Andrew McCabe Says He Opened Trump Probes in Case He Was 'Fired,' Confirms 25th Amendment Talks

"I was very concerned that I was able to put the Russia case on absolutely solid ground," the former FBI deputy director says.


Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe claims he opened an obstruction of justice probe into President Donald Trump so that if he was fired, the case would still be "on solid ground." In an interview with CBS' 60 Minutes that's set to air this Sunday, McCabe also reportedly confirmed to anchor Scott Pelley that senior Department of Justice officials had serious discussions about the possibility of evoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

McCabe was fired in May 2018 just two days prior to his scheduled retirement by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. There were allegations that McCabe directed subordinates to leak information to the media, and that he misled DOJ investigators regarding his actions. McCabe has denied that he did anything wrong. His latest interview, excerpts of which aired on CBS Thursday morning, came as he prepared to release his new book, The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump.

McCabe told Pelley that he met with Trump in the Oval Office several hours after Comey was fired. "I was speaking to the man who had just run for the presidency, and won the election for the presidency, and who might have done so with the aid of the government of Russia, our most formidable adversary on the world stage," he said. "And that was something that troubled me greatly."

"The next day," McCabe said, "I met with the team investigating the Russia cases, and I asked the team to go back and conduct an assessment to determine where are we with these efforts and what steps do we need to take going forward":

McCabe suggested he quickly opened counterintelligence and obstruction of justice investigations into the president to make sure they would remain in the event he was removed from his position. "I was very concerned that I was able to put the Russia case on absolutely solid ground in an indelible fashion that, were I removed quickly or reassigned or fired, that the case could not be closed or vanish in the night without a trace," he told CBS. "I wanted to make sure that our case was on solid ground and if somebody came in behind me and closed it and tried to walk away from it, they were not be able to do that without creating a record why they'd made that decision."

CNN reported in December that McCabe opened the obstruction of justice investigation prior to the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller to oversee the Russia investigation. The New York Times reported last month that the FBI was also trying to ascertain whether or not Trump was working on the Russian government's behalf.

McCabe also reportedly confirmed that he spoke with senior DOJ officials regarding the potential invocation of the 25th Amendment, which allows the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet to remove the president from office if they think he's unfit. Multiple media outlets reported these discussions in September, adding that then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein also suggested that he or other officials wear a wire and secretly record Trump.

"There were meetings at the Justice Department at which it was discussed whether the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet could be brought together to remove the president of the United States under the 25th Amendment," Pelley said on CBS This Morning, citing his interview with McCabe.

"They were counting noses," Pelley added. "Not asking Cabinet members whether they would vote for or against removing the president. But they were speculating: 'This person would be with us, that person would not be.'"

"This would not perceived to be a joke," Pelley said. He also says McCabe confirmed that Rosenstein was serious about someone wearing a wire in the president's presence.

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  1. This sounds like a coup, and that man should be under investigation himself.

    1. Not legally a coup, but still, I’ve long thought that Trump’s biggest mistake was not pulling out a long list of people to fire the moment his hand came off the Bible at his swearing in.

      1. He might have been too busy doing whatever has caused at least four persons close to him — counting solely convictions and admissions under oath, with no one named Trump that far along in the process yet — to lie about involvement with Russia to compile or act on such a list.

        1. Yep, a jay-walking conviction, at least two for 45 in a 35 zone, several unpaid parking tickets. Money laundering by a guy who later worked for Trump.
          You are a fucking scumbag…

          1. When did jaywalking and 10 mph over the speed limit become felonies?

            If Obama’s team had racked up a fraction of the indictments, guilty pleas and convictions Trump’s have already, and they’re not done yet, you’d have been screaming for Obama’s execution, impeachment and prosecution, in that order. Then you’d have propped him up Weekend at Bernie’s style for at least four years of interrogation by Trey Gowdy.

            Does that make you a fucking scumbag? Or is that reserved for people who think the rule of law should also apply to that most exceptional example of probity and virtue residing at 1800 Pennsylvania Ave today?

        2. You are literally dumb as a post

          1. Do you mean, dumb as The Post?

        3. You mean the process crimes that started after the investigation not prior. Dumbfuck rev.

          1. He’s literally too stupid to be capable of intellectual honesty.

        4. Dream much?

      2. It appears that Trump was not briefed well after being elected as President-Elect and the Deep State was conspiring to coup him.

        In Jan and Feb 2017, Trump seems to have little idea how many bureaucrats were actually involved in couping him.

        You have to remember too that the media and many Lefty bureaucrats were attacking anyone Trump had helping him early on.

        The clear goal was to isolate Trump from helpful advisors, keep him in the dark about the coup forming around him, attack him constantly in the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, and legitimize a hasbin bureaucrat (Mueller) to find something on Trump.

        Trump out-maneuvered all those stupid fuckers.

        1. A lot of democrats. Never Trumoer and deep staters should go to prison. I would have Barr put his primary focus on destroying those people.

          1. LOL. Big on the rule of law, are you?

        2. “In Jan and Feb 2017, Trump seems to have little idea how many bureaucrats were actually involved in couping him.”

          It was a coup d’etat of a peculiar variety: un coup de mille coupes.

      3. How is the DOJ and FBI talking about recruiting people in Trumps cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment not legally a coup? If the cabinet was having those discussions of their on volition that’s one thing. But, the DOJ and FBI talking about recruiting people to do their bidding is an entirely different thing. And, that’s not me saying they where recruiting people, this is how the NYT’s put it in their headline: “McCabe Says Justice Officials Discussed Recruiting Cabinet Members to Push Trump Out of Office”

        That sounds like the very definition of a coup.

        1. Didn’t you know that the Constitution specifies that the FBI is required to originate all POTUS removals?

          1. I don’t think originate means trying to convince people to go along.

            1. That should say “I don’t think that’s accurate” I hit submit accidentally. Reason needs an edit button. Also, beyond the fact that the FBI didn’t exist when the Constitution was written and ratified. The 25th amendment makes no mention of the FBI that I can find. Where did you get your info?

            2. Sorry, that should have been a reply to NashTiger. Reason needs a better comment system.

          2. I’m don’t think accurate.

            “Impeachment proceedings may be commenced by a member of the House of Representatives on his or her own initiative, either by presenting a list of the charges under oath or by asking for referral to the appropriate committee.”

          3. That should say “I don’t think that’s accurate” I hit submit accidentally. Reason needs an edit button. Also, beyond the fact that the FBI didn’t exist when the Constitution was written and ratified. The 25th amendment makes no mention of the FBI that I can find. Where did you get your info?

