      3. It's best to have people in the tent who actually ARE not opposed to you. Not homeless drifters looking for a warm place for the night while taking shits in your tent.

      4. Or better than a tent of any size, a hall of mirrors where everyone just happens to agree (and is strikingly handsome).

      5. Obviously having a big tent of anarchists, Lefties, and non-Libertarians has worked so well so far.

      6. If the Libertarian party ever wants to get anywhere, it DOES need to be less dogmatic... But in the right way.

        GayJay threw a lot of important ideological stances under the bus to appeal to progs, which won't work. And he squished on a lot of things that actually might bring over conservatives. I dunno, it's like he and Weld just do the squishing all wrong. And they didn't sell things right.

        IMO saying "Well, yes I do believe all drugs should be legalized as a matter of principle... BUT I'm not even going to try to do that while in office as we're not there yet as a country. I will however legalize marijuana nationally, and perhaps reform punishment for other things to be more reasonable." and things like that.

        Give the real position, then explain your squish, while still saying you agree with the principle.

    2. Well I certainly am a pragmatist and a big tenter and ain't no egg on my face. Nor am I dancing on the stage in tighty whities. Or pretending that bake sales can fund all the governance necessary in ancapatopia

      And the big tent ain't about the candidates who want to use the LP for their own purposes. It's about the LP organizing itself as a political party rather than a cult. Preferably one that understands that it ain't gonna ever appeal to the Social Security crowd or to those wistful about the good old days of the DeRps. L's gotta appeal to the milennials/z's - who know the DeRps are screwing them and who know they have nothing to lose but their liberty.

      1. Well I certainly am a pragmatist and a big tenter and ain't no egg on my face.

        Indeed, it is entirely possible to maintain both of those qualities in a sensible way. That's why I specified cliche, because many people do employ them in a sensible way, and then accuse their critics of dismissing them out of hand. Those are the sort of people inclined to support Weld, by my observation.

        1. *many people don't...

          Request for edit button #917493072

    3. Except that, from the policy stances ticked off in this article, Weld seems much more libertarian than the avg. His libertarian/authoritarian ratio is pretty hi.

    4. Especially funny since Austun Pederson was one of those loud voices--who then went on to switch to Republican party and get trounced in the primary.

    5. certainly a giant douche bag though...

  5. Look, he's not expecting to win. He's just expecting a couple years living high off the donors' hog, and some thanks later on from NeverTrumpers for acting as a spoiler.

    Come to think of it, just the same as he was doing in 2016...

  6. This campaign is going to be short and uneventful. I bet they're going to exclude him from this debate, too, and I don't blame them.

    Libertarians would be better endorsing Howard Schultz from afar and focusing on local races in 2020. Schultz wants budget restraint, supports immigration, and doesn't care what's between your legs or in your bedroom. He hates guns, but that's the single issue he would have least impact on if he won (hahaha....encumbents lose basically never).

    1. There won't be a Republican debate unless Mittens throws his hat in the ring.

      1. Yeah, short debate.

        MItt: "My opponent is a meany!"

        Trump: "My opponent is a yuge loser!"

        Republicans think a moment, "Do we want to win mean, or lose nice?"

        Yay Trump!

        1. That really sums it up.

          The thing is Rs have been choosing nice losers for way too long. We were overdue for somebody with a spine. Being excessively nice is the biggest problem for western society nowadays. We feel like we can never say no to any request because we might not seem nice... Well, being successful isn't always built on being nice and altruistic. Sometimes you have to tell people NO.

          1. Bob Dole was called a lot of things (and Bob Dole was called many things even by Bob Dole) but one thing Bob Dole was never called was "nice".

            1. But he was. He was a pussy with no spine. The left has been attacking everybody that is conservative or libertarian minded viciously for decades, playing dirty, etc... And everybody just sat there and took it like a bitch. Fire and brimstone needed to be throw straight back at them a long time ago. Bob Dole DID NOT do that. Neither has anybody else of importance.

              Trump is flawed as the day is long, but he's at least outright attacked them in ways that are true, and hurt them very bad. Calling out the lap dog press for one. Not giving them the respect of treating their insane ideas as anything worthy of consideration, IE calling them idiots and lunatics. They deserved this, and more, decades ago.

        2. Line #4 is not as clearcut as you might think. It's probably the best example of a real-life Jack Benny Moment that I can imagine..

