Gun Control

One Year Later, Parkland Remains a Stunning Example of Police Incompetence

The mass shooting became a story about gun control. But it's also a story of incomprehensible government failure.


Amy Beth Bennett/TNS/Newscom

For most people—including the teenagers who lived through it, and then became national advocates for the anti-gun cause—the February 14, 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida was primarily about one thing: how easy access to firearms leaves schools fundamentally unsafe.

"Our school could be next," a 13-year-old told me when I interviewed her at the 2018 March for Our Lives rally in Washington D.C., held a month and a half after the events in Parkland, Florida. "What if it is?"

This message was echoed by the well-spoken, telegenic, and unbelievably driven survivors of the Parkland shooting: David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, and their friends.

Today marks one year since Nikolas Cruz, a disturbed teenager and former Stoneman Douglas High School student, walked into the school and murdered 17 of his ex-classmates. In the months since the attack, Parkland activists have made some headway on behalf of gun control: The Florida legislature passed a "red flag" law that empowers courts to take guns away from purportedly dangerous people, and raised to 21 the minimum age to purchase a gun. At the federal level, President Trump signed an executive order that banned "bump stocks"—an after-market gun modification that allowed Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock to fire more rapidly.

But though the activists and most of the media have focused on guns and what to do about them, there's another story to be told about Parkland—one that Broward County's local paper, The Sun-Sentinel, has done a praiseworthy job of telling.

It's the story of catastrophic failure at every level of law enforcement, beginning with a corrupt and incompetent sheriff's office warned on multiple occasions about the specific threat posed by Cruz. The Broward County sheriff's office received at least 18 tips between 2008 and 2017 concerning Cruz. A November 2017 caller described him as a "school shooter in the making." Despite knowing that Cruz was in possession of a cache of weapons, the sheriff's office passed the buck, expecting a different police authority to handle it.

On the day of the shooting, a Broward County school resource officer beclowned himself. School Resource Officer Scot Peterson, an employee of the sheriff's office, refused to enter the school and confront Cruz, as did three Broward County Sheriff's deputies who had arrived on scene. These were stunning indictments of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, a man who responded to accusations of corruption by comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King. "Lions don't care about the opinions of sheep," he said, paraphrasing a Game of Thrones villain.

As questions about his leadership mounted, Israel remained defiantly proud of his behavior—boastful, even. When asked if his office should have handled things differently, he shrugged. "If its and buts were candy and nuts, O.J. Simpson would still be in the record books," he told CNN's Jake Tapper.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) fired Israel, a Democrat, shortly after taking office. But the failures do not end with the sheriff. The FBI itself was told about Cruz's instability just days before the attack but "processes… were not followed," according to an FBI spokesperson, and the tip was ignored.

Gun control and government incompetence are not unrelated subjects. Generally speaking, the logic of gun control rests on the idea that public safety can be trusted to the police. People don't need guns because the government is protecting them.

That's why law enforcement's spectacular failure before, during, and after the Parkland shooting should be a more pressing topic of discussion. When we talk about various strategies for disarming the public—most of which are law-abiding citizens who do not use guns inappropriately but might want them for self-defense—we should not forget that these strategies place implicit trust in government agencies to protect us from all threats. Every day, as was the case with Parkland, many of these agencies prove themselves to be wildly incompetent for reasons ranging from arrogant leadership and individual cowardice, to toxic workplace culture and shoddy internal systems.

The mantra of post-Parkland activism is that every kid has the right to feel safe. The myriad failures of police bureaucracies at the local, state, and national level raise serious questions about whether the government can provide such guarantees.

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  1. There are plenty of common sense gun safety proposals we libertarians should support. The most obvious is a ban on deadly high-powered assault weapons. Civilians should not own weapons of war designed for killing as many people as quickly as possible. Only the police and military should have those.

    Best of all, sensible gun violence prevention legislation is perfectly constitutional. Michael Hihn has explained in detail why this is the case. And he’s been a libertarian activist since before many of us were even born.

    1. Please define: deadly high-powered assault weapons

      1. Black and scary, sort of like the Wu Tang Clan.

        1. ‘Black and scary’……..

          Sounds like racial dog whistling. Or a BBC porno film.