          4. Dang. I’m having a bad day. I erroneously read your comment to say “Did you know” not “Didn’t…” Sorry.

        2. The criminality started way before that when the FBI & DOJ looked the other way & gave HildaBeast a pass for turning The State Dept. into The Clinton Foundation State Dept. & using a private e-mail to hide all the lawlessness! Da Witch should have been indicted & never been allowed to run for prez!

      4. He had no idea just how vicious and ruthless Block Insane Yomomma and his team of guttersnipes is. Heck, most of the dumb, clueless American sheeple still don’t. I do, however.

        1. It’s no surprise here that Obama politicized the DoJ, FBI, and IRS. Clinton did the same. Bush to a lesser extent. And, of course, like every other administration in history, the DoS and DoD came around to the ways of Obama, Clinton, and Kerry.

          Trump’s major selling point was that he was not a swamp creature. Unfortunately, since he wasn’t a creature of the swamp, he didn’t have a ready network of good candidates to fill his administration, so he had to rely on loyal neophytes, 2nd rate GOP swamp creatures willing to work for an outsider, covert never-Trump GOP swamp creatures, and a bunch of Obama holdovers. All of the Obama holdovers and at least half of GOP swamp creatures (covert never-Trumpers) have been out to get him since his inauguration. Trump was never as brilliant as he thought he was, but nobody would have a chance against the hive of scum and villainy that is Washington, D.C.

      5. Yeah, like every single person that could be fired from the top right on down to the lowest in the entire DOJ.

      6. Comey should have been fired in his inaugural address

    2. No kidding. From what I read elsewhere, the FBI and DOJ where having private discussions amongst themselves about who in the Presidents cabinet they could recruit to support their idea of invoking the 25th amendment. That sounds like the very definition of a coup.

      Coup: an illegal and overt seizure of a state by the military or other elites within the state apparatus.

      1. If they did it via the 25th Amendment it would be a legal proceeding, not a coup.

        The problem is that, while the initial removal only requires the VP and a majority of the cabinet, the removed president then gets to inform the House and Senate that he is not incapable of doing the job and is restored to power unless both houses vote by a 2/3 majority against it. If his opponents had 2/3 of both houses they could impeach him, so no need for a 25th Amendment action.

        So the whole story doesn’t make sense.

        1. The partial story doesn’t make sense, more likely.

          The probably had some equally goofy, and less legal, plan to prevent him from disputing the removal.

        2. If they did it via the 25th Amendment because they thought Trump’s policy positions were all wrong or because they thought the Russians influenced the election, it would would be an ILLEGAL proceeding: an attempted coup d’etat.

          The 25th Amendment cannot be legitimately used to evict the president due to policy differences, criminal conduct, or even treason. Such matters are handled by Congress via impeachment and conviction.

          McCabe said he initiated the 25th Amendment discussion because of Russian election interference. There is abundant circumstantial evidence that he was also opposed to Trump’s policy positions. Thus, McCabe has publicly confessed to violation of his oath of office in a criminal conspiracy to usurp a democratically elected president. That makes him a domestic enemy of the Constitution and fits the definition of treason. Open and shut. Son of a bitch should hang.

    3. Blah blah blah. A man truly unfit for the office and it’s a “coup.” The only coup is electing a big man-child and then not having the stones to admit it was a mistake.

      Plenty of other candidates could accomplish tax cuts, etc. but for some reason people think it necessary to defend this buffoon as if he is not the one making the swamp murkier.

      1. Truly unfit ? you mean like Barack. I still don’t understand how a back-bencher like Obama ever made it this far. 7-8 years in the State House. Unremarkable community organizer even more unremarkable Lawyer who 2 years into his Senate gig he announces he is running for President. No one questioned it. In fact many pointed to his being voted into President of the Harvard Law Review as really remarkable until they found out that Ted Cruz had likewise held that position.

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  3. Broke: I believe in civil liberties and the police should be accountable to the voters

    Woke: The voters should be accountable to the police

    1. Old Media Narrative: “Trump is crazy and paranoid! There’s no ‘Deep State’ conspiracy at the FBI that is out to get him!”

      New Media Narrative: “These brave FBI agents, risking everything to protect us from Russia by getting rid of the president himself!”

      1. Just don’t call it collusion.

        It really is projection with these people. Whatever they accuse you of, they only do so because they are already intimately familiar with the practice.

      2. Protect us from Russia? These idiots still fighting the Cold War that ended decades ago. Russia’s GDP is about equal to the state of Texas. Someone get them out of their time warp and let them know they are a second rate nation, not a superpower. As for Trump they can call him a big obnoxious ego maniac but the Russia story is BS.

  4. “Russia, our most formidable adversary on the world stage,”

    China is chopped liver? But doesn’t this mean Romney was right and Dems, by attacking Romney’s Russian remarks, were paving the way for the Russians to undermine the U.S. for an additional four years?

    1. When the USSR existed and they were committed to burying us, the Democrats couldn’t fellate them quickly enough, but now it’s the Iranians who get all the attention.

      1. As a libertarian, I would probably not have wanted to live in the USSR. But at least they never hacked one of our elections and installed a Russian intelligence asset as President. This new incarnation of Russia is much scarier.

        1. What color is the sky in your world?

          1. It’s best to pose that question as follows:

            In your world, what color is the sky?

            Just flows better.

          2. It’s an obvious troll intending to mock the “Cosmo” libertarians at Reason. Somewhat entertaining, but could be better if it wasn’t so bad at hiding its satire.

          3. I’m guessing his sky is Red!

        2. To be fair, FDR was an unwitting Soviet intelligence asset, albeit through his true believer brain trust.

          1. FDR was a very willing asset, and I think he was fully aware of the Soviet infiltration of top Fed positions. Yet he’s every progressive’s go-to hero.

            Scumbag is what he really was.

        3. Kind of hard to hack anything before the interwebz existed. Or I’m sure they would have tried.

      2. Well, it’s the second “S” in USSR: Socialist. When Russia was the “Citadel of Socialism” the Democrats had wet dreams of changing U.S. society to be like the USSR.

        1. Sen. Ted Kennedy conspired with Premier Andropov’s people to defeat Reagan in the ’84 presidential election. So democrats are communist traitors by nature.

          And this isn’t a conspiracy theory. The information came out of the Soviet archives back in the 90’s. Proven fact.