  7. How can you say, in rapid fire succession

    a) you are against Socialism

    b) you are against debt, and we need to cut spending and taxes

    c) we need urgent action on Climate Change, and need to be all in on the Paris Accord

    "Addressing Climate Change" is barely disguised code for Socialism, massive taxes, and bankrupting America

    1. Science is Marxist agitprop. LOL.

      1. @Leo Marvin Hey fucktard "the science" isn't settled, I like how you leftists control freaks try to act all snarky when your as fucking stupid as a box of rocks. Your "science" is funded by government panels, globalist think tanks etc. all people hell bent on expanding and maintaining their power by any means necessary, any truthful research is deemed by them and you tools as "false science" or "funded by a oil company" yeah fuck off.

        1. LOL. Triggered?

      2. Please enlighten us with the science that says what the exact perfect temperature the earth should always remain at.

      3. I asked science how many genders there were, and science was afraid to go on record to answer.

  8. Putin the bully? Putin is busy running around bringing peace to Syria, Afghanistan, supporting Venezuelan sovereignty, and saving Crimea from the neo Nazis in Kiev, and heis the bully?

    1. He's a bully because he doesn't look half bad with his shirt off and looks right at the camera when he speaks. 'Nuff said.

  9. As Mass governor, Weld talked a good talk about cutting spending, services, and taxes. Then turned around and signed every spending and tax hike the dems in the legislature sent to him, he also talked a lot about the government needing to do more to protect the environment. He wasn't a libertarian then and he sure as hell isnt one now.

    1. He also made opposition to an AW ban a central point of his campaign for governor, then once elected, not only stumped for an signed one, but went around the state giving speeches about how necessary it was and how great it was going to be. Unlike the federal ban which sunsetted, MA's is still in place, busily NOT improving their increasingly awful violent crime statistics, but successfully bringing the legal, licensed gun owner up on "paper charges" 24/7/365.

  10. Anyone low energy enough to unironically endorse any Democrat, or Kasich (redundant) is not fit to be President.

    1. Weld seeks to be the Great White Hope of Acela Corridor government class Republicans. That constituency can have its convention in a Waffle House, if any of them would be caught dead in such a lowbrow place.

      1. They can hold a seance with Nelson Rockefeller

        1. Too funny! However, that will be one boring seance, huh?

          1. Not if Happy crashes it.

            1. You make a valid point, Henry.

  11. Weld trying to "eviscerate" Trump is like sending a man armed with a butter knife against a swordsman armed with Toledo steel. It is a mismatch. You cannot out boor a boor.

  12. At the very least this doofus won't be running on the Libertarian ticket in 2020. Good riddance.

    1. Amen! I'm pretty certain the Libertarian Party probably asked him to leave. Many, such as myself, expressed the sentiment that "my Libertarian vote for Bill Weld would be cast on a cold day in hell." Adios, dear, sweet, confused man.

      1. Ditto.

  13. These events make me like Weld more. Before, I viewed him as an inept opportunist, always arriving just as the band wagon he desires to jump on departs. Now I see a desperate, broken man who knows the world has moved on yet is incapable of adapting to it, which earns him a modicrum of pity.

    1. Well stated, Matt XIV. However, a modicum must be -- if deserved at all -- a very small amount of pity.

    2. LOL

      A very eloquently worded burn my friend!

      1. can't we just call him a giant douche bag and move on?...modicum? just how much is a modicum? more than a smidge and less tad?

  14. My TDS meter says Weld's reading is 97.7%

  15. Weld on libertarianism: He inhaled, but didn't like it.

  16. He's trying to make it 5-0 that no incumbent who is challenged in the primary goes on to win the general. Why would the Republicans want anything to do with him or let him use their name to jinxdefeat them?

    He is bragging that he wants the Dems to win and the Republicans to lose, at the same time he claims to hate what the current crop of Dems stand for.

    He's even loonier as a Republican than a Libertarian. At least he didn't publicly proclaim he was trying to make Gary Johnson lose.

    I can't wait for when he tries to declare himself a Democrat, then a Socialist.

    1. Maybe he'll assume the LaRouche mantle.

      1. Without the charisma.

  17. The problem with a possible third party candidate is that he will be moulded from and influenced by the socialist Dem party or the RINOs. Unless you can find a true "outlander", nothing will change. The Swamp will do anything to remain in control and thus the entire process of running the country becomes tainted and corrupt. As it is now. We are, thankfully nearing the end of this charade.

  18. "We cannot sit passively as our precious democracy slips quietly into darkness."

    Come on, Bill -- get with it! The expression is "We cannot sit *idly by* as blah blah."

  19. It's almost like every libertarian organization is really controlled opposition for the DNC and their creepy globalist friends.

    Maybe some like reason dont realize they are being controlled, but the outcome is the same.