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    2. “Civilians should not own weapons of war designed for killing as many people as quickly as possible.”

      – They can have my 3-stage thermonuclear weapon when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

      1. They can have my 3-stage thermonuclear weapon when they pry it from my cold dead hands... radioactively cold dead hands… 30,000 yrs. from now.

    3. A-. You lose credit for invoking Hihn too glowingly.

    4. Open Borders Librarian.

      Have you banned Huckleberry Finn in your library?

      1. ‘Can you imagine if Twain had written a sequel? ‘The Further Adventures of Nigger Jim’.

    5. “Civilians should not own weapons of war designed for killing as many people as quickly as possible. Only the police and military should have those.”

      A+ for this line

    6. Why should the police have those kind of weapons?

      To gun down unarmed black men?

      If so, that means the Crips should also have high-powered assault weapons.

      1. Why is gunning down unarmed black man followed by a question mark? I thought it was established standard operating procedure.

        1. No. The police don’t appear to have a problem gunning down anyone. Regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, or even species. Cops are very diverse this way.

          Like a fucking rainbow.

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    8. I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not. I certainly hope it is.

      1. Hang around longer–alas, it’s not.

    9. The average citizen needs access to equivalent firepower to what the criminals will possess. Prohibition has been and always will be an abject failure, so any restrictions on gun ownership will turn the average citizen into a victim because they won’t have adequate firepower to defend themselves.

      1. The 2nd amendment isn’t about hunting or self defense from criminals. It’s about defense from your government. Without access to private arms the founders couldn’t have rebelled against the crown effectively. Self defense is just a nice secondary benefit.

    10. Okay OBL don’t overdo it.

    11. Again, foolish people (like open borders above) think that it is GUNS which cause the problems, when it obvious to any intelligent person that it is the PEOPLE who must be controlled, not the weapons. Do the guns get up in the morning and decide who they are going to kill that day? Good God, THINK, if you can, before you post.

    12. I am torn on this point, considering the events in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, when police gunned down unarmed innocent civilians. Sometimes, the people that citizens have to defend themselves against are… the police. It is not a matter of an individual fighting against the entire US government, only of them fighting against corrupt agents of the government in a single event.

      I am sure that the citizens of Russia never believed their own tanks would roll against their own city.

  2. You know who else was first?

    1. It never works out the way you want.

  3. Damn you, OBL! Damn you to hell!

  4. This message was echoed by the well-spoken, telegenic, and unbelievably driven survivors of the Parkland shooting: David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, and their friends.

    Crisis-theater kids

    1. well-spoken, telegenic, and unbelievably driven

      All now sitting on the back bench with Cindy Sheehan, Bradley Manning,

      1. I thought it said telepathic at first. I was ready to jump on board with the conspiracy that he was performing mind control.

      2. When all those people get to Hell, they will be forced to sit together in small room. For all eternity.

  5. What’s the over/under on how many pushups he can do? I have 5.

    1. Are you jealous that David Hogg is going to Harvard and you didn’t? In a few years he’ll be a Harvard-trained gun safety activist. But hey, go ahead and comfort yourself that you’re more “buff” than he is, if it makes you feel better.

      PS ? cis-men who disagree with David Hogg all have small penises. No amount of pumping iron can fix that! LOL

      1. You’d think you’d better at this by now, you overly verbose bore.

        1. I’ll try to be more concise then.

          David Hogg is going to Harvard. You didn’t. He’s smarter than you.

          1. “He’s smarter than you.”

            I would think voluntarily going to Harvard proves the opposite.

          2. A politically-based sympathy enrollment after he didn’t get accepted to any of the schools he actually applied to.

            1. You can tell how smart he is by all the swearing and the tantrums about rushing to some stupid legislation because FEEEEEELLLLSSSS

        2. Cat fight!!!!

      2. “In a few years he’ll be a Harvard-trained gun safety activist.”…Is that a new major there?….Along with Toxic Masculinity, White Privilege and Christians are Neanderthals?

        1. In a few years he’ll probably be a woman and transition into being a pronoun safety activist.

      3. OBL, I doubt Lil’ Hogg has much going on in the meat department himself, but I surmise he’s hankering for a whole haunch of beef. I suspect he will be getting pumped quite a lot, just not with iron.