          1. YES!!! +1,000,000

          2. Yes, this is true. But Teddy was a Democrat and it was really, really important to defeat Reagan because he was going to start World War III with a pre-emptive nuke on Russia and annihilate the US economy with tax cuts. It was that important. Thank goodness the Democrats won in 1984. Who knows what would have happened if Reagan had been re-elected?

      3. +100 CDR

        Go Navy!

      4. The American Left hates Russia now because that country committed the unpardonable sin of rejecting Communism. Putin behaves just like the KGB officer he always was, but he and the government no longer are called Communists. Now, they are villains.

        1. ^ THIS!

    2. Ugh, I just knew conservatives would pounce on that part.

      Newsflash: Obama said his “1980s are calling and they want their foreign policy back” line in 2012. Russia hacked the election in 2016. Obama is probably the most brilliant person to ever become President, but he’s not a time traveler. He could not have anticipated what Putin would do years later.

      Obama’s comments were correct based on what was known at the time he said them.

      1. “He could not have anticipated what Putin would do years later.” Why not? Romney apparently did.

        So Obama, putatively one of our most brilliant foreign policy presidents ever, with the experience of Russia’s invasion of the Crimea fresh in his mind, could not foresee in 2012 that Russia would or even might just evolve into a stronger adversary over the next four years? He could not at least acknowledge the threat? No. He preferred to whisper to the Russian ambassador (thinking the mic was off) that “I can be more flexible after the election” and preen before the debate audience with a clever, canned line than engage in any kind of serious exchange with a man who, obviously, knew more about the situation with Russia than he did.

        1. Well put UC, but OpenBordersLiberal-tarian is a parody account that mocks liberals.

          Hey OBL! That “Republicans Pounce” insert… *chef’s kiss*

      2. Excellent use of the “conservatives pounce” meme, OBL. 10/10.

      3. But…that is not true. Romney was saying that based on the national security briefings he was getting as a presidential candidate. Those are the same security briefings Obama was getting.

        Russia in 2012 was just as active in international politics as it was in 2016. It had been actively meddling in Ukrainian politics. It had been selling arms, technology and nuclear plants to nations subject to embargoes for years. A major post-Soviet-era Russian spy ring was busted up only a few years before in 2010.

        At the UN and in other international organizations, the Russians had taken a strong anti-US stance, opposing almost every action and policy we advocated. Obama’s quip was not ignorance of future events, both he and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State were actively trying to reset our relationship with the Russians by forgiving their most recent transgressions and aggressions. Obama was pursuing a foreign policy that deliberately ignored bad actions by the Russians.

      4. “Obama is probably the most brilliant person to ever become President….”

        Oh boy. I’m still trying to understand these statements. What did he do that was so brilliant? I’ll concede that he read a teleprompter pretty well. And he raised two young ladies during a difficult time in their development, and they appear to have turned out just fine. So he gets kudos from me on those 2 things.

        But tepid economic growth throughout his 8 years, lost about 1000 seats to GOP at the federal and state level over 8 years, Syria, northern Africa, Iran…. nothing to really cheer about.

        1. I think it’s mostly based on the idea that not considering the first Black President to be brilliant, too, is somehow racist. His race was supposed to somehow insulate him from any negative evaluation.

        2. Yeah & it was sooooo disappointing that this never came to fruition for Obummy:

          “In June 2008, when Obama knew that he had clinched the Democratic nomination, he claimed that it “was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” ”

          I guess he was too busy blowing up the Middle East & N. Africa after he won his Nobel Peace Prize!….Heck, Obummy’s War Crimes were so awesome that he made Shrub #2 look like Mr. Rogers!!!

      5. What do you mean precisely by “Russia hacked the election in 2016”? No voting machines were hacked. No vote tallies were compromised. If you mean bits of propaganda on Facebook and Twitter, that’s not hacking an election. That’s standard political practice; the US has propaganda machines pointed at many countries, see Radio Free Europe.

        1. The supposed “hack” was of John Podesta’s and the DNC e-mail accounts that exposed the corruption of the demoncrap party, especially in how they tried to deny Bernie a fair shot at the nomination.
          None of it denied by the parties involved.
          Apparently, the Cardinal sin being exposing the truth to the American electorate and the efforts to prove “collusion” revolve around Trump helping or simply knowing that the “hack” – as yet unproven – was by The Russians?.

          1. Wikileaks is holding firm that the emails leak was from a political insider, not Russia. I don’t see why they would lie about that.

            1. Everybody knows that Julian Assange is a Russian agent. He has to be a Russian agent because the Russians hacked the e-mails and he published them. Therefore, Russia has to be the source of the e-mails and must have hacked them. This is the assessment of all 17 US intelligence agencies, including Coast Guard intelligence Agency and the Department of Energy intelligence Agency.

              Who are you to doubt the the truthfulness of the US intelligence community? It’s not like they have a track record of lying and making completely wrong assessments.

    3. I wonder about that choice too, given Trump’s misunderstanding of basic economics and fascination with China. But Russia has far more nukes, I think, and far more submarines.

      And these idiots actually think someone like Trump is, or could be, a Russian stooge. Circular reasoning, to be sure. But there you have a reason. I suppose they should be called racists for not thinking the Chinese would want to buy a US President. Or maybe they think the Russians made the better offer, which is why Trump is so disparaging of trade with China.

      1. “” I suppose they should be called racists for not thinking the Chinese would want to buy a US President.””

        Bill Clinton?

        He was in contact with Chinese officials when he was Gov. IIRC, the Chinese did give him money either for his campaign or his inauguration.

        1. For both. One of the biggest campaign violations in history. Sold bedroom space to them.

        2. He sold nuclear carhead MIRV guidance systems to the ChiComs for campaign cash

          Bernard Schwartz – Loral Space. Look it up

          Then there was Johnny Trie, the Lippo Group, and the fundraiser at the Buddhist monastery where they somehow bundled hundreds of max contributions from people with no money

          The very definition of treason

        3. They also helped fund his wifey in her NY Sentate campaign & it was their military funding her, not private Chinese citizens!

      2. China plays the long game.
        They own the Senate

        1. For that matter, they pretty much own our economy

          1. They don’t.

        2. +10

        3. The proximate cause of the world’s problem with China is Richard Nixon. It was Nixon who brought China into the first world. I have always wondered why Nixon is admired and applauded for his “opening up of China”. China is the main US adversary, not Russia. Russia is a bad actor, but China is the one to worry about.

          1. China can be peaceful if they want.

            They aren’t building a bunch of man-made islands in the South China Sea and militarizing them for nothing.