  20. It doesn't matter what Bill Weld's strategy is.

  21. Wait. Weld thinks he is going to get the GOP nomination over an incumbent Trump?


    Holy shit, my sides are killing me!

  22. Not too different than his previous disastrous campaigns.

  23. This point in Bill Weld's political career is analogous to the Chevy Chase cake drop?

  24. Imagine Gary Johnson in 2016 with a reliable Libertarian sharing the ticket.

    Weld should run for VP on the Democratic Party ticket in 2020. Full circle, and it's where all Warmistas belong.

  25. If you rearrange the letters in "William Floyd Weld" you get "A Wildly Dim Fellow."

  26. I haven't heard this much nuanced, thoughtful criticism since we threw vegetables at those heretics in the village square.

    1. If he weighs the same as a duck, then he's made of wood and therefore a witch.

  27. Weld will spend more money than he ever gets in political contributions.

  28. He's every bit a libertarian as Trump is.

    1. Yes. And Trump's every bit as libertarian as Weld is. AND ... HE got elected.

  29. A lot of people are wondering what Bill Weld's endgame is, since he can't seriously expect to grab the Republican nomination away from Trump. Let me suggest another possibility: He may be angling to become the Vice-Presidential candidate on Howard Schultz's independent ticket. Weld will have proven his anti-Trump credentials via the Republican primary challenges, while at the same time displaying his independent streak based on his 2016 run as the Libertarian Party's VP nominee. Weld would also bring executive experience to the ticket as a former governor. The only downside is that Schultz and Weld are both old white heterosexual males, but presumable the Democrat ticket will have already locked up those voters who are completely obsessed with identity politics.

    Consider that Schultz's transcendent problem is that Trump-haters fear he will just siphon off votes which would otherwise go to the Democrat candidate, thereby assuring Trump's re-election. But with Weld on the ticket, Schultz can plausibly argue that he'll siphon off just as many votes from the right side of the political spectrum, for a neutral (or at least unknown) net effect. Voters can thus vote for Schultz/Weld without feeling too guilty that they are simply enabling the election of the greater evil (whether they consider that Trump or whoever the far-left Democrat turns out to be).

    1. I guess Schultz should pick Weld so he can do for him what he did for Johnson: alienate voters enough to cut his results in half. I say that as someone who happily voted for Johnson while trying hard to ignore Weld.

      1. Let's hypothesize that Weld becomes the main Republican challenger to Trump, and that all of the NeverTrump people rally behind him. With a strong assist from the main stream media, Weld could easily pull 10-15% of the vote in several primaries, perhaps even higher in New Hampshire. Then he's in a position to argue that his presence on Schultz's ticket would draw off a significant number of Trump votes, where even a tiny percentage drain could make the difference in battleground states. That argument, while doubtful, would sound plausible to many pundits and prognosticators. So Schultz picks Weld to balance his ticket and diffuse the fears of Democrats, and my prediction is confirmed.

    2. That's actually not a bad theory.

      Minor correction though, Schultz is a Jew, so he has that going for him in SJW world! Mind you half of the non white Progs are actually almost outright anti-Semitic at this point... So that could be a pro or a con. Many of them also just think of Jews as being SUPER privileged white people, like super Honkies or something. But none of them like to admit they don't like Jews out loud, so I dunno.

      What a shit show this situation would be though.

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  32. Gary Johnson has a momentary brain crap on Aleppo and the world comes to an end.....Weld apparently thinks presidential terms of office are six years and no one notices....

    1. *crap=cramp

      [Request for edit button #10,369,761]

      1. Actually, the original is more appropriate.

  33. Any takers that Weld and Kasich team up at some point in the race? Co-presidents? Co-vice presidents?

    1. So what do they stand for? Both are confused losers that have zero chance.

  34. Wow, "Reason" really back pedaled on their former cock swallowing of Weld. All of us knew Weld was a phony and a statist shit heel but "Reason" wouldn't listen which is the "reason" why I no longer take them seriously. Meh open borders, Meh winning at all costs.

    1. Libertarians have to fight the Lefties, Democrats, Republicans, Anarchists, and saboteurs.

      Its exhausting.

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  37. How low does your self esteem have to be for you to think that you can vote for someone who is good enough to rule over you?

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  39. I'd prefer Weld to Trump, but I will never like him.

  40. LOL

    What a fag.

    You know, Bill Weld would have made a perfectly fine Casper Milquetoast president like 20 or 30 years ago... But like many libertarians (which he is not), he doesn't seem to realize we're not in the "politics as usual" stage anymore... We're basically in a cold civil war.