        I’m sure Tony could enlighten you as to what I mean.

      4. David Hogg will grow up to be an official traveling around with an armed security team that will shoot you if you disagree with him.

  6. Good day for gun functionality though.

    1. The AR is a reliable platform.

    2. Yeah, it turns out guns do exactly what the user tells them to do. Like the resource officer who told his gun to stay outside and not do anything, or the entire sheriff’s office which ignored all the warnings about Cruz and told their guns to not go anywhere near him.

      1. Guns don’t kill people, mentally ill people with guns kill people.

        ?the NRA

        1. Are you saying that mentally ill people *don’t* kill other people, that people that kill other people aren’t mentally ill, that they mentally ill people *don’t* do so with guns or that some/all of the above are, somehow, correct and that, somehow, the NRA is still wrong?

          1. It’s not even my joke, so I am not going to explain it.

            1. It’s a joke?

              1. “It’s a joke?”

                Scumbag’s the joke.

              2. No. The joke goes: “Guns don’t kill people, dads with teenaged daughters kill people”. Tony was just being, you know, politically creative and humorous and all like that there.

            2. Logical fallacy is “funny” because it signals the right think – woke “comedian”

          2. Shut your mouth. We need mentally “ill” people for diversity. Do you want to ruin the whole human race?

        2. Guns don’t kill people. Mentally ill people with guns kill people without guns.
          -pro bonobo

          1. This is funny because it’s the truth.

      2. There is a critical piece of info left out of this article: The Obummy’s Dept. of Ed Policy that kids like Cruz, especially minority kids are not to be arrested for crap like this & instead be given therapy & chance after chance, so they are not burdened with a criminal record!….The High School was following it & so was the Sheriff’s Dept!

        1. Now, THAT’S a joke

          1. *rimshot*

        2. As with so many of the things wrong with this nation, it goes back to the eight years of the racist halfrican bath-house boy and the fear everyone had of being called racist if you spoke out in opposition to his lunacy.

          1. And that is what will happen even to a higher degree if Kamala Harris is elected prez, cause then she’ll have the woman card too!

  7. That’s why law enforcement’s spectacular failure before, during, and after the Parkland shooting should be a more pressing topic of discussion.

    And we know why it isn’t. The well-spoken, telegenic and driven survivors (and survivor-adjacent) and their news media enablers have an agenda with massive blinders. There is little interest by the adults in the conversation to analyze with any critical thought the problem and its best solutions.

    1. The well-spoken, telegenic and driven survivors (and survivor-adjacent)

      Well-spoken, maybe. It’s debatable. Telegenic? Eh…

      1. I didn’t know Rachel Maddow had two children.

        1. They aren’t her children per se. They were sloughed off.

        2. That’s actually not bad.

          +1 for Tony.

    2. You are more fun when you are not so serious.

  8. There is no ‘but,’ gun control is just another aspect of government failure.

  9. The mantra of post-Parkland activism is that every kid has the right to feel safe.

    Isn’t that a paraphrase of the 2A?

    1. How can anyone possibly have a right to feel anything? How in the holy Christfucking hell could anyone decide where one person’s right to feel ends and another person’s right to feel begins?

      1. It starts and ends at the first layer of the epidermis.

        1. That’s what she said.

          1. *golf clap*

    2. “The mantra of post-Parkland activism is that every kid has the right to feel safe.”

      There is no right to feel safe. How would you guarantee the right of entitled snowflakes to feel safe? Especially when they cherry pick what scares them based on ideology or the latest scary thing.

      If there were such a right, then gun control laws would clearly infringe on my Right to Feel Safe. Just like they infringe on my Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

      1. “If there were such a right, then gun control laws would clearly infringe on my Right to Feel Safe” — especially if, as was postulated at the start of this thread, only the police should possess high-powered, automatic weaponry.

    3. No kid feels safe at school. The rampant racism, theft and bullying in public schools leaves kids feeling under constant attack.

  10. “Lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep,” he said, paraphrasing a Game of Thrones villain.

    You know nothing sheriff douche bag.

    1. ^

  11. “One Year Later, Parkland Remains a Stunning Example of Police Incompetence”

    And camera-whore kids.

  12. On the day of the shooting, a Broward County school resource officer beclowned himself.

    On school premises? That’s disgusting.