            1. Exactly correct. They do not want peace. They are arming themselves at a furious pace. China’s building islands in the Spratley chain is the biggest military threat facing the US. Not Russia. China.

              I hope we live through it.

        4. “”They own the Senate”‘

          Come on, it’s not like they would recruit spies to be drivers for senators.

          1. All this talk about China & Russia makes me laugh….It is ISRAEL that owns our Senate & FED GOVT…..Hey those Israelis are really smart, as they got us to fund & fight their war on radical Islam!

    4. How are they even an adversary?

      1. They make public threats when American military ships pass thru the Taiwan straight?

        US angers China by sailing warships through Taiwan Strait

        1. I guess you could point to them bumping aircrafts and forcing a surveillance plan to land and taking the crew hostage.

          But they can’t really be our adversary or we wouldn’t rely on Chinese parts to keep our military machine moving.

          1. Alternatively they could be an adversary, and a good deal of our government has been penetrated by that adversary, in much the same way as the government actually WAS lousy with communists working for Russia during the McCarthy era. (After the USSR fell we got a look at the KGB archives during the window before Russia got their act together again. McCarthy was right…)

            That’s basically the only way to explain some of their intelligence coups, like the OPM data breach.

            1. +10

    5. Yes somehow this failed commie outpost with a GDP of Italy is a threat and China is our friend?

  5. Sounds like the closest we’ve ever come to a coup (and I’m not even sure what past situation would be the runner-up). And why is Rod Rosenstein still employed at in the Justice Dept? You might think ‘plotting a coup against the newly elected president’ would constitute grounds for dismissal.

    1. You didn’t catch the bit about the obstruction of justice investigation?

      The chief point of investigating Trump is so that his trying to fire anybody involved could be construed to be obstruction of justice. They wanted to make it legally perilous for him to take control of the DOJ, or at least a PR nightmare.

      1. +100

    2. I think you’d have to go all the way back to Seward’s maneuverings to take control of the government leaving Lincoln as nominal head of state immediately after the 1860 election. Unfortunately for Seward, Lincoln proved to be a far better manipulator of men and events than Seward ever dreamed of being.

      1. Everybody hates Andrew Johnson, but he’s another example of a president who got the deep-state treatment. The then-Secretary of War (Stanton) actively conspired against Johnson and refused to vacate the office when Johnson fired him.

      2. Major General Smedley Butler (USMC) alleged in testimony to Congress that a group of businessmen conspired to overthrow FDR in 1933 and sought his leadership of the military in the coup.

        Nobody was ever prosecuted.

  6. Straight up CYA by this piece of shit

  7. He should be hanged from the neck until dead

    1. Drawn and quartered, the way they dealt with traitors back in the day.

      1. Head on a pike.

    2. Wrong. I believe the proper course is to wait for his term as president to expire, or for him to quit in an effort to save his family from prosecution.

      1. Maybe we can then toos the hag in jail where she belongs.

      2. Prosecution for what you retarded half wit? Sorry, but buck toothed backwoods morons like you are not allowed to imprison your political enemies. That is not how it works in this country. And that isn’t going to change no matter how hard you try. So go crawl back in whatever hole you crawled out of.

        1. Well, the “buck toothed backwoods morons” in the Democratic Party and elsewhere are certainly trying their best to do so with Trump.

          1. People can say what they want about Trump but that dude has survived a coup, outwitted the best the Lefties had to work against him, and out maneuvered the Lefty media.

            Also, he got two non-Lefties on the SCOTUS, cut government, got his border fence, deported a bunch of illegals, got an increase in Senators during election 2018, got tax reform passed, got federal prison reform passed….

          2. This shit is why we need McCarthyism back. Progressives should never be free to push their agenda.

      3. “”””or for him to quit in an effort to save his family from prosecution.”””

        So you agree with the idea that prosecutors can use going after your family as a way of intimidating the target of an investigation?

  8. Thankfully, there isn’t a Deep State.

    This guy is just entrenching Trump voters.

    1. Has that roster of half-educated, bigoted rubes reached 42 percent in the polls lately? Last I checked, Pres. Trump was underwater by roughly a dozen points. With a good (so far) economy.

      Carry on, clingers.

      1. “Has that roster of half-educated, bigoted rubes reached 42 percent in the polls lately?”

        As a half-educated asshole, maybe you should tell us.

        1. That’s half-educated, *bigoted* asshole to you sir!

      2. Don’t keep up on current events much, do you? Gallup reports Trump is at 44 percent approval now.

        1. I think he’s following 538’s ‘adjusted’ numbers. That’s about the right ballpark for what they’re putting out right now.

      3. What exactly does half educated mean? Seems to me you are educated to a certain level. What would fully educated mean? A high school diploma? A bachelors?

        1. This troll is so dumb, it cannot even understand the slight.

          1. Kirkland the troll, that is.

        2. “”What exactly does half educated mean?”‘

          It’s a term bigots use. Since they can’t formulate an valid argument, they go for the appeal to personal attack fallacy.

      4. Arty has been jerking himself off to progressive fan fiction again.

  9. Trump never should have fired Comey. This was a massive blunder. Comey would have exonerated him just like Hillary. Sure there would be smoke and mirrors and lots of Comey’s typical soul-searching and backtracking. But ultimately Trump would have been completely cleared. So why did Trump fire him? Because Kushner demanded it. And Trump for some reason listened to him. And then did that awful, humiliating Saudi junket, another of Kushner’s ideas. I don’t know why Trump still puts up with him. Maybe he has no one left. Anyway yes this investigation is a witch hunt, but I think ultimately Trump will be vindicated. If he had done something so wrong, it would be obvious by now.

    1. I don’t think Trump cared to much for the shakedown of Comey bringing the Dossier into an intelligence meeting.

    2. Who wouldn’t want to fire that unctuous, sell-righteous, smug, incompetent prig Comey? They should build a monument to him as everything that’s wrong with Washington DC and then blow up the thing.

      1. ^ This.

      2. You mean you don’t like Mr. LastBoyScout and selfproclaimed guardian of our democracy Jim Comey?

      3. Comey was the mythmaker-in-chief. You don’t appreciate his importance. “Hi, I’m Jim Comey. If you take just one pill, you will stop doing your homework and hate your parents and teachers, and then rob your local drug store and overdose on heroin.” And who could forget, “Hi, I’m Jim Comey. If you watch just one ISIS video, you will stop doing your homework and hate your parents and teachers, and blow up your local sports arena.” Trump needed Comey to stoke the addiction and terrorism hysteria. It actually makes me think Trump and Kushner actually believe their own bs.