    Many of his policies are in fact better than Trumps, even though he's a retard about many things too. But he's too much of a spineless, useless, piece of shit coward to get anything done even if he were in office. He'd cave to progs on all the worst things, and then not get a damn thing done on the conservative/libertarian side of things.

    The time for politicians like him is over. At least until after the "cold civil war" is decided. That's if it doesn't go hot, mind you. But his backing of a totally dishonest press, the kind of press that would villify him 24/7 if he were actually in office, shows how stupid, naive, and weak he is. Trump was brilliant for being the only one to have the balls to call the press out. Anybody right of Mao could tell the press endlessly lied about EVERYTHING. Trump was the first guy of import to call them.

    Bottom line is we're on war footing. Trump is like a Patton. He's kind of out of control sometimes, but always on the attack, and often winning. Weld is like paper pushing pussy Ike. Ike wasn't a BAD guy, but he NEVER could have pulled off what Patton did at the front lines. We need Patton, not Ike.

    1. And look what happened to Patton.

      1. Right? It was so sad that he didn't at least get killed by enemy fire during the war, after he knew we'd won or something. He deserved that. The conspiracy theories about him being murdered are interesting, but I find them very lacking.

        I'll tell ya what though, even though I don't think they had him killed, the establishment is lucky he did die. He was just about to come back to the USA and rail our leadership for handing Eastern Europe over to the commies after all those good people died to free those very people from a tyrant. He was a TRUE American, and after all the blood good people shed to win that war, it was a travesty to leave it to Stalin. Churchill felt the same. Another good man.

        Patton was very loved by the public, and he may well have been enough to swing public opinion here. He might have changed the course of world history had he not had his little accident.

    2. Ike realized that the Army ran on efficient supply lines and integrated the military. Kudos to him.

      1. Yeah. Ike was a solid administrator. And nations need men like him behind the scenes, and at the right time right out front. But really we're not in a time like that. Men like Patton can often get by without a man like Ike behind them, but men like Ike can rarely ever get anywhere without a man like Patton IN FRONT of them.

        I give Ike cred for some things... But he is just not the kind of man I admire much. He was a desk jockey administrator, who if you know anything about WWII history in depth, bungled strategic matters numerous times against the advice of ACTUAL great generals like Patton. Many fools end up being lionized for political reasons, Ike is one of them. Montgomery and De Gaul were others from that war.

        There's a reason the Nazis, who undoubtedly had the finest soldiers and generals of the war, said that the only allied general they truly feared facing in battled was Patton.

  41. I find myself attracted to candidates who repeatedly use the words "liberty" and "freedom" in their speeches.

  42. If there existed such a thing as a dictionary of phrases, Bill Weld's picture would appear as the illustration for "insincere, backstabbing weasel."

    Any sentence that includes both the terms "Bill Weld" and "lifetime loyalty" is an immediate semantic nullity.

    It's a tossup as to whether the national LP's most breathtakingly embarrassing nomination was gun-banner Bill Weld or drug-warrior Bob Barr. Both brought shame to the "Party of Principle."

    Somebody needs to give this welterweight dilettante the ambassadorship to Mexico he really lusts after, then build the wall a foot higher just in case. 1993/10/01/us/ in-shift-massachusetts-governor-backs-gun-law.html

  43. I'd vote for him, even though he's weak on the Second.

  44. Bill Weld a libertarian, ROFLMAO. I think Trump is more Libertarian than Weld. Tax cuts, deregulation, most of his judicial appointments. Any other issues they both fall in line with the establishment.
    We had very decent guy who was not up to a national campaign in Gary Johnson as a candidate. Can't we get one with some personality to at least get people interested in listening. Getting 4% of the national vote would at least get notice and get Libertarian views a seat at the table.

    1. Eat dog shit and die from a parasite, you ridiculous ignorant mollusk. Trump is appointing whoever the conservative Deep State tells him to appoint. It's not going to be good for you. It will be good for CEOs of the worst companies in the world. What a fucking sheep you are. I am disgusted that you even exist.

      1. Lol. Trump's taking marching orders from the "Deep State". Funny shit Tony.

        Speaking of parasite, you're one.

      2. I am disgusted that you even exist.

        Will you be remedying that when you get that power you're desperately craving? What'll it be, cattle cars? Or will you modernize and do some kind of pop up camps?

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  47. Actually this dude is the worst possible choice that has announced so far, with the possible exception of Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren. How could anyone trust this dude? He makes Trump look like a hero and the crazy, destructive, and anti-American ideas of the progressives seem less disastrous.

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