    1. Something you just can’t unsee, bro

  13. We learn at an early age to misrepresent the facts to further our own agendas.

    Lies don’t win arguments, but they can obfuscate reality.

    As our technologies to combat corruption increase, our will to do so apparently decreases.

    Welcome to the human condition.

  14. This is an interesting article.…..-shootings

    The solution is clear.

    Fortify all schools, with walls, bastions, barbed wire, minefields, pillboxes, and an entire company of U.S. Army infantry with support platoons.

    It is certainly cheaper than the amount of money spent to lock up black men who violate “common sense”, “sensible” gun legislation.

  15. I heard on NPR the other day that your chances of dying in a school shooting in any one year are around 1 in 10 million. Your chances of dying in a highway vehicle accident in any one year are around 1 in 13,200, per CDC. Why aren’t these kids marching for traffic safety?

    1. People are stupid. Especially progressives.

    2. Because they weren’t taught math.

  16. Yet non of the gun control measures pushed by the anti-gun group(s) would have done any good nor stop any shootings. The failures was by the bureaucrats to follow the SOPs that was in effect. That and Obama’s program to prevent the juveniles from getting a police record when they commit a crime. Cruz had committed several crimes but was not charged therefore he was able to legally buy the weapon used. But none of the ant-gun group will admit it.

    1. Life is not meant for the self-aware (Crash Davis in Bull Durham)

  17. Right. It makes you wonder what Rebublicans like Mitch McConnell are thinking.

    C?L?I?C?K H?E?R?E??………??

  18. But many libertarians would protest if they start disarming people, like Cruz, based on ‘tips” from the public, especially if he didn’t have a record. This article seems to imply (and I tend to agree) that we may have to be willing to disarm people with severe mental illness or disturbance if we overall want to keep the second amendment. Many libertarians will not agree to that.

    1. It’s a false dichotomy to claim that we have to disarm people “in order to keep the second amendment”. Nonsensical, really, on par with “we had to destroy the village to save it”.

      REALITY: There is no law so perfect that it can prevent violence by those determined to inflict it. There’s not enough money in the world to lock up and take care of the “severely mentally ill” (even if we as a society had not already decided it’s better to have free-range homeless than Bedlam). No psychiatrist is able to predict with 100% accuracy the future behavior of his/her patients (particularly patients that are examined involuntarily). If you want a recipe for “mass lockups”, then tell psychiatrists that they HAVE to be accurate–watch them decide that EVERY patient they meet is a future mass-murderer who should be locked up without ever committing a crime (because that way the psychiatrist will never be proved to have made a mistake).

      Of course, “severely mentally ill” (and sane, but evil) individuals can and do kill large numbers of people WITHOUT FIREARMS. In the “firearms massacre” that resulted in Australia’s stringent gun control law, the majority of casualties were caused by the aggressor’s KNIFE. The original Colorado “school shooters” had prepared and brought with them PIPE BOMBS, that would have killed far more.

      One claiming to be “reasonable”, yet suggesting that if we don’t prevent all violence then we have to give up liberty is an aspiring despot or an aspiring serf.

  19. Locally 30 Aug 2010 Sullivan South School Resource Officer Carolyn Gudger engaged an armed intruder Thomas Cowan who was holding the prinicipal at gun point. Cowan demanded her gun and access to the fire alarm system. She held him in a Mexican stand-off until other deputies arrived and entered ASAP. It ended with Cowan alone dead.

    “Unprepared and Overwhelmed”, South Florida Sun Sentinel, 28 Dec 2018.

    2018 Feb 14. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Florida.
    2:19:54 pm Unarmed campus monitor Andrew Medina unlocking gates 20 minutes before dismissal sees Nikolas Cruz walk through an unguarded gate with a rifle bag and enter Building 12. Medina recognizes Cruz as the “Crazy Boy” a former student who school staff predicted as most likely to return and shoot up the school. Medina radios another monitor David Taylor. Medina does not pursue Cruz and does not call in a Code Red to alert students and teachers.
    2:21:16 pm Taylor walks into the 1st-floor hallway toward Cruz, who goes into the stairwell. Taylor turns around to use the opposite stairwell. Taylor does not call in a Code Red.