      4. If Hillary were in charge he probably would have been ‘mugged’ in the park, where he would have been found face down with one in the head, and double tapped to the torso.

        Or maybe he would have committed ‘suicide’.

    3. I find it hard to believe that any power on Earth could have “completely cleared” in the eyes of the Democrats. This “case” has persisted because they’re emotionally invested in it, and because it suits their political purposes. Period.

      1. It think more like financially invested than in it. Trump won in spite of the corporate press coverage of him and spending far less than Clinton or Bush during the primary. He bucked a ton of conventional wisdom/norms in doing so and a bunch of our “traditional institutions” need to have some explanation other than they suck in their roles and are grossly overpaid.

        1. Hence Russia.

  10. senior Department of Justice officials had serious discussions about the possibility of evoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office

    invoking is the word you want there.

    1. Evoke seems apt. Why do you believe it to be a bad choice?

      1. Make that 1/4-educated asshole.

      2. hahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhah.

  11. There has been a fair amount of shenanigans with the FBI that really deserves a legitimate investigation.

    Much of it was discussed during the hearings. One thing that came out that day was Strzok was the one who changed the language on the Clinton report to protect her from an indictment. He originally denied it but the FBI IG said the logs show it was changed under his password and on his computer, later he admitted it. So that’s lying to congress at a very minimum.

    Using an unverified document paid for by the Hillary camp that was designed to contest the election results as in a secret court to get a secret warrant is something every American should have a problem with.

    1. Every American except OBL. It seems convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the president is guilty of everything, including killing puppies.

  12. Is it worth listening to some bullshit I’d scan and bypass?
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  13. This should be the biggest political scandal in American history. A federal law enforcement agency tried to remove a lawfully elected President from office over policy differences. There is really no way to overstate how serious that is.

    Sadly, since the media was part of and supported the plot, they will do everything possible to obscure the facts and ensure the whole thing goes down the memory hole before anything can be done.

    1. Are you sure you want to place it ahead of the birther scandal, you authoritarian rube? Pizzagate? Benghazi? Flouridated water? Our precious bodily fluids?

      Carry on, clingers.

      1. “Are you sure you want to place it ahead of the birther scandal, you authoritarian rube? Pizzagate? Benghazi? Flouridated water? Our precious bodily fluids?”

        You should see someone regarding those voices in your head, asshole.

      2. You think the FBI should be allowed to remove a President because they don’t like his attitude towards Russia but everyone else is the authoritarian. You called it dude.

        Thanks for bringing your 8th grade drop out education and low IQ to bear on this topic for all of us. It has been as usual an opportunity for people to feel sorry and embarassed for you.

        1. I just don’t know where he finds the time to post here. Since he has a busy day of cleaning up his rich conservative boss’s building. The guy must piss mercy upon Arty, giving him even a menial minimum wage job.

          Which is far better than Arty deserves.

          1. I figure that the Rev AL Kirkland is janitor in a church where the congregation charitably gave him a job to help a retarded person. He only thinks he’s clergy by virtue of cleaning of toilets. It’s not nice to ridicule retarded people, so you guys should show some compassion and lighten up.

      3. You’re always going on about the birthers. Need we remind you that the person who started the whole “birther” movement was Obama (not his publisher, you half-wit rube) on the jacket of his masturbatory fist book.

        1. Didn’tt Clinton use it in a push poll during the primaries?

      4. 1/1024th educated asshole

      5. It’s hilarious that you would have the nerve to mention Benghazi. The very best spin you could put on that incident and the whole Libya debacle is that Obama and Clinton were grossly incompetent.

        Ah, but a foreign policy debacle on Obama’s watch isn’t a scandal to you, is it? No, you think it’s a “scandal” that people were rude enough to notice that Obama and Clinton fucked up royally. And even worse, actually expected some sort of accountability (you probably don’t get this, but being in charge means you’re responsible for the results of your policies). Yeah, daring to question Her Royal Highness Hillary is Rev’s Top Scandal Of All Time!

    2. The FBI seems infested with amateur ‘king-makers’. Seems a good housecleaning is in order.

      1. The bureau just needs to be disbanded and made an example of. There is nothing the FBI does that can’t be done by the other federal law enforcement organizations.

        1. +10000

        2. Yes.

          We have plenty of federal cops. If the FBI disappeared, they would not be missed and we would all breathe a bit easier.

          1. While they’re at it also add in the BATFE (always been incompetent and corrupt), DEA (enough said), USFWS, etc, basically everyone but the Marshals and the postal inspectors which were authorized by congress. Marshals could investigate many of the federal crimes that these other alphabet agencies have purview over, and a number of other federal laws need to be reconsidered in regards to the 9A and 10A (hell actually the whole fucking Bill of Rights).

            1. Authorized by the Constitution not congress.

    3. Well it was more like the FBI, DOJ and MI6(steele and various other assets) but your point remains. This is a complete clown show. I’d like to think conservatives will take a message from this as they are perpetually loyal to law enforcement and rule of law but we’ll see.

      1. You would think so. I think the rank and file voters have. The politicians seem to be slow learners as usual.

        1. Many of these old timer politicians created or allowed much of those abuse of power to occur.

          Congress has financial and regulatory oversight over all government agencies.

          The President has full executive power over federal agencies to control them.

    4. The question is whether they have enough cover under plausible deniability.
      They claim it is not a coup because the ‘had reason to believe’ POTUS was being controlled by Russia.
      The question is at what threshold does their claim to ‘have a reason to believe’ fail and that some other proof shows that they actually had illegal reasons for trying to unseat a legally elected president.
      At even at some point, whether they were even lying to themselves, converting their personal hatred for the selection of president, into a self-acceptable and legally plausible reason to pursue unseating him.

      1. They were absolutely lying to themselves. They all think they did the right thing.

        1. There is some evidence that some of them in the Deep State were doing this out of self-preservation for illegal acts they committed.

          Hillary would have covered for them.

          Trump was literally running and won on a platform of cleaning out the swamp.

          Having bureaucrats indicted for crimes they committed is one of the few ways to get rid of federal employees and cause them to lose their pension.

  14. Trump will have 6 more years to clean house like he has been doing.

  15. >>>”I was very concerned that I was able to put the Russia case on absolutely solid ground,”

    should ensure McCabe is never hired again but won’t

  16. J Edgar should have been publicly hanged. Instead the FBi named their headquarters after him.

    That is all any libertarian really needs to know about this latest coup attempt. Anyone who thinks the FBI is a law enforcement agency and not a political tool is beyond retarded.

    1. The FBI has a long history of violating the US Constitution.

      Spying on Americans without warrants.
      Using law enforcement as a tool to pick winners and losers on social issues.
      Attempting to coup a duly elected President.

      The Constitution gives no authority for bureaucrats to remove a sitting President.

      Its impeachment or the provisions set forth in the 25th Amendment which still requires Congress.

      1. Not to mention minor abuses like Ruby Ridge, where the FBI gave its snipers an illegal kill order which resulted in the shooting of an unarmed woman holding a baby.

        Not a single FBI agent suffered any consequences, much less prosecution.

        1. And Boston where it effectively went into business with the winter hill gang. Then there is the time that the FBI took over a child porn distribution network on the dark web and ran it for months becoming the world’s largest distributor of child porn.

          The agency is just a fucking disgrace.

        2. That’s not quite true: Lon “woman killer” Horiuchi, the sniper who blew Vicki’s face off, was brought up on manslaughter charges by the local DA but the feds were able to get them dismissed.

          1. “”the sniper who blew Vicki’s face off””

            While holding her baby in her arms.

            1. The Boundary County, Idaho, prosecutor indicted FBI HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi for manslaughter in 1997 before the statute of limitations for this charge could expire; the Idaho v Horiuchi case was moved to federal court which has jurisdiction over federal agents. Here, it underwent a supremacy clause dismissal, an en banc reversal on appeal of the dismissal, and ultimately, the dropping of charges after a change in the local prosecutor

        3. Not to mention Waco, the Roger Stone SWAT arrest in Florida and Martha Stewart. What the FBI needs is a cold blooded Stalinist that would feed these assholes into a shredder.
          BTW McCabe’s wife, who had no political experience was given $700,000 bucks by Clinton bagman McAuliffe to run for a sure loser race in Virginia. She got to keep a huge chunk of that money and Hillary got away scot free. Yet the big scandal is two clowns in blackface and one in rapeface, with rapeface being on the low end of the outrage mob.

    2. Instead the FBi named their headquarters after him.

      An appropriately fascistic monstrosity.

  17. It is interesting to note the complete lack of commentary and outrage in Joe’s article.

    If this were a story about an FBI conspiracy to circumvent the Construction so the Trump Adminstration could deport more illegals there would be three hysterical Shikha H&R columns by now, along with one of those tiresome Gillespie screeds with that anti-immigrant cartoon from the 1900s he is so fond of posting.

    But the FBI seeking to overturn the results of a presidential election? Ho hum, just the facts, let’s not overreact here.

    1. If trump conspired with Russia, our government is a joke for sitting on whatever evidence and allowing him to continue in the most powerful position in government.

      If he didnt, our government is a joke because we have a DOJ and FBI being used as a corrupt political tool in an attempted coup of a duly elected president.

      You would think there would be some libertarian outrage. But principles never matter when Trump is involved unless they damage him. Reason is just another propaganda outlet that is tough on soft libertarian issues in order to maintain a bit of credibility.

      1. The other thing is that the FBI’s problem with Trump was that he wanted better relations with Russia. The lesson of this is that if you cross the military industrial complex and try to make peace with an adversary nation, the FBI is going to come at you with everything it has and try to remove you from office.

        To say that there should be some Libertarian outrage over that is quite an understatement.

        1. Oh, there is Libertarian outrage over the Deep State trying to usurp foreign policy set by Trump.

          Reason staff are almost entirely non-Libertarians, hence the lack of outrage.

          1. Progs pretending for a paycheck is what most of them are.

        2. The FBI’s problem with Trump is he doesn’t play ball and they had no idea what he would do. He proved their worst fears right by firing Jim Comey. All of this from Hillary’s email “investigation” to Trumps Russia “investigation” was nothing but a political shakedown and a leverage gaining exercise to preserve these career bureaucrats jobs and maintain/expand the status quo.

          1. What Hillary email investigation?

            What the FBI did looked nothing like an investigation. They soft walked the whole thing. Gave immunity to people without testimony against the target. No perjury traps. In the end there was a damaging report that would have her indicted, but an FBI agent changed the language to prevent the indictment.

            What they did was pollute the whole thing so a real investigation would be impossible.

            1. If they can strip Manafort’s plea deal for lying, why can’t the federal government strip the immunity deals for lying?

              1. That would depend on answers given. The whole thing was softballed in a way that I doubt any tough question that would require a lie was asked.

                I say let change the language that Strzok modified back to the original language and forward the report to the DOJ. But the FBI seems to have little interest in correcting the official report that one of it’s agents modified to get the target off the hook.

            2. Hence the “” around investigation.

              1. Ah.

    2. Frankly Reason’s coverage has been amazing. The fact that they don’t like his trade and immigration policies doesn’t justify federal cops plotting to remove him from office. McCabe has admitted to exactly that and Reason publishes the story without comment. This is third world shit and they’re apparently fine with that. Do they think this won’t happen to the mythical Libertarian president we’ll have some day?

  18. Can you imagine if this stuff had been done against Obama, instead of by Obama?

    1. I am going to go out on a limb and say Reason would be a little less matter of fact about this if it were done to Obama. Reason is more angry about steel tarriffs than they are the FBI trying to overturn an election. How very libertarian of them.

    2. Whose to say that the Deep State did not control Obama.

      Hillary was pushed aside during the Primaries and she conceded. Hillary does not strike me as the type of person to give in without a firm promise of something that benefits her.

      Obama has a sketchy past with Indonesia, Hawaii, getting into college, and in Chicago.

      We will never know because the media refuses to expose Lefties for the things that they do.

      WikiLeaks exposed some things the DNC and the Deep State were doing but there is more.

      1. I would be very curious to find out just what they had on Obama. They almost certainly had something.

        1. There was plenty of smoke but nobody seemed to want to locate the fires. Every question, every potential issue of corruption, every evidence of deception was dismissed out of hand as the work of malcontent and racist lunatics. And none were ever answered, nor have been to this day, nor ever will be. The media goes batshit crazy over Trump’s tax returns, but nobody seems concerned that Obama’s first EO was to seal his educational transcripts from high school through law school. Why did he do that? What was he hiding? Everyone turned a blind eye to it, as they have always done with him.

          1. My guess has always been that while he was born in Hawaii, he claimed to have been born in Kenya as a way to get into Columbia and then Harvard. It never made any sense that he somehow couldn’t get in to Columbia out of high school but could after a year at Oxidental. Schools like Columbia take very few transfers. What changed?