    1. 2:21:38 pm Cruz kills three students on the first floor. Taylor races to the 2nd floor and shelters in a closet. Taylor does not call in a Code Red. Cruz kills six more students.
      2:22:39 pm The fire alarm goes off. Broward County Sheriff Office (BCSO) Deputy Scot Peterson armed school resource officer meets campus monitor Medina.
      2:23:17 pm BCSO Deputy Peterson arrives at Bldg 12 and stays outside. He radios that he hears shots or firecrackers inside.
      2:23:36 pm Cruz has killed 11 and wounded 13 on the 1st floor of Bldg 12.
      2:23:48 pm Deputy Peterson takes cover between Bldgs 7 and 8 as Cruz prowls the 2nd floor of Bldg 12. Peterson radios request to block off a nearby intersection.
      2:24:32 pm Hearing gunshots on the 1st floor Finding teachers locked down classrooms on the 2nd floor. Cruz goes up to the 3rd floor and fires into a crowd of people in the hallway.
      2:24:42 pm Deputy Michael Kratz heads toward the school, stops near the football field to block traffic.
      2:24:54 pm Campus monitor Elliot Runner declares the first Code Red over his radio.
      2:25:10 pm Deputy Kratz radios he hears shots by the football field northwest of Bldg 12.

      1. 2:25:38 pm Deputy Peterson radios an order for a school lockdown.
        2:26:07 pm Four more BSCO deputies arrive at the school and remain near their cars off campus.
        2:27:03 pm BSCO Sgt Brian Miller arrives, puts on his bulletproof vest, shelters behind his car, waits 10 minutes before going on the radio. Eight armed BSCO deputies present, none making a move toward Bldg 12.
        2:27:10 pm Cruz fires his last shot from the teacher’s lounge at the evacuees down below but the hurricane glass won’t break.
        2:27:54 pm Cruz discards his gun and joins the crowd evacuating the school.
        2:28:00 pm Deputy Peterson radios deputies to stay at least 500 feet away from Bldg 12.
        2:29:35 pm BCSO Capt Jan Jordan arrives at the school.
        2:32:42 pm The first Coral Springs city police officers arrive at the school and rush in immediately and extract a casualty who later dies.
        2:33:04 pm Capt Jordan orders a perimeter established around the school. County deputies remain safely sheltered.
        2:34:27 pm First Broward county deputy joins Coral Springs PD officers in Bldg 12.

        1. Nine years into the Gun Free School Zone Act 1990 and five years into the Assault Weapon Ban 1994, the Columbine High School massacre 1999.

          As the sunset/renewal of the Assault Weapon Ban approached 2004, the Centers for Disease Control and the National Research Council conducted reviews of empirical into impact of gun laws on gun violence. They found no solid proof that any of these malum prohibitum laws had a measurable impact on bad people with evil intents doing acts malum in se.

          In shootings, like most crimes, we have an actor with motive, exploiting opportunities, and utilizing means. Traditional crime prevention (identifying those with expressed intent, denying opportunity to those who could act) can have impact and not tie up a lot of resources. Broad legal restrictions on legal means owned by millions, means which can be acquired illegally or substitutes made, are often a waste of resources.

          We had small student walk outs covered by the newspaper 21 Feb 2018. The students at the city high school were quoted as saying they wanted social media threats taken seriously, security beefed up, maybe metal detectors at entrances. They complained that some school entrances are left unlocked when most entrances require the students to swipe their student ID cards to open.

          1. A walk out student at another school was quoted as saying: “I was trying not to make it about gun control necessarily.” 2013 two students at his school who were obsessed with Columbine were thwarted while planning an attack to kill as many students and faculty as possible; a parent and a mental health specialist alerted the authorities who acted. Unlike Broward County Florida. The boys confessed at trial they intended to outdo Kliebold and Harris by studying their mistakes.

            Last year our local walk-out students apparently were focussed on indentifying threats and beefing up school security. Identifying actors with motive and denying them opportunity to act. The current news media and social media campaigns focus on “students for gun control”; they even declare they don’t want police in schools turning schools into “armed camps”: no police, no guns in schools, no armed teachers.