            The birther thing didn’t come from nowhere. I think it likely came from people remembering him claiming to be from Kenya in college. That is why he sealed his college records.

            1. The birth of the Obama ‘birther’ conspiracy

              On 27 April, 2011, the Obama White House released his original “long-form” birth certificate.

              Obama waited 3 years to release his birth certificate that listed the doctors name and hospital info so it could be confirmed.

              Luckily, the various Obama controversies prevented a Democrat controlled Congress from doing much damage besides Obamacare.

            2. My guess has always been that while he was born in Hawaii, he claimed to have been born in Kenya as a way to get into Columbia and then Harvard.

              There was some “About Us” pamphlet with him from Harvard that Breitbart released years ago where he had claimed to be born in Kenya, and made his parents’ background sound a lot more high-falutin’ than it really was. (Something along the lines of, “The son of a diplomat and government scientist,” or something to that effect. Either way, it sounded better than “Product of a short dalliance between a college student and his teenage paramour”). I believe it was from when he was running the Harvard Law Review.

            3. Obama’s bio on his book cover claimed he was born in Kenya. It was not corrected until he ran for the presidency. HE WROTE THAT. Obama is the ultimate source of the birther claims.

              You can see a scan of the literary bio online. That is a fact that nobody disputes.

              I would bet a week’s wages that his applications to Columbia and Harvard list his birth place as Kenya.

              1. Here is the text of Obama’s literary bio. This comes from Snopes. Go look for yourself, there is a scan of the original bio there. This ran for 16 years and was not changed until he ran for president:

                “Barack Obama, the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. The son of an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, he attended Columbia University and worked as a financial journalist and editor for Business International Corporation. He served as project coordinator in Harlem for the New York Public Interest Research Group, and was Executive Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago’s South Side. His commitment to social and racial issues will be evident in his first book, Journeys in Black and White.”

                1. Yep, that’s the one.

              2. His ghost writer wrote that, anyway.

        2. Yep. The stories about Hoover and Kennedy are instructive. Kennedy hated Hoover and wanted to fire him, but Hoover had the goods on JFK’s philandering, so Kennedy was hands off. It’s a reasonable speculation that the FBI takes that approach with lots of politicians. It’s the same as the strategy used by National Enquirer. No one is in a better position to generate dirt than the FBI.

          1. yep. The problem with Trump was he doesn’t exactly care what you have on him he’s a “famous? Infamous? who cares as long as my name is in the paper” kind of guy. A let’s talk about my affairs with these hot ladies and how rich and successful I am at bribing politicians kind of guy. My biggest problem with the Trump Russia truthers is I don’t believe for one second if Trump had successfully gotten elected with russia’s help he wouldn’t be bragging about his diplomatic prowess.

        3. Obama wasn’t the worst president ever: Wilson takes that title. Neither was he the worst person ever to be president: LBJ and Clinton share that first place in that category.

          However, Obama was the weirdest president ever. Everything about his background is peculiar. The Deep State definitely had seven ways from Sunday to destroy Obama.

  19. Trump has been under assault from the media and from within his administration since before he even took the oath of office. Without surcease. And now we have McCabe verifying his part, as FBI Director, in formulating a pretext for having high-ranking officers within the Trump administration use the pretext of the 25th Amendment to depose Trump and seize power for themselves.

    That the Director of the FBI could even contemplate such an action is unprecedented in our history and McCabe’s conduct should be trumpeted from the top of the tallest building in every city and town. And the FBI itself should be dismantled forthwith, as it has now been demonstrated in both the Obama and Trump administrations to be the most corrupt, and dangerously corrupt, law enforcement agency in the nation

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  21. Lol so the left can’t claim there was no deep state. Not anymore.

  22. McCabe’s comments are no surprise. The FBI has had their own agenda since the organization was founded. They have never confined themselves to real criminal investigations. They have always meddled in politics. And they always believe that the country needs them to do that. When I was a student at Berkeley in the 60s, Hoover believed we were all communist agents. Decades later, courtesy of the Freedom of Info Act, it was discovered that they were keeping files on all 30,000 of us. The FBI is no different than secret police organizations in other countries. Little accountability, and they’re always crossing the line–because they think they know better.

  23. People viewing the FBI actions in a partisan lens have it wrong, IMHO. This was a blackmail campaign and attempt to maintain and secure future employment.

    1. Whatever it was, it is a grave threat to the Republic.

      1. And… black mailers go to jail.

  24. The sad thing for the country, I fear, is that the Mueller investigation will settle nothing. The procedure is that Mueller’s report will go to the AG, who will share the results with Congress and the public. If the investigation says, “collusion,” the left will cheer, and others will be suspicious of a career FBI man–because the FBI has always been so political. If the investigation says, “no collusion,” the right will cheer, and other will say, the AG muffled or shaped the results.

    1. I think the US intel has already put the interfered with the election to bed. They said it was a Facebook campaign intended to divide and agitate the American public. They issued indictments for this. No evidence of election tampering has been found. There is no level of collusion that altered the vote or how people would decide to vote.

      No one has come forward to say they were tricked into voting for Trump because of the Facebook campaign.

      Those who believe Russia got Trump elected do so without evidence and no amount of evidence to the contrary would change their minds.

  25. Manafort is still lying about his associations with Russia. He apparently can’t tell the truth to save his own life.

    1. Is Manfort lying or is the government lying and saying he is? I am betting on the government.

    2. This coming from the DOJ and Mueller’s team with some flunky judge agreeing?

      Who cares anyway. Trump is setting you Lefties back decades with your Socialist agenda.

  26. 60 Minutes.

    Maybe Bill Burkett slipped them some memos passed from Lucy Ramirez.

  27. We really need to disband the FBI and DOJ. No one can look at the smirking, self-serving lunatics who ran those agencies and defend their continued existence.

    And all of this was happening around the same time the FBI was floating a quid pro quo with Hillary where they would reclassify documents she leaked and stonewall or lie in response to FOIA requests.

    I guess it is also worth pointing out that coup attempts are pre-textual. Coup plotters rarely say they are seizing power because they want power. They pervert some existing mechanism to their purposes and say the president is not sane, he is a traitor, a criminal etc… and invoke some process in a way it was never meant to be used as justification for their actions. And it is always insiders abusing their power in this way. Otherwise the effort is called a revolution rather than a coup.

    So you really can’t call this anything other than a coup attempt. It is the biggest scandal in the history of our country and the press has not covered it as such at all. In fact, they have done everything in their power to cover for the plotters.