            The city high school (2,200 students) has two School Resource Officers SROs. The four high schools in the county have had SROs since 1997. (They do more than just act as armed guards; they do all sorts of in-school public safety programs. Our SROs like Caroline Gudger and the late Sean Cornett were loved and treasured by students.)

            1. Oh No. What we do in Sullivan County Tennessee is backward. Our betters tell us:
              _ Securing school doors won’t work because the 1989 Stockton killer waited til the kids were in the playground.
              _ Reporting persons expressing motive or intent to do harm is snitching and judgemental.
              _ No Armed Guards Ever! That’s why we had the Gun Free Zones Act. No. Guns. Ever. In our schools. Guns bad.
              Our betters tell us the only thing that will deter school shooters is a piece of paper in Washington saying Armalite Rifle Model 15 ist verboten.

              1. “_ No Armed Guards Ever! That’s why we had the Gun Free Zones Act. No. Guns. Ever. In our schools. Guns bad.”

                Your schedule of events is really tough to read. Actually painful.
                I prefer to believe I’m not alone in posting as someone who has broken up an assault; yes it was scary and it felt like running through deep snow to get there, but there are certain clear-cut matters of right and wrong. Are you a moral agent or not? Here’s your chance to provide the evidence; yes or no?
                It’s also worth mentioning that if you chose sit and consider the matter, the evidence is already in; there are no mulligans.
                It seems not one of these monitors, deputies or sargents had the balls to do the jobs for which they were paid, let alone simply acting as moral agents. Not a single one of them.

  20. Schools can’t do anything nowadays to prevent disturbed kids from acting out. A girl in my son’s third grade class threatens to “fuck up” other kids every day and they can’t even send her home. They used to have special needs classrooms for these kids where they wouldn’t be bullied and had teachers who knew how to handle them, but now all schools must be “inclusive”-when clearly there are some kids who don’t want to be included.

    1. When I was in school, boys got into normal fights without it being a huge deal. Kids were not all medicated with drugs that caused all kinds of abnormal behavior. And kids generally had more outlets for their aggression so they didn’t have to keep it bottled up in favor of a bunch of progressive faggot school rules.

      Kids also weren’t trying to kill each other or shoot up the school, and many of us had far more access to firearms than kids today. Yet it was never a problem. In fact older high school kids would regularly come to school with hunting rifles secured in their trucks during hunting season. This was as a common practice, and no one thought it was dangerous.

      Not one ever used those hunting rifles to threaten or hurt anyone.

      I largely blame progressives and their lame, emasculating policies, and their psychoactive drugs for most of the school violence.

      1. I’m with you about everything but the drugs.

        1. I’m with him about all of it. I lived those days too.

  21. It’s funny you think this wasn’t allowed to happen.

  22. It’s only incompetence if you assume their motivation is to protect us from violence.

  23. “comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King”

    Gandhi. Not Ghandi.

    1. Hell, him too!

  24. Here is the short list of the very few actions the Constitution allows our Federal government: Regulation of interstate commerce. The coining of money, (which BTW the have illegally ceded to private banks in 1917.) and Defending our borders. If 22% of our prisons are filled with Crimaleins, if 99% of the Fentanyl , crack and Meth are coming across, if child trafficking is coming from there… then what about this is less of a crisis the the GD flu TWO presidents declared a NE. Sometimes I think Libertarians have such an open mind, their brains fall out. No wonder you cant win an election.

    1. The imaginary numbers you’re using makes me think you get most of your news from Fox or Breitbart.

  25. Didn’t see anyone mention this yet, but Scott Israel’s son was involved in a rape allegation and the arresting officer was none other than Scot Peterson. It requires further investigation, but it seems likely now that Israel went easy on Peterson and didn’t fire him because he helped him cover up his son’s past offense.

    1. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel: “Lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep.”

      In my opinion Sullivan County Deputy Carolyn Gudger was more of a human being than Broward County Deputy Scot Peterson.

      However I don’t think our opinions matter to the Scott Israels of the world. To which I say, Bah.

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  27. As usual, government fucks everything up. The cops would not go in as they were too afraid, which behavior for cops is
    inexcusable. Rather than going after 99.9% of law-abiding gun owners, why not punish the wimpy police who waited until the shooter did his dirty deeds to act. These men (they weren’t men) should be jailed for their ass-saving behavior.

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