    1. And let’s not forget that in addition to all of that the FBI has time and again proven itself completely incompetent at its core missions. The FBI allowed a Soviet Mole, Hansen to operate in its ranks for decades and destroy our entire intelligence aparatus in Russia in the process. The bungled the anthrax case. They did nothing about the Boston bombes despite being warned by the Russians they were dangerous. The FBI crime lab was shown to have systematic problems and corruption that put thousands of convictions in jeaopardy and likely put untold numbers of innocent people in jail. The list goes on and on.

  28. Jennifer Rubin:

    This, in short, was collusion ? Trump’s top campaign official giving material to a suspected agent of a hostile foreign government that the campaign had already been warned was attempting to interfere with our election. Whatever you call it ? direct or indirect evidence ? this now is one link proven in court between the campaign and the Russians. We know of others, of course, including the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 designed to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, Trump’s public call for Russia to go after Clinton’s emails, and more than 100 contacts between Russian figures and members of the Trump circle.

    It’s difficult to think of an explanation for Manafort’s lying that doesn’t open new avenues for Mueller to explore. “There is no non-nefarious explanation for the chairman of a presidential campaign secretly meeting with a suspected Russian agent in the midst of an election that the Russians are actively trying to influence and then lying about it to the prosecutor afteragreeing to cooperate.,” says Max Bergmann of the Moscow Project. “The only reason for Manafort to lie at this point is to cover up something truly devastating.”

    1. Rubin is a raving lunatic.

      1. I think not. You’re projecting.

        1. Everything she says here is either an outright lie or a distortion.

    2. “The only reason for Manafort to lie at this point is to cover up something truly devastating.”

      Yep, really got him THIS time!

    3. No one other than Rubin’s bagmen are taking her seriously. She’s as much of a useful idiot as McCain was.

      1. She is a slightly less crazy and really unattractive Jewish Louisa Mensch at this point. She is one step from claiming the head Marshall of the Senate is filing Treason charges against Trump.

  29. “”We know of others, of course, including the Trump Tower meeting in June 2016 designed to get dirt on Hillary Clinton, Trump’s public call for Russia to go after Clinton’s emails,””

    Hillary used a proxy to get information from the Russian on Trump. if it is wrong to get dirt from Russia to use in a campaign then the Hillary camp is guilty too. Also, there is a big difference between getting opposition research for a campaign, and getting similar research to contest the results of an election by way of secret court.

    1. One seems like it could be a violation of election laws, the other sound more like starting a coup, which might be treason.

    2. No one ever seems to mention that. The Clinton campaign paid a British spy to collect dirt on their opponent from Russian spies and somehow the opponent is the one who “colluded with Russia” whatever the hell that means.

      1. Frankly it’s not that Hillary was getting Russian dirt on Trump that bugs me. It’s the purpose of the document as describe by Steele himself, and how it was used in a secret court.

        1. Yes. That is the problem.

          1. The problem for you is a president with an (R) after his name is in deep shit. Why complicate things?

            1. Tony|2.14.19 @ 3:24PM|#
              “The problem for you is a president with an (R) after his name is in deep shit.”

              You’ve been posting that lie for two years and counting, scumbag.

  30. “They were counting noses,” Pelley added. “Not asking Cabinet members whether they would vote for or against removing the president. But they were speculating: ‘This person would be with us, that person would not be.'”

    Sounds like the opening of “Eight Men Out” where the gamblers are speculating who would be motivated to throw the World Series.

    1. “Seven Days in May”

  31. The real problem with McCabe’s story is the idea that they believed Trump was in “collusion” with the Russians … the only thing supporting the collusion narrative, it now turns out, was the fake dossier and absurd theory about Carter Page that they also used to justify spying on American citizens. Worse yet, the fact that Obama and his close staff were urgently “unmasking” people in Trump’s circle, using the intercepts, tells us that this was a deliberate spying done by Obama.

    McCabe’s story about there being real concern about the Russians was and is bogus … he’s using that story because without the idea of “Russians” we’re looking at an attempted coup d’etat and treason. He knows it.

    1. They wanted to throw Trump out of office to cover up their misconduct under Obama.

      1. I don’t think so. When you consider what Steele himself said, it seems it was more like “insurance” in case Trump actually won.

        What has Trump done to investigate any misconduct under Obama. There seems to be an unwritten rule that the current president does not do that to the previous. Remember all those Bush investigations Obama did after he got elected?

        1. If they were not trying to hide their misconduct, what did they need insurance against Trump winning for?

          1. Steele

            Check out page 2 in that document and let me know what you think.

        2. What CAN Trump do to investigate misconduct under Obama? Thanks to the investigation, and the Senate slow walking his nominations in this area, the DOJ is still largely controlled by people dating from the Obama administration.

        3. Trump hasn’t done anything, but he said he was going to and, because he wasn’t part of the club, there were concerns he might, actually go after a past administration for laws they broke but were able to run out the clock.
          Much of what they did was before this attempted coup, when 0blama was in charge.
          They really thought HiLIARy would be elected and none of the 0blama administration efforts to help her would be brought to light.

    2. “”the only thing supporting the collusion narrative, it now turns out, was the fake dossier and absurd theory about Carter Page that they also used to justify spying on American citizens.””

      They planted a spy, someone who work for the CIA in the past, to infiltrate the Trump campaign and planted the idea of Russian information against Clinton. The same person was also provided classified information from the Carter information to Reagan for what became known as Debategate. It wasn’t his first rodeo in interfering in presidential elections.

  32. McCabe was very close to organizing a coup.

    We see the MSM and the Democrats running a slow motion coup to oust the legally elected president of our country.

    Is it any wonder that the country is polarized?

  33. In many countries, coup plotters would be taken out and shot…

  34. Lies, damn lies and these people don’t need statistics – they just can’t get the truth out.

  35. Oh look treasonous assholes tell story to fake news.

    What a mess.

  36. Right. It makes you wonder what Rebublicans like Mitch McConnell are thinking.

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  37. It’s a coup. Always has been.
    It will be until Trump finds the will to confront it.

  38. Jesus. What is truly mind blowing is that the Deep State is coming RIGHT OUT and admitting that they were basically planning a coup, because they just don’t like the policies of the guy who got elected. If we don’t end up in a civil war soon, I think I might be surprised.

  39. where was the part where McCabe asserted that there was sufficient evidence to open an investigation?? all I see is his claims that he needed to get it on solid footing in case he was removed.

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